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I have been getting blood from my gums especially when i went for Bath room other wise its OK.Upon by consulted dentist he throughly cleaned my teeth and gums,bleeding has stopped for a month and again its bleeding.Please suggest remedy for my problem

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first of u need to take an X-ray of ur jaw bones. it's called OPG n u can get it done in Vijaya diagnostic or focus if u r in hyd. u can take an image of it n send it to me saginin we need to rule out any bone infection. after seeing the opg I can confirm u the exact treatment.
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Are you taking any regular medicines. See gums specialist called as Periodontist near you for the best advice Thanks
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do u have any xray?? coz without xray we cant assess anything. if u r in indiaget OPG Done and email me on
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Hello according to your problem it suggest your brushing technique is not proper so you are have bleeding gums instead of having professional cleaning so consult your dentist and ask for proper brushing technique
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Maintainance of ur teeth and gums is not a one time job. They need to be cleaned regularly properly while brushing. If you have been maintaining your teeth well then please visit the dentist to get your gums checked for any other problem.
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Are you taking any kind of medication for blood pressure, anti anxiety or any other medication.?
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Bleeding occurs mainly due to a kind if swelling in the gums because of the bacteria and deposits. it could have recurred after cleaning because the deposits would have come again or there would be deposits deep inside the gums which is difficult to remove with normal cleaning. i advice you to consult a periodontist who is a specialist in gums related diseases.
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Consult a periodontist.
Single visit cleaning is not enough you need to get scaling properly with medicine course.
looks like you have got a supra gingival cleaning,you ought to visit him for below the gum cleaning,which requires a local anesthetic. Or the second reason is you are not brushing effectively,ask the dentist , who will guide you properly.
There is problem in underlying gums...There is surely bone loss in your case it seems...u of kindly get one xray called OPG done and send it to me..will see the level and advice you accordingly surgical or non surgical tretment and one more thing if you leave it untreated then it would cause mobility and loosening of teeth in future and that time it would be very difficult to save teeth...
Hello, u should consult a periodontist who is gum specialist u may need gum treatment we cld it as flap surgery.... U can google it about flap surgery here at my clinic periodontist is there if possible cum and visit us i m sure that we wl solve ur Problem thanks
Hello, Cleaning alone is not the treatment for bleeding gums. Maintenance is of utmost importance. If you are maintaining it well, and you still have bleeding gums, then I need to see you in personal to give you a definite treatment plan. We would also need to take a full mouth x-ray or other blood investigations for diagnosing your problem. Regards, Dr. Sheethal Sherif
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How old ru Are you on any medication
The most cause of bleeding from gums is poor oral hygiene which leads to swelling of gums-gingivitis which ultimately causes bleeding. If your oral hygiene is good& no calculus or deposit on the teeth then we will have to look for any medical condition.
have encountered the same problem previously also??
mostly you need complete gum examination and may be laser or instrumental curettage. at present use sensoform gum paint,hexi gel ointment , hexidine mouthwash regularly.
Hello, As you told bleeding stopped for a month after getting professionally cleaning. Kindly visit your dentist for a review. You may require sub gingival cleaning but the best judge will be your dentist. Get your routine blood count checked.. like platelet count, BT, CT, PT and visit your dentist. Regards
For such problem the most common treatment is 1) thorough cleaning 2) educating patient the proper brushing technique 3) an appropriate course of medication Done with above three steps the result should last for atleast six months. Visit for one more thorough cleaning session and the problem should get resolved. Uncommon reasons for bleeding gums like underlying systemic problems may have to be ruled out later only if the basic treatment does not give 100 % result.
Probably your teeth and gums were not cleaned properly. .. Actually there is something called SUBGINGIVAL CALCULUS...which reside inside the need to be cleaned through DEEP SCALING n CURETTAGE... just go once for dental check up..and discuss these things to your dentist.. U will surely get benefit. . Thnks n regards.. DR.HEMANT KUMAR SINGH
Get your blood test done for platelet count, if that is in normal range i would suggest for thorough cleaning again since there may be chances of traces of calculus left in roots of the teeth. If that doesnt give you relief, you may have to go for minor gum surgery.'
Hello Mr Hari..may I know when u got consulted n got your teeth cleaned last long its been.
Do you have excess body heat? Bleeding gums is related to Vit C deficiency. If you have more body heat swollen reddish gums you need to apply herbal extracts of aloe VERA freshly plucked for 2 weeks.Take Vit C 500 mg thrice daily for a month and get back to me. Dr.Laghate Jyuthica Founder Orawell Dental Care Centre of Integrative Dentistry and Research
This is a common problem because of gums not being in healthy condition so all that needs to be done is scaling and curettage of gums.
Hormonal changes can also be a reason for bleeding gum,in females.Brushing vigrously may lead in bleading.Consult your dentist,get your teeth cleaned once more and ask him/her for a proper brushing technique.Use mouthwash for 15 days,in every 1-2 months.
that might be because of improper cleaning habit, please learn proper brushing technique with your dentist and salt water gargling will be helpful remedy till u visit the dentist, use soft bristles toothbrush and give less pressure on brushing.
Bleeding gums can result from gum disease due to improper oral hygiene or malposition of tooth and also due to bleeding disorder, few systemic diseases. First consult a dentist with proper medical history, any regular medicine or previous hospitalisation and discuss amount and frequency of bleeding. Find out the cause and undergo treatment according to that. For symptomatic relief (temporarily) you can use omnident toothpaste and some styptics to stop bleeding. TAKE CARE. Dr.Kaarthik
u need to see might require flap surgery
Teeth cleaning by dentist will help in stopping gum bleeding.Sometimes deep gum cleaning may be required depending on gums condition.Then you have to follow proper brushing techinque to maintain clean.
what is ur age?
Dear sir, Reasons for Frequent bleeding gums may be Improper brushing which may lead to plaque and tartar deposition on your teeth ultimately causing inflammation of gums and hence bleeding. Along with brushing other oral hygiene practises should also be followed such as flossing and gum massage. Apart from that any medical history or drug history also needs to be ruled out as some diseases and drugs can also show oral manifestations. If all the above reasons are ruled out then you may require deep cleaning (curettage) of your gums to remove the sub gingival(inside gums) deposits if any. Thankyou.
U haven't mentioned your age your medical history you require opg x ray after we can decide for flap surgery necessary or not
as per your coversation i need O.P.G to diagnose the problem you are suffering from. beeding gums is a early sympom of gum disease.
Hello, you may be suffering from a gum disease called as gingivitis or periodontitis and we have to evaluate it clinically. It would be better if you visit us for a check up and then I can suggest you a long term solution for the problem. Please feel free to visit us for a check up and further consultation... Dr.Sameer Bhandari
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There are gum disease which require advanced treatment, Scaling(cleaning of teeth ) cannot solve all gum problems alone. These advanced treatment have to be decided after examination, These treaments include deep curettage,flap surgery, root planing etc.
bleeding from gums is a sign that you have gum need a good cleaning and follow up. You also need to stay brushing correctly and frequently. learning how to floss will help too.
Hello, First of all I would say that you need to elaborate your problem along with history of any other illness or medications which you might be taking for us to get a clear picture of your problem so that a foolproof advice can be given. Kindly do get back to enable us to help you out.
Good morning, Bleeding from gums is the first sign of gum disease as you said you went under scaling (cleaning) of teeth ...After that thr was relief for some time....than bleeding started again... as per based on your words you might be suffering from. PERIODNTITIS (PYORREA) so please visit your dentist or a periodontist (Gum speaclist) for treatment.. Thank you Dr.Aman Bhatia
get yourself checked again that ur tooth have been cleaned properly or not or if there are any pockets remaining. If it is cleaned thoroughly then go for blood counts esp platelet count. and what kind of brush are you using, Try using Ultra soft brushes and change your brush every 2 months. Do warn saline rinses, that will help
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You need to get a deep scaling done from a gum specialist i.e. Periodontist. There are always deposits below deep in the gums which cause bleeding and are not removed with normal cleaning.
The prime reason for bleeding gums is plaque and tartar. You can avoid accumulation of so by proper brushing andflossing twice a day and rinsing after every meal. Even after proper maintenance,if the problem still persist. Get your sugar checked once and check up by dentist done again .
regular cleaning has to be done atleast once every 4 month in order to ensure good oral hygiene . Use a good interdental floss to clean areas in between teeth. Use a regular mouthwash ( over the counter product eg Listerine or Oral Plax). Add One Tbs spoon salt in a lukewarm water rinse regularly atleast 4 times a day . Use a soft bristle toothbrush. If the problem persist after two weeks consult a dentist if Root planning or Flap surgery is needed. Opg Radiograph is a good tool to diagnose gum disease.
Good cleaning, May bee deep interdental cleaning called Curettage needed. Also its important to maintain teeth clean after the dentist has cleaned, by regular brushing twice a day, Flossing, use of Interdental brushes if needed. Consult dentist again
you need to go for gum examination,if there is pocket measuring more than 4mm ,you have to go in our ginigival curettage(Removeable of inflammed soft tissue) gum treatment Dr priyadharshini
Hello there As per the information provided by you it seems there can be two reasons for the persistent bleeding from gums even after getting the scaling done. 1. The cleaning not done properly by the dentist and sub gingival calculus left which is making the gums bleed again . 2. You require deep gingival curettage under local Aneasthesia along with flap surgery and artificial bone grafting to fill the periodontal pockets. Hope your doctor makes the right decision to fix your problem.
u can use a gum astringent, which can help in arresting bleeding. suitable brands may be dentakind or any equivalent available in the market. but you definitely need to to consult a periodontist to prevent recurrence..
You need to visit your dentist as these are chronic problems. he would suggest you further treatment as Deep Cleaning & Flap based on the clinical & Radiological Assessment. Also he could guide you about the Outcome. But you have to be patient with the treatment as it may require multiple sittings over long period
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