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Hirsutism Profile Test

Hirsutism Profile Test

Hirsutism is the presence of excess terminal hairs in women. This happens in a male-like pattern. Research says that hirsutism happens due to increase of activity of 5α-reductase in the hair follicles of women. Hirsutism Profile is an endocrinology lab test, which helps in the treatment of hirsutism in women. Around 50% of the women suffering from hirsutism have been found to have excess of androgen. The hyperandrogenism can stem from ovarian or adrenal reasons. In such cases, the blood test for hirsutism profile can prove to be beneficial. Testing of testosterone levels, dehydroepiandrosterone and dexamethasone is done as a part of the tests.

Not much preparation is required for the hirsutism profile blood test. Moreover, oral medication doesn’t require the patient to do any kind of prior preparation and makes the entire procedure quite easy. Visit a doctor and get the oral medicines right for you depending on your allergy to any kind of substance and current medical condition. There are therapies which are parenteral, but those are reserved for only those women who are suffering from severe hirsutism and who don’t respond to oral medication. Adrenal suppression is also tried, along with biological modifiers for some special cases of hirsute women.

The hirsutism profile is used to diagnose women who suffer from abnormal hair growth due to hyperactivity of androgen and other hormones. This treatment can help those women in suppressing the activity of the trouble-causing hormones. No change in menstrual periods, libido or energy levels have been observed, which makes this treatment useful for all kinds of patients. Diminished hair growth has been observed in patients, making this treatment a successful example of treating hirsutism in women. Shaving of hair and waxing are temporary solutions; the hirsutism profile can help in long-term treatment.

Treatment of hirsute women is possible through proper medication. Before starting medicine, women are generally advised to adopt a healthy lifestyle, comprising of good diet and exercise. Upper body obesity can lead to reduced sex hormone-binding globulin levels and enhanced free Tst levels in hirsute women and this can give an impetus to hirsutism. Oral contraceptives are also recommended to women, which help in reducing gonadotropin secretion, which further reduces androgen production. Androgen receptor blockers compete with DHT for binding to androgen receptor. Spironolactone and Cyproterone have been used as medicine since some time.

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