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Dr. Suchindra Sachdeva's Clinic, Delhi

Dr. Suchindra Sachdeva's Clinic

  4.4  (18 ratings)

Homeopath Clinic

50/2, Masih Garh, Near Escort-Fortis Heart Institute, Sukhdev Vihar Delhi
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Dr. Suchindra Sachdeva's Clinic   4.4  (18 ratings) Homeopath Clinic 50/2, Masih Garh, Near Escort-Fortis Heart Institute, Sukhdev Vihar Delhi
1 Doctor · ₹1200 · 7 Reviews
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As a Doctor,the moment a patient walks into my clinic my job starts to make him free of any kind of medicine as a support and eventually getting him rid off of the Homeopathic treatment a......more
As a Doctor,the moment a patient walks into my clinic my job starts to make him free of any kind of medicine as a support and eventually getting him rid off of the Homeopathic treatment as well.
More about Dr. Suchindra Sachdeva's Clinic
Dr. Suchindra Sachdeva's Clinic is known for housing experienced Homeopaths. Dr. Suchindra Sachdeva, a well-reputed Homeopath, practices in Delhi. Visit this medical health centre for Homeopaths recommended by 49 patients.


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50/2, Masih Garh, Near Escort-Fortis Heart Institute, Sukhdev Vihar
Sukhdev Vihar Delhi, Delhi - 110025
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How Homeopathy helps treat Gallbladder stones?

How Homeopathy helps treat Gallbladder stones?

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How Homeopathy helps manage Bronchial asthma?

How Homeopathy helps manage Bronchial asthma?

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Know More About Gallbladder Stones

Homeopath, Delhi
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How Homeopathy helps treat Gallbladder stones?

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Renal Stones - Are You Aware Of These Facts?

Homeopath, Delhi
Renal Stones - Are You Aware Of These Facts?

Many theories and as many reasons are given, but in most of the cases, cause of stone formation in the kidneys is not clear. Biochemical dysfunction seems to be the only possible explanation. Stones generally develop very slowly. Tendency to stone formation may be hereditary. Stones may vary in size from sand particles to large stone. 

Urinary stones may be present for many years and may give rise to no symptoms. When a stone obstructs the urinary passage, mild pain to severe renal colic occurs. There may be restlessness, sweating, pallor, vomiting, frequent urination, blood in urine etc during pain. Attack of pain may last few hours to few days, varying in severity time to time. In many cases, urinary infection is a common occurrence.


  1. Homeopathic treatment plan comprises of : 
    • Ultrasonography at regular interval of three to four months to monitor (a) the size of the stone and (b) Movement of the stone along the urinary passage. 
    • Kidney function tests should be done to evaluate the function of kidneys. 
    • Urine examination may be helpful to treat the accompanying urinary infections. 
    • Parathyroid hormone essay and serum calcium level should be considered if the stone formation is recurrent. 
  2. It is a well-known fact that some stones can pass naturally. But often they may cause severe pain and at times obstruction. But with homeopathic treatment, even moderate sized stone can pass absolutely painlessly. 
  3. Though the use of painkillers and antispasmodics can relieve the pain and spasm, but in the process can actually hamper or suspend the onward and outward movement of the stone. With homeopathic treatment, body's natural reactions are stimulated that helps throw out the stone without much discomfort. 
  4. At times, it is seen that with homeopathic treatment stones gradually dissolve into sand particle s and get eliminated from the urinary system without being aware of it. This can be monitored by subsequent Ultrasonograms watching the gradual reduction in the size of the stones. 
  5. As stone formation is just a bye-product of body's biochemical dysfunction at deeper levels, only removal of the stone by natural or surgical means is not enough. Homeopathic treatment not only removes the stone, but can also modify the tendency to form stones by improving body's natural balance in general, and biochemical dysfunction in particular. 
  6. In bilateral, multiple and recurrent stones, constitutional homeopathic treatment is far-more superior than surgery or any other therapy as it has the potential to help the body, not only throw the stone out but also improve the biochemical dysfunction to check the recurrence of stone formation. 
  7. Surgery can be helpful only when the size of the stone is very large and causing damage to kidney by back- pressure. Even then, homeopathic treatment is of significant importance to improve the basic biochemical defects. 
  8. Constitutional Homeopathic treatment can also help avert the complication of surgery. 
  9. With constitutional homeopathic treatment, accompanying urinary infections are also relieved. 
  10. AND, the added advantage is that with constitutional homeopathic treatment, general health also improves.

Dietary Restrictions: 

  1. Large number of dietary "take and avoid" is known to the masses, but their role is doubtful. With good constitutional homeopathic treatment and proper monitoring by ultrasography, dietary restrictions are not mandatory. 
  2. Increased amounts of fluid intake are advisable.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Homeopathic Treatment For Hair Fall!

Homeopath, Delhi
Homeopathic Treatment For Hair Fall!

Hair loss, as the name itself implies, refers to the loss of hair from scalp / head; another term used to describe this is alopecia. It is a broad term that also includes thinning of hair. While genetics plays a vital role in this condition that afflicts both men and women, there are several other factors that are involved in bringing on this problem in people. In order to understand the reasons for hair fall better, it is essential that you learn about the various growth stages of hair.

The hair growth cycle consists of three phases:

  1. The first phase is the anagen phase, which is an active phase in which the hair grows. This phase lasts for around 2-7 yrs.
  2. The second phase is the catagen phase. The catagen phase immediately follows the anagen phase and lasts for around 10- 14 days during which the hair stops getting blood supply and becomes dead.
  3. The third and the last phase is telogen phase, which is a resting phase. In this phase, the dead hair falls out and the hair follicles remain in rest or inactive stage for about 2-3 months.

After completion of last stage, the entire cycle is repeated. Each single hair undergoes these three phases of growth independent of the other hair on the scalp. Normally, at a given point of time about 90% of hair is in the anagen phase and only 10% is in the telogen phase. When this ratio is altered, it leads to increased rate of hair loss. Hair loss can occur at any age, and can be prevalent in both males and females. Hair loss in itself is not a disease, but a sign that often indicates various other diseases. Hair loss occurs as a result of various diseases or factors and in different patterns.

The various causes / factors leading to hair loss include:
Skin diseases affecting the scalp like fungal infection of scalp known as tinea capitis, seborrhoea (dandruff), eczema of scalp, or lichen planus.

  1. Genetic factors
  2. Hormonal changes including those that occur after childbirth and during menopause
  3. Nutritional deficiencies due to a diet that lacks iron (leading to anemia), and also lack of protein intake
  4. Recovery from acute fever like typhoid and erysipelas leads to diffuse hair loss
  5. Drug use like the ones that are used in treating high blood pressure, joint pains, cancer, or depression. Anagen effluvium refers to the condition of hair loss due to chemotherapy in a cancer patient
  6. Physical trauma / injury to head
  7. Emotional trauma like constant stress or grief due to loss of a family member / close friend
  8. General diseases like diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis, Hypothyroidism, or AIDS
  9. Auto-immune related hair loss in which the hair cells are mistaken for a foreign body and are destroyed by the immune cells of the body
  10. Hairstyles like tight braids or ponytails where the hair is tightly pulled backwards leading to traction alopecia; indiscriminate use of hair colors and hair straighteners
  11. Trichotillomania, which is a mental disorder in which the affected person voluntarily pulls out his / her scalp hair

Homeopathy for hair growth
Although hair loss is not a life threatening condition, but it can be a source of constant stress and worry in the people affected by it. A person suffering from hair loss possesses lower self esteem and self confidence level, and also feels embarrassed when in company of other people. Homeopathy can very efficiently deal with cases of hair loss, and produce excellent results. In Homeopathy, a huge number of wonderful medicines are present that are used to tackle hair loss cases. 

Every kind of hair loss (ranging from hair loss due to anemia / nutritional deficiencies, due to skin disorders, due to mental / physical trauma, due to childbirth or menopause, after acute diseases, to alopecia areata, alopecia totalis or androgenetic alopecia) can be treated with the help of well selected homeopathic medicines. To treat hair loss through homeopathy, detail case history of the patient needs to be studied. The cause and site of hair loss are to be noted down along with the constitutional symptoms of the patient which are given prime importance in any kind of case of hair loss.

The constitutional symptoms include the eating habits, level of thirst, thermals, mental symptom etc. and these are to be given top position in forming the totality of symptoms while case taking. After the case has been properly evaluated, the case homeopathic medicine is administered to the patient. 

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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FAQs - Homeopathic Healing!

Homeopath, Delhi
FAQs - Homeopathic Healing!

This is my humble attempt to answer the questions and accusations hurled at Homeopaths time and again. Here we go to begin with PART - I... 

Q. 1. Does HOMEOPATHY act slowly? 
ANS.1 The notion "Homoeopathy acts slowly?" or " HOMEOPATHY takes long time to show results." is baseless. In acute illnesses if remedy is selected accurately, its effect is almost magical. In chronic illnesses, time taken is relative to the duration of illness. 

Q. 2. Why a detailed history is needed for homeopathic treatment? 
ANS.2. Long interviews/Detailed history have their use, as HOMEOPATHY wants to go into your deep study, by considering your immediate sufferings, your past illnesses, your hereditary tendencies and family history, your emotional status as a whole - during illness and otherwise, your liking and disliking in food, drink, temperature, weather etc and many more things to select an appropriate remedy to stimulate your immune system as a whole to make you disease- free totally. 

Q. 3. I am not having any specific disease. Can I take homeopathic treatment for increasing my immunity level? 
ANS.3. Buddy, if you are healthy why do you want medication. BUT, I understand the bottomline of your question and it is the human nature to improve upon the existing condition. If we can demarcate any such parameter by which it can be substantiated that your immunity level has increased, YES, homoeopathy has the potential to do so. 

Q. 4. My disease is not yet diagnosed. Can homeopathy help me? 
Homoeopathic treatment is based on symptom similarity and is not fully dependent on diagnosis. It can possibly cure you of the impending disease, which is yet to be fully developed by building the immunity as a whole i.e. nipping the evil in the bud. 

Q. 5. Is homeopathy a placebo treatment? 
Use it and see for yourself. 

Q. 6. How much time one should give for treatment of chronic and long-standing problems? 
There is no THUMB RULE to know the duration of treatment required. A minimum period of three to six month is generally enough to feel the perceptible difference though the complete restoration may depend on many diverse factors like chronicity of complaints, multiplicity of complaints, severity of complaints, recurrence of complaints, past history, family history, age and individual's response to the treatment, continued physical, mental and psychological stresses etc. 

Q. 7. I am scared to take homeopathic treatment as I have heard it aggravates the existing conditions initially. Is it really so? 
ANS.7. First of all it is not mandatory to have homeopathic aggravation in all the patients. It depends on the sensitivity of the patients. Even if it happens, it is generally of a very transitory nature and is a good omen to mark the beginning of the improvement 

Q. 8. What do you mean by holistic medicine ? Is homeopathy a holistic system of medicine? 
ANS. 8.
The term 'Holistic' was coined by General Smuts, putting forward the theory of Holism - the fundamental principle of the universe is the creation of wholes i.e. complete and self contained systems from atom and the cell by evolution of the most complex forms of life and mind. The system of treatment that takes into consideration the mind-body entity as a whole, can be put under the Holistic Medicine. As HOMEOPATHY goes into your deep study, by considering your immediate sufferings, your past illnesses, your hereditary tendencies and family history, your emotional status as a whole - during illness and otherwise, your liking and disliking in food, drink, temperature, weather etc. and many more things to select an appropriate remedy to stimulate your immune system as a whole to make you disease- free totally, in a HOLISTIC WAY. 

ANS. 9. Homeopathy treats " MAN IN DISEASE NOT DISEASES IN MAN". As HOMEOPATHY goes into your deep study, by considering your immediate sufferings, your past illnesses, your hereditary tendencies and family history, your emotional status as a whole - during illness and otherwise, your reactions and behavior while under stress your liking and disliking in food, drink, temperature, weather etc. and many more things which comprise the constitution of the individual to select an appropriate remedy to stimulate immune system as a whole. 

Q. 10. When homeopathy is based on symptoms matching, then, what is the need of Lab-investigations? (Like blood test, x-ray, ultrasound , CT scan, MRI etc ) 
ANS. 10. Lab investigations are needed initially for disease diagnosis to understand the gravity of the illness to know prognosis of the illness to know the course of the illness to evaluate the correctness of the treatment by retesting when clinical relief is already there. 

Q. 11. Do homeopathic medicines contain steroids? 
ANS. 11.
Medicines can be checked at any reputed laboratory to rule out the possibility.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Understanding Homeostasis In Health And Disease!

Homeopath, Delhi
Understanding Homeostasis In Health And Disease!

Before going in for details of health, disease and cure, few points are to be understood in proper perspective as we are dealing with the living system. Every living system is comprised of one or more units - called the cell. Every cell contains the living substance. The essence of the living substance is that it differs chemically from the surrounding medium and yet maintains a DYNAMIC EQUILIBRIUM (HOMEOSTASIS) with its environment. 

Homeostasis occurs in all living cells and in the fluids and organ systems of the multicellular organisms. Referring to mammals, the 19th-century French physiologist Claude Bernard coined the expression "constancy of the internal environment is the condition of life. The American physiologist WB Cannon, who first used the word "HOMEOSTASIS" referred to " the system of checks and balances which maintain internal constancy as the wisdom of the body." 

Homeostasis In Health 

Living systems may regulate its internal constancy despite an altered environment. And such regulation is achieved by hierarchies of controls, checks & balances, alternate mechanisms, negative and positive feedbacks etc as environmental stress is applied. 

Health Is Ease Maintained
In other words, when homeostasis is maintained at its optimal best i.e. integral harmonious performance of the vital functions tend to the preservation and normal development of the organism and there are no abnormal sensations and functions, it is termed health. 

World Health Organisation Defines Health as "HEALTH is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." 

Homeostasis In Disease 
The living system may alter a given property with reference to the environment; the property conforms to the medium and homeostasis consists in cellular adjustments, such that metabolism continues in the altered state. So disease is an altered state of homeostasis and is attended by abnormal sensations and functions in the form of signs and symptoms. 

Disease Is Ease Disturbed i.e. DIS – EASE On one extreme, even a single named disease may vary in degree of intensity, frequency and pathology according to a relative abnormality of homeostasis; while on other extreme a single individual can suffer from many diseases also. "So health and disease are interconvertible and are two faces of the same coin." 

Homeostasis In Cure 
The cure is reversal of the altered state of the homeostasis to its normal pattern. It is not mere mitigating the signs and symptoms but to reach the optimal best state of homoeostasis i.e. health. As march from health to disease is relative, the restoration of disease to health also occurs in percentages or degrees. Health Is Ease Restored!

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Know More About Bronchial Asthma

Homeopath, Delhi
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How Homeopathy helps manage Bronchial asthma?

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What You Need To Know About Homeopathic Treatment?

Homeopath, Delhi
What You Need To Know About Homeopathic Treatment?

Myth: Homeopathy is slow acting.

Fact: Its one of the biggest myth about Homeopathy. Incidently Homeopathy has gained whatever popularity it has gained by showing its efficacy in acute infections.History bears testimony to this, the epidemics of Influenza, plague, Dengue, cholera where Homeopathy has proven its efficacy beyond any doubt.

And interestingly in condtions which are considered incurable under other pathies if Homeopathy is able to cure those conditions then the statement Homeopathy acts slow holds no ground because in comparison to which pathy when others are unable to. The chronic and old diseases  such as psoriasis take a long time to treat hence homeopathy has been labeled as slow acting. One may say that homeopathy may be slower than the effect of pain-killers, anti-inflammatory medicines and steroids. One must know that homeopathy is faster in the treatment of conditions such as allergy, asthma, eczema, migraine, arthritis.

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Facts About Urticaria

Homeopath, Delhi
Facts About Urticaria

Urticaria is an extremely common condition known by the names like nettle rash, hives, wheals etc. It is the most common allergic disorder. Patients react to certain foods, drugs and conditions in an abnormal way.

Urticarial lesions are itchy, red and raised areas of variable sizes, that often arise suddenly and last for few hours. Lesions may appear recurrently for years. In some patients, pressure can cause urticarial lesions. Writing on the skin with a blunt pointing thing can raise the skin within a few minutes in such a way that it can be read- it is called dermatographism. Foods like fish, prawn, crabs etc, drugs like aspirin, penicillin, opioid etc, certain insect bites etc. are known to cause urticaria. 

Emotional factors can also precipitate urticaria. Urticaria can be: 

  1. Acute- lasting for a while to few days, in response to some food, drug etc 
  2. Chronic - recurrent attacks of severe urticaria, disabling the patient. Cause is generally unknown. Emotional factors may play a role. 

Homeopathic Approach 

Constitutional homeopathic treatment aims at relieving the problem in totality, especially where disease has been troubling for a very long time. As the treatment continues: 

  • Frequency 
  • Intensity and 
  • Duration of the episodes start declining and patient starts experiencing more freedom from disease. 

Moreover, patient is able to tolerate food and conditions that use to aggravate him. And the added advantage is that general health also improves. If you wish to discuss any specific problem, you can consult a homeopath.

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Causes Behind Migraine

Homeopath, Delhi

A migraine is a headache that causes a distinct pulsating pain, usually in one side of the head. It is different from normal headaches in the sense that the pain is much more intense and it may be accompanied by nausea or vomiting as well. Some patients have also complained about light sensitivity while others have also complained about pain in all areas of the head.

Some of the factors that separate a migraine from a normal headache are as follows:
While a headache may last at best a day, migraines may last longer, sometimes even up to 3 days.

  1. Feelings of nausea or actual vomiting
  2. Sensitivity to light
  3. Extreme sensitivity to changes in sound

Causes behind migraine
Some of the common and known causes, which may trigger migraines in people are:

  1. Hormonal changes in the body that may have adverse effects
  2. Dehydration is also known to trigger migraines
  3. Patients with hypoglycemia may also face migraines if the blood sugar level drops within their body
  4. 4 Change in air pressure due to change in altitude may also cause migraines to appear
  5. Lack of sleep
  6. Stress
  7. Lifestyle issues such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

Homeopathic Approach

The role of Homeopathy is to break the recurrence of the headaches and cure them completely.

For which we need to understand what allopathic pain killers do and what constitutional Homeopathic treatment do

With Constitutional Homeopathic Treatment  the frequency, intensity and duration of migraine attacks goes down and the things which generally are able to precipitate migraine , if are not able to, then only it can be claimed to be cured.

The role of pain killers and antacids are basically to tide over the acute phase or provide comfort for the time being.

That is why the coming together of Allopathy, to control acute attack and Homeopathy, to cure it completely, will prove to be a new form of synthesis which will be a  boon for the society.

Acne - Did You Know These Facts

Homeopath, Delhi
Acne - Did You Know These Facts

Sonia (name changed) suffered from acne vulgaris for last 2 years, making her miserable, as visits to college were quiet embarrassing. She has become depressed and irritable listening to the advises of friends and relatives. She has stopped going to parties and other social gatherings. She has tried many treatments, used lotions, astringents, but to no avail. It has been estimated that 70% of the population have some clinically evident acne at some stage during adolescence.

Hormonal changes at puberty seem to trigger the condition. Hormonal imbalance causes abnormal quality and quantity of sebum. Increased sebum secretion and formation of horny plugs (comedones) are the earliest abnormalities. Increased sebum secretion makes the skin greasy (seborrhoea). Blackheads and whiteheads (comedones) usually accompany the greasiness. Comedones are horny plugs composed of follicular debris and compacted sebum. There is no truth to the myth that comedone represent a tiny worm. Visible comedone can be expressed out by pressure on surrounding tissue, but they form again within a few days. Inflamed reddened papules develop from blocked follicles. Sometimes they develop pus-containing vesicles at their top (pustules). In some cases, papule becomes quite large and very unsightly and is called nodule. When these nodules eventually subside, they leave a fibrotic scar, which may turn hypertrophic (keloidal acne).

The face - particularly the skin of cheeks, lower jaw, chin, nose and forehead, front side of chest, shoulders and upper back are the commonly affected sites. The condition varies in severity and intensity among individuals. For most, disorder is annoying and troublesome but may be limited in extent and may last for few months. For few, it may be a disaster as it disfigures them and wave after wave of new lesions is quiet disheartening. In some women, premenstrual flare is noticeable. Use of cosmetics can also precipitate acne formation. Constipation and food aggravations may accompany acne.

Homeopathic Approach

Patients contact homeopath in two distinct patterns:

  1. When the problem has just started - and underlying hormonal imbalance and associated conditions appear to be minimal, homeopathic treatment relieves the condition in a short span. 
  2. When the problem has lasted for quite some time, many treatments-local applications have failed, patient has become depressed, hormonal imbalance and other associated problems like constipation etc are also there, prolonged homeopathic treatment is needed to gradually set right the imbalance. As the treatment progresses, size, number and frequency of new lesions decline and other associated conditions improve. Food aggravations should also diminish. 
  3. Use of cosmetics and other local applications should be avoided. If the face is excessively greasy, washing the face with a simple soap twice or thrice a day is enough. 
  4. Try not to express out lesions as this may lead to pitting marks. Though total removal of pitting marks is impossible, but it has been seen that proper homeopathic treatment may help diminish the pitting marks. Patience and perseverance pays. 
  5. A close photograph of the lesions at an interval of 3 to 4 months may prove helpful to make a thorough comparison of the improvements.
  6. The added advantage is - overall increase in immunity. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a homeopath.
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