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Thyroglobulin Test

Thyroglobulin Test

also known as: tg, TGB

The healthcare provider may order a thyroglobulin test if they suspect the symptoms of hyperthyroidism. The visible symptom is an enlarged thyroid gland which may be lead to thyroid cancer or Graves disease or thyroiditis. This usually happens if the person is suffering from autoimmune conditions as in this case the immune system creates antibodies that attack your own healthy cells. This betrayal can lead to severe damage to essential proteins. The production of antithyroglobulin antibodies attack the healthy thyroglobulin thus deteriorating their condition. The test is also ordered to check the level of antibodies in the person’s blood system.

You will have to be present at the test center when the time is allotted. The nurse at the health center will take a sample of your blood. They will do so with the help of an injection. Make sure they clean the area to be injected with an antiseptic before injecting. To avoid pain they will tighten your arm with the help of an elastic band which will make the veins visually clear. The nurse will inject the needle and draw blood sample from your vein and once sufficient quantity is taken they will cover the injected area with medical cotton to avoid bleeding.

In case of surgical removal of the enlarged thyroid gland, the thyroglobulin test is ordered before the surgery. The test is also carried out after the surgery in order to check for any residuals of thyroid tissues. The test proves helpful to check the effectiveness of the treatment for thyroid cancer. The test is commonly ordered to determine: Hyperthyroidism, Graves Disease, Fatigue, Dry Skin, Constipation, Sudden weight gain.

The thyroglobulin test requires the patient to submit the blood sample to the test center. Your healthcare provider may ask you to follow some instructions before undergoing the test. You might be required to avoid eating and drinking few hours before the test. You will be most probably asked to avoid taking any medications like warfarin which is a blood thinner and might interfere with your blood samples. You should inform your doctor about any medications you are taking and ask for proper guidance.

3.5ml gold top tube
Type Gender Age-Group Value
All age groups
0.5 - 1 ng/ml
Rs.200- Rs 2000

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