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Know More About Cataract

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Hi friends, I am doctor Ravi Shankar Thandani from V.I. Foundation.Today, we will be discussing some points regarding the cataract. Cataract is a very common problem in India and it is one of the very common causes of reversible blindness in our country and there are millions of cases pending of cataract surgery. The main causes of cataract seem to be demographic which is very common in India and in tropical countries and some systemic diseases like diabetes, smoking, malnutrition and some deficiencies and some other systemic diseases may cause cataract in many patients. Sometimes it can be seen in very young newborn patients which are called congenital cataract. There are different types of the cataract which are seen in many patients, main common types of the cataracts are the nuclear type of the cataract and cortical type of the cataract. Which can cause symptoms of the cataract mostly is blurring of the vision frequent change of the glasses and sometimes coloured hazels are seen at the night types when the patient is moving out or driving mainly now it is cataract is really a very safe and sort of OPD procedure walk in and walk out type and the latest procedure for the cataract is called Phaco, in which we just use a very small dick and go through a needle inside the eye and remove the cataract with very high power ultrasonic sound waves and then we plant the lens through the same pro inside the eye and even beyond the latest technique of cataract removal has been introduced which is called flags in which we use femtosecond laser to fragment the cataract cells. And then we remove through the same seco machine, the outcome of the cataract surgery is very good, success rate is very-very high more than 99.9% cases are doing good and rate of complication is very low, rate of infection has been lowered with the help of latest medication, latest sterilisation techniques and latest antibiotics. So nowadays cataract is very safe and comfortable surgery.

If there are any queries regarding the cataract and cataract surgery you can contact me through Lybrate or you can contact me at my clinic. Thank you very much.

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