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Sexual Dysfunction: Treatment, Procedure, Cost and Side Effects

What is the treatment?

Sexual dysfunction is/are the problem/s that a person may experience during any phase of the sexual response cycle. This prevents the person or the couple from experiencing any satisfaction from sexual activities. The different facets of the sexual response cycle include excitement, orgasm, plateau and resolution. Research has shown that about 43 % of women and 31 % of men suffer from some sort of sexual dysfunction.

There are 4 different types of sexual dysfunction. They are – desire disorder which implies that a person has little or no interest in any kind of sexual activities; arousal disorder means when a person is emotionally ready for sex but the body refuses to cooperate; orgasm disorder occurs when a person is emotionally ready for sex but is not being able to reach climax and pain disorder means a person is experiencing pain during the act.

Some of the causes of sexual dysfunction may include stress, psychological issues, heart disease or other medical conditions, drug use, intake of alcohol and diabetes.

The treatment for sexual dysfunction in men can involve the use of oral medicines. Other treatments are mechanical methods like vacuum pumps and constriction rings, local therapies like suppositories and injections and surgical methods like penile implants. For women, there can be non-medical treatments like counseling, reverting to a healthy lifestyle, use of lubricants or devices like vibrators. Women with low sexual desire are often recommended a medicine called flibanserin. When female sexual dysfunction is linked to hormonal problems, estrogen therapy or androgen therapy is generally recommended.

How is the treatment done?

Mechanical methods like the use of vacuum pumps help to treat sexual dysfunction in 50-75 % of the cases. The device is to be used by a man on his penis to expand it temporarily. This device is particularly useful for people with diabetes. Constriction rings are used to treat sexual disorder in those men who get an erection but fail to sustain it throughout the intercourse. This condition is called early detumescence and can be cured by placing a rubber ring at the base of the penis after erection.

Local therapies involve the use of pellets which are inserted into the tip of the penis with a pre-filled applicator. This therapy is mostly beneficial for people with diabetes. Another local therapy is the injection therapy whereby the shaft of the penis of the patient is injected with a drug which helps to produce an erection.

Penile implants are one of the oldest methods of treating erectile dysfunction in men. Some doctors may even go for vascular surgery to repair the blood vessels and increase the blood flow to the penis.

For females suffering from sexual dysfunction, healthy communication with her partner, healthy lifestyle habits, counseling or physical use of vaginal lubricants and use of devices that stimulate the clitoris are some of the non-medical treatment options. In women, sexual dysfunction treatment often involves the addressing of some medical condition or hormonal change. Treatment of sexual dysfunction due to hormonal changes can be done with estrogen therapy which involves use of vaginal ring, tablet or cream. Another method of treatment is androgen therapy which involves the use of testosterone.

Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)

Any person can suffer from sexual dysfunction but it generally tends to occur in aging people. A person can undergo treatment for sexual dysfunction if he/she suffers from the symptoms associated with the condition. The symptoms that a man can experience are inability to maintain or achieve an erection, delayed or no ejaculation even with adequate sexual stimulation and inability to control the timing of ejaculation.

The symptoms in women are the inability to achieve orgasm, inability to relax the vaginal muscles to allow intercourse and inadequate vaginal lubrication before and during intercourse. Moreover, men and women both lose interest in sex, experience pain during intercourse and have problems getting aroused.

Who is not eligible for the treatment?

Sexual dysfunction occurs when a person is unable to achieve satisfaction while indulging in sexual activities. The doctor will look at the entire medical history of a patient and even perform a physical test to find out if a person is actually suffering from this condition. A doctor will generally find out about the person’s attitude towards sex as well as other contributing factors like fear, anxiety, past sexual trauma, medications, personal issues and if the person was addicted to any drug or alcohol. After thorough evaluation of these factors, the doctor will understand whether a person is eligible for treatment or not.

Are there any side effects?

Constriction rings are usually safe but may cause pain, numbness and cold sensation in the area for some people. A person should consult a doctor if he has sickle-cell disease, heart disease or if he is on blood thinning medication. A penile vacuum pump may cause small red dots to appear on the skin, can cause pain or bruising, and even give a feeling of numbness or coldness. Prostaglandin E1is injected into the shaft of the penis in injection therapy. The side-effects may include persistent erection and scarring of the male sex organ. Use of the same drug in the form of pellets may cause aching or burning in the penis and minor bleeding.

The side-effects of estrogen therapy include bloating, bleeding from the vagina, nausea, headache, indigestion and others. Some of the side effects of androgen therapy may be weight gain, acne, frequent mood changes, breast development and problems with urine flow.

What are the post-treatment guidelines?

After undergoing penile implant surgery, a person will experience mild pain for several weeks. A person will need to take antibiotics for about a week after the surgery to avoid infection. Strenuous physical and sexual activities should also be avoided for a few weeks. The doctor might also ask the patient to inflate and deflate the inflatable penile implants twice a day so that he gets used to using them. There are, however, no such post-treatment guidelines for treatment via mechanical methods. One may experience pain after the use of constriction rings. He should immediately go and see a doctor.

How long does it take to recover?

The penile implantation procedure may cause bruises on the organ and can also make the scrotum to swell. However, the swelling and pain disappears after about 14 days with the help of several warm baths per day. Hormone therapy in women is generally done over a few months time and may even take years. Hormones should be used for treatment for the shortest period of time but a woman needs to check every 3-6 months whether she needs to continue with the therapy or not.

What is the price of the treatment in India?

Medications for hormone therapy are available for as low as Rs 100 for a week. However, the entire procedure starting from the diagnosis to the therapy may cost between Rs 1, 00,000 – Rs 2, 50,000. Constriction rings are available within the price range of Rs 300 – Rs 900. Vacuum pumps to treat erectile dysfunction cost something around Rs 19,500 and Rs 32,500.

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

Use of constriction rings and vacuum pumps are temporary measures that help to spruce up your conjugal life temporarily. They do not provide a permanent solution. Surgical methods like penis implants may provide a longer-lasting effect but there are chances of some side-effects too. Hormonal therapy in women may help to deal with sexual dysfunction on a long-term basis. However, the therapy should have to be continued if the situation demands.

What are the alternatives to the treatment?

Women respond well to counseling sessions. Instead of going for hormone therapy or taking medications, a woman can talk to a counselor about how to enhance intimacy with her partner, how to optimize the body’s sexual response and what exercises to do. For men, Panax ginseng and Rhodiola rosea works well to treat erectile dysfunction. DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone is a remedy for erectile dysfunction in men with concurrent diabetes. Acupuncture can also help to deal with sexual dysfunction.

Safety: Medium Effectiveness: High Timeliness: Medium Relative Risk: Medium Side Effects: Medium Time For Recovery: Medium Price Range:

Rs 100 - Rs 2,50,000

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Sexual Dysfunction - How It Affects You?

MBBS, MD - Psychiatry, MBA (Healthcare)
Psychiatrist, Davanagere
Sexual Dysfunction - How It Affects You?

Both men and women can suffer from sexual dysfunction which in common man’s speak is a problem that prevents you from experiencing sexual satisfaction. If you are experiencing sexual dysfunction in any part of the sexual response cycle which traditionally includes excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution, you are not alone. Research suggests that 43 percent of women and 31 percent of men report some degree of sexual dysfunction or difficulty.

It also remains a topic that many people are hesitant to discuss and resolve worldwide. Read on to know more on sexual dysfunction so that you can understand it and seek treatment for it because treatment options are available and extremely helpful.

Types of sexual dysfunction
Sexual dysfunction is classified into four categories:

  1. Desire disorders: This is a generalized lack of sexual desire or interest in sex
  2. Arousal disorders: Inability to become physically aroused during sexual activity
  3. Orgasm disorders: A delay or absence of orgasm
  4. Pain disorders: Pain during intercourse

Symptoms of sexual dysfunction
In men:

  1. Erectile dysfunction - An inability to achieve or maintain an erection for penetrative sexual intercourse
  2. Retarded ejaculation - An absent or delayed ejaculation despite sexual stimulation
  3. Early or premature ejaculation - Inability to control ejaculation

In women:

  1. Inadequate vaginal lubrication before or during sex
  2. Inability to relax the vaginal muscles for sexual intercourse to happen
  3. Lack of interest in or desire for sex, an inability to become aroused or pain during intercourse are also classified as sexual dysfunction.

Causes of sexual dysfunction

  1. Physical causes - A number of medical conditions can cause problems with sexual function like diabetes, heart and neurological problems , hormonal imbalances, kidney or liver failure, and alcoholism and drug abuse. Anti depressant use can also affect sexual function.
  2. Psychological causes - Stress and anxiety, sexual performance anxiety, relationship problems, depression etc. are some of the psychological causes responsible for sexual disorders. Feelings of not being good enough and the effects of a past sexual trauma also come into play.

Diagnosis of sexual dysfunction
The doctor will begin with a history of your symptoms, followed by a physical exam to rule out medical problems.
A major part of diagnosis is psychological. The doctor will evaluate your attitude about sex, as well as other contributing factors like fear, anxiety, past sexual abuse, relationship problems, medications, alcohol or drug abuse, etc. to understand the underlying cause of the problem.

Most types of sexual dysfunction can be treated by addressing the underlying physical or psychological problems. Other common ways to treat sexual dysfunction are:

  1. By changing a medication which may be casing sexual dysfunction - If you have a sexual dysfunction due to hormone deficiencies, you may benefit from hormone shots, pills, or creams. Men can use Viagra or Cialis for erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow to the penis.
  2. Mechanical aids - Penile implants or vacuum devices can be used in men to maintain an erection. Vacuum devices are used in women too and so are dilators to help women who have an extremely narrow vaginal opening.
  3. Sex therapy - Marriage counselors and therapists help couples resolve their relationship issues that may be causing sexual dysfunction.
  4. Behavioral therapy - This helps you to seek insight into your behaviour which may be causing sexual dysfunction and address it.
  5. Psychotherapy - This type of therapy can help you resolve prior sexual trauma, feelings of inadequacy, anxiety, fear, or guilt, and poor body image. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!
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Common Sexual Disorders in Men & Women

M.Ch - Urology/Genito-Urinary Surgery
Urologist, Guwahati
Common Sexual Disorders in Men & Women

Sexual problems are very common in men and women. There are various reasons because of which sex may not be as pleasing as it can be. The reasons for this could range from the emotional connect that is shared with the person to actual physical issues which stop you from performing. Read on to know the 3 most common sexual problems in males and females.


  1. Impotence: When the male cannot attain and/or sustain an erection to allow for a good intercourse, it is termed as impotence. This is one of the most common problems, and it could be due to strained relationships, performance anxiety, smoking, diabetes, hormonal problems, etc. Most often, it is psychological and easy to cure.
  2. Reduced libido: A man not being “in the mood” may be something hard to associate with, but many a time, it happens. This is largely due to psychological causes, and if the partners don’t strike a chord, that could be the reason too. Other reasons could be hormonal imbalance, high blood pressure, etc.
  3. Ejaculation issues: There could be disorders which could be due to ejaculation that is premature, inhibited, or retrograde. These lead to improper release of sperms, either premature or delayed or back into the bladder. The underlying problem usually is easily identified by the doctor and is treatable.


  1. In all of these, admitting the problem is the first and most effective step towards treatment.
  2. In addition to counseling, which usually involves the partner, hormones may be needed in some.
  3. Quitting smoking, beginning exercise, blood sugar and pressure control, etc. are also required.
  4. In very rare cases, vacuum devices and penile implants may be required.


  1. Dyspareunia: The most common sexual problem in females is painful sex, which makes it difficult for the couple. This could be due to vaginal dryness, UTIs, pelvic area infections, etc. This is one of the main reason for reduced libido. Topical lubricants are often useful, in addition to counseling to allay fears and improve overall relationship.
  2. Reduced libido: This is very common in women, and could be due to relationship issues, painful sex, hormonal imbalance, etc. This is also possible due to the multiple roles that a woman plays, so much so that she never has time to think about it.
  3. Anorgasmia: Women have more difficulty in achieving orgasm, which is also more psychological and often a combination of sex education and counseling helps.


  1. Includes combination of medications, hormonal therapy, and sex education.
  2. Vaginal dryness is improved using lubricants
  3. Supplement hormones are very useful.
  4. Sex counseling also involving the partner
  5. Infections or inflammation in the pelvic tract need to be treated with medications. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Urologist.
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How to Deal with Erectile Dysfunction in a Relationship?

Sexologist Clinic
Sexologist, Faridabad
How to Deal with Erectile Dysfunction in a Relationship?

Empathize with each other. Erectile dysfunction can affect each partner. If you’re the partner with ED, recognize that changes to sex might be alarming or different for your partner. If you’re the partner to someone with ED, recognize how they might feel about their dysfunction and how that might affect their self-esteem or desire to engage in sex. Be loving and empathetic to one another and recognize each other’s struggles.

  • While this experience may be hard on you, it’s likely hard on your partner as well. Show them that you understand (or want to understand) and support them.

Avoid blaming yourself or your partner. Blame is not something that will help you or your partner feel better or perform better. Avoid blaming yourself or wondering if your partner isn’t attracted to you, is cheating, or you’re not pleasing them. Often, dysfunction is linked with external factors such as medication or health influences, age, and stress.

  • If your partner suffers from ED, remember that the sexual dysfunction is likely not related to you. Don’t put undue pressure on yourself to improve your performance.

Take the pressure off performance. Putting sexual pressure on yourself or your partner to perform is rarely an effective method. Focus on other parts of your partner’s body and your own body. Do other intimate activities together that do not involve the genitals.

  • For example, agree to get naked together and pleasure one another, but not have sex or involve the penis. Take turns blindfolded and explore each other’s bodies through different senses and touch.
  • You could also give each other full-body massages with massage oil. Avoid concentrating on the genitals, and instead just circle around the area.


Increase physical intimacy in other ways. Physical intimacy isn’t just sex and doesn’t only involve the genitals. Hold each other and cuddle regularly as a way to physically connect, with or without clothes on.

 Deeply hug each other, hold hands, and kiss passionately! Take the pressure off sex and purely enjoy physical touch and connection.

  • Focus on giving pleasure to one another without having to use the genitals. For example, kiss your partner’s body, caress them gently, and make the activity only about intimate touching without the expectation of sex.

Be supportive in treatment. If your partner is interested and willing to treat their ED, be supportive in them seeking treatment. This might mean encouraging them to make a medical appointment or consider changing or adding medications. If your partner is already seeking treatment, show your support for them without putting them down or making fun of them. Ask them what support they want or need.

  • Whatever steps your partner is doing (or thinking of doing), show your support.
  • For example, attend medical appointments with your partner as support if they want you to or ask you to.


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Male Sexual Dysfunction - Treatment In Ayurveda!

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurveda, Ahmedabad
Male Sexual Dysfunction - Treatment In Ayurveda!

Men usually suffer from three different types of sexual dysfunction: problems in Ejaculation, Erectile dysfunction and lack of sexual desire. However, it is not always a physical problem; there may be psychological dimensions too. So, evaluation of the problem by a competent and qualified doctor is the first priority.

Such problems are more often than not caused by various lifestyle stress factors, like stress in workplace, stress in relations, etc. One needs a wholesome solution to address all the problems which are contributing to Sexual Dysfunction. In that perspective, Ayurveda can be a good choice.

In fact, Ayurveda has a separate chapter for Male Sexual Dysfunction and its treatment.

Ayurveda is often referred to as Ashtanga Ayurveda. It means that the knowledge of Ayurveda is compiled in 8 different parts. Some of these parts are diseases related to infants, healing of psychological problems, toxicology etc. The eighth part, known as Vrishya Chikitsa, deals with Sexual Dysfunction and its treatment protocol in detail. It is also known as the science of Aphrodisiacs and Virility.

Male Sexual Dysfunction: An Ayurvedic Insight
The Tenet of Tridasha: Vata, Pitta and Kapha are innate to Ayurveda. In order to stay healthy, virile and sexually active, there needs to be a balance in these three doshas. If there is an abnormal increase or decrease in any of these doshas, a person is likely to suffer. This can happen when there is a disequilibrium in the seven tissues of the body, also known as Dhatu. They are known as Rasa, Rakta, Meda, Mamsa, Majja, Asthi and Shukra. Among these, Shukra is the reproductive fluid or the semen. So, if there is a problem with Shukra, one can suffer from sexual dysfunction.

Vajikaran: The Ayurvedic Remedy For sexual dysfunction
The word Vajikaran alludes to the vigour of a horse. So, proper Ayurvedic remedy can help to achieve horse like sexual vigour. What sets it apart from modern medicine is that it prescribes a wholesome development in dispensation. If the directives are followed strictly, one can achieve good physique, strength, virility and sexual potency like an 8-year-old horse. However, Vajikaran is not just a set of medicines. It is a set of instructions regarding lifestyle changes, diet and medicinal formulations.

Doctors recommend sweet and dense foods like Peanuts, Butter, Red meat, etc. to people suffering from Sexual Dysfunction. These are nutritious foods, which also increase the Kapha Dosha of the body and thus increase Virility.

Ayurveda can treat Male Sexual Dysfunction comprehensively, but one needs to follow all the instructions, implement all the lifestyle changes, maintain all the dietary tips and consume all the Ayurveda medicines given by a doctor who is expert in Ayurveda.

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Erectile Dysfunction!

Diploma In Traditional Siddha, B.H.M.S
Sexologist, Bilaspur
Erectile Dysfunction!

Ayurvedic treatment for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is essentially a problem with a vaayu

Ayurvedic treatment involves herbs, remedies and dietary changes

Herbal oils have restorative power

Ayurveda aims to improve overall wellness of the body and mind

Erectile dysfunction, otherwise known as male impotence is the inability experienced by a man to maintain or achieve an erection. Erectile dysfunction is triggered by several factors such as mental stress, depression, excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking, low testosterone levels, penile problems and nerve related disorders. According to ayurveda, erectile dysfunction is the result of the disruption of one of the vaayus of the body titled apaanavayu. Apaanavayu is located in the testicles, urinary bladder, phallus, groin and anus. It controls ejaculation, erection and also the passage of stool and urine.

Ayurvedic measures to treat erectile dysfunction use a combination of herbal pills, massages and alterations in the patient’s lifestyle to boost erection. A combination of all these remedies is titled vajikarana therapy. The ayurvedic vajikarana therapy derives its name from vaji which means horse. It infers that this therapy helps men in overcoming problems faced while sexual intercourse including erectile dysfunction. It also enhances the quality of sperm, and sperm motility.

Remedies to treat erectile dysfunction

Herbs that include, vangabhasma, lauhabhasma, shilajitu, hingula, yashtimadhu, pravalapishti, kapikacchu, and kupeelu are beneficial in increasing sperm count. These herbs also boost erection by helping in increasing the duration for which a man can hold his erection.

Kajjali, satavari, vanga bhasma, jiraka, vidarikanda, bala, tamra bhasma, ativisha, jatiphala, karpura, lavanga and abhrakabhasma, are known to have properties that can treat erectile dysfunction.

Ayurvedic massages for erectile dysfunction

There are various oils that are used by ayurveda practitioners to relieve a person of stress. Stress is one of the major reasons that lead to erectile dysfunction.

Herbal oils that used for body massages contain herbs such as bala kashaya and bala kalka have restorative powers. There relive stress, rejuvenate the body, halt the regressive process of ageing and also boost the libido.

Sesame based oils are used to massage the penis which relaxes the pelvic area, increases blood circulation and also helps in increasing the duration of an erection. The herbs present in these oils include, bala, ashwagnadha, shatavari and sariva.

Lifestyle changes for erectile dysfunction

As ayurveda is based on the principle that overall wellness of the body and mind has a direct effect on any kind of treatment.

Yoga and meditation are important methods by which the body can be energised and the mind refreshed. This eventually helps in treatment of erectile dysfunction as the body and mind react to treatment.

Adequate sleep is another essential ingredient on which the success rate of treatment depends. Eight hours of sleep will ensure that the body is relaxed and stress free.

Dietary changes such as the inclusion of ghee, nuts, urad (black gram) lentil and sweet items reported help in the cure of erectile dysfunction. Hot and spicy foods should be avoided as they can upset the doshas of the body and impede treatment.

Popular Questions & Answers

Can not get up or keep constant while sex it is erectile dysfunction I thought sexual are getting less in me can't make stand after a Oral too what should I do my age is 18 what medicine or precautions should I take.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Delhi
Hello sir, no need to worry. You do massage with clove oil twice a day. Start eating a healthy diet like green vegetables like spinach, cabbage, kale etc contribute to male enhancement. Also citrus fruits like avocado, orange, and lemon that are rich in Vitamin B9. Also, you can concern us, if you want the fast result. We provide therapies as well as ayurvedic medicines. You can contact us at We will concern and later on, we can deliver medicines.

I'm facing sexual dysfunction from Last 6 days, my penis are not erecting. Please suggest me a prescription I'm 30 years of age. Thanks and regards.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Delhi
Hello sir, no need to worry. You do massage with clove oil twice a day. Start eating a healthy diet like green vegetables like spinach, cabbage, kale etc contribute to male enhancement. Also citrus fruits like avocado, orange, and lemon that are rich in Vitamin B9. Also, you can concern us, if you want the fast result. We provide therapies as well as ayurvedic medicines. You can contact us at We will concern and later on, we can deliver medicines.

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Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)
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Are there any side effects?
What are the post-treatment guidelines?
How long does it take to recover?
What is the price of the treatment in India?
Are the results of the treatment permanent?
What are the alternatives to the treatment?
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Sexual Dysfunction

I am Dr Ashish Sakpal I am a consultant psychiatrist and sexologist practicing in suburban areas of Mumbai.

Today we are going to talk about sexual dysfunctions, as we know there are many misconceptions related to sex and its problems. So, today I would like to clear certain types of sexual problems which may exist. Sexual dysfunction can be classified into mainly 5 categories, first is disorders related to desire, jaise ki ichha mein problem hona, in desire related disorders there are mainly two categories like first is hypoactive sexual desire disorder and hyperactive sexual desire disorder. In hypoactive ichha kam ho jati hai sex ke baare mein and in hyperactive bahut tej ichha hoti hai sex ke baare mein. And the second category in sexual dysfunctions is a problem related to excitement in which there is condition called as erectile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction mein sexual activity ke dauran penis ka flaccidity ho jana, ya phir penis ka erection hone main difficulty hona yeh usually dekha gaya hai. Third category in sexual dysfunction is disorders related to orgasm in which the first is premature ejaculation and second is anorgasmia. In premature ejaculation during the sexual activity the person loses his erection early and thus resulting into problems related to reaching orgasm, jaise ki sexual dysfunction jo premature ejaculation hai usme jo penis hai uska dhilapan ho jata hai or during activity shurvat mein ek kadak pan rahta hai lekin aage chal ke dhilapan aa jata hai. Second is anorgasmia jisme jo patient hain unko kabhi orgasm hi achieve nahi hota hai. Fourth part in sexual dysfunction is problem related to pain, the category is mainly in vaginismus, vaginismus mein during sexual activity jo dono partners hai unko dard ho sakta hai jis wajah se sexual activity puri nahi ho pati. Fifth part is miscellaneous category in which there are problems related to general medical conditions and problem related to substance abuse.

In which basically jo sex ki problems hona due to koi medical condition jaise ki diabetes hona, blood pressure hona, ya phir koi drugs, ya phir koi madak dravyoin ke sevan ki wajah se sexual problems hona. These are broadly the five categories under which sexual dysfunction exist. Now we will talk about the causes of the sexual dysfunction ya phir karan yeh sexual dysfunction hone ke. The most common cause is local genital pathology, jaise ki genital organs hai unmein koi pathology ki wajah se sex mein problem aana, second cause is endocrine dysfunction ya phir hormonal changes hona body mein jiss vajah se sexual problem hona. Third cause is neurological dysfunction jaise brain ki bimariyon ki wajah se sexual dysfunction hona. Fourth cause is due to drugs jaise ki koi dawaiyoo ke lene ki vajah se, jaise ki blood pressure ki dawaiyan, psychiatric dawaiyan and the last is due to substance jaise ki koi nashe ki cheeze, jaise ki tambaku ka sevan, alcohol, ya phir koi bhi nashile padhartho ka sevan ke vajah se sex main problem aana.

So how to diagnose these kind of sexual dysfunction, inn saare sex related bimariyon ko hum pehchane kaise. The first most common thing what we do, is take general history of the patient and physical examination, second is we send the patient for some blood investigation related to his problems described in the examination and thus there are certain special tests which can be done for these sexual problems like phenyl plethysmography or doppler or a duplex ultrasonography or maybe we can do is nocturnal penile monitoring, tumescence manassin monitoring and lastly what we do is cavernosography. Now how to treat this sexual dysfunction, the first and foremost is to identify the cause causing the sexual dysfunction and treat it as per your diagnosis, second is counselling it can be individual counseling or group counselling. In counselling what we exactly do is we understand the education about sexuality and sex related problems the patient has, any particular problems related to the couple or any communicated issue with the couple which can be there during the sexual intercourse or otherwise. After counselling what we can start is behavioural therapy for the patient in which first is relaxation therapy to calm the patient the excitement related to the sexual act. Second is ascertain skill in which we explain how to communicate to each other for couples, third is biofeedback and forth is systematic desensitization. What else is there is master in johnson therapy, in which these are specialised skills which can be taught during the sexual intercourse to the patients like squeeze technique, start stop start technique and later what we can try after behavioural therapy is medication or medicines which can be given to enhance the performance of the patient during the sexual intercourse. It is a temporary phase for the medication, gradually we have to work upon the counselling and the behavioural therapy and after which the medications can be stopped.

This was the brief description of sexual dysfunctions for more information you can contact me through Lybrate or book appointment through Lybrate portal and do not hesitate to come and talk about sex and its problems related to your life. Thank you.
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Male Sexual Dysfunction
Male Sexual Dysfunction: Causes and Treatment
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How To Prevent Sexual Disorders?
A sexual dysfunction, refers to a problem during any phase of the sexual response cycle that prevents the man or couple from experiencing satisfaction from the activity. Most cases of sexual dysfunction are treatable, so it is important to share your concerns with your partner and doctor.
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Sexual Dysfunction In Males
Hi friends,

Main Dr. V Kumar life care clinic noida se bol raha hu.

Aur aaj mai kuch khas bimariyan jo sex se related hoti hain unke bare me batene ja raha hu.kyuki maine ye dekha hai prayah usually ye dekha hai jo bachhe mere pas ilaaj ke liye aate hain. unki marriage hone wali hoti hai aur wo kafi nervous hote hain ki unko impotence ho gaya hai ya unke erection ki problem agayi hai aur thik se kadapan unke ling me nahi aata. jisko le kar unko bhari tension rehti hai.aise me wo mere pas aate hain aur maine paya hai usme aur bahut sari situtation me ye bimari, bimari nahi ho kar ek dar aur khauf zada hai. kai bar kya hota hai bachhe jo naukari karte hain jinke pas time ki kami hoti hai to unke par job ka stress hota hai anxiety hai unke upar performance anxiety hai, unke targets hain unhe poora karna hota hai unki sleep poori nahi hoti hai aise me kya hota hai ki un bachho ko bahut pressure hota hai. aur ye jo bachhe hain jinki shadi hone wali hai . jo recently marreied hai to jab unke samne ye sthiti utpanna hoti hai to bahut pareshan hote hain. main ye kehna chahunga jo erectile dysfuction isme 70 % to aisa hai ki psychological apki problems apke dimag me ghumti hai aur 30% ye bimari kis chiz se judi hoti hai jais eabesity hai sharab hai alchohal hai smoking hai ya koi diabetes ki bimari hai ya koi aisi bimari hai jo penis pe hojati hai jiski wajah se circumcsision jaise karwana padta hai . aisi batein jiski wajah se pain hota hai. To kuch chize hain aisi hai jo ki local hain. Jise hum thik kar sakte hain. Aur kuch batein aisi hain jiske liye ilaaj lamba karna padta hai.. an ye dekhna zaroori hai ki kaunsa ilaaj isme hume kab karna hai. To sabse pehle smajhne ki zarurat hai my friends ki aap darein nahi bilkul. Hichke nahi aaiyye mere pas ya kisi bhi doc k paas jaiyye apni poori baat bataiyye aur dhyan poorvak bataiyye aur jaise ilaaj wo batate hain usko aap kariye aapko fayda aap thik ho jaenge.. isme sabse zaruri hai aap kitne apne man ko insab chizo se door rakhte hain. Kaise? Jaise ED ke bahut sare karan hote hain ki admi apne ap ko compare karta hai porn stars se wo watch karta hai porn film me. Wo samajhta hai ki mujhe bhi aise action karna chahiye.

Aur uski tayyari mein wo fail ho jata hai. Isi tarah wo kai bar excessive masturbation karta hai use kya hota hai ki wo chahta hai ki jitni jaldi ho sake ki mujhe jitni jaldi ho sake pleasure point aa jae isse kya hota hai ki uske dimag ka santulan kharab ho jata hai aur fir wo kya karta hai ki wo jaldi se jaldi nikalne ka uska mind set bilkul badal jata hai. Aur fir use lagta hai ki ye to main isko perform nahi kar paunga aur isse usko is tarah ki problem hoti hai. Ye aisi chhoti moti problem jo agar aap aaap thoda sa dhyan counseling me jaein ya kisi sexologist k pas jae doc k pas jaein physicial ke paas jaein to aapko deifinite fayda hoga aur aap thik ho jaenge. Islie aap chinta nahi kariye. You will be safe and fine. Ap agar iske bare me sochenge thoda dhyan denge to apka ilaaj ho jata hai. Ek baat isme or batana chahte hain. Agar apko ye bimari lag gayi hai ho gayi hai. Isme ghabraein nahi. Thoda sa samaya dein thoda sa relationship ko or ache se chalayein ke aap usko ek challenge le kar karein usko ek relationship ko lets go together get together kyuki agar aap sath sath chalet hain to aap agar sath sath chalet hain to usko jeet sakte hain. Jaise yah ape ye laga hua hai together e can together we can conquer. Andhera rasta hai aur lamba rasta jisme ki problem hai us problem ko bhi aap mutual understanding se thik kar sakte hain. To friends mai iske bare me apko apni video jab to mai apko aur bhi kuch jankariya dunga isse zada jo aur jaruri jankariya hain knowlodge information hai. Taki aap usko apne liye video me sun sakte hain bhej sakte hain aur use fayda utha sakte hain. Agli bari mai apko maturbation ke bare mein aur dusra premature ejaculation ke bare me bataenge aur aap uska fayda uthaenge aut mai asmajhta hu ki bahut sari situation me bina ilaaj k thik ho jaenge.

Thank you very much be happy and revive your health and happiness I am doc v kumar from life clinic nodia.
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Sexuality In Older Age
Nameshkar mitro!

Me Dr. Shirish Malde, sexologist, Mumbai based hun. Aaj hum ek aisi samasya ke barey mein baat karenge jisse humari kafi population pareshan rehti hai. Humara vishaye rahega sexuality at aging. Barhti hue umar ke sath sath sex ke mayne kaise badalte hain ya sex samasiyaen kia kia asakti hain uske barey mein hum jaankari lenge. Tau doston sabse pehle tau yeh batadun ke umarab barhna yeh koi sex ke liye badhya nahi hai. Yeh ek natural process hai agr barhti hue umar mein bhi kisi bhi viqti chahe who sitri ya purush agr uske sex ki ichcha agar barkarar rehti hai tau yeh bilkul normal hai. Halanke agar ichcha nahi hai tau unko fiqar kerne ki zarurat hai. Jaise umar barhti hai sharer mein kafi badlao atay hain mansik badlao bhi atey hain tau aise mein yeh badlao kia ayenge iske barey mein agar ap koi jankari hogi tau ap jau kabhi kabhi jau fiqar hoti hai jau kabhi kisi cheez ki anxiety hoti hai use bach sakte hain. Umar barhti hai waise purushon mein jau badlao jau dekhe gae hain us mein yeh hota hai ke erection aney mein thora lamba samey lagta hai, uktejana ki ziada zarurat hoti hai, aur us viqti ko apne female partner se bhi uktejina milne ki buhat ziada zarurat mehsoos hoti hai. Istrion mein halanke yeh dekha gaya hai ke unki bhi sex ki ichcha barqarar rehti hai aur jau sharerrak badlao atey hain who kafi had tak hormones ke related hote hain.purushon mein yeh hormones jab kam hote hain particularly androgens jisey mainly testosterone jau hormone hai yeh kam hone se viqti mein ek jau samsya nirmaan hoti hai jisey andropause kehte hain yeh istrion mein jau menopause hota hai uske barabar ka shabd hai. Is mein kam hue hormones ke chalet chalet viqti mein chirchirapan,thakan jaldi mehsus kerna, kaam kaaj ke doran use phurti na hona aur sex mein erection thek se na ana ya jau sex ki ichcha hai kamik ichcha mein kam hona yeh parmokh lakhshan hain. Istion mein bhi mood change hona yeh menopause ka eke ham laqshan hai. Uske sath sath shareerak badlao jau hote hain usme lubrication ka kam hona jae mah se jau discharge ata hai usme kam hona yeh parmokh lakhshan hain. Is wajah se unhe kabhi kabhi kuch sex ki samasyain sata sakti hain. Uske elawa life mein jau barhti hue umar ke sath jau 40-45-50 saal ki jab hum baat kerte hain tab insan ki life mein kafi badlao ata hai. Jaise who profession mein ziada responsible position per puhanchta hai chahe job ho,yah business ho uska apna khudka tau wahan per jau demanding nature hai who ziada hojata hai kion k eek position si hoti hai insan ki uss waqt ki tau uske pas zimedarian kafi hoti hain. Sath mein hi domestic front pe uske ghar pe bachay barhe hue hote hain 20-22 saal mein uska jau education ke waqt uska ek ahem bhomika hojati hai aur usi ke sath sath unke parents jau 60s-70s ki age mein puhanchte hain unke samasyain bhi kafi rehti hain. Tau yeh insan 40s-50s mein ek aise cross road per aker ke khara hai jahan per usko apni niji life aur apne parewar jinon ki health parewar jinon ka education yeh sab cheezon ke barey mein uske liye sochna buhat zaruri hojata hai. Tau aise mein insan kafi kabhi stress mehsus kerta hai kafi tanao mehsus kerta hai, sath hi mein usko apni fitness ka bhi buhat hi dehan rakhna zaruri hai. Kyun ke yeh who umar hai jahan per diabetes, blood pressure,cholesterol jaise life tell diseases bhi apna sar uthati hain aur insan ki apni health mein kafi diqatein paida ker sakti hain. Tau aise mein apko sirf yehi kahunga ka umarab jaise barhti hai 50-55 ke agey bhi jaise sex ka ichcha hona bilkul normal hai yeh ghalat bilkul nahi hai. Halanke ek soch hoti hai insan ko abhi vanabparastam yani 50 saal ki umar mein yeh sab chor ker ke bhagwaan ke naam mein ziada vaist rehna chahye. Me tau yeh kahunga ke bhagwan ke naam mein apko pehle se hi vaist tehna hai sirf 50 ke baad nahi. Lekin jau sharer ki jau zaruratein hain,mann ki jau zaruratein hain uske oper hum drulaksh nahi kersakte hain. Who bhi utna hi importance rehte hain humari life mein tau uska bhi jaisey jaise mauqa milta hai jaise husband aur wife ko niji ek privacy rehti hai who bilqul barqarar rakhni chahye aur sexual relation qaim rakhna chahye. Ek common saying hai use it or lose it yeh saying humare sharer ke pushton ke liye sharer ke sab organs ke liye hi utna hi lagu hota hai ke jis organ ka apne istemaal kerna band kerdiya tau who organ apni shamta gawah bethta hai. Tau mitron yeh buhat zaruri hai ke hum fitnessmaintain karen ta ke hum achi health guzar saken, bimarian aone nazdeek na hun aur ap apni life ka jau anand hai who sahi tarah se utha sakte hain kion ke wigyan ne kafi taraqqi ki hai umrab barhne ke sath sath agar apnki joints mein taqleef hoti hai, had se ziada taqleef hojati hai tau ap joints replace kerwate hain, dant agar gir jate hain tau ap dant naye bithate hain,sar mein agar baal pak jate hain ya gir jate hain tau aap wig lagate hain,moti bindu mein hum lens change kerwate hain waise hi sex life mein bhi zarurat parhne per hum dawayon ka istemaal kerke humari sex life ko barqarar rakh sakte hain. Tau mitron yeh baat dehan rahe barhti hue umar humari sex life mein bilkul badah nahi dalti hai, badah agar dalti hai tau woh humari soch hai. Kisi ne theek kaha hai ke insan shareerak roop se bura pehle nahi hota hai mansik roop se apni soch se pehle bura hota hai. Tau aye humein apni soch badalni hai hum forever young rahenge aur forever young mehsus karenge.

Aur kisi ki jankari ke liye ap mera contact ker sakte hain ya appointment fix kersakte hain Lybrate yeh app ke zariye. Yeh Lybrate ka health app hai yeh kafi useful apko sabit hosakta hai. Dhanewaad!
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