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Dermabrasion: Treatment, Procedure, Cost and Side Effects

Last Updated: Aug 29, 2020

What is the treatment?

Dermabrasion is also referred as blepharoplasty.

How is Dermabrasion treatment done?

Dermabrasion is a process where the old dmaged skin is exfoliated in order to generate new skin. This process of treatment is generally used on the face of the patient to cure fine line, sun damage, acne scars and uneven textures.

Dermabrasion treatment is used for areas of the face as an alternative of chemical peeling and lasers as the process of dermabrasion is unlikely to have pigmentary changes whereas lasers and chemical peeling would leave some lines of demarcation between various regions of the skin.

Dermabrasion is also effective to remove surgery scars, irregular scars from skin grafts, benign tumors etc. Dermabrasion also manages various skin cells which are affected by tattoos and pigment changes. Albinism can also be lightened by dermabrasion.

The certtain patches of the skin maybe caused due to pollution and sun burns which can be extracted from the skin as they exist only in the pores. If you don't use any lotion then these patchs might get into the skin and casue permanent damage. The rejuvination of the skin requires you to have a good immune system and you need to take care of the skin if you want to avoid new patches.

Dermabarasion treatment have few side effects and do not cause much pain. There is a slight symptom of irritation after the exfoliation but the symptoms are temporary.

Who is eligible for dermabrasion treatment? (When is the treatment done?)

It is a technique by which a rotating instrument is used to eliminate outer layers of the skin, usually it is used on the face. Dermabrasion dermabrasion is mainly used to improve the appearance of your skin. The dermabrasion treatment is effective for fine lines, sun damage, acne scars and uneven textures.

A licensed dermatologist will numb the skin (anesthesia) before exfoliating the outer skin of your face and this is an outpatient action, which means that you can go home in order to recover from the dermabrasion treatment.

Dermatologists also use a wire brush/ diamond wheel (known as burr or fraise) to eliminate the upper layers of your skin. This process causes the skin to wound and bleed and gradually new skin grows to replace the old damaged skin.There are different types of anesthesia for different people. Anesthesia for derambrasion depends on the extent of the treatment which you will receive.

Most of the time general anesthesia is given during the dermabrasion procedure. The doctor uses an equipment called a derambrader across the skin which motorizes the rough skin patches. The procedure depends on the patches of your skin. If you have large patches then the doctor would need multiple sessions for the exfoliation.

Who is not eligible for dermabrasion treatment?

People who are healthy and have relatively minor skin diseases or imperfections can use dermabrasion as a source of treatment. Both men and women over the ages of 15 years can use dermabrasion.

Dermabrasion is best suited for those who have realistic expectations of improving the skin condition as dermabrasion is a mild, non chemical procedure that cannot probably eliminate skin sagging or deep facial folds. Dermabrasion might be a very effective way of treating acne scars.

Dermabrasion helps to exfoliate the damaged skin portions of acne and helps to generate a new acne free skin. Thus people who have clogged pores of oily skin should definitely use this method of treatment.


Are there any side effects of dermabrasion treatment?

However, dermabrasion treatment is not recommended for those who have very deep scars or active keloids. This treatment is usually not encouraged for those who also have any immune system disorder or any form of unstable diabetes. It is also recommended that pregnant women should not go derambrasion treatment. People who have also undergone other skin procedures such as collagen injections should avoid dermabrasion treatment.

It is always advised that you should first consult with your dermatologist when you face any problems as for the case of skin cancer, derambrasion cannot help you. People who use techniques of waxing and tanning should avoid those in order to get dermbasion treatment.

What are the post-treatment guidelines of dermabrasion?

As dermabrasion treatment involves exfoliating of skin therefore it leads to certain side effects. Common side effects are: Redness and swelling of the skin; this is because the damaged skin is being removed and it needs some time to grow back. Until it does, the skin sometimes appears to be red and a bit swollen. Enlarged pores; dermabrasion might lead to enlargement of pores for some time.

Gradually the skin begins to shrink back to it’s original state and the swelling decreases. Skin reactions; in order to remove the scars by having a derambrasion procedure might lead to skin rashes, flaring up on skin etc.

How long does it take to recover after dermabrasion?

To have an efficient derambrasion result one must need to take care of themselves even after the procedure. Some post treatment guidelines are to keep the skin after the procedure clean and moisturized at all times, using skin cleansers, avoiding scratching of parts of the new skin, avoiding direct sunlight for at least 7 days.

However, the patients who cannot avoid direct sunlight are advised to apply a sunscreen lotion which has an SPF of 30 or more. After the procedure of dermabrasion is done, it is also advised that you should wash your face with non oily, non soap based cleansers, moisturizers, soaps regularly.

What is the price of dermabrasion treatment in India?

The new skin after the procedure of dermabrasion is usually swollen and red. The new skin is also sensitive to sunlight and it is known for a fact that you can gradually start to continue your normal day to day activities. You should give time for your new skin to heal and avoid sunlight thus you can have exposure to sunlight in about 2 weeks.

After dermabrasion procedure, the doctors advise the patients to avoid consuming alcohol for 3 to 4 weeks and it is also advised that you do not have direct contact with chlorinated water on your face directly for at least a month. However, you must always keep in touch with your dermatologist to be fully sure about the healing process as it is important for your new skin to grow back the pigments that they lost.

Are the results of dermabrasion treatment permanent?

The procedure of dermabrasion usually takes about four to seven sessions. The first step is to find a doctor so there are some consultancy fees charged by dermatologists which depend from doctor to doctor which usually range from thousand to eighteen hundred rupees.

However, the anesthesia and the diamond scrubbing range approximately between twenty five hundred and thirty five hundred rupees. Thus for four to seven sittings/sessions it can cost you approximately ten thousand to fifteen thousand rupees. However, there are some additional costs which you have to maintain because of usage of moisturizers, medicines and cleansers.

What are the alternatives of dermabrasion treatment?

The results of the dermabrasion procedure are quite effective if you follow the post treatment guidelines properly. The rejuvenation of the skin is a process that requires a bit of care and you need to maintain a good immune system in your body. The procedure of dermabrasion removes almost all patchy portions of the skin and the results are known to be very effective with proper maintenance of the skin. If you want the results of the dermabrasion to be permanent then in the initial stages you need to avoid direct exposure of sunlight and cleanse your skin regularly.


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