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The Myths Of Hair Growth And Hair Loss Busted

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Homeopathy Doctor, Delhi  •  27 years experience
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Dear friends!

This is Dr. Manish Satsangi MD DSPL Lucknow, Delhi and Mumbai. We been into medical treatment, holistic practice since last 18 years across India and in different cities and we have been treating disorders like scalp disorders, alopecia, baldness, akin disorders like psoriasis, white spots eczema of all sorts, lifestyle disorders like arthritis like diabetes, blood pressure, different kinds of disorders which qualitum disorders. In all these cases we have seen that it is not skin deep disorders, they are more a holistic change in the personality of a patient which results into this disorders. Dear friends! Our thought process effects our body our treatment our results. So I’m going to talk to you about certain thought process which has been effected by common myths which we are carry on. These three myths which I’m going to talk to you about will be very essential for you to understand and to take a help of a doctor to get scalped full of hair.1. Oiling scalp is essential: Not oiling scalp is essential. People believe that their forefather, their father the mother has spoken them to oil and they not been oiling so they become more bald. No this is not right. Oiling scalp is good in 10% of cases but in 90% of cases alopecia is a result of oiliness. A condition called seborrhea, a condition called seborrheic dermatitis. So if you apply more organic oil to seborrheic scalp it is going to result in more eruption, more thinning more baldness. Please do not apply.

People believe that if they keep on shaving the scalp they will control the baldness. They believe that tonsuring, shaving the scalp regularly will control hair loss, they do not require treatment. No dear! Regularly shaving on tonsuring scalp is not going to help you in any way. It is going to reduce your scalp hair by 10% with each and every shaving that you do. Why? There’s been a research work there’s been a documented research with one of the very prestigious institute in skin which I want to quote in my next youtube video is that they have been seen the cases which have been tonsuring which are not taking any kind of treatment, they believe that it’s going to be stabilized by the tonsuring they do. They actually lose 10% of scalp with each and every tonsuring they do. So actually in long practice they tend to become more bald compared to the normal people who are not tonsuring but having the same hair dear friends do not tonsure please go to doctor reach to Dr. Satsangi clinic we are going to help you out3. This myth which may affect you by influencing your push to a doctor, you may think that you have genetics of baldness. You believe that you have been balding because your fore father was bald so you have whole right to bald there’s nothing you can do. No friends you can do everything. Genes do not decide disease, it is the environment which effects you which decides any type of disorders to be expressed. So even if you have baldness because of genes please do not stop. Go and reach to us we are going to help you out, we want to restore you. Genes decides everything, we are in a process of wear and tear with the age it comes out but in case it is coming below or in premature stage please go out speak to doctor. Take help, reach out to doctor take help reach out to Dr.Satsangi clinic we are going to make sure that you have hair full of scalp. Now what is very important for patients to understand that such thought process effects the ability to reach out to doctor? So busting these myths after you listen to me I’m sure that you have a new dimension to understand how the treatment to occur and what not to and what to do in all treatments across.

Dear friends from this podium I’m limited with the time viscosity. Ensure that you see my next YouTube very well.

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