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Masturbation Addiction - Treatment, Symptoms and Causes

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2023

What is Masturbation Addiction?

Ah! Alone in the room, cut off from the social domain and your friend circle in that moment of lustful privacy, you give in to your sensual desires, that too in the most unimaginative of ways. Yup! We are talking about the addictive habit of masturbation. Masturbation (or the slang – ‘fap’) isn’t exactly the most commonly or openly discussed topic out there, rather it has transcended into becoming yet another taboo (Haww! Why are they speaking like this? :O ) in an already stigma struck society of ours! Thus, what starts as an occasional indulgence for self-pleasure at leisure at an impressionable adolescent stage, owing to lack of proper, healthy conversations and guidance ends up as a self-loathing, frequent habit! Although it might not seem like it, this habit does tend to escalate to dangerous levels, wherein you deprive yourself of the true pleasures and indulgences that are actually going on in that outer world, and deem yourself to a doom of loneliness, lust and disgust!

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What happens if a man releases sperm daily?

Daily ejaculation does not come with any negative side effects on an individual's health. On the bright side, it is healthy! It helps you with the release of dopamine and oxytocin, they are known to make you feel emotionally happy. It also eliminates the risk of prostate cancer and other sexual disorders.

Summary: When a man has daily ejaculation on the day list, it will help him release dopamine and oxytocin. They are known as happy hormones.

Causes of Masturbation Addiction.

Simply put – It’s all in the mind! Masturbation promotes the release of certain hormones that naturally provide sexual gratification and a sense of satisfaction. Now, this gets addictive because people either find pornography so appealing that they neglect the real-life indulgences, or they take masturbation and the associated (false) gratification and satisfaction as an alternative to depression, lack of normal sexual activity, or an escape from their mental and social pressures.

Some people might require a lower level of hormones for their sexual gratification, and thus they find the activity of masturbation more comforting. Thus, in this self woven paradise of lustful imaginations and self-loathing satiations, they find temporary solace in the domain of their very limited and trivial existence, leaving out real-world worries and joys!

Does female masturbation cause infertility?

Female masturbation does not cause infertility. For both males and females, masturbation does not have medical or physical complications when it comes to their fertility. A woman can get pregnant even if one is indulged in daily masturbation.

Summary: No, daily or frequent masturbation does not cause any side effect on male or female fertility whatsoever.

Does female masturbation cause hormonal imbalance?

Daily masturbation does not cause any hormonal imbalance in a female body. It releases happy hormones like serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin which helps you keep you happy and stress-free.

Summary: No, daily or frequent masturbation doesn’t cause any hormonal imbalance in women.

Can masturbation cause memory loss?

On an adequate level, masturbation does not affect your memory at all. In case a person is obsessed or has any mental illness associated with compulsive masturbation it can be concerning for both your mental and physical health.

Summary: Masturbation does not have any adverse effects on our memory. For both genders, it does not cause any memory loss.

Can masturbation cause headaches?

Yes, it is a rare condition where one may feel a headache during or after ejaculation. This condition is called coital headache that can happen to both males and females. Commonly the headache will fade away within 24hrs.

If not it can be a sign of something serious going on. The headache is mostly surrounded at the back of the head where your spine connects.

Summary: Yes, masturbation can cause headaches in rare cases. The condition is known as a coital headache that can happen to anyone.

Does masturbation cause hair fall?

Masturbation does not cause any form of hair fall. There is no scientific proof that intercourse or masturbation of any form will trigger hair fall. For both males and females, masturbation does not have any side effects on your hair follicles.

Summary: No, daily or frequent masturbation does not cause any side effect on male or female hair growth in any way.

Does masturbation affect the liver?

There is no scientific evidence that can solidify the relationship between liver damage of any form and sexual activity. In layman's terms, there is no proof of liver disease and masturbation.

Summary: There is no evidence that can conclude any relation between liver diseases and masturbation.

Does masturbation affect immunity?

Researchers are working to find the effect of masturbation on your immune system. The initial studies found out post masturbation your immunity strengthens for a while which can prevent you from viral or tumour diseases.

Summary: Current studies show that your immunity gets a boost when you ejaculate. This Is applicable to both males and females.

What is the symptoms of Masturbation Addiction?


Well, that’s not difficult to figure out. If, you get sudden urges to Masturbation at awkward moments of loneliness; if you are tempted to play with your genitals in those blissful quiet nights, and if you cannot control these but are controlled by these sudden rushes, that’s when addiction has chipped in!

Although, it’s said that masturbation can help calm down the occasional sexual energy rush or help individuals easily identify their sexual orientations, yet, none of these justifies an addict’s behavior.

You can find Physical Signs of Masturbation Addiction, Behavioral Signs of Masturbation Addiction, and Emotional Signs of Masturbation Addiction, Each one includes different symptoms, you need to figure out.

Physical Signs of Masturbation Addiction includes changes in eating habits, weight loss, over-activeness, an under-activeness nature, and a lack of maintaining personal hygiene.

Behavioral Signs of Masturbation Addiction includes missing school or meetings, relationship or marriage issues, isolation and financial crises even sometimes lead to this addiction.

Emotional Signs of Masturbation Addiction includes confusions, stress issues, mood changes frequently.

Can Masturbation Addiction go away on its own?

Both yes or no would be the right answer. If an individual finds them strong enough to fight with addiction on its own then it may get cured within a short period.

In other cases when a person finds it difficult to fight the addiction, then s/he must seek medical counseling from a psychiatrist or a sexologist.

How is Masturbation Addiction diagnosed?

There are no certain tools or tests available to conclude. The only way to diagnose is to collect the patient's history, your doctor may ask you about the frequency, intensity, pre and post triggers, family history, or any traumatic experience in the past which may have started the addiction.

It is important to seek the difference between addiction and healthy masturbation as regular masturbation is not called addiction until it starts to interfere with your and other's personal or professional life.


Treatment of Masturbation Addiction.

Like all addictions and habits, this one has impacts and side effects as well. Scores of vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are drained down the drains or wrapped up in tissues to be disposed of. Your immunity power takes a strong blow and you have left a bit weaker apart from (in some cases) the regret faced later on.

So, prevention is always better than cure -

Quite a few people, who have joined the ‘ No Fap’ online community and committed themselves to not indulging in ‘ self pleasure’ have reported increased levels of focus, increased stamina, higher confidence levels, and even easier access to sex! If you are currently fap-free, remember this is what you have, and don’t lower your quality of life!

Don't indulge in the random enjoyment of deriving pleasure through imaginations and other peoples’ indulgences. Be with your true self.

Who is eligible for the Masturbation Addiction treatment?

Addiction treatment can be conducted on anyone regardless of age and gender.

There are different treatment plans available for each age group but everyone can undergo the treatment process if they are feeling problematic.

Who is not eligible for the Masturbation Addiction treatment?

There are no certain restrictions made for the eligibility of addiction treatment.

What are the post-treatment guidelines for Masturbation Addiction?

The treatment can be of short or long duration, strictly depending on the case. However, in case of remission, one can keep in touch with the psychiatrist, have a healthy diet and lifestyle and practice physical and mental exercises to avoid any relapse.

Prevention to Avoid Masturbation Addiction

People addicted to and engaging in excessive masturbation cite a temporary refuge from everyday feelings and worries whilst indulging in the act. However, a positive and healthier approach to the same can help anyone overcome the urges, gradually lowering them to a level wherein they don’t affect, or at least control you anymore! The following life hacks might be tried :

Avoid Pornography: No matter how much you wish to indulge or derive pleasure from some random people and their acts, try to fight the temptation. Stay strong!

Avoid Solitude: Most of these indulgences occur when you are alone in the safety of solitude, whilst no one is there to judge you or make the whole scene awkward. So a simple hack - avoid solitude, for as long as you continue to be in your presence alone, you will feel tempted to just go through it once more; and one of these fine days, you might succumb to it as well!

Pick up a hobby: Whenever your mind takes you back on this track, pick up a hobby to indulge in, divert your attention, thoughts and mind to healthier and ‘real’ly fascinating activities.

Feel and indulge in the brilliance of being ‘ Fap free’ You have already learned how members of the No Fap community described their experience as life-changing. Let yourself feel and enjoy an elated and better life experience as well.

Another way to stop masturbation is to change the mood, for that you can start listing listening to music can drive away from the thought of doing masturbation.

Take Bath or Shower: Whenever you feel the urge to do masturbate, you can relax by taking a cold shower that can keep you calm again and relax your body and scrotum temperature down.

Do Yoga: You can also start yoga to relax, some posture of yoga asanas keep your mind engaged and help you to stop masturbation frequently. Yoga relaxes your muscles, normalizes your breathing, and brings the body in shape also. It is a good way to rise up from masturbation addiction.

Urination: One of the simplest ways to avoid the urge of masturbation is urination. Urination helps you to deflate the penis and lower your body heat. This technique helps you control the feeling of masturbation and keeps the thought away from your of masturbation.

Use Time Properly: Effective way to stop masturbation addiction, you can start giving time on outdoor activity. You can even start some new hobbies like singing, painting or playing sports that you are engaged in and good for your brain.

Withdrawal Symptoms of Masturbation Addiction

As you commit yourself to being a ‘No Fap’ person, you might witness some withdrawal symptoms of Masturbation. Some common withdrawal signs are bursts of increased urges and temptations to give in, sudden and awkward erections can become quite frequent for some time, and you might witness a few ‘Night Discharges’ (referred to as ‘nightfall’ in slang).


Some other masturbation withdrawal symptoms are depression, anxiety, shame or feeling of guilt, start feeling irritable, and restlessness. However, staying true to your motives, and dedicated to a better, healthier, and awesome life, will gradually help eradicate all these symptoms, and you’ll get addicted once again, to living life to its full, in manners that are not marked by lust or disgust!

What are the side effects of Masturbation Addiction treatments?

There are no specific side effects of therapy, or the overall treatment of this addiction, However one may get affected by withdrawal symptoms, which are not directly associated with the treatment.

Over masturbation side effects on eyes:

There is no side effect of masturbation on the eye side. For both men and women, your frequency or duration of masturbation does not have any negative side effects on your vision. It does not harm it helps you relax, reduces stress, and gives you a healthy release of happy hormones.

Summary: No, there are no side effects of masturbation on an individual's visual abilities.

Should I go to urgent care for Masturbation Addiction?

The concept of this addiction as an emergency is complex. In general cases, you must seek a mental health professional if you find yourself aligned with the symptoms, in that case, too it is important but not considered as an urgent matter.

Other than that, if you get badly injured during masturbation, then you must seek immediate care, but that will be considered a physical emergency, not a mental one.

How long does it take to recover from Masturbation Addiction?

The time of the recovery mostly depends on the condition of the case, its duration, and its dependency on your daily routine.

It also depends on how a person perceives the whole concept of masturbation and what the patient needs to do to replace the emotional comfort of masturbation with something more fruitful. It's a time-consuming process, but it is hard to determine the actual duration of the treatment.

What to eat in Masturbation Addiction?

Follow a healthy balanced diet enriched with all kinds of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to keep your body healthy and strong.

There is no specific dietary plan that can cure masturbation addiction.

What not to eat in Masturbation Addiction?

If your sex hormone levels are high, then you must avoid high consumption of the following:

For women:

  • Brussels sprouts
  • Flax seeds
  • Cabbage
  • Soybean
  • Broccoli
  • Dried fruits
  • Cauliflower
  • Sesame seeds
  • Tofu
  • Garlic
  • Berries
  • Peaches
  • Wheat bran

For Men:

  • Tuna
  • Beans
  • Low-fat milk with vitamin D
  • Beef
  • Egg yolks
  • Shellfish
  • Fortified cereals
  • Oysters

Are the results of the Masturbation Addiction treatment is permanent?

NO, the results cannot be permanent, the root cause of this addiction is emotional trauma which can be easily triggered by external or internal factors. Although, with the help of treatment and medication one can achieve remission. It is advisable to keep in touch with your treatment even if you feel ok as chances of replicas are quite high.

What is the price of Masturbation Addiction treatments in India?

Depending upon the type of treatment recommended to the patient it can cost you up to 10 thousand or more depending upon the psychiatrist consultation fee, frequency of sessions, and medications associated with it.

What are the alternatives to the Masturbation Addiction treatment?

Apart from therapy and medication, one may opt for home remedies and certain mental exercises to keep calm and give the rest of your genitals.

It is not advisable to go straight to home remedies if your addiction is at a serious stage, so yes, there is no alternative to the treatment of masturbation addiction.

Physical Exercises for the people suffering from Masturbation Addiction:

There is no specific exercise planned to overcome masturbation addiction, However, there are certain criteria onto which one must do the physical exercise.

Your counselor may advise you to do moderate to intense workouts so that you can burn all the extra energy that you use to masturbate. Professionals believe that physical exercise will help you regulate your hormones which may boost up the whole treatment process. It is also a good way to avoid masturbation as exercise can be exhausting, which is also a great barrier.

Summary: Masturbation addiction can be described as a psychological compulsion to masturbate. This can happen to anyone regardless of age, gender, and sexual preferences. Masturbation does not have any physical or mental side effects, however excess of anything can be harmful to everyone.

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