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Diet Chart - Treatment, Procedure And Side Effects

What is Diet Chart?

A diet chart is basically a guideline of what you should/should not eat. A wide range of disorders in the body can originate from making the wrong choices with respect to food. Lifestyle disorders like diabetes and obesity are prime examples what eating the wrong type of food can do.

In order to prevent such disorders or simply bring your weight to optimal levels, you can visit a dietitian who can design a diet chart for you. It will include the type of foods that you should eat and in what quantity. The scheduling of your meals is another aspect that can easily be overlooked, so a diet chart also addresses this aspect. It is generally designed based on the disorder/condition that you may have. Based on a thorough examination of your medical records, the dietician will make a diet chart accordingly.

It is recommended to visit the dietitian on a periodic basis so that he/she is aware of your progress.

How to follow a Diet Chart?

Initially, the dietician will check your weight and physical fitness. A thorough examination of your medical records will be done to see if you have any disorder. The diet chart will then be designed according to the disorder/ condition that you may have. This can be better illustrated with an example, where the patient has high cholesterol levels.

This is a sample diet chart for a patient with high cholesterol levels –

  • Include plenty of vegetable and fruits.
  • Increase fiber intake by including fiber-rich foods in your diet like oats, wheat bran, and brown rice.
  • Include oily fish like salmon and mackerel in your diet.
  • Avoid eating simple sugars like cookies and carbonated drinks as they contain little nutritional value.
  • Include nuts like almonds and walnuts as they are rich in antioxidants and good fats.

Who should choose for a Diet Chart?

A diet chart can be recommended if you have the following conditions –

  • You are overweight and have a high body mass index
  • If you are diabetic
  • If you have high blood pressure
  • If you have high cholesterol levels
  • If you suffer from vitamin deficiency
  • If you suffer from other disorders that require dietary changes

Are there any side effects?

A diet chart can only have side effects if it has been prescribed in the wrong manner. Some of the side effects that a diet chart can have are –

  • Excessive weight loss
  • Deficiency of vitamins or minerals in the body.
  • You might get prone to few disorders

What are the key point guidelines?

The post treatment guidelines regarding a diet chart are –

  • Consult the dietician in case you feel sick.
  • Check your weight periodically so that rapid fluctuations in weight can be detected.
  • In case you are not comfortable with certain foods in your diet, consult your dietician if you want to make changes.

How much will it cost you?

The price of a diet plan varies from Rs 5000 to 10,000 per quarter

Are the results of diet chart permanent?

The results of a diet plan can be permanent if balanced diet is maintained post the dieting exercise

What are the alternatives to the diet plan?

If a person fails in achieving the desired body through exercising and diet, the doctor goes for liposuction surgery, also known as lipo. In this technique the doctor removes the excess fat from the body.

The doctor mainly removes fat from patient’s hips, belly, thighs, back, buttocks, arms or face to bring it back in shape. Lipo surgery is also done with other plastic surgeries, including facelifts, breast reductions, and tummy tucks. You need to be physically fit to undergo a liposuction.

So, if you are also suffering from excess body weight, you should immediately consult a doctor for best advise. Lipo, however, is an expensive procedure and requires a lot of post-surgery care.

Safety: Very High Effectiveness: High Timeliness: Medium Relative Risk: Low Side Effects: Very Low Recovery Time: Low Price Range: Rs. 500 - Rs. 2000.

Popular Health Tips

Mother's Day Special - Give Your Mom The Gift Of Health!

MBBS, MD - Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Delhi
Mother's Day Special - Give Your Mom The Gift Of Health!

She Gave you the Gift of Life! While you simply can’t repay her, these 5 Mother’s Day gifts are the next best thing!

Our mothers spend most of their time worrying about everyone else, brushing aside and ignoring her own health conditions. Although, we can't repay her back, but we surely can take care of her, as with growing age our mothers are often are at risk of a range of health conditions including menopause, bone diseases, heart problems and even breast cancer.  This Mother’s Day, rather than pretty trinkets, gift her something more long lasting and meaningful; let us give her the gift of health.

Here’s 5 super gift ideas to get you started:

  1. Help her detox and be stronger, with YogaWhether she is a stay-at-home mom or a working mother, Yoga is a great way for her to detox from a stressful working day. Get your mom a Yoga mat and enroll her in Yoga classes, this Mother’s Day. There are numerous benefits of Yoga, not only will it help her burn calories and stay fit, but also the strengthening poses will help her be healthier from within while the deep breathing techniques will help keep the stress of daily life at bay.
  2. Chart out a healthy yet delicious diet plan for her: A great way to help your mother is to help her get on the healthy track that is to create a diet chart for her. After charting out a healthy yet delicious diet plan for her, the more crucial element is execution, so make sure that she follows it. A healthy diet is essential for her, in order to fight against any health issues. Her diet should include green leafy salads, fruit and vegetables, yoghurt, lentils, and protein rich food. Also women at this age are highly susceptible to bone disease and ailments such as osteoporosis. Ensure that her intake of Calcium and Vitamin D is apropriate to fight the same. You can include delicious recipes for highly nutritional meals, along with the diet plan. A great way to get her excited about this is by being proactive, this Mother’s Day- Cook up one of those delectable healthy meals for your mom and bring her breakfast in bed! If you think special attention would work better, book her a consultation with a dietician who can give her a more professional evaluation and recommendation. 
  3. Treat her like the Queen with a spa voucher: Mothers are superheroes, but even superheroes need a mini vacation (If not a full vacation). A soothing day at the spa could be just the switch off mode she needs to go into. Gift your mother a spa coupon this Mother’s Day, for her to enjoy some no-holds barred pampering. However, once a year is not enough for someone with so many responsibilities to de-stress. Therefore, along with a coupon, make sure that your mother has certain DIY pampering options handy all year round. From soothing herbal oils, loofahs, bath salts, scrubs and hand held body massagers to an electronic neck or back massager; enable your mother to have a spa treatment whenever her heart desires, from the comfort of her home. 
  4. Ensure she has regular, health check-ups: While Mother’s Day is just once a year, you love your mom and want her to be healthy all 365 days. To maintain good health, one needs regular health check-ups. Either moms are too busy to find the time or they tend to not give enough importance, to their own health check-up. While on Mother’s Day you can gift her a full body check up (which everyone should get at least once a year), you can ensure that your mother is healthy on a daily basis, by keeping track of any conditions that she is suffering from and following up with relevant check ups, treatment and other procedures as necessary. Visit the doctor/clinic with her. Not only will you ensure that those visits actually happen at the frequency they should, but also the kind of moral and emotional support she will get from you through this will go a long way in keeping her healthy and happy. 
  5. Help her gear up to stay fit and healthy: The key to staying healthy and fit is regular exercise. While Yoga works effectively for holistic health and well-being, it still may not be enough for your mom to attain all her health and fitness goals. If getting her to join the gym is out of question, bring the gym to her by buying convenient and compact workout equipment such as a treadmill or a spin bike. Not only can she attain major health goals from the comfort of her home, but also you guys can work out together, which will motivate her and even give you more time to bond. 
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Glycemic Index in Diabetes - Things You Need to Know About It!

MD - Medicine, MBBS
Endocrinologist, Delhi
Glycemic Index in Diabetes - Things You Need to Know About It!

When you are suffering from Diabetes, your first concern would be is to keep your sugar level in check. For this, you need to measure your dietary needs and keep your sugar level in control. Carbohydrates are the main source of sugar in your body. While making your diet chart, make sure that you do include carbohydrates, but only those which would not tamper with your sugar levels randomly. There are certain foods which would shoot up your sugar level to an undesired amount. This would in turn cause various other health problems. The question that arises here is, how would you distinguish between good carbohydrates and bad carbohydrates for your body? Well, the easiest way to differentiate is the use of Glycemic Index (GI).

What is Glycemic Index (GI)?
Glycemic index is a measurement of how soon the body changes carbohydrate foods into glucose. It is usually mentioned in the nutritional information segment behind every packaged food. This would help you to understand whether it can be consumed by you or not, keeping in mind your stage of diabetes and other dietary restrictions that your medical practitioner might have asked you to follow. The lower the number is, say fifty and lower, then it is usually safe for consumption as it takes a long time to convert to glucose. But, if the food has a higher number, say, seventy and above, then it becomes difficult for you consume it as it can harm your body. A Glycemic index is important information that you need to check before buying your food in case you suffer from diabetes.

The index can change from individual to individual:
This is an interesting yet unnerving fact that the index may change from person to person. The statistics mentioned on the packaging is just a starting point. Depending on how the food item is later cooked and what ingredients go into it, the Glycemic index may go down or go up. Some of the important factors for the changing index are the time the food is eaten, the way it is prepared as well as other foods that are consumed along with it. Foods break down into chemical compounds within our body. So, it is nothing but a chemical reaction which might increase or decrease depending upon the other variables.

Thus, these are some essential facts that you need to know about the Glycemic index. It is important to check GI, even at a base level, before purchasing your food; so that later on it does not create an imbalance in your diet schedule.

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Coronary Artery Disease - 6 Tips to Help You Manage It!

Multi Speciality
Cardiologist, Delhi
Coronary Artery Disease - 6 Tips to Help You Manage It!

Coronary artery disease, also known as coronary heart disease or CHD, is a kind of disease in which a wax-like substance called plaque, builds up in the coronary arteries.

Function of Coronary Artery
The task of coronary arteries is to supply oxygen rich blood to the heart muscles. When there is the growth of plaque in these arteries, the condition is termed as atherosclerosis. Plaque builds up over the years, and it hardens or ruptures with time. When plaque gets hardened, it narrows the coronary arteries and thus disrupts the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscles causing coronary heart diseases. Millions of people are diagnosed with heart diseases, nowadays.

Though it is true that living with a heart disease is not easy, it is not impossible either. Many people are successfully leading a happy life in spite of having such diseases. With some major changes in your lifestyle, food habits and with the help of exercises and a healthy diet, it is possible to enjoy a happy life, irrespective of your diseases. 

Here are six ways that would help you to lead a better life, even if you have been diagnosed with coronary artery disease.

  1. Lifestyle changes: This is the first point that needs to be kept in mind if you are a CAD patient. Lifestyle changes are essential to make for a better health and life. Smoking and drinking have to be given up completely. It is advised to avoid secondary smoke, as much as possible.
  2. Exercises: This is the next important activity that needs to be a part of your daily routine to lead a healthy life. Consult with a doctor about the types of exercise that would suit your conditions. Some common exercises that would help are walking, jogging, and swimming, for at least 30 minutes at the most. Choose whichever activity you like doing. The motive of exercises is to get your heart-rate up.
  3. A Heart healthy diet: Get a chart prepared for your diet by a dietitian or by your doctor. This will keep your disease from getting worse. Stick to a heart-healthy eating plan, which consists of foods that can lower your risk of heart attack, stroke, etc. Include more fruits, vegetables, and other high fibre foods in your daily diet. Go for foods that are low in saturated fats, trans-fats, and cholesterol. Try to include fish into your diet.
  4. Maintain a healthy weight: Being overweight or obese aggravates any disease. So it is important to keep your body weight perfect.
  5. Taking medicines as prescribed: It is important to take medicines regularly and as prescribed by the physician.
  6. Keeping tensions, anxiety to a minimum: These will make the situation worse if you are CAD patient. So try to keep tension and anxiety away and lead a healthy life.
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Bariatric Surgery - Diet and Exercise You Must Follow

Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery, Fellowship in Bariatric Surgery, M.S.
Bariatrician, Lucknow
Bariatric Surgery - Diet and Exercise You Must Follow

Bariatric surgery refers to the procedure by which excessive fat is removed gradually within few months from an individual’s body after modification in size of stomach and modification in gut pathway and length by laproscopically (key hole surgery).

The diet that must succeed a bariatric surgery changes with time. A post bariatric surgery diet will tentatively look like:

  1. Initial stages: At the initial stage, eating solid food should be strictly avoided. A liquid diet with added protein can is a feasible option as long as it does not have any solid particles. The doctor may also prescribe regular and intermittent consumption at the beginning.
  2. Intermediary stages: The diet must be changed post second till the sixth week as the meal is made thicker. However, solid food must still be expelled. Due to the surgery, it is only normal that you would feel full after small consumption thereby, necessitating regular intake of food within short span of time.
  3. Final stages: Post sixth week, incorporating solid food in the diet is generally allowed by the doctors. With the introduction of fuller meals, regular intake of food should be reduced and four meals a day should be the norm.

Along with a fixed diet chart, you may also practice certain exercises to expedite the process of recovery. Some of them are:

  1. Light exercise: Depending on the condition, few patients may be prescribed exercises every week for an hour.
  2. Multiple exercises: Few, on the other hand, may be prescribed by the surgeons to exercise twice every week, generally for an hour.
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Curing Long Term Osteoporosis

M.Ch - Orthopaedics - , MS - Orthopaedics, MBBS
Orthopedist, Delhi
Curing Long Term Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition which usually results due to a decrease in bone density. In this condition, the bones become weak and brittle. Fractures are a common result of osteoporosis. Usually, symptoms or signs do not show up until the condition progresses to its advanced stages.

Since osteoporosis is usually irreversible and incurable, preventing the fractures is considered to be extremely important.

Who is at risk of osteoporosis?
All men and women have some risk of developing 'thinning' of the bones (osteoporosis) as they become older, particularly over the age of 60. As mentioned above, women are more at risk than men. The following situations may also lead to excessive bone loss and so increase your risk of developing osteoporosis. If you:

  1. Are a woman who had the menopause before 45 years of age
  2. Have already had a bone fracture after a minor fall or bump
  3. Have a strong family history of osteoporosis.
  4. Have a body mass index (BMI) of 19 or less (that is, you are very underweight)
  5. Have irregular periods
  6. Have taken, or are taking, a steroid medicine (such as prednisolone) for three months or more
  7. Are a smoker
  8. Have an alcohol intake of more than four units per day
  9. Lack calcium and/or vitamin D (due to a poor diet and/or little exposure to sunlight).
  10. Are mostly inactive

Ways To Treat Osteporosis

Osteoporosis in women can be treated using Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). The therapy makes use of either a combination of progestin and oestrogen or simply, oestrogen. However, it is possible that certain combinations have side-effects that might give rise to other medical conditions. Therefore, proper consultation with an orthopedist is an essential pre-requisite so that the condition of osteoporosis as well the side effects may be addressed before proceeding with Hormone Replacement Therapy.

There are a number of medications that can be used which have long-term effects on osteoporosis. However, the schedule for intake of these medicines should be followed diligently. Failing to adhere to the schedule could lead to serious complications. For example, the intake of Risedronate medications (prevent bone loss) should be scheduled once every month, failing which can cause ulcers in the food pipe. Raloxifene has effects which are similar to oestrogen but does not exhibit any serious side effects. Teriparatide can be used to treat osteoporosis in people who have a high risk of suffering from bone fractures.

Don't rely entirely on medication as the only treatment for your osteoporosis. These practices also are important:

  1. Exercise. Weight-bearing physical activity and exercises that improve balance and posture can strengthen bones and reduce the chance of a fracture. The more active and fit you are as you age, the less likely you are to fall and break a bone.
  2. Good nutrition. Eat a healthy diet and make certain that you're getting enough calcium and vitamin D. Being underweight or losing a lot of weight unintentionally is associated with poorer bone health and a higher risk of fracture — even if you're taking a bisphosphonate.
  3. Quit smoking. Smoking cigarettes speed up bone loss.
  4. Limit alcohol. If you choose to drink alcohol, do so in moderation. For healthy adults, that means up to one drink a day for women of all ages and men older than age 65, and up to two drinks a day for men age 65 and younger.
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Popular Questions & Answers

I am just 19 years old and I came to know that I have thyroid. And why many problems occurs. Plzz suggest me a diet chart or anything.

MBBS, CCEBDM, Diploma in Diabetology, Diploma in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics, Cetificate Course In Thyroid Disorders Management (CCMTD)
Endocrinologist, Dharwad
Hello, Thanks for the query. It would have been better if you had mentioned what exactly is the "Thyroid problem" Because with that gland there can be problems of underactivity (hypothyroidism) or overactivity (Hyperthyroidism). Plus specific test results and treatment details. There is no special diet for any of these problems. Only thing to remember is to avoid Soy beans, soy containing products. Plus avoid bakery products, pastries, foods made from maida, deep fried foods and junk foods. Also avoid colas, smoking and alcohol. Always use whole grain flour for roti and chapati. Consume a good deal of green leafy vegetables, salads and fruits. Thanks.
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Can you please suggest me diet chart for lowering the sugar level my sugar level is well within normal range but close to higher limit.

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Certificate Course In Evidence Based Diabetes Management, Certificate Course In Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Diabetologist, Sri Ganganagar
Hi sir, 1 Take 3 major and 3 small meals every day. 2 Your dinner should be lighter than breakfast and lunch. 3 Take 4-6 servings of fruit s and salad in between large meals. 4 Drink a lot of water.

Respected Mam, My daughter in law is pregnant so I want to know the diet chart and about physical fitness so please help me.

MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology, FCPS, DGO, Diploma of the Faculty of Family Planning (DFFP)
Gynaecologist, Mumbai
Diet chart needs consultation with nutrition expert. General principles high protein, fruits, vegetables, milk Supplements- iron, calcium, protein, fibre, omega-3, multivitamns, multi-minerals some Exercises

My father is patient suffering from atrial fibrillation, diabetes, kidney problem, uric acid and arthritis. One kind of diet is good for one disease but then it is bad for other. Can you recommend a proper diet for all these diseases?

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Certificate Course In Evidence Based Diabetes Management, Certificate Course In Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Diabetologist, Sri Ganganagar
Hi sir this is Dr. Verma here. A mixture of all nutrients is required for his diseases. 1 Give him 5-6 small meals every 2 hours. 2 A little of water, tea& butter milk. 3 Fresh fruits and vegetables can be given. 4 Reduce salt, sugar & fat in diet.
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What is Diet Chart?
How to follow a Diet Chart?
Who should choose for a Diet Chart?
Are there any side effects?
What are the key point guidelines?
How much will it cost you?
Are the results of diet chart permanent?
What are the alternatives to the diet plan?
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Ketogenic Diet

Myself Dr. Ritika Dua, Dietitian and Ayurveda for 9 years in Model Town. Mai aaj is video ke andar apko keto diet ke bare me btane ja rhi hun. Mere bhut sare patients mujhse keto diet ke bare me puchte hain. To me aaj pura brief me apko meaning btaungi ki keto diet hota kya hai, keto diet krte kaise hain. What is the benefit of keto, do s and don ts of keto. To first start krte hain what is the means of keto. Keto ke andar carbs ko band kar dia jata hai. Yanike carbs 5%, fat 70% and protein 25%. Is chart ke jariye aap ache se smjh skte hain. Ye aap chart dekh rhen honge. Jiske andar 70% mene fat bnaya hai. 5% mene carbs bnaya hai. And 25% mene protein bnaya hai.

Yes, carbs sirf 5% jata hai body ke andar, diet ke andar, 70% jata hai fat and 25% jata hai protein. To kaisi hoti hai ye keto diet. Ab isko brief me smjhati hun me. Jab normally way me hum carbs khate hain, to hmari body ke andar glucose turn ho jata hai. Kuch glucose burn ho jati hai or kuch glucose fat ke rup me hmari body me store ho jati hai. Jo storage hote hain vo as a fat me turn ho jate hain. Jab hum keto diet krte hain, Jab hum apna carbs band kar dete hai, to us time pe ye storage keto, jo storage fat hota hai vo keto system me chala jata hai. Yanike ab jo hmari body ka fat hoga, vo cells ko band krega. Yanike usi fat se jab hum keto diet krenge, carbs band kr k to jo hmari body se fat hoga vo break hone lgega. To hmari body weight loss krna start kr degi. Ise kehte hain keto diet. To keto diet ke andar main jo kar dia jata hai, carbs band, fat upar or protein.

Ab me apko btati hun iske benefits. Kya benefit hai keto diet krne ka? 1. Weight loss: Yes, ye bhut acha weight loss krta hai. Jiske bhi weight loss na ho rha aho vo ek bar keto diet jrur kre. 2. Memory ko fast kar dega. 3. Apke mood swings ko acha krta hai. Keto diet bhut acha hota hai, sugar patient ke lia quki iska andar carbs yanike glucose level bhut kam hota hai. Keto diet hota hai cholesterol patient ke lia bhut acha. Keto diet hoti hai fatty liver valon k lia. To keto diet ke bhut sare benefits hain. Ab keto diet me do s and don ts kya hai. Vo me apko btati hun. Kya khana chaiye or kya band hoga. Keto diet me carbs me kya hai. Carbs ke andar apki sare grains, chocolates, biscuits, jellys, burger, pasta, pizza, ye sab band kar diya jata hai. Or jo lia jata hai vo hai, low sugar foods, low sugar vegetables, leafy vegetables, spinach, nuts, eggs, pork, mutton, chicken, paneer, tofu, cheese, butter, coconut oil.

Quki iske andar hum fat se hi energy ko turn krte hain apni body me. Quki aap socho ki isme cheese butter kyu nhi rhega, quki hmara carbs to band ho gya. Ab hmari body ko energy chaiye, brain ko chalane k lia energy chaiye. To vo hum energy lenege, cheese, butter, paneer se. Iske andar milk and curd bhi band hota hai. To ye hai keto diet ke benefits. Ab keto diet krte samay hume 3 chizon ko dhyan rkhna chaiye. Quki hmari body me jab carbs kam hone lgta hai to multi-vitamins ki kami hone lgti hai. To hume multi-vitamins jrur lene chaiye. Constipation ki problem bhi hoti hai, to high level pe water consume krna chaiye. 3rd lemon water peete rehna chaiye. Or keto diet kisi ache dietitian ke under kren. Keto diet ko khud nhi kren. Quki keto diet brief me smjhne vali chiz hai. Thank you. Ye tha keto diet ke bare me. Apko agar keto diet ya any other diet banvana hai, to aap mujhe online ya offline contact kr skte hain.
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This is Anshula Singh, dietitian and sport nutritionist, Elite Aesthetic & Cosmetic Clinic, GK-2. Today we will talk about diet. Diet ko leke kuch myths hain. Diet ko myths bhi hain or confused bhi hain log. Ye common myth hai ki diet krna means khana chorna. Diet ka matlab hai ki ek din me apko kitni calorie ki requirement hai plus apki body ka requirement dekha jata hai. Dekha jata hai ki jo aap kha rhen hai vo galat to nhi hai apki body, skin, and ageing ke lia. Log diet to krte hain but vo crash diet hoti hai. Din me khana na khana, kafi ghanto bad kuch khana.

Logon ka myth hai ki din me khana kam khana is called dieting. Agar aap sirf protein rich diet le rhen hain to vo bhi ek crash diet hai. Agar koi bhi chiz jayada consume ki jayegi to vo bhi toxins hi paida krti hai. Log carbs nahi lete. Lekin body ko energy hi carbs se mil rahi hai. Or agar body protein se energy legi to body pehle muscles ko todegi and apko energy degi. Is se muscles lose ka risk hai. Apko ye samjhane ki bhi jrurat hai ki weight lose and fat lose kya hai. Agar aap 5kg weight lose kar rhen hai to weight loose hai, fat loose nahi. Aap crash diet ker ke skin cells, hair cells loose kar rhen hain. Apko balanced diet lena chaiye jisme apko ye pta hona chaiye ki apko kya kahna hai.

Diet me protein, carbs, fat and sare nutrients hone chaiye. Internet pe jab bhi aap kisi diet se related search krte hain to apke pas sare results aa jate hain. But mere paas jo cases aate hain unhe ye nhi pta hota ki breakfast, lunch and dinner me kya consume krna hai. Agar aap diet thik se follow nhi krenge to vo apko unnatural ageing me le jayega. Agar aap calorie maintain krte hain or proper sleep lete hain to hi apko ache results milte hain. Apki body ke tissues repair hona bhut important hai. Cortisol or stress hormone thik hona bhi bhut important hai. Apki skin ka proper breathing hona chaiye. Skin and weight loose ke lia balanced diet bhut important hai. Apko achi diet leni hai but apko pta hona chaiye ki apki limit kya hai. Work-out bhi bhut important hai. Apka diet, exercise and sleep hi apko perfect bnata hai in terms of everything.

Apka healthy lifestyle maintain kerna jaruri hai. Internet pe search kr ke diet lena is not necessary ki vo apki body ke lia thik ho. kyuuki ye body to body vary krta hai. Apko seasonal fruits and vegetables hi consume krne chaiye. Garmiyon me gond ka teera and sattu bhut acha hai apki body ke lia. Winters me aap coconut consume kar skte hain. Like coconut oil cooking me use krna, cocnut ke laddoo khana. Jaggery aap winters me lijiye quki ye skin ke lia acha hai. Apko apne mind and stomach ki connectivity banake rkhna hai. Jo apki body ko suit kar rha hai, apko vo lena hai.

Thank You.
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Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet (How to eat mindfully)
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Protein In Diet
Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood.Hair and nails are mostly made of protein. Your body uses protein to build and repair tissues. You also use protein to make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals.
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Different Types Of Diet
Main dietician Archna Gupta Ghaziabad se. App sabhi log aj kal fat diets jo tarah tarah k jo diets aa rahe hain unke bare main bahut utsuk hain janne k liye. Jaise ke Keto diet ho gai, GM diet ho gai, yeh diet voh diet jisse k hum jaldi se jaldi patle ho jaye. Lakin kya apne kabhi yeh socha hai ke kise ek particular diet ko agar hum follow karte hain, jaise ke humne agar keto diet folow kare jismain fat content jyada hai to hamere sharir pe uska kya asar hoga. Jab hum fat content jyada le rahe hain toh ketons hamere body main zyada banage toh uske vahja se hamare liver per aur hamare system per alag prabhav ayega. Hamare sharir main proteins ke, carbohydrates ke, vitamins, minerals ke kami ho jayege, toh kya yeh surakshit hai? Isse terah se agar hum dusre Paleo diet ke hum bat karen jismain ke protein zyda hota hai. Ya hum GM diet k bat karen jahan kuch carbs or protein ke combination different kar diye jate hain. Toh kya iss tarah k diet khana uchit hai?

Main apni taraf se sujhav dena chahti hoon ke kisse bhi tarah k diet ko app na follow karte hoe ek surakshit asan sahi tarike se santulit bhojan ka apne jeevan main pravdhan rakhen or uska prayog karen kyunke jo hamara jeevn hai yeh bhagvan k sarvotam uplabdhe hai hamare sarvotab bheth hai aur iss jeevan ko nirog rakhna hamare liye sabse bada vardan hai. Shareer ko nirog rakhne ke liye hamare ahaar ka bahut bada yogdan hai. Ahaar kaisa ho hum kya khayen kya na khayen ajj hum is vishya pe bat katrange. Nirog rahne k awashyak hai ke hum poshak bhojan khayen, hum swasth rahne ke liye kya khayen jisse bhojan se na kewal hamare bhook thek ho balki hamara jo sharir hai vo bhi swasth rahe. Iske liye bhaut zaroori hai hamara pachan.

Hamare agar pachan ya digestive system bahut achha rahega to hum jo bhi khayange usse hamara swasthya thek rahega, hame calorie pure tarah milange, hamare shareer main reduction hota hai jo hamare maintanance ho rahe hai, hamare sharir main badotre sahi se hoge aur hame kisse bhi tarah k bemarian hmare sharir ko nahi lagange. Hamere bhojan main calorie ke hisab se pratidin kuch uchit matra main carbohydrate, protein, vasa, vitamins minerals in sabhi ka prayog ka pravdhan rakha gaya hai jo ke sharir ke physical state yani ke hamara sharir kis tarah ke banavat ka hai, hum kis ayuvag ke hain , hamare sharir main kis tarah ke koi pareshaniya hain ya phir hum kitna kam karte hain.

Like hum bahut zyada active hain ya hum thora kam karte hain ya hum medium worker hain like sedentary work, moderate worker or heavy worker. Uske hisab se hamare calorie ke requirement calculate kare jate hai, use ke hisab se hum proteins, carbohybrate or fat inka hum apne bhojan main sammeylan karte hain. Carbohydrate ke jo matra hote hai vo 55-60% ya 50-60% hote hai jo ke hame anajon se, allo se aur anaj ka matlab ho gaya apka chaval, gahon anya milets jo ke ajkal hum bilkul bhi prayog main nahi karte hain. Hum jab bhi bat karte hain hum kehte hain ke humne roti kha ke, hamne bread kha liya, hamne paow kha liya, hamne upma ke bane hoe chezen kha le lakin hum apne milets ko bilkul bhul chuke hain jismain jwar, bajra makka, ragi, jiska aj kal bahut season voh sb chezen bhi hame apne jeevan main sammeylit karne chiye. Protein ke jo matra hote hai, protein hamare sharir ke liye maintanance aur apke sharir ke banavat ke liye bahut avashyak hata hai.

Complete protein jo hamara hota hai vo non-veg items main jyada hota hai. Lakin agar hum do tarah ka protein ek sath late hain jaise hum dal or chaval ek sath khate rahe hain toh voh ek complete protein banjata hai, isse tarah se spyabeans apne app main ek complete protein hai, doodh or doodh se bane hoe padarth bhi complete protein hai. Toh doodh or doodh ke padarth hame apne daily ke requirement main zaroor lane chiye aur isse tarah se hame tarah tarah ke dalan zaroor khane chiye. Kiise bhi ek tarah ke khane ho hame apne bhojn main sammeylit nahi karna chiye. Bhavgan ne prakriti ne hame tarah tarah ke dalen, tarah tarah ke anaj, tarah tarah ke sabzian fal sab kuch diya hai aur hame mausam ke anusar ek dum taza fresh jo us season main mill raha hai voh saman hame apne bhojan main, pratidin ke ahar main sammeylit karna chiye. Aaj kal ke mausam main bahut sare mausami fal aa rahe hain, lakin abb ap kise se puchne chate hain toh sab yahi bolte hain ham seib kha lange, seib ka sesson nahi hai iss samya.

Varsha ritu main iss samaye main aoke pass addo, aloo bu khara ho gaya, apka ananas ho gaya, even aam bhi aa rahe hain, amrud aa raha hai, mausmi aa rhare hai, cheery aa rhae hai. Toh jo bhi season main fal hain lakin ham khate kitne fal hain. Hum sirf koshish karte hain ya toh juices le lain ya hum koe ek particular fal ke picche chalte rahte hain. Toh har tarah ke fal hame khane hai aur hame kosish karne hai ke jo bhi cheez prakriti main jitne jald bante hai voh hamare liye utne he achhe hai, utne he jaldi pachan ho jata hai usse hame kam se kam bimarian hote hain. Kosish yeh kare ke jo cheez ham kacche kha sakte hai voh kacche khayen, jo hum patla chilka utaar ke kha sakte hain vo hum patla chilka utaar ke khayen, jinka kadak chilka hai unhe hame utarna he padega hamare majburi hai unhe hum utaar kr khayen jisse ke adhik se adhik matra main fibers, minerals aur vitamins hamare sharir ko mil payen aur immunity system improve ho sake.

Immunity improve rahega hamara pahan system achha rahega to natural hai ke hum nerogi rahange, swasth rahenge aur jab hum swasth rahenge to hum bhojan apne appko nerogi rakhane main saksham ho payenge. Kam se kam davaian jab hum khayenge aur hum bhojan sahi tarike se sahi samay per biological clock ke hisab se. Jaise prakriti ka samay subah 6 baje uthba hai aur hum 10 baje so kr uth rahe hain toh vo bahut galat hai. Hame apne prakriti ke cycle ke sath main apna biological clock ko thora settle karna chiye. Subah uthne ke samay pe uthna hai, khane ke samay pe khana hai, khalne ke samay pe khelna hai, kam ke samay pe kam karna hai, rat ko sahi samay per khana khane ke 3 ghante k bad hame sona hai. Khane ka samay bhi uchit hona chiye, agar hum 11 baje so rahe hain toh 8 baje tak ham khana kha lain taki bhojan ka pachan thek tarike se ho jaye, hamare jeetha ragini sahi tarike se kam kare jiise ke hamare sharir ek dum swasth rahe. Aj kal ke vatavaran main hone valle pollution aur milvat se kam se kam hum nahi bach sakte toh hum apne sharir ke karya pranali ko shai tarike se agar hum rakhte hain toh hum usee sahi kar sakte hain.
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