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Wisdom Teeth: Treatment, Procedure, Cost and Side Effects

What is the treatment? How is the treatment done? Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?) Who is not eligible for the treatment? Are there any side effects? What are the post-treatment guidelines? How long does it take to recover? What is the price of the treatment in India? Are the results of the treatment permanent? What are the alternatives to the treatment?

What is the treatment?

Wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars generally evolves up during late teenage or even in the early twenties (17 to 22years). These teeth remain inside the skin and tend to crop up during this span of life. It turns out to be a problem if a wisdom tooth does not find sufficient surface area and thus gives birth to pain. Wisdom teeth grow on the backside of the mouth. Well, for some people they turn out to appropriate while for most of the people it raises a feeling of discomfort and often leads to severe pain. It is known as the wisdom teeth as it crops up during the age when a person experiences his/her adolescence or more likely the phase when a person is expected to get maturity with age.

However, most of the people who tend to face severe pain as a result of wisdom teeth include several causes for its growth. The most common reason remains the lack of space of wrong positioning of the wisdom teeth that cannot fit properly in its shape in the mouth. This may lead to infection in the surrounding area. The condition is severely painful and even ends up with a bad oral health of the person. Added to that, in some cases, wisdom teeth erupt all at a sudden while sometimes it lingers within the skin and constantly pushes to come out. This long span of time gradually cropping out causes extreme pain.

Some of the symptoms of wisdom teeth that you are supposed to face include sudden pain at the back part of the mouth, especially where molars exist. The pain will increase with time as the wisdom teeth push itself upward to get a space. Even redness or tenderness around the area are the welcoming call of a wisdom teeth.

On facing any such symptoms, you must not keep neglecting the pain and quickly consult a doctor.

How is the treatment done?

Mostly, the remedy involves extraction of the teeth. On visiting a dentist, you are primarily to inform the doctor with all the details of the condition you are facing. The doctor is supposed to check the affected area and with his experience evaluate the immediacy to perform the surgery process. However, there are various complications in the process. For wisdom teeth that have already erupted out breaking through the skin, the job of the doctor becomes much easier. This is because he can just check the situation and extract out the wisdom teeth at the right time.

Well, in case of wisdom teeth that exists under the skin and pushing the surface area producing severe pain, the process becomes complicated. Here, the dentist generally makes an incision right at the surface of the gum. Then the tooth covering the wisdom tooth is removed and finally, the wisdom tooth is extracted. Often the dentist ends up cutting the teeth in several different pieces instead of extracting the whole at the same time. This is mainly done to avoid damage to sensitive tissues and nerves.

At the same time, if you are suffering from the pain of wisdom teeth, the doctor will surely prescribe you some medication. This involves intake of painkillers for temporary relief of pain until the tooth is extracted. At the same time, use of ice bags and saltwater dressing is necessary to keep the area germ free along with reducing the pain to an extent.

On removing the tooth or post the surgery, the doctor advises the patient to have food products of low temperature like chilled ice cream or milk. This helps to normalise the pain.

Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)

People who are suffering from wisdom tooth pain are supposed to undergo the treatment. Even if you are experiencing any symptoms that indicate the existence of wisdom tooth, you are supposed to consult a dentist and treat the issue before any infection evolves and worsen the situation.

Who is not eligible for the treatment?

People who are not experiencing any such indications of wisdom teeth in the mouth are not eligible for the treatment.

Are there any side effects?

Nowadays, extraction or removal of wisdom teeth is mostly preferred. However, one of the major side effect in the process remains the probability of damaging sensitive nerves and tissues while extracting the teeth. However, the risk can be avoided when proper care is taken while conducting the surgery.

Added to that, your dentist would prescribe some painkillers to reduce the pain. However, painkillers include several side effects like vomiting tendency, nausea and even diarrhoea.

What are the post-treatment guidelines?

Having done with the removal of wisdom tooth, the immediate action is to treat the bleeding. The blood clot in the socket is extremely useful in enhancing the recovery process. Thus, you should not destroy or damage the clot. You are advised not to rinse your mouth heavily or smoke at least for 24 hours. Intake of alcohol could be dangerous in this condition. Talk less and give the least stress in performing activities that include functioning of the mouth. Having liquid food is more preferable in this case. Ice cream, hot or cold milk can produce better and quick results.

How long does it take to recover?

When the tooth is removed, the swelling and the discomfort takes around 3-4 days to recover completely. A check to all post-treatment guidelines will ensure proper and swift recovery.

What is the price of the treatment in India?

Treatment for a wisdom tooth in India ranges bewtween Rs 1000 to Rs 10,000 . The variation in range is due to different charges and extraction cost that varies from place to place.

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

The treatment for the solution to wisdom teeth mostly involves extraction or removal of the teeth. The treatment provides full recovery within few days if not situation gets worse with an infection that would require intense medication for complete recovery.

What are the alternatives to the treatment?

A Wisdom tooth holds down sensitive nerves in the roots and damage to those may lead to a defect in speaking and you may lose the feeling of sensitivity for the entire life. In this regard, research on Dental Updates shows the use of the coronectomy procedure is considered safe as it does not leads to any chance neurological imbalance or malfunction. The coronectomy procedure involves removal of the crown part of the wisdom tooth leaving the roots at their place.

On the other hand, adoption of homemade remedies like ice bags, tea bags, clove, peppermint, onion, guava leaves, cucumber slice and baking soda paste can help amazingly in reducing pain.

Popular Questions & Answers

One of my wisdom teeth has been infected and I visited a nearby dentist. He assured me of an RCT and also a extra unwanted covering over wisdom teeth to be cut off as food gets lodged inside it and cause inflammation .I want to know whether it will be a good decision to do such surgery from a clinic without any support staff or from a hospital as there might be bleeding after surgery?

Certification in Laser Dentistry, B.D.S, Certification in Dental Implants, Certification In Rotary Endodontics
Dentist, Kanpur
There Are So Many Treatment Options Available Regarding The Third Molar Apart from The RCT The removal Of covering gingiva Can Be removed By THE LASER Also. I Personally As A dental Laser Surgeon prefer to remove the covered gingiva with the help ...
1 person found this helpful

My dad has diabetes and recently he got diagnosed with wisdom tooth pain and he wants to extract that, Can it be done as his hba1c is 9.5 and 234 mg/dl?

MDS - Periodontics, Certified Implantologist, BDS
Dentist, Panchkula
Good afternoon thanks for the query the answer is no with this much value of sugar chances are high for postoperative infection and delayed healing. It's better to control the sugar level first at least hb1ac by 6.5 to 7.or 140 mg/dl

Operated for wisdom teeth removal 4 days before. Still not relive pain. Now dentist started tab enzoflam. Still no relief what to do?

MDS - Periodontics, Certified Implantologist, BDS
Dentist, Panchkula
Good morning thanks for the query pain after surgical removal of wisdom tooth troubles for sometime a week. So no need to worry just follow the regiem. If it's paining a lot and not bearable than their are chances of dry socket or some infection. ...
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Hi doc, can wisdom tooth extraction is necessary in pain, if yes, can its extraction cause any eye or brain problems. Pls reply sir.

MBBS, Basic Life Support (B.L.S), Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Fellow of Academy of General Education (FAGE)
General Physician, Delhi
Most wisdom tooth extractions don't result in long-term complications. Rarely, complications can include: painful dry socket, or exposure of bone when the post-surgical blood clot is lost from the site of the surgical wound. Let's have a detail di...

Hi Dr, I got extracted my wisdom tooth as advised by doctor but can it cause any eye problem or any other?

MBBS, Basic Life Support (B.L.S), Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Fellow of Academy of General Education (FAGE)
General Physician, Delhi
It's difficult to predict future problems with impacted wisdom teeth. Food will probably get stuck in the sockets until they close over completely. This may cause problems with bad breath and a bad taste in your mouth.

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