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Mouth Sores: Treatment, Procedure, Cost and Side Effects

What is the treatment?

A mouth sore is a small, shallow sore that can appear on any of the soft tissues, floor and roof of your mouth, on lips and cheeks or at the base of your gums. In some cases, you can develop sores on the oesophagus, the tube leading to your stomach. Mouth sores are generally harmless and last for about two weeks. However, in extreme cases, they can be a sign of mouth cancer. You must consult a doctor if you experience sores that are more than half an inch in diameter, rashes, joint pains, diarrhoea or fever. Mouth sores can occur if you bite your tongue, cheek or lip, chew tobacco, brush your teeth too hard or use a very hard bristled tooth brush. They may also occur if you have braces, retainers or dentures. Minor mouth sores go away naturally but major ones might need to be treated.

How is the treatment done?

Mouth sores generally disappear naturally but they can be very irritating or painful. They can be treated by simple home remedies. First of all, you must avoid hot, spicy, salty, citrus-based and high sugar foods. Such foods can further irritate your sores. Try doing gargles with lukewarm and salty water to seek some relief from pain. Apply a thin paste of baking soda and water over the sores. Avoid squeezing or picking on the sores. Eating cold foods like ice, ice pops and sherbets can help in relieving the irritation. If your condition does not improve with these remedies, consult a doctor. The doctor may prescribe some over the counter medications like acetaminophen and other anti inflammatory drugs or gels. If the doctor suspects it to be mouth cancer, biopsy will be taken to ensure the condition. You may have to go for surgery and chemotherapy to cure that.

Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)

If you are facing irritating and painful sores on the soft tissues, floor or roof of your mouth, on lips and cheeks or at the base of your gums; you must try this treatment to get rid of them.

Who is not eligible for the treatment?

Some sores disappear in a day or two while some sores may appear due to medical treatment for another ailment.

Are there any side effects?

Make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients of the medications. Other than that, there are no side effects.

What are the post-treatment guidelines?

Make sure that you consume a healthy and balanced diet while avoiding junk food. Avoid very hot food and drinks. Chew the food slowly. Do not smoke or chew tobacco. Drink plenty of your water to hydrate your body and mouth. Use a soft bristled tooth brush and brush your teeth gently. Protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun while stepping out.

How long does it take to recover?

The time period of recovery depends on the severity of your condition. Most sores go away in about two weeks.

What is the price of the treatment in India?

One session of consultation with a doctor may cost you between ₹200 - ₹600. The cost of acetaminophen may be around ₹100 per 500ml.

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

Mouth sores may occur again if you go through the same conditions again.

What are the alternatives to the treatment?

Most mouth sores go naturally in some time. If you do not want to go through medications, you can wait for them to disappear on their own.

Safety: Condition Effectiveness: Medium Timeliness: Medium Relative Risk: Medium Side Effects: Medium Time For Recovery: Medium Price Range:

Rs.100 to Rs.600

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Canker Sores - Ways They Can Be Treated!

MBBS, DHMS-Harvard, Masters in Clinical Dermatology
Dermatologist, Chandigarh
Canker Sores - Ways They Can Be Treated!

Canker sores are also known as aphthous sores and are the most common type of mouth ulcers. They mostly occur on the inside of the lips or cheek and are mostly whitish or yellowish in color. The sores are mostly surrounded by inflamed, reddish soft tissue. Canker sores commonly appear between the age of 10 and 20 years. They mpe ay create a tingling sensation in the mouth that makes eating, talking or swallowing difficult. In some cases, canker sores may cause general malaise and headache.

Reasons behind canker sores

  1. Any kind of viral infection
  2. Unhygienic brushing habits, such as not cleaning the mouth often or well enough.
  3. Hormonal fluctuations, especially during the menstrual cycle
  4. Inadequate rest and sleep
  5. Low immunity
  6. Stress
  7. Food allergy
  8. Deficiency of certain vitamins or minerals
  9. Some kind of mouth injury
  10. Ill-fitted dental appliances such as braces or dentures.
  11. Acidic or spicy food.

Types of canker sores and symptoms
Canker sores are mainly of two types

  1. Simple canker sores: These may occur twice or thrice in a year and can heal without treatment within a span of 3 to 4 weeks.
  2. Complex canker sores: These sores generally appear in the elderly, mostly in those who have a history of frequent sores. These may be accompanied by swelling of lymph nodes, very painful sores, high fever, headache, fatigue and general illness. Inflammation and infection of the ulcers may also occur if not diagnosed and treated on time.

Ways canker sores can be treated

  1. Antimicrobial mouth wash to rinse the mouth
  2. Antibiotic mouthwashes or oral pills
  3. Corticosteroid ointments can be applied on the affected area to reduce the inflammation and promote rapid healing.
  4. Drinking milk, consuming yoghurt or ice cream is known to provide relief.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

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Herpes - 5 Signs You are Suffering from it

MS - Obstetrics and Gynaecology, MBBS
Gynaecologist, Chennai
Herpes - 5 Signs You are Suffering from it

Herpes is caused due to the presence of the herpes simplex virus in your body. Herpes can appear on multiple areas of your body, but more commonly manifests in the genitals as well as the mouth. The two types of herpes are HSV-1 (oral herpes) and HSV-2 (responsible primarily for the outbreak of genital herpes). 

Causes of Herpes Simplex:

  1. Herpes is contagious in nature and can be passed to you by having sexual intercourse with anyone who has been infected. HSV 2 is the primary form of the virus, which is transmitted in this manner. 
  2. Herpes could be transmitted to an infant from their mother if she was infected while pregnant
  3. It can also get passed through direct contact like using the same plates or spoons or even the sharing of lip balm. Even kissing can spread the virus if the infected person has cold sores.

Symptoms of Herpes Simplex:

  1. The presence of blistering sores within the mouth or in the genital area is a telltale sign that you may have contracted genital herpes.
  2. If you are having painful urination then you should check with your doctor for the herpes virus.
  3. Continuous itching in certain areas such as the genitals.
  4. Not wanting to eat, having a fever could also be symptoms of herpes simplex virus in your body.
  5. Herpes can spread to your eyes and is known as herpes keratitis. It can cause pain in your eyes.

Diagnosis of Herpes Simplex:

  1. The common way to diagnose herpes is with an actual physical exam. Doctors will generally look out for sores on your body and may also check for some similar symptoms which might indicate herpes simplex. 
  2. HSV testing (alternately called herpes culture) is done to check the presence of a virus on the genitals. A fluid sample from the genitals is sent to laboratory for tests and will require a visit to the health center.
  3. There are blood tests to look for antibodies for both forms of HSV to diagnose the infections. However, this test is done only when there is and absence of sores or visible symptoms. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a doctor and ask a free question.
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Treatment Of Hand Foot And Mouth Disease!

MD - Acupuncture, Diploma In Accupuncture, Advanced Diploma In Accupuncture
Acupuncturist, Delhi
Treatment Of Hand Foot And Mouth Disease!

Treatment of Hand foot and mouth disease

Homeopathic Treatment of Hand foot and mouth disease
Acupuncture & Acupressure Treatment of Hand foot and mouth disease
Psychotherapy Treatment of Hand foot and mouth disease
Conventional / Allopathic Treatment of Hand foot and mouth disease
Surgical Treatment of Hand foot and mouth disease
Dietary & Herbal Treatment of Hand foot and mouth disease
Other Treatment of Hand foot and mouth disease
What is Hand foot and mouth disease
Symptoms of Hand foot and mouth disease
Causes of Hand foot and mouth disease
Risk factors of Hand foot and mouth disease
Complications of Hand foot and mouth disease
Lab Investigations and Diagnosis of Hand foot and mouth disease
Precautions & Prevention of Hand foot and mouth disease
Treatment of Hand foot and mouth disease

 Homeopathic Treatment of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

Homeopathy improves immunity. It relieves fever pain and other complaints. It treats the person as a whole. Treatment is constitutional. It means that homeopathic treatment focuses on the patient as a person, as well as his pathological condition. It balances the energy system, improves immunity and body functions. It naturally cures the root cause of disorder. Some of the homeopathic medicines that can be used for treatment of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease are:

Am C
Carb An
Rhus Tox

 Conventional / Allopathic Treatment of Hand foot and mouth disease

In the allopathic Treatment of Hand foot and mouth disease, topical oral anesthetic is prescribed may help relieve the pain of mouth sores. Over-the-counter pain medications other than aspirin, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen may help relieve general discomfort.

Dietary & Herbal Treatment of Hand foot and mouth disease

Eat ice cream or sherbet
Eat soft foods that don’t require much chewing
Drink cold beverages, such as milk or ice water
Avoid acidic foods, citrus fruits, fruit drinks and soda
Avoid salty or spicy foods

 What is Hand foot and mouth disease?

Hand foot and mouth disease is a viral infection common in young children. It is most commonly caused by a coxsackievirus.

 Symptoms of Hand foot and mouth disease

Sore throat
Painful, red, blister-like lesions on the tongue, gums and inside of the cheeks
red rashes on the palms, soles and sometimes the buttocks
Irritability in infants and toddlers
Loss of appetite

Causes of Hand foot and mouth disease

The common cause of hand foot and mouth disease is infection with the coxsackievirus A16. It spreads by person-to-person contact with an infected person’s:

Nasal secretions or throat discharge
Fluid from blisters
Respiratory droplets sprayed into the air after a cough or sneeze

Risk factors of Hand foot and mouth disease

Children younger than age 10

Complications of Hand foot and mouth disease

Viral meningitis

Diagnosis of Hand foot and mouth disease

Diagnosis of Hand foot and mouth disease is based on the signs and symptoms and the appearance of the rash or sores.

Precautions & Prevention of Hand foot and mouth disease

Wash your hands thoroughly, especially after using the toilet or changing a diaper, and before preparing food and eating.
Practice good hygiene to keep yourself clean
Disinfect common areas
Isolate contagious people

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5 Easy Ways To Treat Sore And Cracked Nipples!

Mbbs, MS(obstetrics and gynecology), Fellowship in laproscopic gynecological surgery
Gynaecologist, Delhi
5 Easy Ways To Treat Sore And Cracked Nipples!

Sore, cracked or even bleeding nipples is very common condition, while you breastfeed your baby. This could be due to the ways your baby sucks on to your breasts or because of problems such as a fungal infection in baby's mouth. 

Here is 5 easy ways to treat sore, cracked and bleeding nipples while you breastfeed your child.

1. Position of your baby:
You need to check that your baby has proper access to your nipples. Position your baby in a such a way that help baby to reach your breast. Keep a pillow on your lap and place your baby on it. Allow baby to open mouth wide and push your nipples till your areolas are in his/her mouth. This will allow baby to suck in better way and it will not hurt nipple.

2. Check that your baby's tongue is not tied and look for oral thrush:
Sometimes, babies face problems positioning their mouth and may not be able to move their tongue to the roof of the mouth for proper sucking. We suggest you check for it and get it treated by a doctor.
Oral thrush is a fungal infection is babies mouth. It looks like white patches with redness over tongue and mouth cavity. Consult immediately for it's treatment.

3. Use your own breastmilk as a medicine:
Your breast milk has antibacterial properties and can treat sore nipples. Just pump a few drops and apply on the affected area until dry. This will soothe your nipples and help you.

4. Use protective nipple shells:
If you have severe sore and cracked nipples, buy yourselves a pair of nipple shells to protect your breasts from friction against your bra or clothes. It will help them to keep protected.

5. Feed your baby at regular interval:
If you aren’t feeding baby on time, than baby becomes aggressive, especially when they are hungry. Hence, baby will suck aggressively. 


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Sore Male Organ Syndrome - Could It Be Behcet's Disease?

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Sore Male Organ Syndrome - Could It Be Behcet's Disease?

Sore Male Organ Syndrome: Could It Be Behcet's Disease?

A man can get a sore male organ(MO) from any number of reasons, including using his equipment too much or not keeping his manhood well lubricated during extended sensual encounters. There can also be some male organ health concerns, such as a social disease, that might cause a sore MO as well. But sometimes that soreness comes from a medical issue that goes beyond the MO - and such can be the case when a guy has Behcet's disease.

What it is?

Also called Behcet's syndrome, Behcet's disease is named after a Turkish doctor who is credited with discovering it in the 1930s. It is both an autoimmune and an autoinflammatory disease.

Autoimmune means that the body, for some reason usually unknown, starts to sense a normal body part or function as abnormal and therefore initiates a defense against it; in other words, the body starts fighting itself. Autoinflammatory diseases come about when a genetic mutation is the reason that the immune system starts fighting against a normal body part of function.

With Behcet's, this brings about serious inflammation in blood vessels. When this happens, it may manifest in several different ways: as skin rashes, as sores in the mouth, as red eyes, as arthritis pain in joints - or as MO sores. And those MO sores can make for a sore MO.

There are an estimated 16,000-20,000 people with Behcet's disease in the United States, and it is more likely to occur in men than in women.

Sometimes it can be severe and cause pain and inconvenience; in other people, it may be very mild and hardly noticed. While the sore MO can be a problem, there are other potential complications, including vision loss or stroke, that are of greater concern.

Many men find that when a Behcet's disease flare-up occurs and results in MO sores that their sensual lives are affected. The sores can give the impression that the member may have a social disease when, in fact, Behcet's is not contagious. But even if a partner is willing, many men find that the sore MO impacts the pleasure that they would otherwise feel from engaging in sensual activity.


Scientists still do not understand the cause of Behcet's, despite knowing there is a genetic component associated with it. Diagnosing it can sometimes take a while, especially if one has only minor symptoms.

In terms of the sore male organ, treatment typically involves topical corticosteroid medications. This help reduces the swelling and the pain. If a flare-up is mild, the sores may resolve on their own without intervention.

However, especially with more severe cases, it often is necessary to maintain continuing treatment in order to reduce the number or severity of flare-ups. This usually involves continued use of corticosteroids, but with other medications added to help suppress the overact immune response.

During flare-ups, it's also important that a person gets sufficient rest. This can help the body "re-group" and aid it in resolving the flare-up more quickly.

Even when sores from Behcet's disease go away, a guy may still experience a sore male organ. Once sores are gone, it may be helpful to regularly apply a first rate male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Soreness is often a sign of damaged male organ skin, so try finding a crème that contains helpful moisturizing agents, such as a high end emollient (look for shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E). Try to locate a crème which also lists vitamin D among its ingredients. Vitamin D has proven benefits in fighting diseases and supporting healthy cellular function and can provide important health benefits.


Popular Questions & Answers

Dear Dr. U Suffering last 5 months Diabetes. Mly sugar level is 140 fast. After fast is 210. Which is the best medicine fir that. Right now I take gimpxin 2 mg. But j take continue s I I ulcers in my mouth. So pl. Advice fir the best.

MD - Medicine, Diploma in Diabetes Management
Diabetologist, Surat
Dear lybrate-user You are by far away from the desired levels of sugar, just based on this information it is not possible to choose the right medicine for you, your diet, detailed history, previous reports are needed.

I had an exposure .i have mouth ulcer, fever after 4 day of exposure. After 30 days of exposure I have done hiv duo combo the obtained value is 0.22 and is nonreactive, after 50 days done hiv duo combo the obtained value is 0.36.i am feared about rise in the value and is I want to retest at 90 days.

BASM, MD, MS (Counseling & Psychotherapy), MSc - Psychology, Certificate in Clinical psychology of children and Young People, Certificate in Psychological First Aid, Certificate in Positive Psychology, Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health
Psychologist, Palakkad
Dear user. Thanks for the question. HIV spread through Contact between broken skin, wounds, or mucous membranes and HIV-infected blood or blood-contaminated body fluids. Deep, open-mouth kissing if both partners have sores or bleeding gums and blood from the HIV-positive partner gets into the bloodstream of the HIV-negative partner. HIV can not spread through saliva.
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Hi, I have no flu no other symptoms which is related to hiv. But I have mouth sore and my tongue is slightly white. And headache also. Should I do HIV.

MBBS, PG Diploma (HIV Medicines)
HIV Specialist, Surat
You want to prove it by laboratory then go for HIV 1 PRO VIRAL DNA QUALITATIVE test after 17 days of exposure. In this stressful condition it s better to do online audio consultation so we can discuss personally one to one basis and I can help you to come out from fear and anxiety of HIV. So you restart your normal healthy life without any stress and depression.
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What is the treatment?
How is the treatment done?
Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)
Who is not eligible for the treatment?
Are there any side effects?
What are the post-treatment guidelines?
How long does it take to recover?
What is the price of the treatment in India?
Are the results of the treatment permanent?
What are the alternatives to the treatment?
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Healthy Life And Dietary Modifications
Healthy body and lifestyle is a dream for many but this can surely be achieved by making some slight modifications in our diets and daily living.
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Doable Ways to Control Your ANGER and Not Let it Control You!
I am Dr Priyanka Srivastava We know that anger is a type of emotion and it s a natural emotion. But if it doesn t be managed in appropriate time, it will hamper our day-to-day life situations. So, today let s understand what are the important tips that need to be followed to manage anger.

First, is Practice Deep Breathing. When we practice deep breathing, it relaxes our muscles and we divert our mind and our anger reduces down.
Secondly, you should start reverse counting from 0 to 1. When we start reverse counting, surely our mind diverts and again our muscles loosen down and we might change our thoughts from anger to happiness also.
Thirdly, we need to focus on the present. When we focus on the present, we follow our past and the situations in which we are entering anger. If we do not mix the past with the present, surely the anger will be lowered down.
We need to listen to the music of our choice. If we switch to the music, we surely again lower down the muscles and anger will slow down.
We need to change the situation. If we change the situation, again, the muscles will lower down and we will be reducing the anger in our thoughts.
Lastly, as muscles are important, we need to relax our tightened muscles. While relaxing our tightened muscles, we need to do some small exercises like the movement of our fingers and movement of our head so that the tightened muscles towards our forehead and our hands again loosen down.
So, by these simple six tips you surely can manage the anger in our day-to-day life because as we are not able to manage we might hamper our close relationships, we might hamper our relationships at work and at home also.
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Understand the Term of Depression
Here are some tips related to Depression.
Here are some tips related to Depression.

Understand the term Depression
Hi! I m Dr. Priyanka Srivastava, a Psychologist, practicing in Noida.
Today, let s understand the term depression. Depression is nothing but a psychological condition that can drain your energy, drive and hope from your life. The things that you once rejoiced may not be pleasurable anymore.

Meanwhile, it is not a simple and an easy way to move out from depression. You need to consult a counseling psychologist or a counselor or a therapist to overcome the symptoms of depression. Yet at the same time, there are certain things you need to avoid and you need to follow when you are moving in this state of depression.

So, There are four things that you need to avoid during this state of depression.

Avoid staying alone- Whenever we are in this depression mode, we generally do not want to interact with the people, do not want to move into the social situations but we recommend that you should move into the social situation so that the feeling of loneliness is being taken care of.
Avoid not seeking help- Avoid not seeking help means that you need to consult a therapist or a counseling psychologist who will help you to overcome with these symptoms of depression either through online or an offline mode of consultation.
Avoid white foods or processed foods- Now white foods or the processed foods, they are generally simple carbohydrates that can actually lead to insulin dumping and trigger the process of depression.
Lastly, the products of aspartame.
Aspartame is nothing but an artificial sugar. Eating aspartame can increase the density of depression symptoms and may result in insomnia as well.

Now, What are the things we need to follow during this depression mode?

We need to consume more of omega-3 fatty acids in our diet- For the vegetarians, we can include flaxseeds, broccoli, in our diet. For non-vegetarians, we can include fish, or fish cod liver oil
Get involved in social settings- Getting involved in social settings will surely help you move out from this state of depression.
Fix your daily routine- Fixing the daily routine will help you; motivate you to move out again from this state of depression.
Be positive and be open to the new ideas- Have a positive thinking then, surely you will come out from this state of mind, and be open to the ideas from the social gathering.
For any other consultation, regarding this depression, you can consult me through Lybrate online and offline mode.
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Know more about Fear
Positive and Negative aspects of Fear
Positive and Negative aspects of Fear

Hi I am Dr. Priyanka Srivastav a practicing psychologist in Noida and with Lybrate. Today lets understand what is fear. I know fear is a very common issue which everyone is facing in their day to day life situation. So what is fear? It is nothing but feeling of stress, apprehension or alarm caused by a sense of impending nature. Fear is generally within ourselves, but we all feel that fear is controlled by external factors. As human beings we all believe that if logic or reason is being given to a problem then we are not in a fearful situation. We can manage that situation so very well. So fear is very within our own selves.

Let us take an example, it is a very day to day life example. If we have to go to the railway station to catch a train, and we find the train is late, and we don t get the reason why the train is late we can get a apprehensive feeling, we will feel restless about the situation. But if the train is late because of some logic or rational reason behind it then we are relaxed and we will wait for the train to come. So fear can be easily overcome if there is a logic or reason behind that particular situation. So as a human being if a logis is given surely this feeling can be overcome.

Let's take another few examples related to this. In a dark room if we enter we have fear that some animals will be crawling over the floor, but if we switch on the light and see no animals on the floor, although we had a fear before entering to the room but if we switch on the light and see no animals it's just our imagination and the fear, so fear is again within our own selves. It is not controlled by the external factors. There are both positive and negative aspects to this fear and we generally experience fear in a very negative aspect. The positive aspect of fear is that it leads to more understanding more thoughtfulness of our mind. It leads to more creativity, we tend to think more into the details to come to the right and rational solutions to the situations which we are encountering.

So this fear can be overcome if we are very rational to the situation. Secondly the fear can be overcome if we forget the situation which has happened with us, if we forget certain past bad experiences of our life, then we can surely overcome fear. For example the bad experience can be one with our friend, with our college-mate, if we had a bad experience and after a couple of years or after a decade or so we meet with the same person and if we encounter with same type of fear then it is not the right way of managing the situation. The right way would be to analyse the situation, to understand it and to forget what has happened during that past time, so that we can easily manage our fear.

If you want to consult furthermore related to the queries about fear you can contact me through Lybrate online or offline mode of it.
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Ways to get rid of hyperpigmentation
Hello, viewers, I m Dr Rohit Batra from Derma worlds skin and hair clinic. Today we are going to talk about hyper pigmentation or melasma.

Melasma or Hyper pigmentation is very common in females though it affects males also. You must have seen people having hyper pigmentation or brown or black spots on the face, especially in the butterfly area of the face. That is known as melasma or mask of pregnancy. But though it is known as the mask of pregnancy even unmarried females can have on their face. Pigmentation is a very common thing that is seen in our household, but people are very depressed with the hyper pigmentation on their face. They want to get rid of it.

Today as dermatology is growing by leaps and bounds we have got many things that can help you get rid of pigmentation. We have peels, we have lasers, we have other treatments, topicals, cream etc that if prescribed by a trained experienced dermatologist can do wonders to your skin. So if you are having hyper pigmentation, then is it because of any acne that you had earlier or you are suffering from melasma or be it any sort of hyper pigmentation visit a dermatologist so that he can help you get rid of it. It takes around two to three months in which the hyper pigmentation or the brown or black spots fade away and once you have taken care of it and you apply a sunscreen on a regular basis you can take care of the hyper pigmentation so that it doesn t come back.

As far as sunscreen is concerned depending on what sort of skin type you have you can either opt for a gel based sunscreen if you have an oily skin or a lotion or cream base if you have a dry skin. Sunscreen needs to be applied half an hour before sun exposure and the effect lasts for one and a half hour so you need to reapply. But you must think if the sunscreen is having just an S.P.F. rating of higher say in the eighties or nineties that doesn t prevent you from hyper pigmentation. It should be a broad spectrum sunscreen with a UV A and a UV B protection to give you complete protection against the harmful effects of the sun that leads to hyper pigmentation. When talking about peels we have glycolic acid, we have ferulic acid, we have rhetoric acid that are given in peels along with mandelic acid etc in arginine that carefully but surely treats the hyper pigmentation without any side effects. Q switch lasers is used only in resistant areas where all other things like cream, oral medication and peels have failed.

So don t get depressed, visit us and we can surely help you get rid of hyper pigmentation, marks and melasma on your face.

If you are really worried about the hyper pigmentation marks on your face or body and you want to get rid of them you can either visit us at our lybrate profile or can just drop in for an appointment at our clinic Derma worlds Skin and Hair Clinic, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi.

Happy Healing.
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