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X-Ray Scapula Test

X-Ray Scapula Test

The Scapula or shoulder blade is a triangular bone which is protected by a system of complex muscles that surround it. Due to this, the chances of a fracture in this area are rare. It usually occurs when one falls on an outstretched arm. Of the fractures that do occur, a major percentage are in the body or neck of the shoulder blade. An X-Ray is a common test that has been used since a long time for imaging. It helps the doctor to see the inside of your body without making a cut.

If your doctor suspects a fracture in the, they may prescribe a X-Ray Scapula. In order to carry out an X-Ray, there is no need for any specific preparation. However, you can discuss with a doctor just in case of queries. Wearing loose and comfortable clothing which is easy to move around in is advisable. You might also have to change into a hospital gown in some cases. The patient will be asked to remove all metal objects including keys, coins, wallet, cards with magnetic strips, jewellery, hearing aid and hairpins. If you have a cardiac pacemaker, insulin pump biostimulator, neurostimulator, cochlear implants, ferromagnetic surgical clips, metal shrapnel, bullet or any other metallic foreign body, make sure to inform the doctor before the test is conducted. Sometimes, a dye might be injected before a test. This helps the radiologist see areas in a better way.

The main use of a X-Ray of the shoulder blades is to find out fractures in the shoulder blade.

Once you are ready for the test, the radiologist shall tell you how to sit in a correct position to ensure that the images are clear. You may be asked to lie or stand as well during the test. You will also be asked to change your position during the test. Images might be taken while keeping a specialized plate, that contains the X-ray film or sensors, in front of you. It is necessary to stay still while images are gathered to provide the clearest images possible.

Rs 250- Rs 1000

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