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Last Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Know More About Gallbladder Stones

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Dr. Suchindra SachdevaHomeopathy Doctor • 36 Years Exp.BHMS

Good morning friend, my name is Dr Suchindra Sachdeva. I am a homoeopathy consultant, I working with Times of India Group as a consultant homoeopath. And today we would be discussing Gallbladder stones. The first question which is where we people ask about gallbladder stone whether it can be cured with the help of homoeopathic medicines or surgeries the only option. So, I go to highlight is that you know gallbladder stones can be cured with the help of homoeopathy treatment and to understand that how it forms and how homoeopathy works will there do the details of how the gallbladder stones are formed. There are primarily two kinds of gallbladder stones, cholesterol stones and bilirubin stone and bile is formed in the liver and it gets stored in the gallbladder. It gets stone in the gallbladder in a static concentrated form which is released into the cut when we eat some fatty foods or fats, fried stuff which helps in breaking down the fat, that's a normal working of the gallbladder. Sometimes because of some reasons the chemical composition of bile gets altered or the concentration mechanism of bile gets over concentrated that is where the solidification of the bile takes the form of stones. Which can be you know single to multiple and number of stones can be there. Allopathically we don't have any treatment for this I think and homoeopathically it can be cured allopathic can offer only surgery, surgery is the only option with the allopathy treatment. To identify there are certain symptoms by which and there are certain investigations by which we come to know that gallbladder stone is there. Symptoms are recurrent epigastric pain or right upper abdominal pain which is a severe pain and symptoms of indigestion like acidity, flatulence, loose stools at that time to know all these are the symptoms of gallbladder stones. It gets confirmed there is no blood test for that it gets confirmed with the help of ultrasound, where we can identify that their gallbladder stones are carry on. With the help of homoeopathy treatment, we expect one the recurrence of these abdominal colic gradually- gradually goes down to the symptoms related to this flatulence, acidity, indigestion will become better and third most important thing is that ultrasonically there should be signs of dissolution with the stones. Important thing is that you know when we take the ultrasound, first ultrasound we make sure that the number of the stones or the size of the stones or how much gallbladder is filled with the stone is ascertained. So that we can draw all the comparison down the line in this subsequent ultrasound you know. Which gives us an indication that gallbladder stones are dissolving, which gives an encouragement to the patient as well as to us also. Ideally, we should go for homoeopathy treatment, if it doesn't work then we can think about the surgery, surgery should be kept as a last option and yes there is a possibility of cure with homoeopathy for gallbladder stones and before going in for surgery at least we can try this out you know. Thank you for your can always reaches me at Thank you very much.


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