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Indian Ginseng Health Benefits, Uses And Its Side Effects

Last Updated: Sep 14, 2020

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Used as an herb in Ayurvedic medicine, Indian ginseng commonly known as winter cherry has extensive benefits and scope in treating a vast variety of problems. Highly efficient in tackling sexual shortcomings in men, Ashwagandha as it is commonly known in India has found many takers in the field of modern medicine. It is beneficial in treating conditions of the muscle weakness, hypothyroidism, diabetes, anxiety, stress, etc.

Indian Ginseng

Also known as winter cherry or more commonly Ashwagandha in India, Indian ginseng in essence means the odor of a horse. This due to the fact that the roots of the plant emanate an odor similar to that of horse sweat. Ashwagandha possesses extensive therapeutic properties and finds intense interest in modern medical science.

Nutritional Value of Indian Ginseng

Indian ginseng is majorly composed of alkaloids and lactones. The herb also abundantly contains tannins, iron, fatty acids, nitrate, potassium, glucose and antioxidants. It is also highly composed of flavonoids.

Health Benefits of Indian Ginseng

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You can easily find Indian ginseng in different forms such as capsules, tea, powder, and other supplements. This amazing powder offers surprising benefits such as boosting sexual performance and treating erectile dysfunction. In various natural remedy Indian ginseng powder good for hair growth, anxiety issues, and height growth.

You can easily find ginseng in the local Indian markets. We also discuss some side effects of ginseng powder and plant cultivation practices also. Mentioned below are the best health benefits of Indian ginseng powder.

Role of Indian Ginseng In Fertility of Men

While improving the semen quality, Indian ginseng powder also increases the libido in men. Research suggests that the herb possesses potent aphrodisiac properties and enhances the sperm count and sperm mobility.

Anti Cancer Agent - Indian Ginseng

Research undertaken in the field of oncology has shown a bright future with the use of Indian ginseng. As opposed to radiation therapy and chemotherapy, the herb can prove to be a viable natural alternative for the treatment of cancer. It limits the side effects caused by the chemotherapy without interfering with the benefits it causes.

Immune Enhancing Effects of Indian Ginseng Powder Benefits

Indian ginseng consumption restricts the effects of immunosuppressive drugs and modulates the reactivity of the immune system. It promotes production of red and white blood cells and increases the platelet count.

Indian Ginseng Powder Promotes Muscle Growth

Indian ginseng is known to eliminate weakness, enhance muscular strength and strengthen the lower limbs. It smoothens the coordination in the neuro-muscular functions of the body.

Prevents from seizure

In the field of Ayurvedic medicine, Indian ginseng since ancient time has been widely used to treat convulsion and seizures. The plant is equipped with enhanced anticonvulsant properties and works best to contain problematic seizures.

Use Indian Ginseng toTreats Hypothyroidism

In conditions of hypothyroidism, Indian ginseng stimulates the thyroid gland ensuring adequate secretion of thyroid hormones. The root extract of the herb is the most beneficial in such cases.

Indian Ginseng Acts as Alternative Treatment for Anxiety

Since time immemorial, in the field of Ayurveda, Ashwagandha or Indian ginseng has been widely used to enhance physical and mental well-being. It is highly efficient is tackling cases of depression and anxiety.

Manage Blood Sugar By Consuming Indian Ginseng Supplement

Research has proved that the use of Indian ginseng in patients suffering from diabetes has shown desired results. It can be consumed to effectively contain and prevent diabetic symptoms and conditions.

Relieves stress

Indian ginseng is known to induce relaxation and calm on consumption. Stress which one usually find hard to tackle can be relieved with the use of the herb. It soothes the nerves and releases stress and muscle tension from the body.

Eliminates Problem of Erectile Dysfunction

Apart from improving the libido, Indian ginseng has been since ancient time widely used in the field of Ayurveda to tackle cases of erectile dysfunction. However, it should be only used for this condition when advised by a trained medical physician.

Keeps cholesterol levels in check

Owing to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, Indian ginseng is good for patients suffering from cardiovascular health conditions. Apart from keeping the cholesterol levels in check, it strengthens the heart muscles. Equipped with hypolipidemic properties, Indian ginseng brings down cholesterol levels.

Uses of Indian Ginseng

Owing to the presence of anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidizing, anti-stress, drug withdrawal and sleep inducing properties, Indian ginseng used to treat and prevents against arthritis and rheumatism. It acts as a tonic that enhances the quality of overall health.It is widely used in enhancing the sex life in men, preventing cancer, diabetes, stress and anxiety.


Side-Effects & Allergies of Indian Ginseng

Consumption of Indian ginseng in a large quantity may cause diarrhea, nausea and upset stomach. Hence, the quantity consumed needs to be kept in check. Pregnant women should avoid using the herb as it might lead to a miscarriage.

People suffering from diabetes, depression, anxiety, hypertension, insomnia should consult a doctor before consuming Ashwagandha as it may interfere with medicines taken for these conditions.

Cultivation of Indian Ginseng

Originating in India, the herb is adept at growing very high or low temperatures but grows best in dry regions. Indian ginseng plant grows at sea level or at a level up to 1500 meters above sea level. Extensively cultivated in India in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, Sindh, Rajasthan, Kerala and in countries like Nepal, China and Yemen.


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