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I am suffering from lower back pain and knee joints pain and sometime this pain flows up and down in bones from shoulder to feet.

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I am suffering from lower back pain and knee joints pain ...
Multiple Joint Pains / Early morning pain It is called as Rheumatic arthritis. If your pain is more in the distal joints, ie. In the upper limbs if the pain is present in the fingers/wrist and in the lower limbs it the pain is present in the toes/ ankle, then we shall definitely say it is Rheumatic arthritis. Wear elbow brace and wrist brace which will make her to feel warm and that will make the joints become firm. Hot water fermentation will help Knee cap will also help to prevent the damaged cartilages. If your pain is more in the distal joints, ie. In the upper limbs if the pain is present in the fingers/wrist and in the lower limbs it the pain is present in the toes/ ankle, then we shall definitely say it is Rheumatic arthritis. Which joints you have pain? If your proximal joints (ie. Shoulder, hip & knee has pain) then you can pour hot (warm) water in that area to reduce the inflammation. If you have pain in the distal joints ie. Wrist, fingers, ankle, toes then you can wear either elbow brace or wrist brace which will help you to feel warm and very protective. And also immerse the distal joints in the hot water tub which will help you to reduce the pain. Consult the near by physiotherapy clinic and also consult a general physician to check with your ESR levels to check whether you have inflammation Knee Ligament laxity if you have problem in your legs then it might be due to ligament laxity where your legs would become very weak due to the old ligament injury and that should be treated immediately. Wear knee cap so that you will feel firm while walking or climbing stairs. This is a general strain and for this you can follow these measures: one keep a pillow right under the knee while sleeping, next is you can keep ice in the painful area for about 5--10 minutes, if pain still persists you can stretch your body by twisting the waist on both sides how we used to do in the school drill similarly you can try! One time you can do hot water fermentation that would help to reduce the muscle strain. Legs becoming numb and also pain is there when the patient walks for 10-15 minutes? It looks like you are anaemic. If you feel that the legs are becoming numb then keep your legs warm which is important, probably you can wear MCR Chappals inside the house/ socks inside the house. Put a door mat when ever you sit so that you will feel comfortable. Also pour warm water in the legs which would help you to get better circulation. L5 Vertrbrae and patient has pain the legs and sensation is disturbed? That is called as Lumbar Vertebrae. And there are 5 Lumbar Vertebrae and the 5th Lumbar Vertebrae is always is located in the lower end where the body weight is taken and it is generally fused with Sacral Vertebrae. That is where the Sciatic nerve passes by and the nerve gets compressed that's the reason you have pain and sensation is disturbed. I have pain in my left side leg. This should be due to the sciatic nerve compression in the right side probably close to your L5 Vertebrae. It can also be due to the strain on the left leg, try wearing MCR chappals which would help you to get relieved from pain. Long time pain in foot Check with your friend whether he has flat foot that might trigger the pain always and however we treat that may not help. Hot water fermentation will help and that can be done by immersing the foot in hot water. You shall ask your friend to wear MCR Chappals.
I am suffering from lower back pain and knee joints pain ...
Hi lybrate-user, Using natural treatments for joint pain and stiffness can make a big difference in the amount of medication you need to take. We’ve outlined some great herbal remedies to relieve stiffness and pain. 1. Cayenne - Known for its spicy-hot taste, cayenne makes an excellent topical ointment that relieves joint pain. Rubbing cayenne on the affected area causes a mild irritation, which in turn “distracts” the nerves from the more severe joint pain. Repeated topical applications of cayenne pepper can reduce arthritis pain significantly. To make a topical paste, mix 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper with 1/2 cup of cocoa butter, lanolin, or coconut oil. Apply it directly to the sore joint. You can also mix 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper with 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and soak sore hands or feet for 20 minutes to reduce pain and inflammation. 2. Fruit Pectin & Grape Juice - The combination of pectin, which is found in the cells of many plants, and grape juice can be of great use to people suffering from inflammation and joint pain. Grape juice is loaded with antioxidants, among them, anthocyanins, which are noted for their effect on reducing inflammation. Pectin is also believed to relieve fluid buildup in the joints of arthritis sufferers. It’s best to purchase pectin from a health or natural foods store for the best quality. You want to make sure to select pectin that is free of MSG and other additives. Mix 1/2 cup of grape juice with 2 tablespoons pectin. You can add water, if needed. Drink it twice daily for 6 weeks, and then reduce the frequency as symptoms disappear. 3. Flaxseed: Omega-3s are important for a strong immune system, but did you know they also help fight inflammation? Flaxseed is one of the best vegan sources of Omega-3 fatty acids, which makes it even more important for arthritis sufferers. Animal fats can often lead to more inflammation, so making the choice to incorporate flaxseed into your diet will help you get the important Omega-3s without adding the animal fat. Try to include two tablespoons of flaxseeds or flaxseed oil in your daily diet. You can add ground flax to cereals, yogurt, and even sauces and stews. 4. Exercise: Light weight training and cardiovascular exercise are very important to relieve joint stiffness and pain. While the first thing you may want to do is curl up and lay down when joint pain strikes, it’s a great idea to get up and get moving. I find that a hot shower and some gentle exericise like yoga, Pilates, or light weight training really helps get your joints in motion and reduces the stiffness and pain. Light weight training can also strength the muscles surrounding your affected joint, thus providing it with more support. Another great form of exercise to get relieve joint pain and stiffness is aquatic exercise. This non-impact workout allows you to slowly moving your joins through their range of motion. Hope this helps. Good Luck.
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