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Premarital Profile Test

Premarital Profile Test

Premarital Profile is the set of tests which is done by people who are planning to get married. Usually, people are not aware of their health conditions. They might look healthy from the outside but internally you might be suffering from some problem that is some infection or hereditary disease. So getting a Premarital Profile will clear you about the condition of the health. This test includes CBC, Blood group Rh, Glucose – R, HIV 1&2, HBsAg, VDRL, Thalassemia Minor Screen, Urine Routine, X-Ray Chest., Optional test: Semen Analysis (Males only) and Thyroid Profile (Females only).

This profile includes a number of tests. So to get this done you need to go early in the morning. You will be asked for the blood and urine sample. Going empty stomach will give an accurate result. You even need to get a scan done. So for this, you actually need to get an appointment with the doctor beforehand. While going for the tests, go stress-free and wear comfortable clothes. Go for sleeveless or short sleeves T-Shirt as it will be easy to take the blood sample.

All these tests are general tests to know about the well being of human body. They are conducted before marriage, so as to know that the person is totally fit and if there is some problem treatment could be done accordingly. These tests are conducted to see the following The person is not suffering from any hereditary disease. The person is not having any infection in the body. It is also done to check that all the organs are working properly.

The procedure for conducting the tests does not take much time. The lab technician will clean your skin with antiseptic and tie a band at your arm. This will swell up the veins and blood will pump out. So the person will make a prick and collect the blood sample. For the x-ray, you will be asked to wear a gown and lie down. After that, the x-ray will be conducted. Don’t wear any kind of jewellery when you go for the test, as you will be asked to remove it.

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