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Drug Addiction - Treatment, Symptoms and Causes

What is Drug Addiction?

It is said that every person craves an addiction, just as a distraction to one's pain. Any substance that can alter an organism's bodily functions is termed as a drug. The more accommodating terms like misuse, harmful use, dependence, abuse were used to replace depressing and discouraging terms like addicts and addiction, with the hope of encouraging discussions and subsequently improving the existing condition. But, it's been to no avail, so far. If we try to reason out the causes of drug abuse and addiction, multiple layers of factors might come up. What needs to be understood is that the trigger to start drug abuse and the reason that leaves one unable to stop are quite different, and their difference defines the struggle of the life of a drug addict. While teenagers are undoubtedly the most vulnerable, several crucial factors can drive people of any age towards drug abuse.

Causes of Drug Addiction.

'Curiosity killed the cat” We live in the age of accessibility and information. This has let us in a stage, where no age is naive, and hence no one is immune.. Everyone is susceptible, as everyone knows.

Causes and factors affecting people agewise are:

Pre-adolescent age
  • an abusive childhood
  • negligence from parents or family
  • the family history of use
Adolescent age
  • peer pressure and attitude to rebel against the moral code
  • low self-esteem or Anomie
  • impractical relationships and teenage pregnancy
  • adventure and thrill derived from experimentation
  • stress to achieve and the subsequent fear of failing in a competitive world
  • fear Of Missing Out (FOMO Syndrome)
  • too concerned or interfering parents
  • Midlife
  • abuse or issues of the domestic realm
  • future planning and excessive stress in the work environment
  • escaping or altering the reality
  • marital frustration and sexual problems
  • co-morbidities (mental)
  • Elderly
  • the demise of near and dear
  • insufficient attention from family, caregivers
  • certain groups
  • very high or low earning socioeconomic groups
  • easy access - medical professionals
  • pressure to perform well consistently or amphetamines in students
  • Constant vigilance, idealism, loss of privacy, unscheduled work culture and stress in case of celebrities

What is the symptoms of Drug Addiction?

Cathryn Kemp had once stated that she used to think a drug addict was someone who lived on the far edges of society. Wild-eyed, shaven-headed and living in a filthy squat.

That was until she became one...

The above statement clearly describes the ignorant perception we, as a society holds towards drug addicts and how such falsification disrupts with self-diagnosis or realization.

To catch a close acquaintance abusing a substance, one needs to be very observant about the subtle changes in habits or behaviour.

General symptoms-
  • any sudden changes in behaviour, mood or grades (in case of students), forming patterned behaviour etc
  • inability to perceive pleasure in usually pleasurable activities
  • isolation and neglecting responsibilities
  • stealing and risk-taking behaviours
  • -
  • over justifications, aggressive comebacks and denial (DENIAL and RATIONALISATION are the most common defence mechanisms in Substance abuse).
  • Abstinence/Withdrawal symptoms-

    Most common withdrawal symptom is HANGOVER(a headache, irritability, anxiety and weakness), although, they become progressively worse with chronic use such as- tremor, irritability, flushing, feeling of impending doom and bowel- bladder problems, et cetera.

    It is to be noted that LSD AND CANNABIS, though powerful psychedelics, do not produce any withdrawal symptoms OD(overdose) symptoms-

    loss of consciousness, trauma, delirium, convulsions, coma and perceptual distortion


    Treatment of Drug Addiction.

    'In order to break out from prison, you must realize you are locked up”

    Acceptance, Insight and motivation form the pillars of successful treatment. Treatment methodology can be broadly classified as follows:

    classified into two-
    1. treatment involving acute intoxication - resuscitation and antidote administration are the sought after procedures under this method
    2. dependence based chronic rehabilitation:- this can be done by
      • Pharmacotherapy like methadone or naltrexone for opium; amantadine for cocaine; nicotine patch and bupropion for smoking; disulfiram for alcohol etcetera
      • Behavioural therapy (best) – this is inclusive of expert counselling, Alcoholic Anonymous or other group therapy, supported by family coordination.

    Prevention to avoid Drug Addiction.

    'you become what you fear, and escape what you face” Primary prevention (also called source reduction)-

    Illicit drug production, trade, smuggling and distribution must be put under strict Law enforcement.

    India is predisposed to drug abuse due to its geographic proximity to major drug routes - Golden triangle and Golden crescent in the east and west respectively. Ideal would be to highly attentive toward youth, along with spreading general awareness while media had been responsible to some extent for the glorification, and hence acceptance of drug use in the name of societal acceptance to taboo the reverse can also be done, with proper media

    Risk Reduction

    Initiating a conversation about risks, consequences and disadvantages among highly susceptible groups such as children, along with a caring, yet strong motivation to abstain can be helpful. Close vigil even at the sight of the slightest deviation from normal behaviour is recommended.

    Withdrawal symptoms of Drug Addiction.

    Drug withdrawal is the group of symptoms that occur upon the abrupt discontinuation or decrease in intake of recreational drugs.

    The withdrawal symptoms may be drastic if the individual is suffering from any other underlying conditions such as sleep deprivation, anychronic disease, etc.

    Some of the common withdrawal symptoms from drug addiction may include nausea, respiratory distress, anxiety, dilution of concentration, etc.

    Popular Health Tips

    5 Reasons People Get Addicted To Drugs!

    MBBS, MD - Psychiatry
    Psychiatrist, Vadodara
    5 Reasons People Get Addicted To Drugs!

    Nowadays, drug abuse is a universally condemned action such that selling certain drugs are illegal. Children are not allowed to take drugs until they reach a certain age such as 21 for most states in India. Lots of problems start occurring when you are addicted to a certain drug. It is also nearly impossible to stop since the nerve cells change the way they function due to drugs. These nerve cells overstimulate the 'reward circuit' of the brain. This means that your brain constantly needs to be 'rewarded' and this reward comes in the form of drugs. There are many reasons why people become addicts and here are some of them.

    1. People want to get high: This is perhaps the most common reason why people become drug addicts. The moment they take in one drug, they love the feeling they get so much that they keep wanting to go back to it.
    2. People want to fit in: This is also a very common reason. When all your friends and perhaps even your bosses and other superiors are taking drugs, you do not want to feel left out or ostracized by your friend group. This is why many people start taking drugs.
    3. Unintentionally taking drugs due to injuries or medical conditions: Sometimes a doctor prescribes a medicine for a certain time period but it does not work or works too well and so you keep taking the drug so that you will feel better. This happens more often than you think.
    4. People take drugs to relieve stress: This is another very common reason why people take drugs. You may easily rationalize with them thinking that taking drugs is a good way to relax from work and family pressures. However, the long term effects of taking drugs are much worse than the stress.
    5. Boredom from daily life: In young teens and adolescents especially, life can be so boring that they want to try something new and thus resort to drug abuse.
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    नशा मुक्ति!

    Diploma in Naturopathy & Yogic Science (DNYS), M. D. ( E. H. Medicine), Internship in Yog & Naturopathy, Ram Ratan Chikitsa Kendra , Agra
    Yoga & Naturopathy Specialist, Agra

    देशी अदरक को धोकर छोटे छोटे टुकड़ों में काट लें l इन पर थोड़ा सैंदा नमक व काली मिर्च पाउडर डाल दें l इनको नीबू रस से तर करके खूब मिलालें l धप में डालकर कड़क सुखाकर रख लें l सुबह, दोपहर व शाम एक एक टुकड़ा मुँह में डालकर केवल चूसते रहें, एकदम चबायें नहीं l गुटका, धुम्रपान, शराब व ड्रग कैसा भी नशा हो छूट जाता है l 

    Impotence - Can Using Drugs Cause It?

    BAMS, M-CSEPI, M.Ayu.D, Dipl.EMS
    Sexologist, Pune
    Impotence - Can Using Drugs Cause It?

    When you face difficulty in maintaining an erection long enough for having a satisfactory sexual intercourse, it is said to be caused due to a condition called impotence. Sexual satisfaction is vital in a relationship, and when impotence is the reason for displeasure, you must try to understand the cause of impotence.

    Often, believed to have a connection with the consumption of marijuana, many people ask questions whether it is possible to treat this condition or not. Well, there are quite a few options that can treat this particular sexual problem of men.

    What is marijuana?
    Marijuana is a psychoactive drug, also known as cannabis, acquired from the Cannabis plant, which is intended for recreational and medical purposes. As far as the global status of marijuana is concerned, it is an illicit drug that is most commonly used. Containing over 400 chemicals, the effects of marijuana can be psychosis, suicidal thinking, mood changes, addictions, etc.

    Can marijuana influence impotence?
    Many studies have established a relationship between marijuana and erectile dysfunction or impotence. But marijuana does not have a direct influence on erectile dysfunction. Rather, it's the effects that marijuana has on the brain that increases the risks of the exasperating and depilating sexual problem called impotence.

    Many people smoke marijuana as it leaves them mentally feeling all good and pleasant. Every time they smoke marijuana, the levels of the inflammatory hormones in the body such as the prostaglandin E-2increases. Though these hormones help in relaxing the muscles of the body, an excessive production of them can cause serious inflammation in the body. Therefore, consumption of marijuana beyond the right dosage leads to the arteries becoming constricted. The arteries play a crucial role in erections, and the inability of the arteries in pumping enough blood to the necessary areas results in erectile dysfunction.

    How Ayurveda and sexology can be of help?
    Sexology is the study of the human relationships and sexual life that focuses on analyzing, and offering a solution to the sexual problems. While Ayurveda deals with boosting the immunity power of the body from within and eliminating the cause of a disease. So for treating impotence caused due to the intake of marijuana both the medicinal specialties offer great help. It is done by detoxifying the toxins that marijuana leaves inside the body and completely heal the person of impotence.

    Impotence is also referred to as erectile dysfunction, and nowadays, it is one of the most common sexual conditions in men. Though it is not a life-threatening condition, it can have a significant and serious impact on a person's quality of life, as well his personal or sexual life. Therefore, opting for necessary treatment is essential to ensure a normal and sexually satisfying life. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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    Popular Questions & Answers

    Hi I am Age 33 Sex male heights 5/6 Weight 70 kg My problem is that I am addicted of some substance drugs I used it via injection in veins My both hand become swallow n painful. I want to come out from this drug n want to live a healthy n stress free life. Is any treatment for that? Or any centres from where I can seek help please help.

    Psychiatrist, Bangalore
    Dear lybrate-user, Congratulations for trying to come out of substance drugs addiction. Depending on the type and dose of the substance, you may have withdrawal symptoms. It is better that you get admitted to a hospital or rehabilitation centre attached to a hospital for detoxification. In IV drug use, there will be other infections, that will be treated simultaneously in the hospital. All the best.
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    Doctor please, I want to help my friend who is lot more addicted to marijuana he is in very worst condition please I need your advice for help any kind of prescription available to help him.

    PGDRP Rehabilitation Psychology , M.A Clinical Psychology, Certificate in Guidance and Counselling (CGC)
    Psychologist, Agra
    Dear lybrate-user Detoxification and Dialectical therapy would help him. Take Ashwagandha daily with warm water after breakfast. Regular exercise and healthy and positive family environment is required to motivate him. Keep him busy all day with work and tell him to pursue his hobbies. Yogasan shavasan and walking in grass bare feet would help.

    I just want to knw that if I had used drug before 6 hours and than I want to quit using of drugs and I will have noticed tablet after 6 hours after that drug so will I have some side effects that time.

    BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology, Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health
    Psychologist, Palakkad
    Dear user. I can understand. Please don't be panic. The answer depends on what kind of drug you are using. Please provide those details. We are here to help you in every aspect of your mental and physical health. Any sexual or psychological problems can be cured with the help of various methods and therapies. I suggest you to post your query with every detail here. We will help you in overcoming your problems certainly. Take care.

    I am using cocaine and want to quit. Can naltima 50 mg tablet help me with not using cocaine anymore. Or there is another medication I need to take?

    BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology, Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health
    Psychologist, Palakkad
    Dear lybrate user. I can understand. Cocaine addiction comes under SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND ADDICTION. Deaddiction treatment is best suited for such addictions. Medically assisted drug detoxification or alcohol detoxification alone is ineffective as a treatment for addiction. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) recommends detoxification followed by both medication (where applicable) and behavioral therapy, followed by relapse prevention.

    Table of Content

    What is Drug Addiction?
    Causes of Drug Addiction.
    What is the symptoms of Drug Addiction?
    Treatment of Drug Addiction.
    Prevention to avoid Drug Addiction.
    Withdrawal symptoms of Drug Addiction.
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    Addiction is a very common problem. It may be for alcohol, drugs, nicotine or tobacco. Medicines are given to manage physical symptoms. Then there is something called behavioral addiction.
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    Know More About Addiction
    Hello, I am Dr. Milind Barhate, psychiatrist practicing in Varli and Mumbai area. Now we discuss about the addiction.

    Addiction is a disease and it is different from other disease. Most of the people believe that addiction is the only habit. They do not accept that it's a disease. Most of the other disease patient accept whatever this is, whether it is fever, malaria dengu, heart problem, diabetes, problem cancer etc. Patient accepts and go for the treatment. But in case of addiction, patient believes that he/she is normal. Even after there is a liver problem or because of addiction multiple problems arises. Some people requires only one quarter at night to fall asleep, it's not his problem and that's why they do not get it treated and it's a common issue.

    Addiction now is increasing. Initially people goes for only alcohol, tobacco, smoking. Nowadays teenagers and children are getting drug addicted like Kaname, Ganja marijuana, charas, brown sugar and cocaine etc. Chemical addiction is also common addiction of the medicines or tablets or syrup.

    So addiction is a disease it affects your brain and your body. After certain period of time, your brain and body gets dependent on such substance and because of this reason people generally take the substance repeatedly. There is a change in your brain. Chemical changes occur that causes impulsive inability, frustration, depression, psychosis, a lot of mood changes. In addition to it, it affects everywhere. It affects your body from brain to toe. When it affects your brain it causes lot of diseases like dementia, seizures. When it affects your lung it causes bronchitis lung diseases. When it affects your liver it also affects your liver for the coc's or cancer of the liver, or vomiting of the blood. It also causes blood pressure, diabetes, hypertension, heart problems and erectile dysfunction, reducing sperm count, reducing weight and appetite. It also causes change in behavior, change in sexual behavior, change in sleep and at appetite and also changing driving.

    Because of addiction the chances of an accident can increase. It also affects your family also. We'd also affect at occupation also, at your economy also. So it affects almost all parts of your life like body, family, at occupation, at your economy social life and spiritual life. So it's a disease, but different from other diseases, and it may harm oe's life severely. Still the person believes that he is okay. It becomes habit and because of this attitude, most of the patients left untreated which ultimately end up to late stage for the treatment. They come with the mouth cancer and that stage even after if you stop the alcohol, it may ultimately result death. There is a treatment available for it. Treatment is little bit difficult and different from other diseases. So medicines are important to treat the problem.

    There are medicines to control the withdrawal features. There are a medicine for sleeping problems, the treatment for constipation is also available as most of the tobacco smokers they're suffering from constipation. Early morning they do not get the pressure. That's why they are regularly taking tobacco and alcohol. Tobacco and smoking, so there are medicines for that problem. Tension and even if you are suffering from anxiety, depression or psychosis there is a medicine. Some anti craving medicines are also there to control your mood and craving for substance.

    At the same time along with medicines, family counseling, accounting also necessary. Individual counseling also necessary. Social counseling also available for alcoholism. Alcoholic for Drugs Narcotics Anonymous is there, if a person takes a treatment for a longer time. If we take it, it went for only one day, there is no chance. If we took a treatment for one month, there is a little chance and if it continued treatment for 1 year, he's having 25 percent of the chances to come out from the alcohol or drugs. At the same time if he continues the medicines, counseling and social counseling and social support, family support for the longest, wait more than five years there are chances more than eighty percent to come out of this problem. Its lifelong business. There are well known relapses. Even after stopping for alcohol or drugs for five years or ten years there are chances of relapses. The long treatment is needed to prevent the relapses. Cure is not possible treatment because it is a disease of personality. When we counsel the patient, when we are doing individual counseling, we enforce the patient initially, we tell the patients about the disease model and and to make them accept so that they can overcome through it.

    Alcoholism and drug is a disease. After accepting, the second part is to identify the character defect, because alcoholism and drug is not a major problem, the major problem is character, habit and a behavior. So second stage is to identify that character defect or behavior deface leading to addiction. After identifying that character defects, we focus that character defect and we work on that with the help of small step program and as the time continues if the patient is ready and motivated to work on it, there are the good chances to come out from this situation. The only thing is, first admit that you are an addict. Second come forward for a treatment and be patient for a longer treatment.

    For more information you can contact me on from Dr. milind Barhate. Thank you.
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    How To Get Rid Of Addiction?
    Main Dr Manish Kansal hoon aur main ek Psychiatrist hoon, Delhi me practise karta hoon. Delhi aur Greater Noida me mere Hospital hain. Aur aaj hum baat karna chahenge Nashe ke bare me. Jese ki aap sabko pata hai ki aaj kal nasha bohot zada badh gaya hai, specially jo humare youngsters hai, college aur schools me, wo bohot choti umar me nasha shuru kar dete hai.

    Common nasha jo hai aj kal, wo hai alcohol, cannabis, charas, ganja, bhang. Isme designer drugs bhi agae hai jese ki heroine, cocaine, ye sare drugs aj kal bohot choti age me he bacche shuru kar dete hai. School time me he start kar dete hai, friends ke influence me aa ke start kardete hai. Dosto ke chakkar me, experimentation me, family pressure me aa ke drugs start karte hai aur ultimately bahar nahi aa pate hai is problem se.
    Kuch logo ko aisa lagta hai ki nashe ka koi solution nahi hai lekin nashe ka ilaaj sambhav hai. Youngsters ko, baccho ko nashe se bahar nikala ja sakta hai agar professional help li jaae to.

    Ghar me log counselling karte hai but wo itni effective nahi hoti. Lekin nashe ka ilaaj sambhav hai dawaiyo ki form me, counselling se, psycho therapy aur bohot saare ways me ise theek kia ja sakta hai. Yeh ek bohot bada subject hai aur baccho ki zindagi ko bachaya ja sakta hai.

    Main pichle 20 saalo se general psychiatrist hoon, but mera interest nashe ke ilaaj me bohot hai. Aur agar aap apne kisi saathi ka, family member ka, friend ka chahte hai ki wo nashe ki addiction se bahar ajae to aap mujhse Lybrate ke through contact bhi kar sakte hai.
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    Impact Of Drug And Alcohol On Children

    My name is Dr Ankita Mishra. I am a consultant psychiatrist and I will be talking on the topic today alcohol and drugs. What parents need to know? Many young people today are using drugs and alcohol and smoke quite often and statistically up to 50 % of children to the age of 16 years have tried illegal drugs at some point in time. So it is really important for a parent to be aware of this and not take this as part of normal growing up. Taking drugs and alcohol can have serious physical and mental health consequences and can lead to depression or psychosis as well.

    Taking drugs can make a youth quiet unpredictable and can lead to accidents, injuries and they can involved in unprotected sex for that matter and it can also have serious physical health problems because of sharing needles and other equipment such as HIV and hepatitis. So it's very important to take all this into consideration. The most commonly used drug is something which is readily available like alcohol or smoking and there can be wear reasons why the youth today uses drugs it could be because of curiosity, for fun, it could be as a way to cope up with anxiety and depression as a way to deal with difficult situation. And it is commonly seen that if there is a member of family or one of the friends are using drugs or alcohol it's more likely for the person to get addicted to it.

    It's quite difficult to say when using drugs or alcohol is more than usual or it's like something which is concerning but if you feel that your child is quite concerned about using alcohol and taking drugs or smoking or if you feel that it has become a focus of his or her life and it's quite preoccupied with either using a drug or finding ways to seek it or maybe spends a lot of time thinking about it then it something which can be quite concerning. There can be some behaviour and symptoms is well.

    If you feel your child is quite isolated, is not involving in with family or friends, is behaving out of character or you senses unusual smell in your room or you find unusual things like silver foil or needle covers then it is something to be worried about. If you suspect that your child is doing drugs or taking alcohol for that matter there are certain things which you can do as parent. First of all, you have to take stay calm and make sure that it's actually the truth. Secondly, there is no point in getting angry with your child or blaming the child because at this point it's your support and helps that they need most.

    There is no point in getting into long conversations or fighting over it especially when your child is in an intoxicated stat. The best possible way to help them out is to let them know that you are on their side and you are there to support them and seek professional help. You can contact a psychiatrist or psychologist what they can do is they can talk with you as well as your child and they can maybe if needed prescribe medication or get your child into therapy. And it's a way by which you as a family and as well aa your child will get the required help and support to recover from addiction.

    Thank you so much if you have any further queries or if you want to contact me then you can do that through
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    Addiction To Pornography
    Doston! Dr. Shirish Malde, sexologist Mumbai ka ap sab hi ko namashkar.

    Hum aksar dekhte hain ke jau technology hai jis tarah se barhti hai humein kia kia naye ayaam dikhati hai.

    Ab hum baat ker rahe hain internet ki. Ek zamana tha jab internet buhat bari luxury hua kerti thi aur ajwaqt hai ke internet har sab hi ki pocket mein apke unglion ke sparsh ke oper available hogayahai aur who bhi unlimited data ke sath.tau doston yeh cheezon ka humari niji life per buhat hiasar parhta hai aur khas ker ke hum agar sex life ki baat karen tau data available hone ke sathsath pornography bhi buhat easy available hogae hai. Han! Aur who bhi sab ko apni apni privacy apni niji space mein. Tau iska humare sex life per tau asar parhega hi tau hum dekhenge yeh kistarah se parh raha hai. Aj dekheye pornography viewing mein humara desh Hindustan panchwain number per hai. Aur yeh kafi had tak kafi log iska istemal kerte hain, isko dekhtehain, kuch log kam kuch log ziadadekhte hain aur iski asar tau rahegi hi humari sex life ke operjis tarah se logon ke sawal atey hain iske oper se humne yeh kuch findings bataye hain.particularly humare desh mein pornography itni kyun popular hai? Tau iska sabseimportant ek jawab yeh hai ke humare yahan formal sex education yani jise hum yawn shikshankehte hain uski kami hai. Ab jis cheez ki kami ho, jis cheez ka knowledge na ho, knowledge hotabhi hai tau apne friendon se mila hua tuta phuta knowledge hai aur yeh jau half knowledge haiyeh humein kafi taqleef mein rakh sakta hai. Tau isi wajah se log jau kehte hain na forbiddenfruit is always more tasty waise jis cheez ka partiband hai who cheez humein ziada akarshidkerti hai. Aur isi ko le ker ke yuva verg khas ker ke pornography ke peche kafi samay viyat kerta hai. Ab iska asar hota yun hai ke log isey sex education ka ek zariya samajh bethte hain. Halan ke bilkul aisa nahi hai. Yeh mera spashmat hai pornography hai yeh ek sirf uttay jina nirmand kerneke liye agar dekhi jaye usko sirf casually dekha jaye tab tak thek hai lekin jab ap isko ek limit kebahar jaise ap chale jate hain tau yeh khatre ki ghanti bajata hai apke liye. Khas ker ke us waqtjab ap isey sex education ka zariya samajhte hain. Kyunke pornography mein jau yeh dikhatehain yeh sab hi cheezain qanoonan tor pe mumkin nahi hoti hain khas ker ke child pornography, violent sex, animal sex yeh sari cheezain qanoonan partiband hain aur naytik roopse bhi yeh sari cheezain ghinoni hain. Aksar isey ap education tool samajh ker ke agey barhtehain tau kafi taqleef mein asakte hain. Khas ker ke who yuva jau pornography mein dikhate hain who actors ke jau angupang hain usko dekh ker ke apne ap mein kafi hindbhawana mehsoos kerte hain. Ek parkar ki inferiority complex mehsoos kerte hain jaise ling ka akaar hai ya sambuqka jau samay dikhaya jata hai isko le ker ke logon ke mann mein kafi brahmanain paida hoti hainaur who apne apko inferior samajhne lagte hain aur aise cases kafi manokchikat ke liye atey hain. Waise dekhye jaye tau dekhye yeh ek industry hai jahan per modelling ek vayosaye haiyeh aise models ko choose kerte hain jau is industry ke liye fit hote hain. Tau isko dekh ker kesab hi logon ko apni tulna nahi kerni hai aur khuan ma khuan inferiority complex nahi bananahai. Dusra pornography apko addict banata hai, yeh aisi cheez hai jau apko bar bar dekhne permajboor kerta hai ap isme apna kafi qeemti waqt vastvayat kerte hain aur kafi apki education,job mein kafi pichrey reh sakte hain.apna niji personal life bhi is mein kafi disturbhota hai aur sab se mehtapurne baat hai ke isme forceful sex dikhate hain, violent sex dikhatehain yeh kafi had tak samaj mein yeh forceful sex ko uttayjit bhi kerta hai tau humein isko bilkulhi education tool ke hisab se nahi lena hai. Aur jaise hi yeh pornography ka humein addictionbhi nahi rakhna hai uske badley humein apne apko ziada se ziada productive work mein involvekarye. Internet available hai tau isey ap achi jankari prapt karye, kafi achi jankari apko mil sakti hai aur na ke pornography dekh ker kea p yeh sab ghalat fehmiyan nikalen. Doston! Mera apsenumra amurad rahega keh pornography kea p balli nahi banye, usko excitement ke roop se apdekh ker ke lightly lijeye aur uska anand utha sakte hain baqi usko academic tool mat banayega.

    Ap is barey mein aur kuch jankari janna chahte hain ya appointment fix kerna chahte hain tauap Lybrate yeh app ke zariye contact ker sakte hain. Dhanewaad!
    Having issues? Consult a doctor for medical advice