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Cosmetic Surgery - Treatment, Procedure And Side Effects

What is the treatment?

“Prevention is better than cure”- this proverb aptly defines the benefits of having a health check-up. Medical problems, if any, would be detected early if health check-up is done on a regular basis. Chances of treatment and cure are always better when caught early. It is a step forward to a better, healthier and longer living. With the fast lifestyle that today’s people lead topped with global warming and pollution all around, it is quite natural to get infected or diagnosed with a disease. It is advisable to undergo an annual health check-up, or routine tests to keep a tab on your health issues. Along with these tests, your family history, your routine activities and food habits will be taken note of by the physician. Sugar, pressure level, sodium potassium are some of the necessary tests. The patient’s age, weight, height is recorded. There are special tests to detect cancer, AIDS/HIV and Viral Hepatitis. A good doctor would always be thorough, and he would lend an ear to your concerns and provide solutions or counselling for your needs. Heart examination is a vital part of a health check-up. Other organs and body parts are also examined like lungs, kidneys, neck and head, and neurological, abdominal, dermatological as well as extremities exams are done. Women health check-up differs from a male check-up. Testicle, penis and hernia are some of the male tests while breast and pelvic are the exams for women. There are health packages available at every health centre in the country. The basic one includes haemogram, kidney function test, lipid profile, routine biochemical parameters, liver function test, general test and further consultation. The whole body package includes all the tests from the basic package plus echocardiogram, cardiac stress analysis, diet counselling and pulmonary function test.

How is the treatment done?

Health check-up is not a treatment but rather a step towards it. Examinations and screenings can be done as part of the check-up. The day before the test you should be on an empty stomach with 2-3 glasses of plain water, carry urine or stool in a sterilised container provided by the health centre. Your doctor would gather several pieces of information before he/she begins further checking. The doctor would use a stethoscope to listen to your heartbeat, and then if he finds irregular beating or a heart murmur, then further tests would be prescribed. For your lungs, the doctor would also use the stethoscope to listen to wheezes or crackle. He would ask you to open your mouth to check the tonsils and throat. Ears, nose, lymph nodes, sinuses, carotid arteries and thyroid, are also to be examined. Nerves, reflexes, muscle strength are stressed during a health check to check your neurological stability. Tapping on the abdomen will let the physician aware of the size of your liver and the presence of gastric fluids. Skin and nail findings help in checking the dermatology part while pulses of your arms and legs, visual changes are some of the other things that the doctor would look. Note, do not wear deodorant or perfume if you are going for a breast check-up.

Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)

There is no fixed time for a health check-up. The earlier you decide, the better for you. Since it is not a treatment, it is in your hands to undergo a check-up once in a while. It is for you to take up the initiative and visit a healthcare. Facilities of health check-up are there in almost all medical care centre. You need to make an appointment and visit the doctor. The doctor would do the initial check-up and prescribe some laboratory examinations and screenings. If the physician detects some other issue which needs immediate attention, then the doctor would begin its treatment separately.

Who is not eligible for the treatment?

There is no specification for the eligibility of who can undergo this treatment. It is for anyone and everyone. People who are not much health conscious delay the visit, or sometimes never visit the health care until some serious ailment arises which should be avoided. A health check-up is a must for all ages.

Are there any side effects?

There are no side-effects associated with a health check-up. These are just basic examinations conducted without the involvement of any invasive procedure. Care will be exercised by the health care centre to use fresh needles and sterilised medical equipment to avoid infection. Hence, there is no need to have a concern in this regard. Altogether, there can be only positive outcomes from a routine health check-up. However, the need for tests like mammogram can be assessed before taking one.

What are the post-treatment guidelines?

The health check-up is a routine examination, and the patients tend to improve if anything serious arises, and they follow the doctor’s advice and instructions. Adhering to the guidelines prescribed by the physician is important. If the doctor finds a disease or an ailment, it is imperative to take measures to control it or to improve it via applicable treatment methods.

How long does it take to recover?

Health check-up is a rigorous evaluation and examination of a person’s health. It is not an ailment to have a recovery time. You can undergo a check once every month or once in three months or for an annual check-up. Your physician will be the right person to advise on the frequency and the types of screenings to be undertaken by you. There might not be any disruption in your routine expect for the few hours spent for the examination.

What is the price of the treatment in India?

The consultation fees vary from one health care centre to another. Many centres have the health check-up packages which range from Rs.3000 to Rs.10000. Since it comes in packages, it is easier for you to choose the one you can afford or the one your doctor has prescribed for you.

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

The results of the health check-up are permanent. It is the examination of the whole body. Thus, the results are always accurate unless there is a fault in the technician’s methods. And since the procedure helps to find the onset of any health issue, it would provide lifelong relief.

What are the alternatives to the treatment?

There is no other option to health check-up. Doctors from all over the world recommend a health check-up once a year at the least. It is a necessary initiative to be taken on your part for a longer and healthier life. Being aware and early detection is the key to a healthy and happy life!

Safety: High Effectiveness: High Timeliness: Medium Relative Risk: High Side Effects: Low Recovery Time: Medium Price Range: RS. 3000 - Rs. 10,000

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Breast Implants - How Safe They Are?

Dr. Sagar Gundewar 86% (10 ratings)
MBBS, MS - General Surgery, MCh - Plastic Surgery
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Navi Mumbai
Breast Implants - How Safe They Are?
Cosmetic surgery is something that has become very popular in today s world. As a matter of fact, the most common type of cosmetic surgery performed happens to be breast implantation. This is proven by the fact that the number of people signing up for this sort of surgery has trebled over the past two decades. That being said, many people have concerns about how safe breast implants are. So, getting to the crux of the matter, how safe are they? In order to answer this question, it is helpful to understand what exactly an implant is. A breast implant is made of silicone and there may be either silicone gel or saline water contained inside the silicone envelope. One of the biggest fears when it comes to breast implants is that of a rupture. While it is true that this is not a circumstance to look forward to, it is not fatal and something which can negatively affect the body prior to detection. In fact, for quite some time, it may not even be noticed! If a person has saline breast implants and there is a rupture, it is harmless as the salt water which escapes gets absorbed by the body. On the other hand, when the same happens with breast implants containing silicone gel, the gel can get distributed beyond the breast. While this is not a comfortable thought, research over the course of many years has not shown a link between the two. Prior to 1976, which was the year in which the FDA required certain standards of implants, there was a risk. Ever since then, there has been tight regulation and one need not be unduly worried about unsafe implants being sold. Understanding The Procedure When the surgery first takes place, precautions have to be taken so as to reduce the risk of infection. A little care can go a long way in making sure everything goes according to plan. The process involves making an incision in an inconspicuous area of your breast and inserting the implant in a pocket either under the pectoral muscle or behind the breast tissue (over the pectoral muscle). The entire surgery involves either intravenous sedation or general anaesthesia, depending on your doctor s recommendation. Sometimes, it may be so that a woman needs to have repeated procedures or corrections to make sure that everything is just right. Some discomfort can be caused by scar tissue and this can also lead to the breast becoming misshapen. Results While all implants do break over time, most of good quality should last over a decade. Many people believe breast implants can cause cancer but that is really not true. However, they can interfere with detecting mammary cancer quickly and effectively. As long as the medical care is proper, there is almost nothing to fear!

Abdominoplasty - Tummy Tuck Surgery!

Dr. Anubhav Gupta 89% (25 ratings)
DNB, MCh - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, MS - Plastic Surgery, MBBS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Delhi
Abdominoplasty - Tummy Tuck Surgery!
Abdominoplasty, also known as tummy tuck is a surgical procedure aimed at removing excessive skin from the abdomen. This surgery removes the extra fat and skin, thus making the abdomen flatter, resulting in tighter muscles near the walls or border of your abdomen. You should consult your doctor and strictly follow prescribed procedures before and after the surgical process. It must not be confused with liposuction i.e. the cosmetic surgery which removes excessive fat deposits in the body. Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is beneficial to you, If you possess good physical health. If you are a non-smoker or have recently quit smoking. If you have a stable health and realistic expectations about the outcome of the surgery. If you have been pregnant previously and now need to lose weight and fat deposits. The surgery is not suitable for the following cases: If you are planning to get pregnant, then it is recommended to perform the surgery after delivery. This is due to the fact that your muscles can be stretched again after the surgery. If the appearance of scars after tummy tuck is a problem, consult your doctor about the scar replacement procedure. If you still smoke or are absolutely unable to quit. Types: There are two procedures of tummy tuck. These are decided by the surgeon during your consultation and some pre-surgery medical tests. The procedures are: a) Complete Abdominoplasty and b) Partial or mini abdominoplasty. In Complete Abdominoplasty, the surgeon cuts the abdomen from hipbone to hipbone and your skin, tissue and muscle will be operated. In the case of partial or mini abdominoplasty procedure, the fat deposits are usually located below the navel region and the surgeon may not move your belly button. The entire procedure may take around two to three hours. Aftercare: Proper nutrition and healthy meals are required for this surgery. You must follow a balanced diet and focus on post-operative care.

Scar Revision Surgery: What You Need To Know?

Dr. Venkata Ramana 86% (18 ratings)
M.Ch - Paediatric Surgery, DNB (ENT), MS - ENT, MBBS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Hyderabad
Scar Revision Surgery: What You Need To Know?
While some scars are negligible, others can mar your beauty. With cosmetic surgery, today, it is easy to remove scars and make them less prominent. Scar revision surgery can range from invasive procedures such as scar excision to non invasive procedures such as cryotherapy, laser therapy and topical silicone therapy. However, none of these have perfect results. The main aim of scar revision surgery is to make the scars blend in as much as possible with the surrounding skin in terms of colour, texture and elevation. Picking a scar revision procedure is a matter of weighing the pros and cons of each type of procedure and - the cause for dissatisfaction functional limitations of the scar and likelihood of functional impairment after surgery patient's expectations location of the scar quality of skin type and surrounding tissue Scars are formed due to a number of reasons such as acne, cuts, burns, surgery and infection in a wound. Scars created by an over production of collagen are the most difficult to treat. In most cases, a patient requires multiple surgeries for scar revision. Some of these surgeries are: Surgical Excision: This procedure is usually performed on large scars that do not respond to medication. Here the surgeon shaves and cuts down scar tissue to minimize the size of the scar. Laser Surgery: This is used to smoothen the scars with raised or uneven surfaces. It involves the removal of the top layer of skin and tightening of the layer below it. Z plasty and W plasty: These surgical treatments aim to reduce the visibility of the scar by repositioning them along the natural lines and creases of the skin. All topics that sent after editing should be considered as approved.
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Breast Implants - Things You Must Consider!

Dr. Prashantha Kesari 89% (10 ratings)
MCh - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, DNB, MS - General Surgery, MBBS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Bangalore
Breast Implants - Things You Must Consider!
One of the leading types of cosmetic surgery in the world is breast augmentation through implants. These implants are prosthetic inserts which are put into your breasts surgically to enhance the look, shape, feel, size, and balance in your body. Although these are primarily used for cosmetic purposes, they may also be used for reconstructive surgery after an accident or after mastectomy (breast removal surgery). Types of breast implants There are primarily two types of breast implants: Silicone and saline. The sacs that contain both forms of implants remain the same. The sac holding the material in both the cases is made out of silicone. The two primary types are explained below Saline implants: As the name states, saline implants are sacs filled with saline water. In the case of saline implants, the sacs are inserted into the breast through an incision. After the sacs are put inside the breast, they are filled with saline water and once the desired shape, contour, and size are achieved, the implants are sealed off and the incision is closed. Silicone implants: In this type of implant, the sac is pre-filled with silicone gel. This option is considered to have a more natural look and feel as it resembles human fat. The size of the implants however has to be decided beforehand. The doctor will make an incision on the underside of the breast, where the crease lies and then insert the implant into the breast. The incision is then closed and after healing, the scar will be hidden under the crease of the breast. Considerations before surgery 1. Complications This form of cosmetic surgery is one of the most commonly performed around the world. However, there could be a few complications that can arise after the surgery Infection after surgery After surgery, scar tissue formation may cause the shape of the tissue to change The implants may leak or rupture Pain in the breasts Change in the breast sensations and the nipples (although in most cases this temporary) 2. Other considerations post surgery Some of the other considerations that you might have to consider before surgery would be Breastfeeding: While some women have stated that they were able to breast feed successfully after an implant, others have reported problems. Thus you may need to talk to your doctor about this especially if you want to have children post surgery. Complications in getting a mammogram: Mammograms to check for breast cancer and growths in the tissue may become complicated as the implant will block a straight view. However, pictures from other angles can be taken. Getting breast implants won t stop your breasts from sagging: If you have sagging breasts, then you will need to opt for a breast lift surgery instead of breast implants as implants won t correct sagging. Breast implants may not last a life time: Breast implants may require to be changed after a few years as your body shape may change and you may gain or lose weight. Implants may even rupture or leak, resulting in the change of the breast shape and thus, may require corrective surgery again.
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Face Lift Surgery - The Associated Complications!

Dr. Sachin Yeole 88% (24 ratings)
MD - Dermatology , Fellowship in Hair Transplant
Dermatologist, Nashik
Face Lift Surgery - The Associated Complications!
It is no longer possible to tell a person's age by simply looking at the face. With the advances in cosmetic surgery, today it is very easy to effectively hide your age. A facelift or rhytidectomy is a cosmetic surgical procedure to reduce wrinkles and improve the overall appearance of your face. A facelift is considered a relatively safe procedure. However, like any other surgery, it is associated with few risks. Pain: While a facelift surgery itself is usually performed under anesthesia, recovering from it might be a little painful. Your skin may also feel numb for a few days. Taking the pain medications prescribed by your doctor can help relieve the pain. However, if the pain is severe or if it suddenly increases, you must consult your doctor immediately. Swelling: Don't worry if your face looks swollen after the surgery. This is simply your body's natural reaction to the surgery. You will notice this swelling reduce in a few days. Though most of the swelling will subside in the first few days after the surgery, it can take a few weeks before the swelling completely subsides. Bruising: Like swelling, bruising is a natural reaction to surgery. In most cases, people see pronounced bruising especially around the eyes in the first few days after the surgery. Most of this bruising will fade away in a few weeks, but it may be a few months before your skin is clear again. Scarring: As your face heals after a facelift surgery, scarring can be seen wherever the incisions were made. Most cosmetic surgeons will make these incisions along the hairline or the natural creases of the face. This ensures that the scars are not prominently visible. In most cases, scarring fades with time till it is barely noticeable. Bleeding and hematoma: A certain amount of bleeding is normal after a facelift surgery. However, excessive bleeding or uncontrolled bleeding can lead to the formation of hematomas. A hematoma can be defined as a blood clot that occurs under the skin and outside a blood vessel. This can leave the area swollen and a minor surgery may be required to flush out the clot. Loss of sensation: Sometimes, nerve endings may get damaged during a face lift surgery. This can result in temporary loss of sensation in the area and difficulty in controlling the facial muscles. There may also be numbness or a tingling sensation around the incisions.
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Is chin genioplasty safe or do involve complications. If do not that what is correct age to get it done.

Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon, Chamarajanagar
The usual complications are relatively minor and include 1. Swelling, 2. Hematoma, 3. Weakness or numbness of the lower lip, (usually does not last long). 4. Infection, 5. Bony changes and 6. Displacement of the implant. Chewing should be kept at a minimum immediately after this procedure, and patients are recommended to eat only soft food and drink for a time after the surgery.

Hello I want go for dimple surgery ,so how much it t will cost around? And how many days it will take to cure.

Dr. K.C.Agaja 89% (78 ratings)
MS - General Surgery
General Surgeon, Vadodara
Hello, lybrate-user, How are you? You want dimple surgery. You can contact any educated cosmetic surgeon/ plastic surgeon for this. Why I said educated because in present time, there are too many unqualified doctora / quakes who as practicing as Cormetologist. Beware of them. We do have a centre In Vadodara. It cost around 5000 --6000 INR [by reputed surgeon] In your city, it may be around 10000.00 INR. Thanks.

I've been undergoing orthodontic treatment for 1.5 years now and I've noticed that my chin has become narrower than it was before, I want to get back my broad chin, can anyone suggest what would help? Like getting a chin implant or anything.

Dr. (Major) Alok Kumar 92% (79 ratings)
MDS - Orthodontics, BDS
Dentist, Jamshedpur
Hi, there are various surgical procedures available today which can augment ones chin. I would request you to discuss your concern with the treating orthodontist. If he is not sympathetic towards your concern then taking a second opinion from another experienced orthodontist won't be a bad idea. All the best.

How can I get fuller breast. Not big un size but fuller breast. Is there any way other than cosmetic surgery?

Dr. Prakash Chhajlani 89% (2736 ratings)
Advanced Aesthetics, M.Ch - Plastic Surgery, MS - General Surgery, MBBS
Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeon, Indore
Breast Enlargement is one of the most frequently performed surgeries and we are the premier center in central India since last 30 years. To the best of our knowledge no medicines or creams work to increase the breast Size. Enlargement can be done with fat grafting or silicone breast implants. Breast enlargement. Silicone implants are the gold standard world over, very short operative procedure with very gratifying results. The creams and capsules have never actually worked, but since every one is not immediately ready for surgery so the companies use these gimmicks to market their products. If there is lack of substance then augmentation with a silicone implant is the best choice and a gold standard procedure. It is a day care procedure and you are discharge in a very short time from the hospital and it brings about an instant change in breast size and self esteem. Almost 10 crore implants are in use and so it is extremely safe. There is no medication to give the results. No one wants surgery unless it is necessary. NO Creams or Pills actually work except psychologically. Surgery is the only answer. Like nose or face breast also comes in all shapes and sizes. Size does not matter from functional point of view but has an emotional side to it. The surgery is almost painless because there are enough medications to keep the pain under control. There is no natural way to increase Breast size, except that after child birth the size may become and remain bigger.

Can a 18 year old make his face a bit slim by doing plastic surgery and if what will it cost and what will be the recovery period.

Dt. Amar Singh 91% (10193 ratings)
B.Sc. - Dietitics / Nutrition, Nutrition Certification,Registered Dietitian
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi
Yes surgery can be done but it not advisable for you to undergo surgery since your face will change shape as you will age. It might get slim on its own.
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