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Acute Pain: Treatment, Procedure, Cost and Side Effects

What is the treatment?

The pain experienced by a person if he/she has broken a bone in his/her body, or has suffered a burn or a cut is the classic example of acute pain. A person also experiences acute pain after giving birth or surgery and this sensation is usually sudden and sharp. Acute pain may also be mild and last for a few moments. On the other hand, it can also be very severe and last for months on end. It is the pain that is related to damage of soft tissues such as a paper cut or a sprained ankle. Generally, acute pain does not last long and gradually dissipates as and when the injured tissue gets healed.

An effective pain management plan is necessary to deal with acute pain. It is very difficult to understand the pain that is troubling another person. A self-assessment of pain includes the sensory, psychological, emotional and cultural components of pain experience of the patient. Several factors like location and quality of pain, aggravating and alleviating conditions, duration and timing and others need to be considered while devising a plan to counter acute pain.

The various means which can be used to reduce/treat acute pain are: bodily movement, physical and occupational therapy, massage therapy, counseling, relaxation as well as complimentary treatments like acupuncture, spinal manipulation and biofeedback. Other treatments like spinal cord stimulation and TENS are also helpful.

How is the treatment done?

Contrary to popular belief, a person suffering from acute pain should continue his/her physical activities instead of just laying low and taking rest. This will make him/her stronger and also will help to reduce pain. Physical therapy involves acting on those muscles from where the pain is emanating. A person will understand which muscles he/she needs to strengthen or stretch to recover from the injury. A doctor may advice occupational therapy which means that a person is taught to do specific tasks but without suffering so much pain. Reaching out to a counselor for advice and support can be beneficial if the pain is too much to handle.

Massage therapy helps to ease pressure in the muscles and therefore bring about a temporary feeling of ease. It is to be kept in mind, however, that this method is not a real cure for acute pain. Meditation and deep breathing are two techniques that can provide relief from acute pain.

Furthermore, acute pain can be dealt with the help of pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic measures. The best way to treat acute pain is with a multimodal approach by combining medicines with non-pharmacologic steps. In the multimodal analgesia or ‘balanced analgesia’ method of treatment, a person is given 2 or more analgesic agents. Every agent has a different function and acts at a different site in the nervous system. This method is the most effective in treating pain.

Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)

Pain is itself a symptom that occurs mainly due to damage of bodily tissues. However, some of the symptoms that are associated with pain and might help someone to understand whether or not he/she is eligible for treatment are: depression, flu-like symptoms, loss of appetite, numbness, muscle spasms, inability to concentrate, sleep disturbances and unexpected weight loss. When a person experiences acute pain together with some other symptoms, it may be indicative of a life-threatening ailment. A person should consult a doctor before undergoing any treatment. A doctor will take the final call on whether a person is eligible for treatment or not.

Who is not eligible for the treatment?

Pain can be experienced due to a variety of causes. A person can wrongly diagnose any pain arising out of any serious complication to be acute pain. Some serious diseases which are commonly undiagnosed can be nerve diseases like diabetic neuropathy, peripheral neuropathy and chronic disorders like fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraine and chronic pain syndromes. Thus it is of paramount importance to visit a doctor and get the proper diagnosis. People suffering from serious diseases and experiencing pain due to that are not eligible for the treatment.

Are there any side effects?

some of the side-effects of acupuncture for acute pain relief are: fatigue, soreness, muscle twitching, lightheadedness, emotional release and bruising. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs help to reduce pain. But some of the side-effects of using these drugs are indigestion and other gut problems, headches, dizziness and drowsiness. Use of NSAIDs can affect kidneys, liver, heart and blood circulation and can also cause fluid retention. Furthermore, some of the side-effects of analgesics are constipation, drowsiness, skin rashes, dry mouth, upset stomach and ringing in the ears.

What are the post-treatment guidelines?

Using analgesics to relieve pain for a long period of time can cause you to get addicted to the drug. When a person is on analgesics, he/she should avoid performing tasks that require a lot of awareness like driving a car. When a person is on analgesics, he/she should not consume alcohol. An acupuncture session makes you feel relaxed and so a person should not go for any intense workout session afterards. There are some changes in body energy and a doctor normally advises people to bring some changes in their diet and also to exercise.

How long does it take to recover?

Acute pain is generally sharp and sudden pain that generally occurs due to damage to some body tissues. Acute pain may disappear within a few moments or it can last for a few weeks as well. Acute pain due to muscle spasms generally takes a longer period to get resolved. Pain in the lower back caused due to strain or soft-tissue damage takes about 3-6 weeks to get resolved. Pain in other areas may also last longer.

What is the price of the treatment in India?

The cost of an acupuncture session normally varies between Rs 800 and Rs 1000 in India. Some government hospitals, however, provide acupuncture therapy for as low as Rs 20 per session to the poor. NSAIDs generally cost between Rs 600 –RSs 700. Analgesic medications are available for as low as Rs 75 per 10 tablets to as high as more than Rs 1000 for 10 tablets.

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

Analgesics, acupuncture and massage therapy helps to deal with acute pain. But acute pain is a sharp and sudden sensation that may occur due to a number of various reasons. A person undergoing a surgery will experience acute pain even if he had had medication and had undergone treatment for it before. An accidental cut on your body or a broken bone can also herald the onset of acute pain. Thus this sensation is never permanently cured.

What are the alternatives to the treatment?

There are some herbal remedies that can help a person to deal with acute pain. Capsaicin, which is derived from chilli peppers, can be topically applied to get relief from pain. Ginger extracts help to deal with joint and muscle pain due to the presence of phytochemicals. Turmeric is useful for reducing inflammation and thus helps to deal with acute pain.

Safety: Medium Effectiveness: High Timeliness: Medium Relative Risk: Low Side Effects: Low Time For Recovery: Medium Price Range: Rs 20- Rs 1000

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All About Acute Vaginitis!

MD - Bio-Chemistry, MF Homeo (London), DHMS (Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery), BHMS
Homeopath, Kolkata

Acute vaginitis: Vaginitis is an inflammation of vagina.

Causes: Imbalance of normal vagina. Any infections. Low estrogen level mostly after menopause. And some diseases of skin. Parasites. Transmission by sexual intercourse.


  • Bacterial vaginosis – due to imbalance of normal vagina.
  • Yeast infection – fungal infection mostly candida albicans.
  • Trichomoniasis – caused by parasites and transmitted by sexual intercourse.

Signs and symptoms: 

  • Vaginal itching and irritation.
  • Pain during sexual intercourse and painful urination.
  • Discharge from vagina – grayish white which is foul smell discharge in bacterial vaginosis; whitish thick discharge resembles like cotton in yeast infection; greenish yellow frothy discharge in trichomoniasis vaginitis.
  • Vaginal bleeding – lightly or spotted like appearance.

Homoeopathic remedies for acute vaginitis:

  • Hydrastis:

Vaginitis is due to erosion of cervix or excoriation. Vaginal mucous membrane was sensitive and inflammed can’t bear to touch. Leucorrhoea will be acrid and corroding after menses and infection spread upwards and causes pelvic inflammatory diseases. Pain will be dragging and dull leads to stiffness around lumbar region. Pain was very severe that she cannot getup from sitting position without support of her hands. Pruritus vulva is associated with acute vaginitis. Thick and yellowish ropy secretions.

  • Modalities:


  1. Aggravation by heat in general, warmth application, heat on bed, thinking of the complaints.
  2. Amelioration by cold application.
  • Apis mellifica:

Vagina appears oedematous and puffy with vulva, labia with stinging type of pains with soreness. Sensation of tightness and bearing down pain as would menses appears. Pain worse on day time and by heat.

  • Modalities:
  1. Aggravation by hot things, touch, clothings.
  2. Amelioration by cold application, open air.
  • Cantharis:

Vaginitis due to urinary tract infection. Complaints of burning micturition. Persistent purulent discharge at times of blood stained per vagina. Pain and soreness in vulva.

  • Modalities:
  1. Aggravation by touch, while urinatin.
  2. Amelioration by rubbing the parts.


  • Senecio aureus:

Mostly indicated for acute vaginitis with burning and intense like labour pain. Vagina is dry and hot. Dragging pain and itching makes her embarrassed. Vaginitis after using intra uterine contractive device’s, functional amenorrhea in young girls, secondary infection due to urinary tract infection. Associates with backache. Pain spreads all over the abdomen.

  • Modalities:
  1. Aggravation by warmth in general, touch.
  2. Amelioration by washing parts by cold water, rest.


  • Kreosotum:

Corrosive itching in vulval area. Burning and swelling of labia. Violent itching in between labia and thighs. Leucorrhoea due to infections, which is yellow, acrid with odour of green corn. Vaginitis in post menopausal ladies due to hormonal imbalance and vaginal prolapse.

  • Modalities:


  1. Aggravation by cold in general, after menstruation, rest.
  2. Amelioration by warm application, motion.


  • Thuja:

Very sensitive vagina, their is a warty growths and condylomata, on the vulva and perineum. Their is a history of suppressed gonorrhea. Leucorrhoea is profuse which is thick and greenish. Dryness of the walls of vagina with polypoid growth. Intensive pain after gentle touch and while walking. Painful coition.


  1. Aggravation by damp wet weather, in the evening, washing.
  2. Amelioration by hard pressure, warmth, cold bathing, after sleep.

Acute Back Pain: What Should You Know About It?

MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics
Orthopedist, Delhi
Acute Back Pain: What Should You Know About It?

Lower back pain is a very common issue and can take place due to numerous reasons. However, one of its main causes is a ligament strain or back muscle strain. Microscopic tear or excessive stretching of ligaments can take place due to lifting very heavy objects, doing enormously strenuous task or due to a sudden twisted movement. These conditions are most likely to be experienced by individuals ranging between the ages of 30 and 60. Other causes of lower back pain include back injury, arthritis of back bone joints, infections in the lower back area, and in very rare cases, tumours. 

In case of acute back pain, these are a few important things that should be definitely kept in mind. 

  1. It is absolutely essential to take rest for a couple of days and avoid any sort of stressful activity. Although back pain is self-limiting, if you take proper care, it can be cured in a few days. However, if proper rest is not taken, the situation may become worse. 
  2. Using the belt, also known as lumbo sacral corset, is a good idea. This can actually be of enormous help to individuals who have been suffering from lower back pain for a long period of time. 
  3. As already mentioned, one of the main causes of these kinds of mishaps is sudden jerky movements, twisted movements, heavy weight lifting etc. So, it is necessary to avoid such circumstances, or else, an acute back pain situation may arise due to slipping of one of the discs from the spinal cord. As much as you like long drives and bike rides, these are a strict no. Any prolonged sitting or standing activity needs to be avoided. It is important that the tear caused in the muscles due to what-so-ever reason heals properly and prolonged stay in a tensed muscle position would definitely not help the cause. 
  4. Although these back pains can be handled at home by following the discussed steps, using simple analgesics or muscle relaxants prescribed by the doctor can be a way to speed up the process of recovering the strained ligament. 

Apart from these important steps, regular exercise to strengthen the core body muscles is a great way to avoid such ligament strains in the future. However, if you feel that even after following the precautionary measures, your problem doesn’t subside, visit an experienced doctor for his advice. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Tips for Acute Low Back Pain

MPT - Orthopedic Physiotherapy, Fellowship In Orthopaedic Rehabilitation (FOR) Advanced Diploma in Nutrition & Diet
Physiotherapist, Kolkata
Tips for Acute Low Back Pain

Tips for Acute Low Back Pain :

1). Icing immediately.

2). Do not bed bound yourself

3). Drink plenty of water

4). Keep moving as per your comfort level and painfree range of motion which you need to figure it out.

5). Lastly but most importantly , the best Doctor to heal you here is a skilled Orthopedic Physiotherapist.

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Don't Ignore the Acute Abdominal Pain

MD - Internal Medicine, MBBS
General Physician, Gurgaon
Don't Ignore the Acute Abdominal Pain

Everyone can suffer from pain in the stomach, at one time or the other and we usually ignore it. But when the pain is sudden and severe abdominal pain then it is termed as acute pain and this should not be ignored.

Often the following can be expected with acute pain:

  1. Acute abdomen pain is usually synonymous with rapid onset of the symptoms which might indicate life threatening intra-abdominal pathology.
  2. Pain is just a feature and not necessary that it is present at all times. An acute abdomen which is pain free usually occurs in children and women who are in their third trimester of pregnancy.
  3. The differential diagnosis is difficult and wide especially in primary care. This is because the different organs within their peritoneal cavity might have different areas of referred pains.
  4. Abdominal pain usually happens to be in the top three symptoms when patients present their state in the emergency and accident departments. But only few of these have acute abdominal pain.
  5. Management of the abdominal pain should be the primary focus and an assessment should be done to reach the differential diagnosis so that care can be given accordingly.
  6. The clinical evaluation regarding abdomen pain can change quickly. Any diagnosis which had been made can change and both doctor and patient should not be hesitant and seek other treatment.

Conditions which might cause acute abdomen pain are:

  1. Meckel's diverticulitis or Acute appendicitis
  2. Acute cholecystitis
  3. Ectopic pregnancy
  4. Acute pancreatitis.
  5. Peptic ulcer disease
  6. Diverticulitis.
  7. Intestinal obstruction, including paralytic ileus (adynamic obstruction)
  8. Pelvic inflammatory disease.
  9. Gastrointestinal (GI) haemorrhage
  10. Gastroenteritis.
  11. Acute intestinal ischaemia/infarction or vasculitis.
  12. Acute urinary retention
  13. Renal colic or renal tract pain
  14. Testicular torsion
  15. Abdominal aortic aneurysm
  16. Non surgical diseases like pericarditis, sickle cell crisis, acute intermittent porphyria, HIV-associated lymphadenopathy, bowel disease, typhoid, opiate withdrawal, enteritis, pneumonia, myocardial infarction and hepatitis.
  17. Rare causes might include thromboemboli, phytobezoar, and phytobezoar

Diagnosis of abdominal pains:

  1. Patients can be ordered to get their blood tests done. Also if need be then imaging can also be referred to them.
  2. Following tests can be done to rule out the condition causing the abdominal pain:
  3. Blood Tests: these include FBC, LFTs, glucose, amylase, clotting, calcium and arterial blood gas for pancreatitis
  4. Crossmatch or group and save
  5. Pregnancy test in women of childbearing age
  6. Blood cultures
  7. Peritoneal lavage in case of an abdominal trauma
  8. Urine analysis
  9. X ray of the abdomen, ultrasound, CT scan
  10. ECG and cardiac enzymes
  11. Laparoscopy should be a routine procedure
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How To Handle Acute Menstrual Cramps

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
How To Handle Acute Menstrual Cramps

Experiencing menstrual cramps for a few days every month is quite common for every woman. These cramps are commonly accompanied with pain. Menstrual cramps are referred to as dysmenorrhea. This is not a very serious health condition, but still the cramps can cause you pain and distress. You can manage the pain caused by menstrual cramps by making some simple changes and starting some practices. They are as follows:

  1. Dietary Changes: You have to make several dietary modifications to manage menstrual cramps. Reduce fat from your daily diet and consume more vegetables. A low-fat diet helps in reducing the levels of inflammation in your body. These changes will successfully help you to reduce the severity of menstrual cramps. You have to adopt a well-balanced diet.

  2. Medicines: Several painkillers which fall under the non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory groups are prescribed to relieve pain caused by the cramps. These medicines lower the production of prostaglandin that causes menstrual cramps. Inflammation and pain are relieved.

  3. Consume Green Tea: There are certain green teas, which relieve menstrual cramps. Herbal tea has been used since medieval ages for this purpose. Cramp bark is an effective tea used for this reason. Peppermint oil tea is also considered good.

  4. Fish Oil Supplements and Vitamin B1: Fish oil supplements and vitamin B1 help in naturally treating menstrual cramps. You will get quick and long-lasting relief by consuming these.

  5. Acupuncture: Acupuncture can be utilised to treat menstrual cramps. The nervous system gets relaxed, which increases the flow of blood to the internal body organs. Acupuncture assures effective pain relief.

  6. Massage Therapy: You can undergo massage therapy using certain essential oils. This provides great pain relief and is beneficial for menstrual cramps.

  7. Heating Pads: Heating pads provide efficient relief to menstrual cramps. Topically applied heat is also considered to be effective and pain relief is obtained in a short period of time.

  8. Boosting Endorphins: A boost in the endorphins improves your mood and gives relief from menstrual cramps. Endorphins are released when you work out or have an orgasm. Aerobic exercises and stretching techniques should be carried out regularly.

  9. Boosting Magnesium: Boosting the amount of magnesium in your diet helps in relieving pain from menstrual cramps. You can consume food items rich in magnesium or magnesium supplements.

Menstrual cramps usually do not require hospitalisation and you can self-treat it using simple remedies. However, if the pain experienced due to cramps is very severe and does not go away, you must consult a doctor.

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Hi, I have done sphincterotomy fissure in ano approximately 1 month still now having the problem as before LIS. Why still feeling like ie, pain, burning sensation.

General Surgeon, Jaipur
It's probably d/t wound of surgery after complete healing you will get relief till then you should take hot sitz bath.
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What is the treatment?
How is the treatment done?
Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)
Who is not eligible for the treatment?
Are there any side effects?
What are the post-treatment guidelines?
How long does it take to recover?
What is the price of the treatment in India?
Are the results of the treatment permanent?
What are the alternatives to the treatment?
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Acute Heart Attack
Ways to manage Acute heart attack!

I m Dr. Viveka Kumar, Senior Director at Cath Lab Hospital in New Delhi, Saket. In this world now, the Indian population is suffering from epidemic, which is acute heart attack, or cardiovascular disease. It has become the number 1 killer for the younger generation that is the most productive age group of patients which is in the age group of 25 to 50 years of age. The treatment can be done only when the awareness is good, if the patients understand their disease, they get early warning signal.

The key to the treatment of this disease is early, i.e, diagnosis. So the moment if somebody gets chest pain associated with sweating with pain lasting for 15 minutes or more than that, then this is the situation where they should get alerted, get an ECG done, get the cardiac markers done and if the ECG changes are there, they must see a cardiologist, and get primary angioplasty or thrombolysis therapy in early hours are equally good. And early treatment is the most going to be more cheaper option, more effective option. And this is also a lifestyle disorder.

For prevention of that we need to have healthy lifestyle, we should stop smoking, we should have a good blood pressure control, diabetes control and cholesterol control has to be very meticulous, and then only this disease can be conquered.

If you want to reach to me, you can reach to me through Lybrate, or you can look at my website Thank you.
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Acute Kidney (Renal) Failure
Good morning!

I m Dr. Sunil Prakash. I m director and head of nephrology of renal transplant services at BLK super specialty hospital, New Delhi.

Today I would like to share with you some newer things that are happening on nephrology. You all know that if somebody has a kidney failure they will eventually land up on dialysis. Dialysis is of 2 types: peritoneal dialysis which is done at home by person themselves or your relatives. It is also called colo-colic or water dialysis. Another is blood dialysis. This can also be done at home which is called home hemodialysis and there are simple machines which are available and there are people who can be trained who can come at home and do dialysis for such patients. Or these patients come to hospitals or dialysis centers for regular dialysis. Dialysis is normally give it to 2-3 times a week. Itis certainly a cumbersome procedure and it is also costing money. But at the end of the day the decision is either dialysis or death. So if somebody reaches the end stage kidney disease then he/she will require dialysis. The other option is to go for kidney transplant. The biggest problem of kidney transplant is how to get donors? How to get kidneys? Now friends everybody has 2kidneys. And if somebody is healthy and he doesn t have diabetes, blood pressure or stone in the kidney and he is leading a good healthy life then by doing some test it can be found that person may be able to live on one kidney. So if we are certain that a donor if he can give one kidney to its relative to make him rehabilitate then he can live on one kidney and the recipient or the patient who gets the kidney will live on another kidney. This is called life-related donor program. This is a legal program. Now what is not legal? What is totally illegal is when somebody tries to buy kidneys for poor people by force or money or greed or whatever. This is illegal act and it is punishable by law. Another thing in transplant which we must encourage and our country is lacking very badly is deceased donor transplant. What is deceased donor transplant? It means unfortunately if somebody gets an accident. Young person leaves his house on bike or going for a job or something meets with the accident sometimes if the brain is irreversibly damaged but the organs like heart kidney and liver are functioning well these are called brain death patients. They are basically cadavers. Cadavers means death although technically, legally they are living at that point of time because there heart is beating but if somebody s brain is death then that person ceases to be that person. And certainly within a day the all organs will also stop functioning because their master is gone the command center is gone. And all the organs of the body requires impulses from brain to survive. So now in such a situation a person s heart is beating but it is certain to die in next 6-8-10 or maximum24 hours. So in this interim the organs of the patients are taken out and give it to people who are waiting on the organ list to be able to get these organs and get rehabilitated. In Spain the rate of donation is 50/million. In India it is 0.5/million. So we can very well imagine that how much organ shortage we are having and Indians or top of it have more proclivity of having kidney diseases and end stage kidney stages. So we badly needs these kidneys. So I request to all my listeners that let us join hands, let us do more social work, advertise and tell people that unfortunately if somebody has got brain damage then he/she is about to die then they must pledge their organs to people who are waiting below. Nothing can be better than this act of altruism and donation. Friends let us not take our organs to heaven because heaven knows that we need these organs here. Thank you for your time. I m available at BLK super specialty hospital. For any issues, consulting dialysis refers to blood pressure and transplantation center.

Thank you! Again.
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Acute Renal Failure
Hello, I am Sandeep Behura. I have done DM from BHU. I am a consultant Nephrologists in Delhi and I am practising in Noida also. Today I am going to talk about Acute Renal Failure which is a common problem.

Acute Renal Failure is characterized by the failure of the normal function of a kidney which occurs over a short period of time. Medically speaking, there is an accumulation of Nitrogen as a waste product in the body with fatuation of electrolyte imbalance associated with retention of fluid in the body which occurs over the period of hours to days.

The aetiology of Acute Renal Failure is varied. However, it is classified into 3;

Prerenal ARF, which constitutes majority 55% of the cases.
Entrance adrenal ARF, which contributes to about 45% adrenal failure.
And 5% of the causes are Postrenal ARF
Coming to the Prerenal ARF, most of the causes are following;

Massive dead loss, like following traffic accidents or a major surgery.
Following fluid loss like following diarrhoea, vomiting, patients having diabetes, patients with the cardiac problem may have Acute Renal Failure.
Intense Renal ARF is 2 types. These can be ischemic in nature or toxic in nature.
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Musculoskeletal Pain
Main DR Anuradha Sharma, "At my Physiotherapy laser clinic" se aaj bones, muscle, nerves injury pe baat kar rahe hai. Generally, humne dekha hai ki kuch reasons ki wajahs e in saari cheezo me injuries paayi jati hai. Jese Neurological disoders hote hai, spinal injury, gym, daily activities, sports etc. humare in parts ko injured karte hai. To aaj hum in injuries ko heal karne ke treatments ke baare me baat karenge.

Jo major cases hai jese ki chronic and acute injuries, Acute injury jaldio heal hojati hai jabki chronic injuries ko heal hone me time lagta hai.

Physiotherapy me bohot sare treatments hai. JO chrnic injury heal nahi hopaati hai jese ki muscular pain, wo log ek baarlaser treatmentko zarur try kare kyuki usse bohot help milti hai. Aur daily activities me bhi improvement hota hai.

Ap mujhe Lybrate ke through contact kar sakte hai physiotherapy ke liye. Aur aap treatment ke baad nromal life jee sakte hai,day to day activity enjoy kar sakte hai.
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Know More About Neck Pain
Hello, I am Dr Rajesh Pal. I am a physiotherapist and I have 17 years of clinical experience. I have been graduated from Utkal University and I have masters degree in Orthopaedics and physiotherapy. Today we are going to talk about very common problem which people are facing because of technology which is Neck pain.

India is a youth population and youth is technologically driven. So, they use more of laptops, spending more time on phones. So, because of the neck postures get affected and the muscles which control the posture of neck are under tremendous stress and gradually they develop some or other kind of problem which result into Neck pain. Today, I am going to give some tips that how to prevent all such problems.

There are different causes of Neck pain:-

Posture- One has to beware of their posture. If you keep your neck bent for a long time, then the neck muscles are in acute pressure that creates some kind of knots in that muscle which is called trigger point. So, here is my trick to prevent this that whenever you use your phone, keep the phone in eye level in order to keep your neck in neutral position. This will reduce the stress of trapezius muscle.
The second commonest cause is stress. We should adapt some technologies and modicfication in our lifestyle to take care of the stress. Under stress, these postural muscle remain in tightened state for a long period of time and that eventually leads to these kind of problems. Try to relax yourself. Go with the time and nature and keep yourself happy. One should not worry about what is happening and what should be the best way because nothing best is available in this world. Go with what is happening.
The third factor which contribute to these kind of problem is Sleep. Nowadays the sleeping schedule has changd because of work. In some MNCs, there is a culture in which people have to work in the night and sleep during the day. The sleeping pattern has changed and it is causing such kind of problems. So, try to maintain good sleep. Fix a time of sleeping. Keep the environment of the room in such a manner to induce better and relaxing sleep.
The another important factor is diet. The food we eat, plays an important role. Having a packed or preserved food can lead to muscle injury. This kind of food contains some chemicals which induce such problems. Avoid having these packed food and start having home made fresh food which is more healthy.
The last thing I want ot share is that spending more time on computer is harmful. Gadgets emit radiations which absorb water from our muscles. AS we know that our body is made up of 80% of the water. If the water quantity get reduced then the muscle problems starts developing. So, keep yourself hydrated. Make sure that you drink one glass of water in every 2 hours.
Do stretching exercises of neck muscles and shoulders.
If you indulge in such habits, you can easily prevent these problems.

If you want to contact me, I am available on Lybrate and book an appointment there for consulting me.

Thank you for watching this video.
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