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When is tooth extraction necessary? If the tooth is extracted is it necessary to fill the gap?

34 Doctors Answered
if its beyond repair it should be removed other than 3rd molars all teeth should b replaced at the earliest
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Better to avoid extractions .now lot of treatment options available to save tooth with out removal If you removed it's better to replace the gap otherwise it can cause diffulty in chewing ,speech, some type of face change in future.
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Badliy carious tooth and high grade mobile tooth needs extraction and it is necessary to fill the gap otherwise side gaps may cause fallen of others tooth too.
If the tooth is completely damaged then it is necessary to remove it. And yes tooth has to b replaced every time.
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Unless and until the tooth is paining do not get d tooth removed. Filling the gap in extracted tooth region depends upon d case to case. Details you may msz me.
When the tooth is totally gone .. you can get replacement done ... after the tooth extraction as it may help you not tilt the tooth ..over a period of time ..
If your removing your grinding tooth. It is important to replace. If you undergoing the wisdom tooth removal its not necessary to replace..
Nowadays, tooth extraction is the last resort that means, if we can not save a tooth by treatment then, we opt for extraction. Extraction can also be done if there is improper eruption, especially in case of Wisdom tooth i.e. Third molar. Wisdom tooth may need not be replaced but yes, all other missing tooth or teeth should be replaced for proper functional and aesthetic reasons. There are different ways a missing tooth or teeth can be replaced. Your friendly dentist would be the best person to guide you with this regards.
It necessary when it has carries extensively.. And yes it needs filling up the gap otherwise other tooth will become weak...
If it front tooth or the functional tooth then gap has to be filled.
Conservative treatment is not possible or pt is not afford dental treatment extraction is necessary. After extraction prosthesis is must.
Yes. Its better to replace the empty space.
Tooth extraction is necessary if it is beyond repair, meaning a mobile tooth, tooth with a very large non healing cyst beneath it, unfavorable fracture of a tooth, uncontrollable pus discharge around a tooth/gum. Usually wisdom teeth, the last no 8 teeth in all the arches are never replaced as they are mostly non functional. Rest all other functional teeth require earlier replacement.
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Tooth extraction is necessary when its impossible to restore to its natural function. If you do not get the tooth replaced then later on after some years you sure to get occlusion problems in your teeth as they tend to shift into empty spaces. Exceptions are third molars or wisdom tooth. No need to replace them. Good luck.
Tooth extraction is necessary when the tooth is grossly decayed ie; no more crown structure is avaklable as it may lead to infections in the future. And also you always have to replace tooth in the missing regions so as to prevent the outgrowth of your respective opposing tooth.
If only root stumps remain, then tooth is indicated for extraction. Otherwise it is always advisable to save your tooth. It is mandatory to fill the gap to restore occlusion.
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Yes otherwise problem start another teeth So replacement when you extract.
Yahh! You have to fill the gap other than wisdom tooth. Unless it result in malocclusion.
Yes in every case except all wisdom teeth.
It is necessary to get them replaced.
Extraction is done for various reasons but there is no reason the missing tooth gap be left without replacement of same.
Definitely when the tooth is extracted it should be replaced by a new tooth either Bridge around or implant.
Yes, it will affect your chewing in the long run plus adjacent teeth will droll of in the gap causing scars in-between teeth.
Tooth extraction is mandatory in case there is bone discrepancies around the tooth. When bone around the tooth is not at all support the tooth or tooth is not saved by any other treatment. Yes filling of gap is very much necessary because that effects your other teeth also.
Hi Lybrate user, Extraction of tooth is only prefered these days only if it can not be saved after going through all procedures to save it. Yes, gap filling is mandatory after extraction .thanks.
Tooth extraction is the last resort you can contact me for more details.
Depends on the condition of tooth and surrounding structure. And yes it is compulsory to replace the missing tooth. Danger of missing teeth
Highly carious & mobile tooth can be extracted. It is necessary to replace the extracted tooth, otherwise your opposing & the adjacent tooth drifts to fill the gaps. Try to avoid extraction because so many options are there nowadays to save your tooth.
When the pulp is infected and a rct is not possible go for extraction. Yes no gaps should be left in the mouth.
It's pretty much necessary to replace a tooth for a balanced occlusion and health of other teeth.
Destructed tooth need to be extracted. Yes! It is must to put another tooth.
Well it depends on the case. If posterior are going to be extracted then its very important to fill the gap ,coz supra erruption of the disbalanced tooth will occur.
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