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Pregnancy Symptoms - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

What is Pregnancy?

Pregnancy happens because of sexual intercourse or in the recent times owing to of assisted reproductive technology. Pregnancy in general lasts approximately 40 days (in human beings) from LMP (Last Menstrual Period) and ends with childbirth. This time span involves about 9 lunar months, whereby each month constitutes of 29½ days. Which when measured from the day of conception comes to 38 weeks.The developing baby inside the mother’s body is called an embryo during the first 8 weeks after conception after which it’s known as a fetus till it’s born.

More About Pregnancy :

Pregnancy can be confirmed by doing a pregnancy test.

Prenatal care is always necessary for pregnant women to improve the gestational outcomes. Prenatal care involves ingesting extra folic acid, doing regular exercise, avoid drugs and alcohol, getting regular physical examination done by a gynecologist and others.

Complications that arise out of pregnancy includes gestational diabetes, severe nausea, high blood pressure, deficiency anemia and at times vomiting among others.

While early term pregnancy can be anywhere between 37 to 39 weeks, term pregnancy is 31 to 41 weeks long. Full term pregnancy is considered between 39 to 40 weeks and late term pregnancy is gestation that ends on the 41st week. Any pregnancy that lasts beyond the 41st week is known as post term pregnancy. Babies that are born before the 37th week and are commonly known as preterm babies, are born with higher risk of health related issues like cerebral palsy.

What Experts say :

According to experts, all deliveries before the 39th week by caesarean section or induced labor isn’t recommended- unless it is utmost required for certain medical complications and reasons.Women experience and undergo a lot of physical changes in her during pregnancy, which are not at all fearsome and are absolutely normal. These changes happen in the hematological, cardiovascular, metabolic, renal and respiratory systems in her body. For during pregnancy increase in blood sugar, cardiac output and breathing are all required for gravidity.

The levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones continually change in a woman during her pregnancy, which aids in suppressing the hypothalamic axis and therefore bring change in her menstrual cycle. As all fetuses are genetically different from their mothers, hence this process can be viewed as an unusually successful allograft. This occurs because of the increased immune tolerance of both the mother and the allograft during the pregnancy.

Usually self diagnosable Lab test sometimes required Short-term: resolves within days to weeks
Braxton Hicks contractions. Tiredness, constipation and pelvic girdle pain. Nausea and vomiting tendency (morning sickness). Regurgitation, nausea and heartburns. Tenderness of the breasts.

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Popular Questions & Answers

Maine apni gf k sath pichle mahine periods khtm hone k 7 th day k bad 1 bar sex kiya aur maine yoni k bahar ejaculate v kiya. Aur us month uske periods v time p aa gye but agle mahine use 2 bar ulti ho gai. Uske bad koi ulti wgerah kch nahi aur na hi koi pregnancy ke symptoms fir v maine pregnancy kit se check up krwa diya to result negative aaya. But is month uske periods 25 th day ko hi aa gye aur ekdm har bar ki period k trh hi hue. Waise uske date aage piche hote rhte the pehle v. Kya ab v koi pregnancy ka dar hai. Sare periods normal periods k trh hi 3 din k the aur flow v same tha. Pls answer my question.

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Respected doctor's yesterday my wife had miscarriage third times in a row, the first miscarriage occurred in 2016, second in 2017 third on 03 april. During first time the pregnancy was of 5 weeks without heartbeats but in second and third case pregnancy was of 7-8 weeks with normal heartbeats. In all the 03 cases doctor prescribed to clean the residual with medicine but without d&c citing the residual clot is of 13-19 mm only. After second miscarriage doctor prescribed wife for torch, igg, igm test, thyroid, urine and blood tests in which her all report got normal values. As she got conceived without any medical help whenever we planned doctor not went any test for me. We changed our doctor after first and second miscarriage but we do not want to blame on doctor's. But there is some complications with us which doctor not able to diagnose results in recurrent miscarriage. Her lmp was - 27 january this time after her missed period, we went to doctor for any pre pregnancy care but urine test for pregnancy came negative, she have done same by herself also but came negative in the last week of february. On 26 march we again visited to doctor after experiencing all pregnancy symptoms and this time test came strongly positive after prescribed ultrasound, pregnancy confirmed with well appreciated heartbeat but a clot was present along with baby. As we also do not have any idea about the pregnancy, we had various trips and parties in between these 05-06 weeks of pregnancy unintentionally. But after conformance of pregnancy, doctor prescribed complete rest with folic acid, sustain sr 400 mg tab, duphaston tab, doxinate tab a day with hucog 5000 injection biweekly. But only after 06 days i.e. 03 april again in the 07 weeks pregnancy, pain with bleeding started. This time we both are in bewildered state and not able to understand what we should do now. We don't want this to repeat again therefore we need on this open platform that what we should do now for better future.

MBBS, MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Fellowship in Day care Gynaecological Endoscopy
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Hello. So sorry to read your entire details. Do not loose heart, its evidence based that even after 3 losses, the chance of successful outcome in subsequent pregnancy is more than 60 have done many investigations, other test which you can do...
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What is Pregnancy?

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