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Super Foods That Fight PCOS

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I am Dr. Richa Garg, your own nutritionist and wellness consultant. Generally, we talk about, what not to eat during PCOS. Most common it is said to avoid refined food, fried and fatty, junk and fast food. But today my focus is to educate you about nutrients required to fight with PCOS naturally. So, lets learn about those 5 key nutrients which are essential to maintain in our body to fight with PCOS. The first and the most important nutrient is vitamin-D. Vitamin-D is a fat-soluble vitamin also called the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin-D is very important to maintain in our body. Deficiency of vitamin-D with PCOS is associated with obesity, insulin resistance, low HDL levels, high androgen and inflammation.

A woman with PCOS needs at least 2000-5000 international units of vitamin-D every day. Optimum levels of vitamin-D help in enhancing the ovulation. And improves in infertility. Vitamin-D also helps in reducing your androgen levels. It will also keep a check on CRP which is a marker of inflammation. So, along with your bones, vitamin-D maintain the hormonal balance in your body. To raise vitamin-D level in our body, we have various supplements available in the market with different strength and composition. You take help of your doctor or a dietitian to choose the right one for you. It is important to have sun rays for at least 15-20 mins during the day time. Dietary sources of the vitamin-D are eggs, fatty fish, cereals and juices, mushroom, milk and other dairy products and sea foods.

So, try to maintain optimum level of vitamin-D as a step towards PCOS free life. The second important nutrient is vitamin B12. It is a water-soluble vitamin. Vitamin-B12 is essential for certain neurological functions, red blood cell formation. It will also keep a check on your mood swings which are generally associated with PCOS. Women who are taking metformin are usually at the risk of vitamin-B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 is also important if you have hair fall and premature hair greying. It’s mainly sources are animal foods like eggs, chicken, milk and dairy products and sea foods. But walnuts are the plant source of vitamin B12. Include pre and probiotic food in your diet like idly, dosa, dhokla, sprouts, paneer, banana, honey. Vitamin B12 will also help you in clearing the brain fog which is generally associated with imbalance of hormones.

3rd important nutrient is chromium. It is important to fight with insulin resistance as it increases insulin sensitivity in our body. Hence, it is the good source of losing weight during PCOS. You can include food like green beans, lettuce, raw onions and tomatoes, oat bran and herbs like cinnamon and black pepper. 4th key nutrient is magnesium. Magnesium is important for glucose control. It is also important for glucose control. It is also important for insulin and blood pressure regulation. It also helps in maintaining the water balance in your body. Magnesium works to relax your blood vessels. And hence, it is important for migraine, headaches treatment associated with premenstrual symptoms.

You must have noticed, women strongly crave for chocolates before their periods. Coincidently chocolates are the highest source of magnesium. The other sources are spinach, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, figs, banana. Apart from the food sources magnesium can be absorbed through skin or magnesium oil can be applied over the skin. 5th key nutrient is zinc. Takin contraceptive pills for PCOS cure can make you zinc deficient. Optimum level of zinc is important for zinc resistance and for glucose control. Zinc is essential in the maturation of ovum. So, it helps in infertility also. A gross improvement can be seen in hirsutism. Zinc is also important for your acne and hair fall. So, it is important to fight with depression which is generally associated with PCOS. Most of the PCOS women are also suffering from hypothyroidism. So here to mention, zinc is also important for your thyroid functioning.

A zinc rich diet should include oysters, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds. Now we have learnt about 5 key nutrients for PCOS, but we have certain other foods also which are super food for PCOS. Article link has been given in the description box. I hope this video has guided you well to eat right in PCOS. And for your further queries and curiosities you can write to me in the comment box below. Thank you for your attention.

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