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Last Updated: Aug 05, 2020
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Masturbation Addiction - Treatment, Symptoms and Causes

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What is Masturbation Addiction?

Ah! Alone in the room, cut off from the social domain and your friend circle in that moment of lustful privacy, you give in to your sensual desires, that too in the most unimaginative of ways. Yup! We are talking about the addictive habit of masturbation. Masturbation (or the slang – ‘fap’) isn’t exactly the most commonly or openly discussed topic out there, rather it has transcended into becoming yet another taboo (Haww! Why are they speaking like this? :O ) in an already stigma struck society of ours! Thus, what starts as an occasional indulgence for self pleasure at leisure at an impressionable adolescent stage, owing to lack of proper, healthy conversations and guidance ends up as a self loathing, frequent habit! Although it might not seem like it, but this habit does tend to escalate to dangerous levels, wherein you deprive yourself off the true pleasures and indulgences that are actually going on in that outer world, and deem yourself to a doom of loneliness, lust and disgust!

Causes of Masturbation Addiction.

Simply put – It’s all in the mind! Masturbation promotes the release of certain hormones that naturally provide sexual gratification and a sense of satisfaction. Now, this gets addictive because people either find pornography so appealing that they neglect the real-life indulgences, or they take masturbation and the associated (false) gratification and satisfaction as an alternative to depression, lack of normal sexual activity, or an escape from their mental and social pressures.

Some people might require a lower level of hormones for their sexual gratification, and thus they find the activity of masturbation more comforting. Thus, in this self woven paradise of lustful imaginations and self-loathing satiations, they find temporary solace in the domain of their very limited and trivial existence, leaving out real-world worries and joys!

What is the symptoms of Masturbation Addiction?

Well, that’s not difficult to figure out. If, you get sudden urges to Masturbation at awkward moments of loneliness; if you are tempted to play with your genitals in those blissful quiet nights, and if you cannot control these but are controlled by these sudden rushes, that’s when addiction has chipped in!

Although, it’s said that masturbation can help calm down the occasional sexual energy rush or help individuals easily identify their sexual orientations, yet, none of these justifies an addict’s behavior.

You can find Physical Signs of Masturbation Addiction, Behavioral Signs of Masturbation Addiction and Emotional Signs of Masturbation Addiction, Each one includes different symptoms, you need to figure out.

Physical Signs of Masturbation Addiction includes changing in eating habits, weight loss, over activeness and under activeness nature, and lack of maintaining personal hygiene.

Behavioral Signs of Masturbation Addiction includes missing school or meetings, relationship or marriage issues, isolation and financial crises even sometimes lead to this addiction.

Emotional Signs of Masturbation Addiction includes confusions, stress issues, mood changes frequently.

Treatment of Masturbation Addiction.

Like all addictions and habits, this one has impacts and side effects as well. Scores of vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals are drained down the drains or wrapped up in tissues to be disposed off. Your immunity power takes a strong blow and you are left a bit weaker apart from (in some cases) the regret faced later on.

So, prevention is always better than cure -

Quite a few people, who have joined the ‘ No Fap’ online community and committed themselves to not indulging in ‘ self pleasure’ have reported increased levels of focus, increased stamina, higher confidence levels, and even easier access to sex! If you are currently fap-free, remember this is what you have, and don’t lower your quality of life!

Don't indulge in the random enjoyment of deriving pleasure through imaginations and other peoples’ indulgences. Be with your true self.

Prevention to Avoid Masturbation Addiction

People addicted to and engaging in excessive masturbation cite a temporary refuge from everyday feelings and worries whilst indulging in the act. However, a positive and healthier approach to the same can help anyone overcome the urges, gradually lowering them to a level wherein they don’t effect, or at least control you anymore! The following life hacks might be tried :

Avoid Pornography: No matter how much you wish to indulge or derive pleasure from some random people and their acts, try to fight the temptation. Stay strong!

Avoid Solitude: Most of these indulgences occur when you are alone in the safety of solitude, whilst no one is there to judge you or make the whole scene awkward. So a simple hack - avoid solitude, for as long as you continue to be in your presence alone, you will feel tempted to just go through it once more; and one of these fine days, you might succumb to it as well!

Pick up a hobby: Whenever your mind takes you back on this track, pick up a hobby to indulge in, divert your attention, thoughts and mind to healthier and ‘real’ly fascinating activities.

Feel and indulge in the brilliance of being ‘ Fap free’ You have already learned how members of the No Fap community described their experience as life-changing. Let yourself feel and enjoy an elated and better life experience as well.

Another way to stop masturbation is to change the mood, for that you can start listing listening to music can drive away from the thought of doing masturbation.

Take Bath or Shower: Whenever you feel the urge to do masturbate, you can relax by taking a cold shower that can keep you calm again and relax your body and scrotum temperature down.

Do Yoga: You can also start yoga to relax your self, some posture of yoga asanas keep your mind engaged and helps you to stop masturbation frequently. Yoga relaxes your muscles, normalizes your breathing, and brings the body in shape also. It is a good way to rise up from masturbation addiction.

Urination: One of the simplest ways to avoid the urge of masturbation is urination. Urination helps you to deflate the penis and the lower your body heat. This technique helps you control the feeling of masturbation and keeps the thought away from your of masturbation.

Use Time Properly: Effective way to stop masturbation addiction, you can start giving time on outdoor activity. You can even start some new hobbies like singing, painting or playing sports that you engaged in and good for your brain.

Withdrawal Symptoms of Masturbation Addiction

As you commit yourself to be a ‘No Fap’ person, you might witness some withdrawal symptoms of Masturbation. Some common withdrawal signs ar bursts of increased urges and temptations to give in, sudden and awkward erections can become quite frequent for some time, and you might witness a few ‘Night Discharges’ (referred to as ‘nightfall’ in slang).


Some other masturbation withdrawal symptoms are depression, anxiety, shame or feeling of guilt, start feeling irritable and restlessness. However, staying true to your motives, and dedicated to a better, healthier and awesome life, will gradually help eradicate all these symptoms, and you’ll get addicted once again, to living life to its full, in manners that are not marked by lust or disgust!

Popular Questions & Answers

My go the gym 1 st has my gym tannier will injected my termin 30 mg and he will told me this is multivitamin then after 2 3 months I will know the real tried but the time I was addicted, around 6 to 7 months misuse the termin drug then I will struggle to quit but now I will decide to quit and recovery than problem facing on like depression insomnia& 10 kg weight lose.

MS - Counselling & Psychotherapy, Master of Arts In Clinical Psychology, Bachelor of Arts - Psychology & English Literature
Psychologist, Coimbatore
Hi lybrate-user! you must have been young at the time you took the injection from your gym trainer, going to gym at such a young age is not necessary, you are from delhi right, it is advisable to consult your family or your family doctor before ta...

Sir tramadol roz lagane ki aadat ho gai hai agar na lagaye to haeadche hone lagta hai aur bhi problems hone lagti hai. Sir please iski aadat kaise khatam hogi bata dijiye.

Psychiatrist, Jaipur
Hi Lybrate user! as per your history ,you are suffering from tramadol (opioids addiction, this molecule is opioids agonist & banned in india now as per class 2 nd drug but don't worry tramadol addiction also treatable as heroin or smack addiction ...
1 person found this helpful

My friend is addicted with drugs from last 1 and half year. Earlier he was taking little but now he is used to take drugs regularly. As he was taking feem, cigrate,alcohol. Earlier he used to take once in a day but now he is not controlling himself he increases his dose. As he take feem twice a day. Moreover cigrate twice a day and moreover he drink alcohol when he started drinking he is not controlling himself. He is upset due to which he was starting his dose. I just need your help how I can recover him as this is time he can control. He tried himself to control but when he starting controlling he gets loose motions and his stomach got upset and he also gets vomiting and his body start shivering due to which he take drugs and feel well. Can you please recommend me how can I treat him. As he do not want to discuss with his family we want to treat him only whenever he was out of his home. Can you please recommend us something useful and valid information I will be very thankful to you sir.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology, Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health
Psychologist, Palakkad
Hello and welcome to Lybrate. I have reviewed your query and here is my advice. Deaddiction therapy should helpI suggest telephonic counseling and online psychotherapy for you. You can contact me for further advice and treatment options. Let me kn...

I addicted from last one year daily 200-300 ml codine and daily have dosages of alprazolam 0.5 per day 15 tablets now in last few days I stop all and I leave taking all medicine now I feel very ill and painful please suggest me best advice and medicine then I feel healthy and start new life.

Psychiatrist, Bangalore
Dear lybrate-user, withdrawing from codeine and alprazolam is not all that easy. It has to be done slowly over few weeks. You need tablets, injections and supportive therapy to face the withdrawal symptoms. Please get admitted to nearest deaddicti...
1 person found this helpful

I was a drug addict I started taking drugs I was 14 years old in 2003 now i'm away from drugs in 2012 I taken treatment in nimhans national institute of mental health and neuro science in bangalore doctor prescribed me addnok 2 mg tablet 8 tablets per day now i'm addicted to this tablets I can't stop this tried thousands time but I can't stop does this tablets effect me mentally or physically.

M. S. in Psychotherapy and Counselling
Psychologist, Jaipur
Hi, it's good to know that you have overcome the drug addiction. For medicine addiction you should meet your treating doctor. He may help you to stop the medication as well. Along with it I would suggest you to either join aa in your city or take ...

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