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How Ayurveda Can Help To Treat Hair Problems?

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How Ayurveda Can Help To Treat Hair Problems?

Hair problems are becoming the commonest frequent concern for both males and females nowadays. According to the survey, 70 to 80% people are suffering from hair problems. 

Most common hair problems are -

1. Hair loss (alopecia areata)

2. Baldness ( male and female pattern baldness)

3. Hair fall

4. Premature greying of hair

5. Dandruff (dry and wet)

6. Head lice

7. Ringworm, folliculitis and other scalp infections

Though it is normal to shed 10 to 50 hair each day, when the body sheds significantly more hair, it causes baldness or alopecia.

Some common causes of hair problems are :

1. Severe infections, bacterial and fungal infections of the scalp

2. Major surgeries

3. Hypo or hyperthyroidism and other hormonal imbalance related diseases

4. Severe stress

5. Some autoimmune diseases like Lupus

6. Pregnancy and childbirth

7. Some diseases like cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis etc

8. Exposure to chemicals like thallium, boron, arsenic etc

9. Medications such as antidepressants, blood thinners, birth control pills, hormonal treatments, high blood pressure medicines, chemotherapy and radiation.

10. Digestive disorders, hyperacidity, gastritis

11. Sudden weight gain and weight loss

12. Menstrual diseases, pcod, cysts, fibroids.

According to Ayurveda hair problems are also caused due to some dietary and behavioural changes which are very commonly neglected, such as -

  • Overeating of salty and sour food like pickles, curd, papad, lemon, tamarind etc
  •  Instant foods containing preservatives
  • Cold drinks, fast food, and junk food
  •  Hotelling, bakery and fermented food
  •  Late night sleeping and sleeping in days
  • Overexposure to sun, wind, and pollution

Treatments :

Ayurveda has really great results in hair problems. Also we use some modern techniques for faster and better results.

1. Internal Ayurveda medicines : Work on the main disease which is the cause of hair problems

2. External treatments : Some Ayurveda hair packs, oils, shampoos give nourishment to hair roots and prevent hair loss and premature greying.

3. Panchkarma treatments : Some Panchkarma treatments like vaman, virechan , basti , shirodhara  Nasya, taildhara, head massage and pichu remove toxins from body, rejuvenate cells and control hair problems.

4. Leech therapy : Leeches when applied to scalp region, remove impure blood, improve blood circulation at roots of hair, control infections and help for regrowth of new hairs.

5. High frequency and galvanic : This machine when used, they provide oxygen to cells, kill bacteria and fungus, correct scalp infections, reduce dandruff and enhance new hair growth.

6. PRP and derma roller : These treatments are used in thinning of hair, baldness and alopecia. They help with new hair growth.

Do's and Don'ts for healthy hair -

1. Don't wash hair frequently with shampoo.

2. Don't use harsh shampoos, prefer Ayurveda powders, shampoos for hair wash.

3. Avoid excessive hair treatments like colouring, blow drying, ironing or straightening 

4. Apply oils at least 3 to 4 times a week

5. Keep your body hydrated, follow proper and nutritious diet

6. Do proper exercise, yoga and meditation

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