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Adult Thyroid Disorders - An Overview!

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Adult Thyroid Disorders - An Overview!

What is Adult Thyroid Disorders?
The thyroid is a small gland located below the skin and muscles at the front of the neck. Thyroid disease occurs when the thyroid gland doesn’t supply the proper amount of hormones needed by the body. If the thyroid is overactive, it releases too much thyroid hormone into the bloodstream, resulting in hyperthyroidism. An underactive thyroid produces too little thyroid hormone, resulting in hypothyroidism. Thyroid disorders can affect people of any age. However, they are more common in older adults.

Symptoms of Adult Thyroid Disorders-

Causes of Adult Thyroid Disorders-

Risk factors of Adult Thyroid Disorders-

Complications of Adult Thyroid Disorders-

Diagnosis of Adult Thyroid Disorders-
Laboratory tests usually measure levels of TSH and thyroid hormones. If your doctor suspects thyroid cancer, a biopsy can be used to sample the thyroid tissue and test for cancer. Another method called a functional stimulation test can be used to distinguish whether the pituitary and thyroid glands are the sources of medical symptoms. Ultrasounds and thyroid scans allow for visual examination of the thyroid gland or of nodules.

Treatment of Adult Thyroid Disorders-

Acupuncture & Acupressure Treatment of Adult Thyroid Disorders-
Acupuncture treatment is helpful for patients who have thyroiditis, subacute thyroiditis and hypothyroidism. Acupuncture can be used to restore hormonal balance, regulate energy levels, smooth emotions and help manage sleep, emotions and menstrual problems. There are several powerful acupuncture points on the ear and the body that can be used to regulate the production of thyroid hormones.

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