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Teeth Cleaning - Procedure, Cost And Side Effects

What is Teeth Cleaning?

One of the most underestimated processes that we do in our daily lives is undoubtedly the cleaning of the teeth. Many of the researchers done so far have proved time and again that people often do not clean their teeth properly, and in most case, their cleaning techniques and patterns do more damage than good. The tiny spaces between the teeth are the places where the germ buildup takes, and it takes an extraordinary effort to clean them regularly. As a result, people tend to cover only the basic parts and are left to wonder why they have dental problems in spite of proper cleaning.

It is very much mandatory to have regular sessions with your dentist to clean your teeth. Most of the dentists would advise you to come for the cleaning procedures once in every six months. Most people associate the cleaning techniques with pain, jaw pain and prodding. The truth is much simpler. The cleaning techniques are sophisticated to the extent that you would not feel any pain or discomfort when undergoing the process. You can check with your dentist if you have any apprehension about the procedure and they would be in a better position to guide you properly.

What is the Dental Cleaning Procedure?

  • Physical exam: Dentist would use a small mirror to look into your teeth for any gum problems or cavities.
  • Removing of plaque and tartar around the gum line: There might be some scrapping sound involved, but this is normal. Regular flossing at your home can stop the buildup of tartar.
  • Rough toothpaste cleaning: Dentist would use a high-powered brush to remove them. This is the part where the grinding noise occurs and can cause some discomfort to the patient. In truth, this actually makes a zinging noise and more than the pain you might feel a slight tickling sensation. It gently scrubs your teeth, and it is extremely safe.
  • Flossing: Even though you regularly floss at home, nothing can beat the flossing mechanism that the dentist has to offer. These take care of even the minutest particle that might have settled in between your teeth.
  • Rinsing: Dentist would use a rinse to flush out all the impurities that might have gathered.
  • Fluoride treatment: A fluoride treatment would be given where according to your favourite taste like mint and strawberry, the fluoride would be applied to your mouth.

Who would need Dental Cleaning?

Every individual can get this treatment at least once a year. Your dentist would advise upon having these treatments once every six months. It is a necessary treatment which many people ignore. You can have these teeth cleaning sessions at your convenience and not wait for something to go wrong in your teeth before undergoing them. These treatments are most advisable for children who are more prone to cavities.

Who is not eligible for the treatment?

The treatment can be safely had by anyone irrespective of age or gender. You might be having initial apprehensions about the treatment as it involves prodding, cleansing, and mild jaw discomfort. Consult with your doctor about your fear and your needs. If you are a heart patient, do let the dentist know before so that some of the parts of the treatment may not be performed.

What are the negative effects of Dental Cleaning?

No, there are no side effects when undergoing the treatment. You might have slight jaw discomfort as your mouth will be in an open state for an extended period. Also in some cases and especially if you have sensitive teeth, the cleansing may cause a minor zinging sensation in your teeth. But these are temporary situations, and they get eliminated on their own.

What care is necessary after Dental Cleaning process?

You can return to your normal activities post the treatment. There is no rest period involved. You have to follow the general oral hygiene laid out by the dentist and make sure that you adhere to them regularly. Your teeth and their condition can say a lot about your general health. Hence always ensure that are cleaning and flossing your teeth at regular intervals.

How long does it take to recover?

There is no recovery period involved, and you can go back to your chores immediately after the treatment. For people who have sensitive teeth, it is advisable to take some rest as there can be some minor tickling sensation in your teeth due to the cleansing. Apart from that, you can continue with your normal activities.

How much do a deep tooth cleaning cost in India?

In India, teeth depend on the dental where you are undergoing the treatment. Usually, teeth cleaning come as a complete package and can cost about INR 1,500. In case an x-ray is required, the cost can go up. Always ensure that you get these treatments in reputed dental centers.

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

Teeth cleaning are not a permanent fixture. It depends on what you eat and how well you maintain the hygiene of your mouth in between. It is safe to have these treatments once every six months especially if you are a smoker or if you are someone who is addicted to caffeine. The treatment is mandatory for children too to keep their cavities under check.

What are the alternatives to the Dental Cleaning process?

The primary alternative to this treatment is to have do-it-yourself teeth cleaning procedures at home. These can involve regular brushing, flossing and using mouthwash and using homemade ways to maintain good oral hygiene. But in the present day lifestyle, we tend to ignore these most of the times. Hence a teeth cleaning treatment is advisable to have regularly.

Key Highlights

Safety: Very High

Effectiveness: High

Timeliness: High

Relative Risk: Very Low

Side Effects: Very Low

Recovery Time: Very Low

Price Range: RS. 1500 and above

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How to remove black stains from teeth after getting cleaned up once before in dental clinic?

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What are the charges for general teeth cleaning process and how much time it takes. My teeth are not abnormally dirty, I just need a routine cleaning. Thanks.

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I took a teeth cleaning with dentist, dentist has suggested antibiotics and a painkiller tablet to b taken fr 3 days .is it necessary to take antibiotics or only pain killer is enough?

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