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Lifestyle Changes For Living Better With Diabetes And Thyroid

Written and reviewed by
Dt. Rashmi Sharma 90% (20 ratings)
Post Graduate In Food Science & Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Faridabad  •  13 years experience
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I am dietician Rashmi Sharma from Faridabad. I am handling thyroid, BP and diabetic patients and obesity.

Basically, thyroid, BP and sugar - all these problems are Lifestyle problems and these are always because of the eating habits, exercise and your lifestyle. Stress is the major reason for all these things. In thyroid, the person is basically having metabolism disorders in their body. Metabolism related - like if they eat food, they are not able to digest it and some other symptoms are also there like swelling is there, mood swings and many other things are there.

According to a person's lifestyle, these symptoms are there. Some persons who have hypothyroidism specially - they have more ways and those who are in Hypothyroidism and they have less weight they have some kind of their lifestyle problems.

We have diet patterns, we provide diet patterns, the timings of their diet . Some kind of meditation procedures are also available like what kind of procedures you can avail to heal your thyroid and even the person gets ready rid of medicines also. Like most of the cases we have gone through which have got very good balance of their thyroid and they get rid of their medicines also.

We have some procedures also, processes like cryolipolysis, laser and Ultra - these procedures help you to reduce anxiety and the weight also and with inches and weight counselling , you can maintain your weight and your pattern. Secondly sugar diabetes - diabetes are basically also lifestyles problem or if the person is having fattening in their pancreas, they also suffer from sugar. So for pancreas fat percentage, they have to reduce their fat eating foods which are heavy in their fat patterns like they must avoid maida and they introduced high beans and sprouts also which help them to reduce the fat percentage.

In Diabetic, the person should introduce themselves to most of the exercise patterns, if the person is unable to do the exercise they must reduce first their fat percentage then introduce muscles also. How they include the muscles in their body?

It is all about how you can avail your diet - in a diet beans-whole beans , those who are vegetarian they can go for the whole beans , they can go for the sprouts ; and those who are non-vegetarian they must take thrice chicken, chicken leg piece twice as a meal replacement and every person has his own kind of a lifestyle, so they have their problems also because of their wrong eating habits and the wrong lifestyles.

So in a first or second stage, you must first go through diet pattern, then with the exercise and then the type of your lifestyle. It doesn't mean you should not have any kind of fried foods, fried foods . You can be a thyroid person also, BP person also and diabetic person also. But they also need some kind of a guidance and for further guidance they must go for once in a month or once in three months for any Counsellor.

We can help them to maintain their pattern as well. Second thing is the technological basis, technological basically for those who are unable to control these levels. These technologies help them to maintain by reducing the organelle fat and by maintaining the fat percentage in their body.

Second muscle improvement - how they can improve their muscles? Muscles improve by the diet or by reducing their fat percentage or exercise. Some people have low muscle mass like 17, 19 or 20. The muscle percentage can improve by eating patterns, the timings of their eating patterns and the type of food they are choosing.

For vegetarian person they can go for beans, whole beans and for nutritional basis like Tofu and Paneer and milk content and those who are lactose intolerance they must avoid milk and milk products they can use beans, sprouts then milk products. And first, they have to reduce the fat percentage then they can improve the muscle, without reducing their organelle fat and fat they can't improve their muscles as well. So they need a proper counselling for that and for thyroid patients and for BP patients they must take care of the vitamin C level also. That can help them to reduce the water retention and retain the sodium balance as well.

Thank you.

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