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Ravi Eye Foundation

Ravi Eye Foundation

Ophthalmologist Clinic

B-8, Ganesh Nagar-Tilak Nagar, Metro Pillar No. 543, Janakpuri
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Our medical care facility offers treatments from the best doctors in the field of Ophthalmologist . We like to think that we are an extraordinary practice that is all about you - your more

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LASIK Refractive Surgery Or Spectacle Removal Surgery
LASIK Refractive Surgery Or Spectacle Removal Surgery

Hi! I am Dr. Ravi Thadani, Ophthalmologist. Today I will talk about LASIK Refractive Surgery Or Spectacle Removal Surgery. This is most common in young people. It is the most common procedure in spectacles removal. There are many myths about lasik. The most common question of the patient is when should you go for this surgery? The ideal age for this surgery is after 18-19 years of age. Because by the time your number will be stabilized. This procedure cannot be done for every patient. We need to do the various test for selecting the patient for this surgery. The expectation of this surgery is to get rid of glasses. Even after the surgery, few patients still require the glasses. What are the post operative precautions? You require good rest for yourself and for your eyes.

We should avoid the usage of mobile and computer after surgery for one week and avoid water for at least 10 days. Some patients ask whether the number will come back or not. So, in 95% of cases, it will not happen. But it still can happen with ladies that your old eyes number can come back. If you are suffering from any disease, then there are chances that again you need to use your specs. It is a very safe procedure and needs a proper selection of the patient. it has fewer complications which are negligible. If you have any queries, consult me through Thank You.

Know More About Cataract
Know More About Cataract

Hi friends, I am doctor Ravi Shankar Thandani from V.I. Foundation.Today, we will be discussing some points regarding the cataract. Cataract is a very common problem in India and it is one of the very common causes of reversible blindness in our country and there are millions of cases pending of cataract surgery. The main causes of cataract seem to be demographic which is very common in India and in tropical countries and some systemic diseases like diabetes, smoking, malnutrition and some deficiencies and some other systemic diseases may cause cataract in many patients. Sometimes it can be seen in very young newborn patients which are called congenital cataract. There are different types of the cataract which are seen in many patients, main common types of the cataracts are the nuclear type of the cataract and cortical type of the cataract. Which can cause symptoms of the cataract mostly is blurring of the vision frequent change of the glasses and sometimes coloured hazels are seen at the night types when the patient is moving out or driving mainly now it is cataract is really a very safe and sort of OPD procedure walk in and walk out type and the latest procedure for the cataract is called Phaco, in which we just use a very small dick and go through a needle inside the eye and remove the cataract with very high power ultrasonic sound waves and then we plant the lens through the same pro inside the eye and even beyond the latest technique of cataract removal has been introduced which is called flags in which we use femtosecond laser to fragment the cataract cells. And then we remove through the same seco machine, the outcome of the cataract surgery is very good, success rate is very-very high more than 99.9% cases are doing good and rate of complication is very low, rate of infection has been lowered with the help of latest medication, latest sterilisation techniques and latest antibiotics. So nowadays cataract is very safe and comfortable surgery.

If there are any queries regarding the cataract and cataract surgery you can contact me through Lybrate or you can contact me at my clinic. Thank you very much.

Vision Loss in Glaucoma
Vision Loss in Glaucoma

Symptoms, types and treatment of Glaucoma

Hi guys! I am Dr. Ravi Thadani from Ravi eye Foundation. Today we are talking about a condition called Glaucoma. Glaucoma in Hindi is known as kala motia, kala pani and some parts of India it is known as savarbai. This is one of the most common cause for irreversible vision loss in India. There are various types of Glaucomas. What is exactly Glaucoma. It is a condition in which normally the pressure of the eye is raised because of some blockage, outflow of aqueous humor which is normally produced inside the eye continuously.

There are various types of glaucoma, the most common is chronic type of glaucoma. In this chronic type of glaucoma there is gradual and slow increase in the pressure of the eye which causes a little and gradual damage. I am showing you the illustration (displays the illustration) of this condition. This is the angle of the eye where there are drainage tubes which takes out the fluid which is being produced inside the eye. There is some sort of blockage here because of one or some other reason or narrow angle so the fluid is not being drained out and thus it keeps on collecting inside the eye, this is causing increased intra-ocular pressure in the eye. This gradual increase in pressure of the eye causes continuous pressure in the nerve of the eye, which causes damage to the nerves and the retina. Because it is a slow process most of the times there are no symptoms, but few symptoms some people can notice many a times.

This is most commonly seen in people of 40 to 50 years of age and are ‘colored halos’, sometimes they may complain of chronic and frequent headaches and frequent change in the power of the glasses. There are few types of glaucoma which are not very common like Acute Glaucoma, Conginetal Glaucoma, Secondary, Traumatic. The incidence of this condition is more commonly seen in patients who have a very strong family History of Glaucoma or the patients who are diabetics. Most of the time the chronic glaucoma is detected during routine eye examination, whenever the patient comes to a eye surgeon for routine eye check up, if he is of age more than 40 years then we usually do a comprehensive eye check up in which we try to rule out any findings related to glaucoma. That’s the reason we we always recommend to all the patients to go for a routine comprehensive eye check up after 40 years of age in 1 or 1 and a half years. If this condition starts it is timely detected and treated.

There are few diagnostics tools whoch help us to detect glaucoma, like tonometry, OCT, Gonioscopy and few other tools which helps us to establish diagnosis of glaucoma. Once this condition is established, nowadays we have such a large number of medicines which helps us to control it very nicely. It was in the old days, say about 2 to 3 decades back when there were not much medicines and we used to depend upon only surgical treatments or just a few medicines which used to cause a lot of people turning into blind. But nowadays the main domain remains its early detection, timely treatment is started and if the patient continuously puts the medicine and he is contact with the eye surgeon then most of the cases they save their vision for much longer time.

If you guys have any queries or you want to consult me regarding glaucoma you can call me or you can consult me online at Lybrate.

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Dr. Ravi Thadani

Ophthalmologist43 Years Exp.
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Rachna Trehan

Apr 21, 2023

Expert doctor and nice staff


Tuhina Jethani Dua

Nov 22, 2022

He is the best ! Our whole family trust him the most from last 25 years for everything related to eyes..



Feb 28, 2017

My problem was such that it required a number of sessions, and I must say after all the sessions, I am feeling much better now. I am so much benefitted with his eye check-up, that i am perfectly fine now. Both Dr Ravi Thadani and staff were very helpful. The guidance of Dr Ravi Thadani gave me has more



Jan 02, 2017

Overnite my eye infection aggravated. Dr Ravi Thadani guidance has helped me immensely and has helped gain confidence. The interior of the Ravi Eye Foundation was no nicely done, it was so clean. I was having this eye infection, but the symptoms were not very visible. Even after my treatment with more



Jan 20, 2017

Dr Ravi Thadani is very courteous and behaves very aptly with elder patients. The entire Ravi Eye Foundation is very nicely designed. During the treatment, Dr Ravi Thadani supported me a lot. His guidance has helped me immensely and has helped gain confidence. Due to my eye pain my daily activities more

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