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Nutrients During Menopause

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Msc Food & Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi  •  7years experience
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I am Dt. Avni Kaul, Dietitian/Nutritionist. Aaj hum baat krenge nutrition during menopause. Jyadatar attention women of the reproductive group ko di jati hai. Lekin nutrition during menopause ki bhut kam information hai. Ye koi aisi condition nhi hai ki jaan ko khtra hai. Iske symptoms bhut jyada discomfort and distress phuchate hain. Islia hum ye bat krenge ki kya nutrition is period me chaiye hota hai. Kaise ye hmare symptoms ko eliminate krta hai. Ye ek aisa stage hai jab woman ko periods aane band ho jate hain. And the woman is no longer fertile. Menopause ke 3 phases hain. 1st is premenopause. Isme ovarian function disrupted ho jata hai. Periods regular chalte hain and thode bhut symptoms rehte hain. 2nd stage is perimenopause. Isme ovarian function disrupted rehta hain and periods irregular hone shuru ho jate hain. And symptoms thode intensify ho jate hain. Last stage ko post-menopause bolte hain. Isme periods aane band ho jate hain 12 mahine se jyada. Isme estrogen level 40% se jyada gir jata hai. Iske symptoms hain hot flushes, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, vaginal dryness or decreased libido.

Jab estrogen ki deficiency ho jati hai to osteoporosis, heart diseases and breast cancer ka risk badh jata hai. Estrogen aisa hormine hai jo hmare body temperature ko regulate krta hai. Reproduction ko regulate krta hai, bone health ko promote krta hai. Woman ki body ke lia bhut important hai. Aaj hum nutrients ke bare me btayenge jo apko is stage me bhut important hai. 1st hai fat. Fat ko cut krna bhut important hai. Jaise ghee, butter, coconut oil. Inko restricted or reduced amount me aap lijiye. Jo good fats hain like almonds, walnuts, sarson ka oil. Junk and fried bilkul mat lijiye. Fruits and vegetable lijiye. Fibre ka intake increase kijiye. Whole wheat and grains lijiye. Next most important nutrient is calcium. It makes woman's bone very fragile and may lead to fractures.

India diet me calcium thoda kam hota hai. Calcium rich food diet me lena kafi important hai. Like milk, paneer, curd, soya, tofu, sesame seeds, ye sab calcium rich sources hain. Salt intake reduce krna jruri hai. Apke urine se calcium excretion shuru ho jayega. Exercise and physical activities are the most important. Agar aap physcially active nhi honge to calcium loss hoga. Rest is important but too much rest is also should be avoidable. 3rd important nutrition is magnesium. Oats, green leafy vegetables, nuts are rich in magnesium. Ye bone health ko bhi promote krta hai. 4th most important nutrient is iron. Spinach, gree leafy vegetables, dates, watermelon seeds, apple are rich in iron.

5th important nutrient is boron. It promotes bone health and prevents the excretion of calcium and magnesium in the urine. Boron promotes the estrogen. It is found in peanuts, lentils, peas, apple and peaches. 6th nutrient is phytoestrogen. Iske lia soyabean aap le skte hain. It helps in eliminating the symptoms of menopause. Dekha gya hai ki Japnese women ki diet me soyajyda hota hai jiski vjha se unhe menopause ke symptoms nhi aate hain. Soya also reduces the risk of cancers. Next important nutrient is tryptophan. Ye anxiety and depression ko reduce krta hai. Serotonin is a feel good hormone. Ye hmare mood ko control krta hai. Apetite ko thik krta hai. And depression ko reduce krta hai. It is found in milk, almonds, walnuts, oats and banana. Ye sone se pehle aap consume kar skte hain. Next nutrient is vitamin-C. It helps in absorption of the iron. Iske kuch resources hain like amla, nimbu, gauva, any types of berries, tomatoes.

It makes the bones less prone to fracture. The strengthen the mucus membrane throughout the body. It helps in preventing the vaginal dryness. Next nutrients are essential fatty acids. Sabse important hai omega-3 fatty acids. Ye india diet me kam hota hai. Ye fish, flax seeds, chia seeds me hota hai. This is good for heart health. Vitamin-E bhi bhut important hai. Quki ye estrogen ko protect krta hai. It is found in nuts and all the good fats. Menopause memory loss ka risk bhi increase krta hai. Iske lia vitamin-B is essential and ye milta hai cereals, pulses and nuts. Menopause me headache and dizziness kafi badh jata hai. Iske lia home remedy hai ki chota se ginger ka piece len and chew it. Spicy food ko avoid kren. because it may induce hot flushes. Alcohol and caffeinated drinks reduce kren. Regular exercises kren. Exercise will promote good heart health. Menopause me weight gain kafi common hai. And excessive weight makes a woman prone to diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Diet achi lena jruri hai. Lifestyle modification bhut important hai. Jyada fruits and vegetable ko consume kriye. Fibre apni diet me include kriye. Aaj humne kafi nutrients ki bat kri hai jaise calcium, protein, iron, fat ka kam krna. Correct use of vitamins. Soyabean aap is time period me befikre hoke le skte hain.



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