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Health Benefits of Mint And Its Side Effects

Last Updated: Aug 06, 2020

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Mint, scientifically known as mentha, is a highly aromatic and freshening herb widely used for culinary purposes and in creams, toothpastes, chewing gums, breath fresheners, candies and as a combo with chocolate in cookies and cakes. Mint is a common cultivational occurrence most of which near water bodies and grows all through the year. It also is widely used in cosmetic products, in aromatherapy and in naturally made insecticides.


In Greek mythology, mint has been termed as the herb of hospitality and rightly so. In its early days of discovery, mint was used as a room freshener only until later when the numerous other benefits it could provide came to light. Commonly known as pudina in India, mint is widely used in Middle Eastern, Indian, British and American cuisines in the form of tea, beverage, candies, jellies, syrup, ice cream, etc.

Nutritional Value of Mint Leaves

Mint leaves contain the highest amount of antioxidants than any other existing herb. The essential oils that mint is composed of contain phenolic acids, phytosteron, saponins, triterpines, flanovoid, carotenoids, anthocyanins, etc. For over 2000 years, mint oil has been widely used by ancient homo-sapiens for a variety of purposes. The Mint oil is now widely used in the preparation of confectionaries, liquor, perfumes and for treatment of a variety of conditions.

Nutritional facts Per 2 Tbsp

0.3 g
Total Fat
0.48 g
Total Carbohydrate
0.12 g

Health Benefits of Mint

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Mentioned below are the best health benefits of Mint. Mint can be used in different ways, you can use mint oil, mint leaves. You can also use mint with different other fruit items and healthy drinks easily.

Treats asthma

Mint leaves possesses relaxant properties and is considered to be extremely useful for asthma patients as it relieves congestion in the nasal pipe. However, the quantity and frequency of mint usage needs to be kept in check as excess use might lead to irritation in the nose and stomach.

Mint leaves for digestion

Mint possesses soothing and cleanses porperties. It prevents inflammation in the stomach, cleanses the palates and promotes the process of digestion. This happens as a result of the salivary glands being activated on consumption of mint leaves water that enable the digestive enzymes to be produced in adequate quantities.

Mint for respiratory system

Mint has been in the form of tea or chewed raw used for clearing congestion in the throat, nose, bronchi and lungs. Mint helps in soothing and cooling the nose, throat and the respiratory channels and preventing a prolong disorder that usually starts with asthma or common cold. Mint is an effective natural cure for the said condition a d is thus widely used in the preparation of balms and ointments.

Mint for losing weight

Mint consumption ensures that you lose the extra weight in a healthy manner. Mint enables the release of digestive enzymes that further on consume the fat content of the body in order to produce energy. This ensures that instead of the fat getting accumulated in the body, it used in fact to produce more energy.

You can consume mint weight loss drinks and smoothie to maintain your body weight in refreshing manner.

Mint leaves for skin allergy

The essential oils present in the composition of mint are widely known to resist the release of certain chemicals in the body that lead to seasonal allergies and hay fever, also called rhinitis. Mint is best to be consumed fresh in its raw form or in the form of mint tea to keep away from allergies.

Benefits of mint for liver

Mint is known to effectively boot the performance of the liver. Owing to the presence of nutritional essential oils and properties such as relaxing and soothing, mint is a highly beneficial herb to enhance the liver strength.

Mint for oral health care

Mint is a popular breath freshener and is equipped with germicidal tendencies. It prevents bacterial growth in the mouth in addition to ensuring a clean tongue and gums. Mint is thus, a very popular ingredient used in the preparation of toothpastes, mouthwash and chewing mints.

Mint leaves for memory loss

People who are regular consumers of mint are known to be highly cognitive and mentally alert. Mint is widely known to be an effective stimulate that promotes long term memory retention and a pronounced alertness.

Mint skin benefits

Mint leaves possesses antipruritic and antiseptic properties and ensures that the skin is thoroughly cleansed. It helps prevent and cure skin infections, itchiness and reduces acne apart from rendering a fresh glow and smooth skin. It treats and eliminates scars caused due to bites of insects like mosquitoes, honeybees, wasps, gnats and hornets. It subsides inflammation and is thus a common ingredient used in drug-repellant ointments.

For Skin benefits, you can consume mint tea and even apply mint oil on your skin. Mint leaves also used for glowing skin.

Mint leaves for depression

Mint is a highly aromatic natural stimulant that creates a boost of energy in the body. It can be applied in the form of oil or inhaled in the form of vapor to relieve depression and exhaustion. It freshens the mind, energizing it and enhancing the mood and the exhaustive body functions.

Mints Aids in breastfeeding

Mint ensures riddance from cracked nipples and irritable bowl syndrome. Applying mint oil on the breast of breastfeeding mothers aids in a steady flow without causing any harm to the sensitive skin and eliminating nipple pain.

Mint helps in cancer prevention

Research has suggested that certain active enzymes present in mint are equipped with the ability to prevent and cure cancer.

Uses of Mint

Besides being extensively used in beverage, balms, ointments, inhalers, toothpastes, etc it finds a prominent place in culinary uses. Owing to it being a coolant and having soothing effects, it is also used to pacify inflammation, burns and wounds.


Side-Effects & Allergies of Mint

In individuals with a gall stone disorder history, mint should be consumed only after careful consultation with a trained medical practitioner. Same goes for pregnant ladies as it has rarely been seen to trigger a miscarriage. Excess dosage of mint is advised against as large quantity of menthol consumption is neither healthy nor advisable.

Cultivation of Mint

Mint grows all over the year all around the world. Mint growth is triggered initially with a seed but a small shrub is potent enough to keep expanding in an unbelievable size. Mint ideally requires cool, moist places under a shade for quick growth however, it is capable of growing in mildly sunny temperatures as well.


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