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Benefits of Celery And Its Side Effects

Celery Nutritional Value of Celery Health Benefits of Celery Uses of Celery Side-Effects & Allergies of Celery Cultivation of Celery

Celery is not only an important ingredient in cooking all over the world but also possesses a plethora of health benefits. Celery lowers cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and promotes weight loss. It is also effective against arthritis pain and detoxifies the body. Other benefits include relieving migraine, treating rheumatism, controlling the onset of cataracts, improving heart health, regulating fluid balance and a lot more. It also boosts the immune system and reduces asthma symptoms.


Celery is used as a vegetable in cuisines around the world. It not only has a myriad of health benefits but also imparts flavour to many of the dishes around the globe. It belongs to the Apiaceae family and is consumed all around the world. The plant is now cultivated globally and is a part of many cuisines of various places ranging from Ireland to Japan.

Nutritional Value of Celery

Celery is steeped in nutrition and contains numerous minerals. It is rich in calcium, sodium, copper, magnesium, iron, zinc and potassium. It also contains fatty acids and vitamins A,K,C,D and E. B vitamins like riboflavin, folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 are also present in celery. It is also rich in fibres.

Nutritional facts Per 100 grams

16 Calories
0.2 g Total Fat
80 mg Sodium
260 mg Potassium
3 g Total Carbohydrate
0.7 g Protein

Vitamins and Minerals

8 % Vitamin A
0.04 Calcium
5 % Vitamin C
1 % Iron
5 % Vitamin B-6
2 % Magnesium

Health Benefits of Celery

Mentioned below are the best health benefits of Celery

Lowers cholesterol level

LDL is bad cholesterol that clogs the arteries. Consuming celery everyday reduces LDL levels and reduces the risk of a cardiac arrest. The phthalides in this herb also stimulate the secretion of bile juices which help in reducing cholesterol levels. Less cholesterol means improvement in heart health due to less plaque on the artery walls. The fibre that is found in celery also works to scrape the cholesterol out of the blood stream and eliminate it from the body by regular bowel movements. This further boosts cardiovascular health.

Detoxification agent

Celery also has properties that makes it a detoxification agent. All parts of celery can detoxify the body; the leaves, the roots, the stalk and even the seeds. The body intakes a lot of impurities on a daily basis and it is important to flush out the toxins regularly so as to avoid any ailments. Eating celery regularly not only helps detoxify the body but also avoid diseases of the kidney, gall bladder, pancreas and liver.

Reduces blood pressure

Phthalides are organic chemical compounds that lower the level of stress hormones in your blood. This enables your blood vessels to expand providing more room for uninterrupted flow of blood through your arteries thus reducing pressure. Celery contains phthalides in large amounts. It also contains potassium that acts as a vasodilator meaning it reduces blood pressure. Reduced blood pressure puts less stress on the cardiovascular system and reduces the chances of getting a heart attack.

Prevents urinary tract infections

Celery seeds has diuretic properties meaning it stimulates urination. Hence, it is beneficial for people with bladder disorders, cystisis, kidney problems and other such conditions. The seeds also help in the elimination of uric acid and assist in preventing urinary tract infections in women.

Lowers arthritis pain

Arthritis, rheumatism and gout are painful conditions. Not only are they painful but they restrict movement that makes regular life difficult. Celery is great for people suffering from these conditions. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce swelling and pain around the joints. Celery stalks has diuretic properties that helps remove uric acid crystals from around the joints. These uric acid crystals add to the pain and discomfort associated with these conditions. it can also increase the re-growth of tissues in inflamed joints.

Boosts immune system

A healthy immune system is a prerequisite to a healthy body. Lack of strong immunity makes you susceptible to many diseases. Celery is rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidant properties that greatly boosts the strength of the immune system. It also makes it more active and efficient. Eating this vegetable on a regular basis will not only reduce risk of catching a common cold but also provide protection from a variety of other diseases.

Prevents cancer

Cancer is unfortunately one of the most prevalent ailments in modern society. What makes cancer so frustrating is that there is still no known cure for cancer diagnosed in the latter stages. You might be able to cure cancer but you can take steps to prevent it. Celery contains phthalides, flavonoids and polyacetalenes, which are compounds that detoxify carcinogens. It also contains coumarins that has the capability to enhance certain white blood cells and effectively stave off cancer. The anti-oxidant properties of celery seek out free radicals in the body and neutralise them before they could cause any condition like cancer.

Reduce Asthma symptoms

Asthma is a common respiratory problem. The symptoms of asthma are coughing, wheezing, chest tightness or pain and pressure in the chest. Consuming celery regularly can reduce these symptoms thus providing some relief to the patients. Vitamin C present in celery prevents free radicals from damaging any organs and lessen the severity of conditions like asthma.

Regulates fluid balance

Maintaining a fluid balance is important to our well being but most of us do not know how to effectively maintain it. Consuming celery can do so. Celery is rich in both sodium and potassium and both of these minerals help to regulate the fluid balance in the body.

Relieves migraines

The presence of coumarins in celery can provide relief from migraines. Though the exact mechanism as to how it is achieved is not yet understood, research has pointed to a suppression of nitric oxide release in the brain, which causes headaches and migraines.

Uses of Celery

Apart for its medicinal uses, celery is used in cuisines all across the world as a vegetable. It can be used raw in salads and also cooked with curries. Celery is one of the most popular vegetables to make stock and broth with.

Side-Effects & Allergies of Celery

Celery seeds contain volatile oils, flavonoids, linoleic and coumarins. These cause contraction in the uterus so celery seeds must be avoided by pregnant women.

Cultivation of Celery

Celery is believed to have originated from the Mediterranean and North African regions. This premise developed after remnants of a plant akin to celery was discovered in King Tut's tomb. Also, a plant like celery features in ancient Mediterranean myths. Nowadays, celery is grown and used globally.

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