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Dr satsangis Hair Treatment Skin care mutlispeciality Homeopathy clinics Lucknow Delhi Bangalore

Dr satsangis Hair Treatment Skin care mutlispeciality Homeopathy clinics Lucknow Delhi Bangalore

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Dr. satsangi's Leaders In Non Surgical Skin Hair Treatment, a homeopathy dermatogy practice!Treating Hair loss & Alopecia from root, Advanced second genre Homeopathy clinics with No1 more

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Rheumatoid Arthritis & Autoimmune Disorders
Rheumatoid Arthritis & Autoimmune Disorders


I am Dr. Manish Satsangi, Homeopath. Today I will talk about arthritis and autoimmune disorders. Autoimmune disorders aaj kal bahut common hai ki humein kab ho jaati hai, humein pata hi nahi chalta hai. Humein later stage mein aake ye pata chalta hai. Aisa kaha jata hai ki jitne kam drugs lenege utane aap behtar honge. So, autoimmune disease, ho can it be healed. So, mere clinic mein hum kya karte hain aaj mai aap se vo share karunga. Isi charcha mein se aap bahut saare take away messages le ja sakte hain jo actully mein aap ki ya aap ke aas pass logon ki madad kar sakte hain. Autoimmune disease mein rheumatoid arthritis aata hai. Ye ek jodon ki bimari hai. Aap ne dekha hoga ki logo ki ek age mein aa kar ghanten paad jaati hain and jod mud jaate hain. Next is ankylosing spondylitis. Ismein body mein akdan aati hai. Patient bahut young age mein is problem se suffer karne lagta hai and use uthane and baithne ke lia support chaiye hota hai. Autoimmune diseases organs ko bhi affect kar sakti hai. Uske hisab se iski identification majud hai. SLE is a very known autoimmune disease jo multipronged hai.

Ye connective tissue ko bhi involve karti hai, kidney ko bhi and body ke alag alag tissues ko involve kar sakti hai. Guillain barre syndrome, multiple sclerosis, hypothyroidism and it is very common nowadays in a lot of people and you will be surprised to know that it is a very common autoimmune disease. So, now I am gonna talk about what are the different treatments available for autoimmune diseases in medical science versus mind, body healing, techniques versus homeopathic medicines. All the medicines are meant for healing and curing. But healing has never been used in science. They use reversing and curing. Your own immunity is destroying your own cells and tissues or your particular organs from which the name of the disease is derived. Bahut sari studies hui hain mechanism pe. Medical science is base pe chalti hai ki if there is a reason, and there is a cause of it and once you find a cause, you are able to clear up the reason. But autoimmune disease mein aap mechanism toh kho sakte hain lekin cause ke upar medical science ke upar aaj tak answer nahi de paayi hain. Which means aap ko pata hi nahi chalega ki ghathiya ke dard kyu ho rahein hain.

Aap dard jaante ho and aap use modify kar sakte ho by immunosuppressant. There are a lot of drugs categories jo ki medical pe bahut work hua hai. One is a steroid, anti-inflammatory and 3rd is TNF. But in no case they rectify a basic problem. Jo drugs aap kha rahein hain vo major drugs hain and immune ko suppress karte hain ye baat maan ke ki aap ki immunity hi aap ko kill kar rahi hai. Toh sath hi sath aap ki immunity kam toh hoti hai but sath hi aap ki body damage hoti hai. So, ye medicines aisa kam karti hai ki agar body 20 saal zinda reh sakti hai toh vo 5 saal mein hi destroy ho sakti hai. So, about medical science which will help you in controlling the pain. Ye aap ki disease ko kuch hadh tak modify kar sakti hain lekin long term pe aap ko thik nahi kar sakti hain. 2nd part mind-body healing concept hai. Ye immuno philosophy defines karte hue paayi gayi hai. It tries to define the origin of the disease. Iske lia holistic medicines vedant ke kaad pe jaati hai. Ancient Indian concept hai ki koi bhi bimari bahar ke structural changes se nahi hoti hai, vo andar se aati hai.

Is baat ko medical science se pichle 100 saal mein establish kia hai which means 8/10 bimariyan ya fir 80% diseases hain jo andar se paida ho rahi hain and unka ilaj andar se hi khoja ja sakta hai agar patient ko pehle ki tulana mein behtar hona hoga. Healing is coming back to the memory of the whole. Kabhi bhi recovery puri tarike se medical science mein sambhav nahi hoti hai lekin it will take you to the extent that you will live well, peacefully with your family and you are able to do your important activities. Humne is ke upar kafi work kia hai. So, we can see how homeopathy can achieve the goal together with its individuality approach mixed with mind-body healing techniques. Jab bhi patient se milte hain toh human ka mechanism hum use karte hain. JIs tarike se mind and body mein disease pathways open hote hain, usi tarike se mind open hota hai and healing pathways open hote hain. Which means aap ki body and mind dono alag alag part hain lekin ek hi body ka part hain jo body banate hain.

So, as a matter of fact, if we speak about mind and body healing, we cannot avoid spiritual part of your disease. If your body is affected then your mind will take certain parts from your body. Kuch chizon se hum genetically predispose hote hain. Lekin humara jo andar ka environment hai vo humari bimari ko reflect karne mein puri tarike se involve hota hai. Iske bahut sare evidence mil chuke hain. So, for you the takeaway home message is that mind, body, and homeopathy give you a complete recovery. You are able to live without even major drugs. Agar aap ki disease shuru hui hai and aap us time Dr se milte hain toh is bimari ko dekha ja sakta hai and samjha ja sakta hai and aap ko guide kia ja sakta hai so that your mind helps in healing. Now in any case of autoimmune disease or any arthritis and you undergo major drugs that are not a good take. The major disease should be taken in the beginning to control the disease to some extent but you require to come down the second access of mind, body healing. So, here we utilize 2nd generation of homeopathy medicines to take care of your disease on the level of vital principle i.e. the disease which is come on the body part is been dealt with the minimum dose and maximum results. Instead, you take chemical drugs and get a reaction on the body, it is always better to take the dosages with the maximum action.

So, we take care of yours by a guided meditation, 2nd is counseling where we try to let you understand how you are different from the disease. Why you are important than your disease. Because it is always important that you should be cured and your disease will automatically be dissolved. So, once you are done, your sickness goes away. This is the understanding of holistic treatment. Now, the taken part in the discussion which I put forth, legend protocol is a very important part that still requires a lot of changes and learning. We are still in the learning process. We are looking into a lot of changes in the coming time. In documented cases, I have seen that people are healing really well without the major drugs and now they are of any drugs We have seen that they are quite okay in the last years. So, this kind of treatment is going to solve your queries and the problem. And yes, if you take care of these expects and spiritual ones especially in autoimmune disease then your drugs will be 10 times more effective to recover a patient.

So, in my clinic, we have a holistic belief. There is no sickness and there are only sick people. So, let yourself be okay and your thought process also. Where is the requirement to close the negative thoughts and it can be done. So, I am sure that with this concept you are going to recover really well. And this concept opens up a lot of healing pathways. Doston mai is pe bahut lambi baatein nahi kar sakta hun and mind body healing is a very suttle understanding. The patient can take care of his mind to take care of his body. Agar aap ko aur bhi kuch janna hai toh aap mujhe directly likh sakte hain. Aap lybrate ke through mujhe approach kar sakte hain. Mai aap ko btaunga ki beginning and later stage mein aap ko kya karna hai. Clinically aap kis stage pe hain ye bhi hum dekhte hain. So, I would suggest if you have any query then you better write to me and you can come directly to me. And if you have any problem or disease, you can come to me. Be sure that you are going to recover. Anyway, this is my personal experience and coming out from my practice. Inke baarein mein mai aap ko jyada jankari tabhi dunga jab aap personally mujhse milein.

Thank You

Arthritis - Know More About It
Arthritis - Know More About It


I am Dr. Manish Satsangi, Homeopath. Aaj mai aap ko common bimari ke baare mein btaunga plus useful tips dunga. Ye bimari kisi bhi age group ko effect kar sakti hai. Ise hum arthritis kehte hain. Bahut se log ise gathiya bhi kehte hain. It is a very common complaint. Kya is problem ke liya orthopedic hi ek solution hai? Iske baare mein mai aap ko jankari dunga. Long and short term treatments homeopathic therapeutics mein available hai. Homeopathy ke koi bhi side-effects nahi hain. Arthritis is a condition which affects your joints. Arth means joint and itis means inflammation. Jab bhi humein dard hota hai hum try karte hain ki use seh lein. Thoda aur dard hone pe hum painkillers khate hain. Hum malhum ya creams use karte hain. Bahut jyada dard hone pe hum doctor ke pass chale jaate hain. Aur fir hum drugs ko zindagi bhar use karte rehte hain. Lekin har type ka joint pain arthritis nahi hota hai. 200 se jyada bimariyan aap ko implicate kar sakti hain. Isliya kis type ka treatment aap ke liya sahi hai and future mein kya hoga, iska discussion doctor ke sath karna bahut jaruri hai.

Toh is video mein aap ko pata chalega ki kya surgical treatment hi aap ke pass ek akela option hai. Homeopathy mein iske liya kya treatments hain. Kya surgery ke baad bhi aap behtar ho sakte hain. Mai aaj aap se 18 saal ka exeprience share karunga jinmein se aap kafi chizen utha sakte hain. Arthritis ke 2 types hain. Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis ka matlab hai jo bhi chiz chalti hai vo ghisti hai. Ghisne ki vajaha se shape mein changes aate hain. Thyroid, vitamin-D and calcium deficiency is bimari ko jyada complicate kar dete hain. Osteoporosis common findings hai 40 years ke baad. Aur ye kisi bhi type ke arthritis ko badha sakti hai. 2nd type hai rheumatoid arthritis jiske baare mein janna bahut jaruri hai. Inflammatory 3 tarike se dekhi jaati hai. Fibromyalgia mein muscles ka pain hota hai. Agar ye dard persistent hain toh humein ise dhyaan se dekhna chahiyai.

Is se hum is bimari ke severity ko rok paate hain. Another type ka arthritis uric acid se sambandh rakhta hai. So, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, inflammatory arthritis mein aate hain. Agli arthritis hai juvenile arthritis ya fir ankylosing spondylitis. Ismein young age mein joints pain, muscles pain, pain bahut tezi se progress karta hai. Major drugs lene ke baad bhi bimari patient ko handicap karti hai. Yahan pe role aata hai homeopathy ka. Agar aap ko surgery boli gayi hai toh aap ek baar homeopathic treatment jarur lein. Ye aap ki mobility behatar karegi and long term goal mein better hoga. Now talking about inflammatory arthritis. Medical science mein iske liya line of treatment bilkul fix hain. Iske 2 approaches hain jismein aap allopathic trained doctor ke pass aate hain. Ek hoti hai drug-based and dusri hai surgical and another one is physiotherapy. Toh jab bhi aap medicines ke liya jaate hain and aap ko short term treatment chahiyai hota hai toh vo side-effects ke sath aap ko milta hai. Steroids ke side-effects bahut jayada hain. Ye kafi hadh tak aap ki bones ki strength ko kam karti hai. Now another treatment is disease-modifying agents. Ye bahut se logon ke jeewan mein upyogi paayi gayi hain. There are very useful drugs and they are boon to the people who are suffering from the arthritis.

But iske major side-effects hain jo aap ke kidney and liver function mein issue karti hain. Isliye mai aap ko suggest karta hun ki aap homeopathy therapies jarur lein. Now talking about surgeries. Drugs lene ke baad bhi aap ki bimariyan badh rahi hain kyuki aap ne modifying agents liye jis se bimari badhti hai. Ultimately joints aap ke destroy hote hain. Aap ko pain hota hai, aap chal nahi paate hain. And jab aap doctor ke pass jaate hain toh vo aap ko surgery suggest karte hain. Surgery 2 types ki hoti hain. Complete joint replacement, partial joint replacement. The surgical option is not the ultimate solution. Bahut se cases mein sugery bhi successful nahi paayi jaati hai. Surgical options are not the only solution for the case of arthritis. I use ayurvedic advice for remedial treatment Homeopathy is 200 old science which is doing really well. Now going back that how regen therapy works? There is no sickness but there are sick people. Hum mind and body dono ko involve karte hain jise mind body healing kehte hain. Or a holistic approach. Jo body and bones mein changes aaye hain unhein kaise thik ki ja sakta hai. Mere clinic pe jo bhi arthritis patient aat hai, mai ensure karta hun ki uKrunginke sath 40-50 mins spend karun and unki problems ko samjhun. Hum samjhane ki koshish karte hain ki kahan pe exactly kya problem aa rahi hai jo patient suffer kar raha hai. Fir hum patient ko motivate karne ki koshish karte hain. We are trained doctor but it is all about time which we spend with our patients.

N0w the 2nd part is body healing. Agar bone disorder hai, calcium ki kami hai toh hum homeopathy ka use kar ke patient ko thik karne ki koshish karte hain. Long-term goal mein aap ke joints ko behtar paya gaya hai. Mind body healing mein patient ka involvement hota hai. Body healing mein doctor really work hard. Long term goal hai joint disorder ka ismein dawayi ki efficacy, safety aur tolerance important hai. Homeopathy as you know free from side-effects. Long term bimari mein aap ko ye mobile karti hai. Aap ne dekha hoga ki aap ke known mein aisa koi patient hai jo bahut sari bimariyon se garasit hai and bed ridden hai aur doctor ne usko joint replacement ki baat ki hai aise cases mein regen therapy koi magic therapy nahi hai jo aapne li aur aap thik ho gaye. Ismein patient ka participation important hai. Patient agar thik se treatment le toh vo behtar ho sakta hai.

Sare disease matter karte hain long term treatment ke according. Jaruri nahi hai ki aap drug and surgery ko hi option maane. Go ahead with the trained doctor and professionals, understand what the doctor says. Ab mai aap ko dubara batata hun ki har ek joint ki bimari arthritis nahi hoti hai, kabhi bhi koi bhi joint problem ho usko apne level pe thik na karein and usko taelein nahi, ek qualified doctor se milen plus aap ko apna time de sakta ho. Aap ki future mein hone vali condition ko aap ke sath discuss kar sake. Hum maante hain ki patient ka participation bahut jaruri hai. Patient ko kis taraha ke diet mein changes laane hain. Balancing of gate is very important like patient ko kaise chalna hai and kaise balance karna hai. 3rd is that drugs and surgeries are not the only options for getting rid of the joint pain. Come and meet me at my clinic. I will be more happy and my total team is very much dedicated. Aap mujhe Lybrate ke throgh bhi reach kar sakte hain. Last mai aap ko kehna chaunga ki koi bhi aisi bimari nahi hai jis se aap thik na ho sakein. Bus aap ko motivation and strong skills ki jarurat hai. Your involvement is very important. Mujhe umid hai ki ye video aap ke liya useful rahi hogi.

Thank You.

Skin Problems
Skin Problems

There are a plethora of skin problems which include itchy skin, skin bumps, rash, skin fungus or infection, etc. These issues can create a lot of problems in the daily life of any person. Proper treatment with the help of a specialist is must to treat and prevent such problems.

Oily Hair
Oily Hair


Dr. Manish, Dr.Satsangi Clinic se. I am gonna talk to you about oily hair. Patient aaj kal in chizon se nikal rha hai. Vo kehte hain ki mere sir pe bhut jyada oil hai. Mere sir pe itna oil aata hai ki me daily head wash krun to bhi oil aa jata hai. So, this oil can be realted to a disease or may not be a disease related. Agar iske bare me apke pas jankari hogi to aap ek decision le peyenge whether you can manage on your own or you require the help of a doctor.

No.1: unki complaint hoti hai ki hair oily ho rhen hai jiske karan vo chip-chipe ho rhen hain. No.2: mere sir pe bhut papdiyan hain jinke karan itching ho rhi hai or acne ho rhen hain and hair fall bhi ho rha hai. No.3: scalp me bhut jyada papdiyan hain or agar me unhe nikalun to uske sath hair fal bhi ho rha hai. Now I want to talk to you about oiliness of the scalp and in which way the consultation can be done. Suppose you are coming with the oiliness, so the thing is to understand why is this happening. I will make you understand with the presentation. In 2 slides me aap dekh rhen hain ki hair ke sath oil bhi hai or bhut jayad papdi bhi hai. Hmara scalp bhut hi typical hota hai. Scalp is the multi layer skin. Sebaceous gland ki jo granthiyan hoti hain, hum uske bare me baat kar rhen hain. Hair ki roots hmare scalp ki tight skin ke sath attached hoti hain. Agar apki scalp me redness aa rhi hai to vo khrab ho rhi hai. Hum ise scalp disorder ke naam se jyada smjh skte hain. Agar aap kisi bhi skin ya hair treatments ke lia to vo apke hair pe jyada focus krti hain. But ye apka scalp disease hota hai.

Or agar ye disease badh jaye to apke hair bhi effect hote hain. So, now I am going tell you about ki aisi konsi chiz hai jisko aap khud control or manage kar skte hain. Aap ye bhi decide kar skte hain ki kab apko doctor ke pas jana chaiye. To baalon ki jitni bhi stages hain oil ki, usko hum 2 stages me lenge. Ek hogi normal physiological and dusri hogi disease wise. Normal physiological changes bhut high temperature, sweating, hormones imbalance, ovulatory periods and males me androgenic changes and muscles mass badhane ke lia drugs lete hain, blood pressures ke drugs, epilepsy ke drugs, ye sab oil produce kar skte hain. Ye oil apko kuch time pehle se hi nikal rha hoga. Isko normally aap bhut ache se manage kar skte hain. Dusri condition aati hai jiske lia apka doctor se milna is very important. This conition is called sebaceous gland overactivity with a fungal infection or seborrheic dermatitis.

Ek or condition hai jise hum psoriatic condition kehte hain. In dono cases me bhi sir pe papdiyan hoti hain. Ye papdiyan and oil simple nhi hota hai. Ise aap shampoo ya fir kisi parlour me jake manage nhi kar skte hain. It required a medical therapy. But physiological oily scalp ke lia aap khud kaise manage kar skte hain, usme me aapko help krunga. No.1: Aap natural products jo market me available hai us se ise treat kar skte hain jaise apple cider vinegar. Iske use se aap oily scalp ko control kar skte hain. Isko directly aap apne sir pe lga len. Uske kuch ghante baad head wash kar len. Week me 3-4 times aap ise use kren. Next way is by using tea tree oil. Is oil ko me pichle kuch saal se use kar rha hun or iske results bhi mene bhut ache se dekhen hain. Lekin ise use krne ke lia hmesha essential oil len. Isko use krne ke lia aap kisi bhi shampoo me iske kuch drops daal ke, sir pe ache se use kar skte hain.

Shampoo ko 5- mins chor den. Aisa week me 3-4 baar kren. 3rd choice is micro-bio filler powders hote hain. Ye raat me use krna chaiye or morning me head wash kar dena chaiye. Or ise bhi me apne clinic me kafi time se use kar rha hun. Lekin kuch conditions me aap ise use nhi kar skte. Psoriatic scalp jisme baal sukhte hain. Isme agar aap ye powder use krte hain or excessive shampoo use krte hain to apke hair girenge. Last part of my adice is kab apko doctor se help lena chaiye or kab aap khud manage kar skte hain. When you require the doctor's help is a tricky question. Jo bhi abhi mene apko solution dia hain ye mere 18 years ki practice hai.

They are very genuine or jruri nhi hai ki sari chizen aap use kar payen. Koi bhi question ho to aap mujhe personally mere clinic pe Lucknow, Delhi or Mumbai me aap mujhe contact kar skte hain. Mere staff se bat kr skte hain ya mujhe directly email bhi kar skte hain. Aap ye yaad rkhen ki jo mene advice di hain isko aap directly use kr k result ache expect nhi kar skte hain. Jab bhi aap use kren to thode area pe hi use kren. Apni responsibilty pe use kren or iska result dekhne ke baad pure head pe use kren. Meri responsibility pe ayenge to me apko jrur cure krunga. Mee sath jude rehne ke lia thank you. Jaisa ki mene apko apne topic me bta dia ki kis dhang se baalon ka istemaal hona chaiye and kaise advices ko follow krna chaiye. Agar apne inko dhang se istemaal kia to apko bhut help hogi. Lekin jis condition me apko medical help ki jrurat ho ya koi mushkil ho smjhne me to iske lia aap mujhe contact kar skte hain.

Lybrate ke through aap mujhe directly contact kar skte hain ya mere clinic aa skte hain. And I am sure ki itni bhi tips mene apko di hain, ye apke lia bhut useful ho. Apne freinds ko bhi recommend kren iske bare me. And I am sure that I will come back with new videos and with the new topic. Thank You.

The Myths Of Hair Growth And Hair Loss Busted
The Myths Of Hair Growth And Hair Loss Busted

Dear friends!

This is Dr. Manish Satsangi MD DSPL Lucknow, Delhi and Mumbai. We been into medical treatment, holistic practice since last 18 years across India and in different cities and we have been treating disorders like scalp disorders, alopecia, baldness, akin disorders like psoriasis, white spots eczema of all sorts, lifestyle disorders like arthritis like diabetes, blood pressure, different kinds of disorders which qualitum disorders. In all these cases we have seen that it is not skin deep disorders, they are more a holistic change in the personality of a patient which results into this disorders. Dear friends! Our thought process effects our body our treatment our results. So I’m going to talk to you about certain thought process which has been effected by common myths which we are carry on. These three myths which I’m going to talk to you about will be very essential for you to understand and to take a help of a doctor to get scalped full of hair.1. Oiling scalp is essential: Not oiling scalp is essential. People believe that their forefather, their father the mother has spoken them to oil and they not been oiling so they become more bald. No this is not right. Oiling scalp is good in 10% of cases but in 90% of cases alopecia is a result of oiliness. A condition called seborrhea, a condition called seborrheic dermatitis. So if you apply more organic oil to seborrheic scalp it is going to result in more eruption, more thinning more baldness. Please do not apply.

People believe that if they keep on shaving the scalp they will control the baldness. They believe that tonsuring, shaving the scalp regularly will control hair loss, they do not require treatment. No dear! Regularly shaving on tonsuring scalp is not going to help you in any way. It is going to reduce your scalp hair by 10% with each and every shaving that you do. Why? There’s been a research work there’s been a documented research with one of the very prestigious institute in skin which I want to quote in my next youtube video is that they have been seen the cases which have been tonsuring which are not taking any kind of treatment, they believe that it’s going to be stabilized by the tonsuring they do. They actually lose 10% of scalp with each and every tonsuring they do. So actually in long practice they tend to become more bald compared to the normal people who are not tonsuring but having the same hair dear friends do not tonsure please go to doctor reach to Dr. Satsangi clinic we are going to help you out3. This myth which may affect you by influencing your push to a doctor, you may think that you have genetics of baldness. You believe that you have been balding because your fore father was bald so you have whole right to bald there’s nothing you can do. No friends you can do everything. Genes do not decide disease, it is the environment which effects you which decides any type of disorders to be expressed. So even if you have baldness because of genes please do not stop. Go and reach to us we are going to help you out, we want to restore you. Genes decides everything, we are in a process of wear and tear with the age it comes out but in case it is coming below or in premature stage please go out speak to doctor. Take help, reach out to doctor take help reach out to Dr.Satsangi clinic we are going to make sure that you have hair full of scalp. Now what is very important for patients to understand that such thought process effects the ability to reach out to doctor? So busting these myths after you listen to me I’m sure that you have a new dimension to understand how the treatment to occur and what not to and what to do in all treatments across.

Dear friends from this podium I’m limited with the time viscosity. Ensure that you see my next YouTube very well.

Doctor in Dr satsangis Hair Treatment Skin care mutlispeciality Homeopathy clinics Lucknow Delhi Bangalore

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Doctor in Dr satsangis Hair Treatment Skin care mutlispeciality Homeopathy clinics Lucknow Delhi Bangalore


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Dr satsangis Hair Treatment Skin care mutlispeciality Homeopathy clinics Lucknow Delhi Bangalore Reviews



Mar 01, 2023

My hair loss -severe anfd quite depressing was since i took many kind of treatment and with best drs in skin- dr sir spoken outright in first analysis that this ,ay take 6 months to show up- it was tough to digest since we want quick-fix any way with discipline and yoga as he advised i am quite more


Lavishka Kohli

Aug 26, 2022

Had a great experience and very effective results in just 3 months of treatment. Diagnosis the exact root cause of hair fall problem and then work on it with best expertise. Everything best from doctor to staff, I would highly recommended for hair related problems. more


Aditya Kumar

Feb 20, 2021

Highly recommended Dr Satsangi's clinic specially Dr Manish Satsangi, who helped me to cure my Thyroid problem. I was frustrated with thyroid medicines as taking since long time and also having pain & stiffness in joints and body, unnecessary weight gain and many other problems, wants permanent more


Kunal Thanku

Feb 19, 2021

Since 2 yrs facing severe hair fall and also took so many treatments for the same but there is no permanent results. Just heard about Dr Satsangi's clinic from one of my known so consulted with them for my hair issue. They gives treatment behalf on clinically diagnosis and listen patients problem more


Sanam Khan

Oct 30, 2021

Amazing treatment I got ever in town came here by my friend recommendation as I was getting patches on my scalp I saw them they were increasing came to Dr manish sir he explain me about my disease and it's really magic I seen here for my hair patches now my scalp. Is full of hair no bald area are more

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