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Hair Loss Treatment - Procedure, Cost And Side Effects

What is the treatment?

Hair loss is a common condition that one in every three individual undergoes at some point of time in their lives. It is a condition where the hair follicles start to lose the strength of the hair and start to fall in a systematic way. Almost 60 % of the people in the age group of 50 can be affected by hair loss. The most common reason for hair loss is genetics, followed by health conditions that can contribute towards it. So it is often mandatory to determine the reason for the hair loss and go in for the appropriate treatment. Hair loss can start occurring even from your adolescent years and can gradually grow in your mid-twenties. As a result, you can experience complete baldness or severe loss of hair at a young age. Doctors usually take in the feedback from you regarding your family history and your health issues before arriving at the best treatment plan. There are many treatments available to address hair loss. The common ones are the intake of medications and drugs to promote hair growth. In cases where medications do not yield the desired result, a person can opt for advanced methods like hair weaving, hair bonding, wigs, etc. For a more permanent solution, hair transplantations can be done. These are all cosmetic surgical procedures, and it depends on how far you are willing to go to get back your lost hair.

How is the treatment done?

Hair loss solution can be addressed in multiple ways and before opting for any treatment do check with your doctor to determine the nature of your condition. Some medications and drugs boost the androgen levels to improve hair growth. For more severe cases you can opt for a wig but in today’s fashion world that would seem out of place. You can opt for hair weaving or hair bonding treatments where the synthetic hair strands or real hair strands are artificially glued to your scalp. Sometimes these can appear as a takeaway latex skin, and you can use it and comb it like how you use your natural hair. However, these can have its limitations. For more permanent results, go for hair transplantation. The treatment involves individually picking out your hair follicles from the denser region of your head and implanting them in the area where you experience hair loss. The hair follicles are taken individually or in some cases taken as an entire strip and surgically sewn into the bald spots. These surgical procedures are the most advanced forms of treatments available currently and are more permanent. The hair follicles once taken root can act as your own hair and depending on your maintenance can grow into stronger strands.

Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)

Most of the individuals can be eligible for the treatment. In case you are taking the medications and drugs do check with your physician before taking them. Since the hair transplantation is a surgical procedure, it might not be advised for people with high blood pressure and people with heart conditions. Any individual can have the wigs and hair weaving.

Who is not eligible for the treatment?

Taking pills for your hair growth is not safe during pregnancy and childbirth. Avoiding these medications during those periods would be safe. Also, heart patients and people with high blood pressure may not be a suitable candidate for hair transplantation. Before opting for any treatment, consult with your physician without fail.

Are there any side effects?

There can be some side effects felt if you are undertaking the hair regrowth pills as these focus on increasing the androgen levels of your body. In some cases, they are not safe for your reproductive organs, and you can choose alternate medicines. As far as hair transplantation goes, the skin can appear itchy and reddish after the procedure. The area where the procedure has been done can go numb, and these symptoms gradually fade away over a period. Always do take these treatments in reputed centers as they can have high safety standards.

What are the post-treatment guidelines?

After the hair transplantation, you might be asked to take rest for a couple of days. You might be required to wear a surgical hair cap over your head to prevent infections. Usually, the recovery period is very minimal, and you can get back to your normal activities within a few days. In the case of hair weaving, you might have to visit the centers occasionally to take care of the bonding or to change the style.

How long does it take to recover?

The recovery period is very minimal regarding hair transplantation. You can get back to your routine duties within a short period. You might be asked to visit a month for a checkup, and your hair regrowth can start after a period of six months. In case you are taking pills and tablets, there is no recovery time, and you can adhere to your regular work routine.

What is the price of the treatment in India?

The price of the treatment depends on the type of clinic you are undergoing the treatment. For hair transplantations, the average price starts from one lakh and can go up to 5 lakhs for the entire head. Hair weaving and hair bonding are relatively cheaper and start from 50,000 INR and can go upto 1 lakh for more advanced hair types. Once again – ensure that you undertake these treatments only in reputed clinics and centers.

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

This depends on the type of treatment that you opt for. Hair transplantation procedures can be permanent, and your hair can start to grow normally once the follicles set in. The other forms of treatment are less permanent and require constant visits the physician's place. In case you are taking medications and drugs, the results can be mixed, and it depends on how well your body corresponds to the drugs.

What are the alternatives to the treatment?

The alternatives to such hair loss treatments can be natural hair oils and ayurvedic products. These can be safe on your hair as they do not use any chemical based medications and does not involve surgery. You can also make some lifestyle changes and stick to strict diets that are high in proteins and nutrients needed for your hair.

Safety: Medium Effectiveness: High Timeliness: Medium Relative Risk: Medium Side Effects: Medium Recovery Time: Low Price Range: Appprox INR 50,000 - Rs. 1,00,000

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Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment For Hair Loss - Here's What To Know

MD - Dermatology, MBBS, DNB (Dermatology)
Dermatologist, Pune
Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment For Hair Loss - Here's What To Know

PRP is a latest, state of the art technology that employs non-surgical methods to stimulate hair growth in case of hair loss.

Advancements in research have enabled scientists to make new inroads in the field of wound and tissue healing. The result of these researches is PRP, which is a natural way to rejuvenate your scalp, skin and stimulate your hair growth.

How does PRP Work?

The presence of mesenchymal stem cells and autologous blood products in human blood contain specific growth factors that assist in tissue regeneration and healing. PRP has been used to heal skin and wounds for over two decades now. Apart from this, it finds use in oral surgery, cosmetic surgery and neurosurgery as well. It is also the promising treatment to promote hair growth.


  • It is a progressive healing treatment that doesn't require surgery.
  • Simple, rapid and highly effective system.
  • Autologous (from patient's own blood).
  • The system is biocompatible and xeno-free, so there shouldn't be any safety concerns.
  • An increase in the concentration of platelets can be observed.
  • It helps in the elimination of undesired erythrocytes, which significantly decrease the fibroblast proliferation.
  • Contains growth factors that help in the stimulation of growth of the hair follicles.
  • Can be performed preoperatively, intraoperatively, or post operatively.

PRP Facial (Vampire Facial)
The vampire facial involves topical application of the PRP combined with micro needling. The platelet-derived growth factors stimulate a healing response that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while improving the skin’s tone and texture. PRP naturally improves all aspects of skin health:

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves skin’s texture and tone
  • Naturally increases collagen production
  • Pore refinement
  • Creates a natural glow
  • Reduces acne scars

PRP Hair Restoration
PRP Hair Restoration is a non-surgical solution for hair loss in both men and women. Platelet Rich Plasma contains growth factors that naturally stimulate the development of new hair follicles while improving the health of existing hair follicles.

What to expect:
First, a blood sample is obtained and processed to extract the Platelet Rich Plasma. A topical anesthetic is applied to numb the area being treated. The PRP is then administered with a fine needle in a series of injections on the scalp.

Mild swelling and redness can be expected 1-2 days following the treatment. It is recommended to avoid vigorous activity until the swelling has subsided. There is no other downtime following the procedure. New hair growth can be seen as early as 2 months, but is typically evident between 5-8 months and will continue to improve up to a year after treatment.

Who should Not Have PRP treatment?

Those with heavy drug and smoking issue should avoid PRP. Also, those who drink a lot of alcohol should avoid PRP. Those suffering from platelets related ailments, sepsis, chronic liver disease, thrombocytopenia, hyperfibrinogenemia, systemic disorders and cancer should also stay away from PRP.


At length, PRP is a boon for all those who aren't fans of surgery or the ones who prefer a more aggressive but non-surgical approach for treatment to their ailments. The results might vary from patient to patient, but it is certainly one of the most promising technologies to stimulate hair growth and rejuvenate your skin, and the results are quite convincing. So decide wisely! In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Popular Questions & Answers

Hi, I am mother of two. Second delivered seven months back and since one month I am noticing in my face that near my forehead or from the head where hairs starts it looks like hairs r vanishing from front look only. Please suggest.

MCh - Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Bangalore
Hello. Yeah most of them suffer from similar complains. But many do more know that such kind of complains have many different treatments. It all depends upon the examination of the scalp, the kind of skin there, any dandruff, the density and condition of hair, any genetic condition, and the type of alopecia if it's there. The treatment will range from the simple oral supplements, topical serums, topical medications, shampoos and many more. It's best if you can consult for the same that'll help in diagnosing properly and guiding you through. U can consult me online as well.
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I have hairloss problem n I used finpecia n tugain 5 but it has danger side effects I want without side effects treatment.

MBBS, Diploma in Venerology & Dermatology (DVD)
Dermatologist, Delhi
Start by following a good diet - Eat adequate amount of protein. Your hair is made up mainly of proteins. Include skimmed milk, cottage cheese, lentils in diet. Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin B are other important nutrients for great hair health. So include lot of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your daily diet. Next important step is to follow good hair care - Oiling your hair with a mixture of oils like olive, sesame, coconut and castor oil keeps provides moisture to your hair and prevent them from drying and breakage. Once in a week apply a good hair mask. You can mix and prepare different types of masks using green tea, olive oil, milk, gooseberry, etc. You can also start with zinc and biotin supplements. Consult on private chat for further help.
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Sir mai 18 years ka Hun Mera Bal jhad rahe Hain koi upay bataiea aur ujla v horaha hai.

Homeopath, Hooghly
Change ur shampoo into a baby shampoo,,apply alovera gel extract,,apply hot oil massage with olive oil and coconut oil,,apply fenugreek paste,,apply hibiscus paste,,apply beetroot juice,,apply castor oil,,with this u need proper homoeopathic treatment

I have receding hairline with small hair follicles still present. If I stop using minoxidil in future will it revert back to present condition or will it worsen the situation more than the present as minoxidil is reversible.

BHMS, Diploma in Dermatology
Homeopath, Hyderabad
Massage your scalp with essential oils. Brush your hair every morning with a naturally bristled brush, for example with boar bristles, since brushing can stimulate your follicles.

Since last couple of years, I am observing perpetual reduction in hair density and my hair are becoming thinner day by day. Kindly help me by suggesting homeopathic remedies.

Diploma In Gastroenterology, Diploma In Dermatology, BHMS
Homeopath, Hyderabad
Egg mask. Eggs are rich in sulphur, phosphorous, selenium, iodine, zinc and protein, which together help promote hair growth. ... Licorice root. ... Coconut Milk. ... Green tea. ... Beetroot juice. ... Greek yoghurt and honey. ... Aloe Vera. ... Fenugreek seeds
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What is the treatment?
How is the treatment done?
Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)
Who is not eligible for the treatment?
Are there any side effects?
What are the post-treatment guidelines?
How long does it take to recover?
What is the price of the treatment in India?
Are the results of the treatment permanent?
What are the alternatives to the treatment?
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Find the right hair loss treatment for you!
Do you have bald spots or thinning hair? Check out the solution and treatment that can restore your hair and your confidence.

"Hi I am Dr Sandesh Gupta your skin specialist and hair treatment doctor. Aaj hum different hair transplant techniques k baare me discuss karenge.

Hair transplant ek aisi technique hai jis me sar k peeche ke part se hair follicles ko nikal ke unko collect karte hain aur sar ke us part main jahan par hair follicles damage ho chuki hai ya finish ho chuki hai wahan transplant kiya jata hai. Hair transplant Karne ki kafi sari techniques aaj kal hai jaise FUE technique, FUT technique, DHT technique. DHT technique. In sab techniques ko different doctors apne according in techniques ko use karte hain. FUE technique me hum Different hair follicles ko peeche se nikalte hain. Aur ek ek follicle ko drill machine ke sath nikala jata hai. Follicles ko nikal ke ek bowl me collect karte hain. Fir wahan se hum ek ek follicle ko jahan hair transplant karna hota hai transplant kiya jata hai. FUT technique main ek puri strip sir ke piche wale part se nikal jati hai. Skin ke us part ko baat mein suture kar diya jata hai. Aur ussi strip me se hum different hair follicles ko cutoff karte hain. Aur unko separate karke ek bowl me phir se collect karte hain. Aur baad main usko aage wale part mein Jaha par Humne transplant karna Hota Hai wahan par in hair follicles ko Lagaya jata hai. Third technique Hoti Hai direct hair transplant technique. Is Mein Hum Sath Sath hair follicles ko nikalte Hain Aur tabhi tabhi hum usko transplant kar dete Hain. Isme Beech Mein transition time nahi hota.

To yeh log kehaty hain k is me jo chances of Survival Jo Hote Hai Wo bad Jaate Hain. Lekin Har doctor Apne Apne according technique to use karte hai. Hair transplant ka procedure almost painless Hota Hai. Aur is me usually 6 to 7 hours ka time lagta hai. Patient is k bad happily apne ghar ja sakta hai. Rest karna Chahe to rest kar sakte hain. Otherwise kaam pr Jana Chahiye to very next day kaam par Ja sakte hain. Ab main baat Aati Hai Ke hair transplant karwane se pahle Hame kin kin Baaton Ka Dhyan humein Rakhna chahiye. Dekhiye aaj ki date mein Hair transplant sab log kar rahe hai, Bade hospital se leke chote Hospital Tak. Plastic surgeons bhi kar rahe hai, Surgeon bhi kar rahe hai, Dermatologist bhi kar rahe hai, MBBS doctors bhi kar rahe hai, non MBBS doctors bhi kar rahe hain, Technicians bhi even aur staff bhi kar rahe hai. Apne Apne center par independently hair transplant kar rahe hai. Lekin aapko hair transplant karne se pahle in sab Baaton Ka Dhyan Rakhna hai ke Kuch Main factors hai jo in outcomes pe depend karta hai Jin k ooper outcome depend karta hai. Hair transplant kahan karvana chahiye, center kaisa hai, kitna bada Centre hai. Dr. Kaun Hai karne wala, Phir patient ka selection, Selection of patient, Aur selection of centre.

Selection of patient Mein Kya Hai Ke Patient Jiska hair transplant karna hai Uska kaisa hai, uski severity kitni hai. Uska area kitna hai, Uski family history kaisi hai. Ya uska complex kaisa hai. Transplant karne ke baad doctor ko regular follow up Karega Bhi Ki nahi karega. Is baat ke upar outcome Kafi depend karta hai. Doosri Baat Aati Hai doctor ka. Doctor ki education kya hai. Dr ka experience kitna hai, Kitne cases Woh hair transplant Ki Ab Tak kar chuka hai. Teesri Baat sabse important Doctor ki approachability kya hai? Jab Do Se 4 saal ke baad apko Doctor ki jarurat padegi Toh kya aap doctor ko contact kar Payenge aur doctor apki approach Mein hoga ya nahi ho ga. Aaj ke time mein bahut saare centres bahar Se Doctors ko Bula kay Operation karwa Dete Hain aur uske baad Doctors Apni Jagah par patients of apni jagah par.

Uske baad patient doctor ko approach karne ki koshish karta hai to centre may doctor nahi Milte Hain. aur Jahan Par doctor ko dhund bhi le ga Wo bolega nahi nahi aapne toh Centre mein karaya tha Aapko us Centre mein baat karni padegi. To is Baat ke liye ye bahut Zaroori Hai K Jis Centre me aap karwa rahe hain Uske Do se Char saal ke baad doctor ki aap ki approachability kaisi hai. Third thing jo hai wo hai ki centre kaisa hai. Centre Ki Jo OT Hai apni usme Staff kaisa hai technician kaise hai Equipments kaise hain aur Aur kisi bhi condition Mein Hone Wali emergency Ko handle karne ke liye Emergency situation hai k nhe. Agar ap in SAB Baaton Ka Dhyan Me rakh Ke Phir hair transplant karwane ka decision Lete Hain. Toh isme outcome bahut accha hoga aur transparent karwane mein doctor ko bhi aur patient ko bhi jaldi nahi karni chahiye.

Pahale Soch Samajh Ke Saari Baaton ko Sare factors ko Dhyan Mein rakh ke tabhi ap hair transplant karway. Thik hai aur thank you. In case of any query any emergency you can contact me on the lybrate website. Thank you."
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Causes and Treatments for Pattern Hair Loss
Hi, this is Dr. Feroz Khan. I am a hair transplant surgeon specialized in F. U. E. procedure. Today I am going to speak about the Hair loss. Well there are different patterns of hair loss in both males and females and most common is the male pattern which I have usually seen in patients. People lose hairline with a gradient backward which is far less in the down area.

We do different treatments for this thing. The first one is medical and another is the maneuvering treatment. The maneuvering treatment includes Derma Roller Therapy 540, Titanium End Needle which we role onto the scalp and so on. The main intention is to create microscopic injury in the scalp so that the blood circulation is released in the scalp. This releases lot of blood along with oxygen so the dormant follicles will be stimulated. The other thing we use is low level end therapy to stimulate the scalp which is also called the Hair Glow Laser. So this is for both men and women. If somebody takes the maneuvering treatment, the hair will be stimulated to grow back again. You need several sittings for this thing, giving no side effects. Just, you have to sit for 20 minutes under the laser door. This laser door has 91 diode lasers and it is a purely professional one. It has no blue or green lights like others.

We have a special machine here in our clinic which is also a professional one refrigerated by cold. The reason for the professional use is that we have to have this machine because the platelets need cold temperature. If we use an ordinary machine then the platelets will die and there is no use of doing such a thing. It can be seen here that there is a port like a breather inside. For our interest we install this machine and that brings a 100% result because the viable growth factors enter into your system. The other thing is that we do Stem Cell Therapy also just to induce the stem cells to stimulate the dormant follicles and it will change into the halogen phase and in several sittings you see the result which is approximately 10 to 15 and finally if somebody needs a 100% result then we are specialized to do the F. U. E. implantation. This means Follicular Unit Extraction and Implantation. At first, we extract the follicles from the roller area of the scalp and implant it onto the recipient area.

We use specific punctures of different sizes and apply sterile ice to the roller area with a local anesthesia with a small injection. So the patient does not feel pain at all. After removing the follicle from the centre position, we go to the right side first. Periodically we change the needles for anesthesia and hence there are no side effects. The procedure is very cool and the patient is calm and awake all the time. Here, nobody is ill and they just come for a beautification. So in whatever we do including the time spent it won t be boring. You will enjoy doing it.

This is my hobby more than a profession and you can reach me through Lybrate.
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Hair Loss
Causes and treatment for Hair Loss
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Hair Loss

Mai hun Dr, Shaurya Rohatgi. Mai Mumbai mein practice karta hun aur main ek skin specialist hun. Mai baat karunga hairfall yani ki balon ke jhadne ki takleef ke baare mein. Balon ke jhadne ke bahut saare kaaran hote hain. Iska kaaran dhundna bahut zaroori hai kyunki bahut sare misconceptions aur andhvishwas hai hairfall se related jiske kaaran log iss vicious cycle mein pade rehte hain or internet pe ya phir newspaper se ya phir dosto se puch ke alag alag tarah ke treatment karte hain jinka koi upyog nahi hota hai. Sabse pehle pani mein badlav ya phir shehar mein badlav ka hairfall se koi lena dena nahi hota hai. Doosra sabse common misconception hai ki masturbation karne ki wajah se hairfall hota hai. Masturbation ka hairfall se koi bhi lena dena nahi hai. Teesra, shampoo aur hair oil ka hairfall se koi lena dena nahi hai. Shampoo ka kaam sirf scalp ko saaf karna ya clean karna aur usme se oil nikalna hai.

Oiling karna completely useless hai. Oiling ka koi bhi upyog nahi hota hai. Aam tor par purushon mein hairfall ka sabse common kaaran male pattern baldness yani ki Androgenic alopecia hota hai jise hum samanya rup mein taklapan kehte hain. Iska proper treatment kiya ja sakta hai aur baal wapas lae ja sakte hain. Mahilaon mein hair loss pattern baldness ke kaaran bhi ho sakta hai aur dusre kaaran bhi ho sakte hain. Hair loss ka treatment karne se pehle uska kaaran dhundna bahut zaroori hai. Kaaran yani ki diagnosis karne ke baad hi hum hairfall ka sahi treatment kar sakte hain. Internet pe padh ke ya phir dosto se pooch ke treatment na karein. Sahi treatment karna hi samajhdari hai.

Purushon or mahilaon mein pattern baldness ka naya treatment hai PRP jise hum platelet rich plasma therapy kehte hain. Is treatment mein hum patients se 10-15 ml blood nikalte hain. Usko centrifuge karte hain. Platelets concentrate karte hain jisko hum platelet rich plasma kehte hain. Isme koi foreign substance nahi milaya jata hai. Ye patient ka apna plasma hota hai jisko hum scalp mein inject karte hain. Isse density Kafi acchi increase hoti hai aur uske sath sath pattern baldness ka medical treatment bhi kiya jata hai jo ki bahut zaroori hai, Iske baare mein aur jankari ke liye aur hairfall ke treatment ke liye mujhe Lybrate par sampark karein.
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Hair Loss
Here are cause, symptoms, and treatment of Hair Loss

Good afternoon this is Dr. Vikas. Today we shall talk about hair loss. Hair loss or alopecia means loss of hair from the scalp.

The causes of it may be genetic maybe hormonal and other causes also may be present like autoimmune conditions as in Alopecia Areata. Infections may be fungal, micronutrient deficiencies hormonal imbalances like in hypothyroidism PCOD which is polycystic ovarian diseases and pregnancies so prior to going for any treatment for hair loss its very essential to go for a proper physician who shall find an accurate cause of the ongoing hair loss in the patient and address it accordingly in the past decade.

It has been seen that the advent of her losses seen starting from an age of 22 to 23 from nowadays which may also include a lot of ecological factors or environmental factors caused by the patients also like hair straightening or chemical usages or excessive use of gels, dyes including TDS of water female hair loss and male hair loss need to be treated separately and as a different field of science we need to also see micronutrient deficiencies and do certain blood test as in the case of serum ferritin, serum vitamin B12. We need comparative cinnamon be to where we need to see the cholesterol levels the sugar levels and we also need to the sugar levels and we also need to find out by the examination of the scalp through clinical examination and videoscopy to rule out any causes of cicatricle or scarring alopecia which needs to be treated differently altogether not every hair loss patient is a candidate for hair transplant we need to set him in a grade of hair loss whether he is facing just hair thinning or a balding patch a hair thinning patient may be treated accordingly with medications or certain adjuvant therapies like platelet rich plasma therapy Austin single-factor therapy and whereas if the patient has a balding patch then we need to take a call on whether to implant hair when to implant hair what is it age whether he is the right candidate for hair transplant and which technique of hair transports the two being follicular hair transplant and follicular unit extraction.

So all-in-all in a nutshell first identifying the cause of the hair loss the cause of the hair loss we need to separate it whether androgenetic or etiological in the sense of infections hormonal misbalances micronutrient deficiencies and then take a call whether to go for medical therapy or surgical therapy after this call is made then the patient should be sitting in front of the physician and taking call when and how all these steps should be followed even in the case of surgical intervention like hair transplant the postoperative medication therapy and supportive therapies like platelet rich plasma is mandatory for not only the rise in the growth of the follicles but also the controlling of the ongoing hair loss of normal hair.

A proper valuation of donor area of also must along with seeing the pattern of hair loss in the precursor which may be the parent or a grandparent both paternal and maternal of the child reason being that it s a dominant condition either from paternal side, father side, maternal side, mother side. If anyone gene is expressed within three generations it may lead to an expression of alopecia in you so identification is must the pattern of the precursors that also especially in the donor area to determine whether the which is the permanent zone non-permanent zone for the extraction of the follicle is a must redefine of causes, treatments and surgical intervention along with the patient proper discussion and then taking the decision for either medical therapy or surgery after doing proper blood test. Fitness is mandatory.

In case if you need to follow me up and take my advice on your hair loss concerns or any balding concerns you can contact me on Lybrate.
Having issues? Consult a doctor for medical advice