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Weight Loss - Know Food For It!

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Weight Loss - Know Food For It!

The weight loss journey is one that is filled with ups, downs, temptations and overall confusion. What should you eat? How much? What should you avoid? How can food help you in your weight loss journey? These are many questions that plague the minds of those living with a few extra pounds and kilos. So get your weight loss routine right without starving. Put these ingredients on your plate to get help in losing weight. Points to keep in mind when you eat you need to mix and match these foods together also that it shouldn.t be high-calorie food. Also, keep the portion size under watch.

PROTEIN - The role of protein for weight loss has always been on the top of the discussion and can never be underestimated. High protein food sources like fish egg whites, lean chicken helps you to burn fat. Let's know them in detailed.

- Eggs: These protein-rich food items can actually pack in quite a punch when taken at breakfast. They give your body its due nourishment even as they put the metabolism in high gear, right in the morning. This is the time when the metabolism is at its peak. Eggs also have healthy fats which can make you feel full with a fraction of the calorie intake.

- Fish: A known source of omega-three fatty acids, salmon, trout, mackerel, tuna and other kinds of fishes are well-known aids for weight loss. They give precious iodine to the body and supply plenty of proteins as well. Omega-three fatty acids help in bringing down inflammation and bloating, to help you get a more toned body.

- Beans: Eating a serving of beans, lentils and legumes in a day is also a great way to lose weight. Black beans and other legumes are known to have high dietary fibres which help in making the metabolism work faster. With the help of such fibres, the food gets pushed through the food pipe much faster, and much more effectively.

- Vegetables Soups: Homemade soups without starch and corn flour are the healthiest. Consume in the evening time, they are full of fibre, vitamins and minerals. Soups are the healthiest way to nourish yourself and lose weight. Points to keep in mind when you eat you need to mix and match these foods together also that it shouldn't be high-calorie food.

Also, keep the portion size under watch. The food you can eat liberally are Green Loaded with dietary fibres, yet low in carbohydrates and calories, green vegetables are a wonder food that can also banish bloating. Get your heart's fill of kale, spinach, cabbage and other ingredients, every single day for visible results in the weight loss arena. You can have them as a stir fry, in a salad, or simply churn a handful of green leaves into a healthy smoothie! Use as much as green in your food, these leaves are full of antioxidants, rich in Vit B group, Vit C calcium, iron, manganese and other Minerals. Use them as fillers in rolls, salads, and main meals. Ways to use this greens-You can make chopped leaves vegetables or saag, can be eaten with chapati. Spinach, kale, Fenugreek leaves, mustard leaves, beet greens, amaranth leaves, gram flour leaves, bathua leaves. An easy way to consume it in a salad like blanch spinach or kale, add lettuce, spring onion green, tomatoes, cucumber and have it. You can use these leaves liberally, as they are very low in calories. They are a good source of sodium and potassium as well, so if you have kidney trouble, please ask your doctor. Cucumber, tomatoes, spring onion, salad leaves, can be consumed liberally.

- Fiber: Use whole grains instead of refined one, but they too have carbs so consume moderately. They provide complex carbs which cause a slow release of sugar after digestion, hence helps in weight loss. The main reason for weight gain or belly fat is the excess intake of calories. Adding fibre to your diet is the ideal way to control the calories without starvation. It gives you bulk and increases satiety levels, keeps you full for long hours.

- Soluble And Insoluble: Both are required for good health. Soluble fibre absorbs water and forms a gel-like substance which slows down the digestion process. They are found to reduce sugar and cholesterol levels.

- Pectins: It is a water-soluble fibre, it binds with cholesterol and throws it out of the body.Sources- Apple, grapefruit, all citrus fruits, berries, apricots and peaches this can be a great snacking idea in-between mealtime or before meal salad. Apart from these healthy foods, there is a category known as super food which helps in reducing weight like

- Apple Cider Vinegar: A well-known superfood in the health and wellness world, It helps in giving you a feeling of fullness when ingested right before a meal.

Cinnamon Powder: Powerful herb, it maintains the glucose taking the cinnamon powder with honey empty stomach helps in weight loss. Tip - Use cinnamon in tea or on green tea. Can be added taken in morning empty stomach with honey or detox drink.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a specialist & get answers to your questions!
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