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Last Updated: Apr 10, 2023

How To Get Rid Of Hair Problems?

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Dr. Aarti KulkarniAyurvedic Doctor • 15 Years Exp.MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
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A woman’s hair is the first most noticeable part of her beauty. It enhances her personality. It is not only true for women but also for men. A bad hair is just a bad day and nowadays bad days are very common because of frequent hair problems.

Common hair problems:

While in modern life, for achieving their goals and position and even to compete for the basic needs people have to work more stressfully. Due to this, Dinacharya and Ritucharya have taken a back seat, moreover faulty dietary habits and faulty hair care methods with an unending race for chemical cosmetics from fashion industry, exposure to sunlight, water and air pollution etc. lead to greying of hair or fall down at a younger age.

Here are some probable causes:

  • Inheritance(heredity)

  • Stress

  • Hormonal imbalance

  • Excessive salty and spicy food

  • Lack of sleep

  • Lack of nutrition

  • Indigestion, stomach infection

  • Frequent different hairstyles

  • Over combing / overbrushing of hair

  • Improper usage of heated hair appliances

  • Constant coloring of hair

Nutrition and development of Hair

  • According to Ayurveda, from the ingested food, body forms assimilable nutrition fluid. Nutrition fluid gets divided into essential fluid and waste matter.
  • The waste matter is responsible for the formation of urine, hair, sweat etc.
  • The color of hair is based on one's prakriti (body constitution).
  • Vata prakriti: Dry and low-density hair
  • Pitta prakriti: Yellowish hair
  • Kapha Prakriti: Thick, black and curly hair.

Hair problems:

1. Excessive hair fall:

The vitiated vata dosha and pitta dosha having recourse to the root of hair make hair fall off while vitiated blood and kapha fill up the follicles and thus blocking fresh growth.

2. Premature greying:

Stress, anger, fatigue and sorrow increase agni which vitiates the pitta which having recourse to head make the hair prematurely grey.

3. Dandruff:

It is due to vitiated kapha and vata. They cause hairy parts of the body hard and dry and itchy. So, the skin or scalp gets cracked, hence lead to dandruff.

Ayurvedic Solution

Hair loss problem is of great concern. Various synthetic medicines are available for hair loss treatment which does not treat permanently and also have severe side effects. Turning to Ayurveda is the safer and better option in the long run. Herbal medicines, hair oils, lifestyle and diet regimens, Panchakarma procedures help to prevent premature greying, hair fall, dandruff and promotes hair growth. So, Ayurveda has the holistic approach towards the solution of hair problem.


  • Avoid packaged food including ready to eat food, tetra pack juices, biscuits, chips etc.

  • Avoid salty, spicy and stale food.

  • Eat fresh vegetables and fruits

  • Keep yourself hydrated.

  • Avoid incompatible diet e.g. milkshakes, fruit ice-creams, curd with fish, milk with food etc.

Lifestyle modification

  • Do exercise regularly

  • Avoid stress

  • Take proper sleep

  • Follow proper daily and seasonal regimens according to ayurveda

  • Avoid heavy hairstyles, use of chemicals on hair, frequent combing etc.

  • Wash hair twice a week.

  • Do not comb wet hair.

Internal medicines to be taken under proper guidance:

Jatamansi, Guduchi, Musta, Gokshur, Amalaki, Methi, Vidanga, nimba, Shatavari, Ashwagandha etc.

Ayurvedic Iron and calcium supplements.

Local treatments: 

  • Shiro-abhyang (head massage):

Massage with ayurvedic hair oils containing maka, neelibhringa, hibiscus, aloe vera, bala, malati, dhatura, gunja, black sesame, tiphala, sariva, yashtimadhu etc according to hair problems.

  • Lepa: 

Local application of some herbs like hibiscus, aloe gel, daruharidra, gunja powder etc. Lepa can be used for hair problems under proper guidance.

  • Hair Wash using shikekai, ritha etc.

  • Shiro basti:

Shirobasti means pooling the liquid medicines, especially herbal oils and or ghee in a chamber or compartment constructed over the head.

Shirodhara is continuous & gentle pouring of medicated oil, liquids or decoction on the forehead. Shirodhara immediately calms, relaxes and has a cleansing effect on mind and nerves.

  • Shiro pichu:

The Shiro Pichu Treatment involves keeping a gauze piece or cotton soaked in warm medicated, herbal oil over the affected area. 

  • Panchakarma

The procedure and the medicine for panchakarma can be used according to hair problems and their cause.

  1. Vaman: Induced vomiting in scientific method for removal of vitiated Kapha and pitta.

  2. Virechan: Induced loose motions in scientific method for removal of vitiated Pitta, Vata and Kapha.

  3. Basti: Removal of toxins by using medicated oil or herbal decoction enema.

  4. Nasya: Removal of toxins from head-neck region by nasal administration of medicated oil or powder. It also facilitates cleansing of sensory organs and endocrine glands.

  5. Raktamokshan: Removal of toxins through bloodletting. It is achieved by venesection or by application of leeches.

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