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Hyperlipidemia - An Overview

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Hello everyone! I am Dr. Prachi Goel Senior Homeopathic consultant & a Nutritionist at Dr. Goel’s Care Clinic.

Today we will discuss one of the most common adulthood ailment we are facing in India & worldwide today and we call it Hyperlipidemia. Hyperlipidemia is nothing but high cholesterol high fats or high triglycerides in the blood. So what is cholesterol & triglycerides? They are fat proteins present in blood which can be HDL LDL Cholesterol triglycerides as we listen regularly in our daily lives. Around 35% of Indian population is suffering from Hyperlipidemia. Which can be high levels of cholesterol or any type of cholesterol and fat proteins in blood. It is a raising disease where patient is not complaining of any symptoms he is not having any problem but yes he is very high risk of heart diseases and developing stroke angina heart attacks in future. So we have to act immediately.

Lets start what are the causes of Hyperlipidemia. Hyperlipidemia have many causes we classify them as primary causes or secondary causes. Primary causes the first thing is genetic predisposition where the parents grandparents having this problem or had a very poor lifestyle having high saturated fats obesity & different problems which have made changes in their genes and hence people today we are today are prone to have this problem. And if today we have unhealthy lifestyle high fats in our diet & poor exercises we are making changes in our genes and making our future generations prone to this problem. Another primary cause is cigarette smoking, tobacco chewing which directly increases the level of cholesterol in blood. Obesity motappa poor diet poor diet includes a diet high in saturated fats and diet poor in fats and other essential components which should be there in our diet.

Poor lifestyle sedentary habits purey din office mein baithna exercise bilkul nahi karna pura din ghar pe baithna that adds on the sedentary habits. Then there are secondary causes which includes diabetes mellitus diabetes sugar ki jo problem hoti hai hypothyroidism thyroid ailments are very common causes of high cholesterol in females which hence cause other hormonal problem. Kidney diseases & liver diseases they destroy our metabolism and creates high cholesterol and then many medicines. Medicines has an important sideeffect and increasing the level of cholesterol in our blood and which includes beta blockers. Beta blockers are the most common medicines which we use to treat high blood pressure and hence they increase cholesterol and fats in our blood. Immuno suppresents which we commonly use for skin & kidney & liver diseases they increase cholesterol levels in our blood.

Anti depressents which many patients take it either over the counter or from the doctor and yes it increases the cholesterol levels and then other steroids which we very commonly use for skin ailments and LDA ailment or for that matter which increases and make the patient prone to have this problem. And then one of the important cause is improper lifestyle high percentage of fat in body and hence high number of percentage of fat in the blood. Now we have to discuss how to manage this. Management with any medicines. Homeopathy Allopathy Ayurveda any medicines will not help you unless & until we add on lifestyle changes necessary to decrease and control the cholesterol level in blood. In homeopathy we have many medicines like Adonis, Cholesterinum , Feltori, Nagswamika, Illum Sativa. Many medicines we have but we prefer to use the constitutional treatment where we fix the metabolic disorder which have caused the increase levels of cholesterol which have increased the cholesterol level in the blood & hence cure the patient. But here of course we talk about holistic treatment and what is holistic treatment.

In holistic treatment, we will fix the diet. The diet is the main cause which has caused this problem. We will fix the lifestyle the improper habits which have caused this problem and obviously we will add medicines who speeden up the results. And to cure it for good it is not like ki once the levels are normal & they will increase again but yes we will make sure that you follow a healthy lifestyle so as to heal you & cure you forever. So what are the dietary changes which we require. First is weight loss if your BMI is more than 23 kilogram per metre square you have to decrease your weight and get into the normal range and hence you can have a healthy lifestyle. And what are the things which will help you. First we have to control the carbohydrates not more than 50% of the diet should be carbohydrates and we have to focus on low glycemic carbohydrates and which include whole wheat whole cereals yani chhilke ke sath wali cheesey.

Fruits vegetables jinka chhilka unke sath hai, green vegetables jo hum as it is use karte hain those are very good. Jo daley hain, chhilke wali daley whole pulses whole grains are the things which have low glycemic index. Unpolished rice white rice is not bad but yes we polished rice is bad. You can use brown rice red rice but unpolished rice is good in vitamins also and have low glycemic index low glycemic index means wo hamare blood mein dheere dheere jata hain dheere dheere energy provide karta hain and it is good for diabetics also and people with high cholesterol also. Not more than 50% of our diets should have carbohydrates then we talk about fats. Not more than 10% the total fat content should not be not more than 10% of our diet and no saturated fats. Saturated fats yani ghee makhhan jo Jamey huye hotey hain at room temperature we should avoid them. And we should prefer poly unsaturated fats. Poly unsaturated fats seed oils fish oils nuts dry fruits ke andar jo oils hota hain oysters like you say sea food is very good for every thing so we should prefer those.

And people who are vegetarians they should prefer the nut oils. Mustard oil is one of the very good oil, groundnut oilis one of the very good oil, olive oil, castor oil, jo nuts or seeds se oils nikle huye hain those are healthier options but yes we have to decrease the content. Now after carbohydrates lets talk about fibre. What is fibre? Resha jo hamare diet mein hota hain is one of the most important ingredient. It prevents us from cancer it helps in our regular bowel movements and it saves us from high cholesterol diabetes & many things. So fibre content you have to increase till about 40 grams per day aap aramse le sakte hain aur kahan se hamey yeh fibre milega wohi again whole fruits chhilke wali fruits khao ache se dhoke, whole vegetables hum isabgul le sakte hain hum bran le sakte hain jo hamare gehun ka chhilka hota hain wo, to chhilke ka samet jo jo chisey hum lenge wo hamare fibre content mein add hoyega.

Now next we talk about proteins. Proteins we can increase our content fairly take 1gm per kg body weight means aap ka job hi weight hain suppose aapka weight 80kg hain to aap 80 gm protein roz ka aram se kha sakte hain aram se digest kar sakte hain aur proteins ke liye obviously non vegetarians egg fish meat wagera prefer karoge and for vegetarians hum daley soya soya milk milk yeh hum sari cheesey add karengey proteins ke liye and they will help to fix our fat metabolism and other metabolism of our body & help to reduce the cholesterol levels. Next is salt. Salt yes we do not count salt as an ingredient in our diet as a content of our diet but but yes it is a very important but we have to restrict it to less than 5gms per day. Ek chamachh mein approximately 5 se 10 gm salt ata hain agar hum ek chamachh namak lete hain to humey pura din us ek chamachh se jyada nahi lena hain. 5gm se kam se kam salt lena hain because salt also later on causes high blood pressure high cholesterol everything.

We have to restrict the sugar content of our diet sugar refined sugar chini jo hum kahate hain sahed gur ye sab sugar ka content mein ata hain. We have to limit them we should avoid juices cold drinks aereated drinks are useless are poisonous for everyone of us. We should avoid them instead you can have healthier options you can have coconut water chhachh aap le sakte hain low fat milk le sakte hain and water one of the best drinks we should have at least 10 to 15 glasses of water per day to eliminate toxins from our body. And next we come onto the most important part that is physical activity. We have to increase our physical activity which will help to burn the excess fat in our body which will help to improve the metabolism in our body.

For anyone more than 60 minutes of physical activity is necessary. Vigorous exercises that means which include aerobics running jogging proper strenuous gyming and strenuous exercises 60 minutes a day at least 60 minutes aur agar aap moderate form of exercises kar rahen hain to you can have 150 minutes a day you can target that will help you to heal to avoid all the diseases and to treat the hyperlipidemia high cholesterol high fat levels in your blood. You can add yoga which will help you distress and it is one of the Indian & native form of exercises which is very good for everyone. So here Dr Prachi signing off and wish you all a very good health and good life ahead and I wish you will make those changes today to save you and your future generations. Thank you!

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