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Last Updated: Sep 03, 2019
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Acne Scars: Treatment, Procedure, Cost and Side Effects

What is Acne Scars? How is the treatment done? Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?) Who is not eligible for the treatment? Are there any side effects? What are the post-treatment guidelines? How long does it take to recover? What is the price of the treatment in India? Are the results of the treatment permanent? What are the alternatives to the treatment?

What is Acne Scars?

Acne occurs when your hair follicles get clogged by dead skin cells and excess oil from the skin. It may result in blackheads, whiteheads, oily skin, pimples or scars. Acne may often break out on the face, upper part of chest or back at the onset of puberty and continue for the period of adolescence. Your genes are responsible for the severity of your acne condition in most cases. Acne scars should not be neglected. You should start finding solution to your troubles through home remedies as soon as acne breaks out. However, there are ways by which you can get your acne treated if the situation gets out of hand. Your skin can be injected with soft tissue fillers to make the scars less noticeable. Laser resurfacing may improve the appearance of your skin. Dermabrasion is a process used to treat severe conditions. You can minimise deeper scars by chemical peeling. You can also get surgery or Botox injections to get rid of your acne scars.

How is the treatment done?

Your scars can be made less noticeable by injecting collagen or fat under the skin and into indented scars. These soft tissue fillers stretch out the skin and improve your condition. Pulsed light resources and radiofrequency devices can also be used to make your scars less noticeable. This laser treatment is temporary and may have to be repeated frequently. In the process of dermabrasion, the top layer of your skin is removed with a rapidly rotating wire brush. This process, used for severe scarring conditions, removes the surface scars completely and makes the deeper acne scars look less noticeable. Chemical peeling involves applying high potency acids on skin in order to remove the top layer and lessen the deeper scars. Punch excision is a minor surgery wherein the individual scars are cut out. The wounds are repaired with stitches or skin graft. Subcision is another surgery in which needles are inserted under the skin in order to loosen the fibres below the scars. It improves the appearance of skin. Botulinum toxin (Botox) injections help in minimizing acne scars but you will need to repeat the injections periodically without fail.

Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)

If you have had acne condition like blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, scars or painful pus filled lumps for a long time, you should consult a doctor and get yourself treated.

Who is not eligible for the treatment?

If your acne condition has just started, you may not need to get medical help. It can be solved by some home remedies.

Are there any side effects?

Acne scars treatments are not known to have many side effects.

What are the post-treatment guidelines?

You must ensure that your skin is clean all the time. Wash your face with a mild cleanser or face wash at least twice a day. Protect your skin from the ultra violet rays of the sun. Remember to use a good amount of sunscreen lotion before stepping out in the sun. Avoid constantly touching your problem areas. Do not let your skin remain sweaty for a long time. Have a bath after any strenuous physical activity.

How long does it take to recover?

Acne scars can reduce within 2-3 months if proper attention and care is given.

What is the price of the treatment in India?

Cost of one session of dermabrasion may be ₹1000 - ₹2500 depending on the area of skin covered. Punch excision and subsicion may cost between ₹15000 - ₹25000.

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

The results of the treatment are permanent but you might have to keep going for multiple sessions of the treatment you chose and take care of your skin throughout your life to retain the results.

What are the alternatives to the treatment?

Homemade face packs, regular washing of skin and consuming a healthy diet while staying away from alcohol and tobacco may help in reducing your scars. Acne scars can be a result of anxiety or depression. You can work on getting over these emotions by meditating in the peace of your home.

Key Highlights

Safety: Very High

Effectiveness: High

Timeliness: Low

Relative Risk: Very Low

Side Effects: Very Low

Time For Recovery: Very Low

Price Range: Rs 1,000 - Rs 25,000

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Homeopathy Doctor, Delhi
Hi, you can use retino but personally, I suggest you not to do try and error on your face. Go for proper consultation with dermat for your skin assesment and then used prescribed medicine & cream. Otherwise it will cause more problem to your skin.

Dr. I have oily acne prone skin. A dermatologist recommended me to use 2.5% benzoyl peroxide gel in the morning and tretinoin cream 0.025% in the evening salicylic & tea tree oil face wash. I am using those medications nearly 3 months. But still i'm getting breakouts. Can you suggest me a good medications for this. I want to get clear skin without any acne pls help me.

Dermatologist, Chennai
no.. treatment depends on the grade...Acne or pimples... Due to hormonal changes..Oily skin causes it...Common in adolescent age...May occur in adults also.. Food like Oily foods, ice cream, chocolate and sweets increase it.. Treatment depends on ...

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