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Small Penis Size: Treatment, Procedure, Cost and Side Effects

What is the treatment?

It is assumed that the average length of a penis is six inches. So when a penis is somewhat smaller than this length, it is designated as a small penis. This may appear as a single disorder or may also be associated with thin penis. The various medical conditions which may result in a man having a small penis are hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism, hyperogonatrophic hypogonadism, partial androgen insensitivity, deficiency of growth hormone and thyroid hormone, idiopathic small phallus and chordee.

One of the most prevalent methods of enlarging penis size is hormone therapy. This treatment can be in the form of hormone injections, skin patches or oral tablets. At first, it is determined whether a person seeking the treatment will at all benefit from it or not. After administering the hormone therapy, if the penis grows for about 1.25 cm in 3 months, it is understood that the penis has capacity to grow further. Then only is this treatment continued. The various types of hormone therapy are male hormone replacement, growth hormone therapy, IGF-1 therapy, DHT therapy and gonadotrophin therapy.

Penis enlarging surgery is undertaken when proper results are not achieved by using medicines. The three types of penis enlarging surgeries are: penis lengthening surgery, penis girth increasing surgery and chordee correction.

How is the treatment done?

When hormones are administered in the form of injections or skin patches or oral tablets, the concentration of hormones in blood naturally increases. The hormones bind to the androgen receptors of the penis and cause certain changes in the tissues of the penis. This causes multiplication of penile tissues and leads to further growth. The penis grows in size if there is continuous multiplication of the penile tissues. This process generally continues for a year and typically stops after the penis acquires a normal size. Replacement of the testosterone hormone is one of the most common treatments for penis enlargement. DHT therapy is a hormone therapy that is good for people who have not responded to other treatments. This therapy uses a skin gel and is highly effective.

Penis enlargement surgery is undertaken when medication has not produced any tangible results. A penile lengthening surgery helps to increase the non-erect length of the penis and the erect length to some extent. The benefits vary from people to people but normally the average length gained is about 4cms. The ligament dividing the internal part of the penis is divided and a muscle technique is also used to ensure that this surgery is viable in the long run. If the area above the penis is too full or masks the full length of the penile shaft, a liposuction is generally recommended.

Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)

Research has shown that the average size of a penis varies between 4.7 to 6.3 inches. A person having a penis shorter than that length is eligible to receive treatment provided he is fit enough to receive medication or to undergo surgery. A person is eligible for hormone therapy only if the doctor is satisfied that the organ will respond to treatment. This is determined by giving a person seeking treatment hormone therapy for a period of 3 months and monitoring whether there is any increase in the size of his penis. Penis lengthening surgeries are performed only when other medications have failed to produce any results.

Who is not eligible for the treatment?

A person who has responded well to hormonal therapy and his penis size has increased considerably is not eligible for penis lengthening surgery. Furthermore, a person is eligible for hormonal treatment only after the doctor decides that the person will benefit from hormonal therapy. Otherwise he is not eligible.

Are there any side effects?

The side-effects of DHT treatment may include dry skin, changes in the bowel habit, muscle pain, increased thirst, high blood pressure, stomach upset, loss of appetite, weight loss, increased urination and unusual taste in the mouth. The penis lengthening surgery may have a number of side effects. Some of these include: infections, nerve damage, difficulty in getting an erection and reduced sensitivity. The most dangerous effect is that scarring can leave a penis shorter than what it was originally.

What are the post-treatment guidelines?

After undergoing a penis lengthening surgery, a person will require to take medications for a few days to control the pain. A person will have to pay attention in order to care for the extra length gained during the surgery. A man will normally have to wear weights and wrap the penis for a period of 12 weeks. A man should also abstain from sexual activities for 3-4 weeks and from high energy sports for 6 weeks.

How long does it take to recover?

Although a man has to take medications to ease pain for only a week after a penis lengthening surgery, it takes time to fully recover from the surgery. A person will have to refrain from sexual activities and intense physical activities for a specific period. A patient normally requires 12 weeks to recover fully. Hormone therapy has no side-effects and the recovery time is negligible.

What is the price of the treatment in India?

Penis lengthening surgery may cost anything in between Rs 2.2 lakhs and Rs 6.2 lakhs in India. Gonadotrophic hormone injections can be obtained in India within the price range of Rs 175 – Rs 1000. Treatment with growth hormones generally will cost something around Rs 200000 in India.

Are the results of the treatment permanent?

Penis lengthening surgery helps to increase the length of a person’s penis. The extra inches that a person has gained are more or less permanent provided that he follows the post-treatment guidelines properly. Hormone therapy helps to increase both the length and the thickness of the penis. These results are also permanent.

What are the alternatives to the treatment?

Incorporating foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin A , vitamin D, thiamine, zinc and magnesium will provide energy to the body required for naturally enlarging the person. Two exercises that help to increase the size of penis are hot cloth warm up and the jelq method for enlargement of penis. Other exercises that can help to increase the size of a penis are thumb stretcher, backward puller, opposite stretch, kegel and the rotating stretch.

Safety: Medium Effectiveness: High Timeliness: Medium Relative Risk: Low Side Effects: Low Time For Recovery: Medium Price Range:

Rs 175 - Rs 6.2 lakhs

Popular Health Tips

Puberty - Things You Must Know About it!

MBBS, MD - Obstetrtics & Gynaecology
Gynaecologist, Delhi
Puberty - Things You Must Know About it!

What is puberty?
Puberty is the phase in life when the body of the child matures to become an adult. This change is mainly influenced by the developing reproductive system and it makes them capable of sexual reproduction. It a progressive change and happens over a span of few years. Girls start to develop breasts and might start menstruating whereas boys notice changes in body hair growth pattern with their voices beginning to crack.
The average age for a girl to attain puberty is found to be 11, whereas in boys, it is longer and the average age is somewhere around 12. Puberty also marks the onset of emotional maturity in kids as well.
Sometimes puberty can be seen at a very young age such as 7 or 8; this is called precocious puberty. This can make it physically and mentally taxing for a child and can be a sign of health issues.

What causes puberty?
The stimulation of the hypothalamus in the brain leads to the production of a hormone called Human Gonadotropin-releasing hormones (GnRH) which signal the Pituitary Gland to produce luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). This is responsible for sexual development.
Signs that may indicate the onset of puberty in girls:

The telltale signs of puberty in girls are:

  1. Development of breasts
  2. Growth of hair in areas such as armpits and genitals
  3. A growth spurt, i.e., rapid growth in height
  4. Start of menstruation or her periods
  5. Increase in body fat in certain areas of the body
  6. Development of acne
  7. “Mature” body odour

Signs that may indicate the onset of puberty in boys:
The usual signs of puberty in boys are:

  1. Enlargement of the testicles or penis
  2. Pubic, underarm, or facial hair development
  3. Rapid height growth — a growth "spurt"
  4. Deepening of voice
  5. Acne
  6. "Mature" body odor
  7. Increase in hair growth in other parts of the body such as the arms and legs

Along with these signs and symptoms, other signs can be changes in mood. Boys and girls may develop sexual urges wherein you will notice an unexplained attraction to the opposite sex. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a doctor and ask a free question.

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Can Genital Tract Infections Lead to Infertility?

Gynaecologist, Delhi
Can Genital Tract Infections Lead to Infertility?

Disregarding genital tract infections and issues including the symptoms of the same can lead to problems when it comes to fertility. It may also cause problems in your sexual life. Genital problems can also lead to infertility. These days, infertility is a noteworthy and very important occurrence that plagues many couples.

Common Infections: A large portion of these genital tract diseases occurs because of infections. Salpingitis happens in close to 15% of ladies in their reproductive age and 2.5% of all ladies get to be infertile as an aftereffect of salpingitis by age 35. Many times, symptoms of conditions and STDs like Chlamydia  trachomatis trachomatis are usually nonexistent. The real rate of ladies with upper genital tract infections is presumably underestimated.

Infection and Infertility: Infectious agents can hinder different vital human functions, including reproduction. Bacteria, fungi, infections and viruses can meddle with the reproductive capacity in both genders. Diseases of male genito-urinary tract represent around 15% of the instance of male infertility. Diseases can influence distinctive areas of the male regenerative tract, for example, the testis, epididymis and male sex organs and glands. Urogenital diseases at various levels of their advancement, development and transport can affect the sperms themselves in this manner. Among the most widely recognized microorganisms required for sexually transmitted diseases, meddling with male fertility are Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhea.

Symptoms: If the following symptoms of a genital tract infection are ignored, it can definitely lead to the person being infertile in some stage of life or immediately. These are as follows:

The signs and symptoms in males are

  1. Changes in the way you discharge
  2. Bleeding while urinating or discharge
  3. Thick white, yellow or green release from the tip of the penis along with pain in urethra or pain while urinating
  4. A hard but painless sore on the penis along with swelling of the lymph hubs in the crotch
  5. Pain or uneasiness while urinating or discharge from the urethra
  6. Difficult or irritated red spots and small blisters on the penis
  7. Chestnut bits on the hair around the penis
  8. Gentle delicacy around one of the testicles
  9. Delicate swelling in the scrotum on one or both sides
  10. Extreme pain after injury to your penis

The signs and symptoms in women are as follows:

  1. Irregular vaginal discharge with a pungent smell
  2. Burning sensation while urinating
  3. Tingling or itching in the outer area of vagina
  4. Uneasiness and pain during sex
  5. Sore vagina
  6. Foamy greenish-yellow discharge with a foul smell
  7. Light bleeding after intercourse
  8. Warts in the vagina

Regular check-ups and visits to the gynecologist are very essential. One should always keep the partner updated about their sexual health problems to practice a healthy and honest relationship and to avoid further contagious infections from occurring.

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Are You Satisfied With Your Penis Size?

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Are You Satisfied With Your Penis Size?

Are You Satisfied With Your Penis Size?

Sex is considered as the most important part of a happy life. To lead a prosperous and happy life, it is necessary to have a very satisfactory sex life. Dissatisfaction in sex has ruined the happy marriages of millions of people. So, it is certainly a very pertinent question whether penis size has any influence on the sexual performance or not.

Researches have shown that the penis size really influences the sexual performance. As per research, larger the penis size and thicker is the volume, more is the pleasure. The researchers also provide reasons for that. The main reason for this is that during sexual intercourse the penis has to get inserted into the vaginal cavity. The penis having larger size and thicker volume gets rubbed with the vaginal wall causing the secretion of the enzyme which provides pleasure to both the partners.

According to this theory, it is utmost necessary to have a larger size and thicker volume to provide ultimate pleasure to the partner. The sexual satisfaction is necessary between partners to lead a happy life. The small size at most of the time results in the inferiority complex. Sometimes, the male partners avoid sexual intercourse with the partner because of the small size or inferiority complex . 

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Girth Versus Length - What Does She Really Prefer?

MD-Ayurveda, Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine & Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Dehradun
Girth Versus Length - What Does She Really Prefer?

Let's face it, for decades and decades, this question has haunted every man's mind, and that is, does she likes girth or length? In either of the two, the end result is a deeply satisfied and happy woman. But again, why and what does a woman prefer? Another question to wonder about is whether or not a woman really thinks about either of these two? Well, it is obvious that a woman will have preferences but how exactly does she prefer a certain thing is what men need to know!

After all, who would want to leave an unsatisfied beau in bed? Believe it or not, but problems in bed can destroy even the happiest of the relationships! For years on end now, men have been trying to get an answer whether they should have an above average length or above average girth. Well, it is time that you guys should come out of your misery and finally get an answer since we have now found out a legit scientific answer to this Holy Grail question. To know the truth, continue reading below and discover the ultimate preference of women in case of girth versus length!

After decades of research and studies related to the sexual psychology of women and a man's health, we have been able to conclude that girth always comes ahead of length. Every 8 women out of 10 would prefer a man with a thicker penis over a man with longer but thinner penis. And guess what? There is a scientific logic behind this answer which has to do with a woman's desire.

As we all know that the vagina of a woman is very shallow in nature, hence, a thicker penis is good for stimulating the clitoris. The vagina is merely 4 inches or lesser in girth, and hence, a penis with thicker girth gives most sexual stimulation to the partner and therefore, a good time! And it is only natural for a woman to seek a man with thicker penis since he will be able to promise her more impact and a good orgasm. This does means, for a fact, that a man might have 10 inches of a penis but if they don't have a thickness of at least, 4.5 inches you are almost invisible to a woman!

But again, the thing is that every man cannot be perfect. Let's face it, as much as having a perfect hourglass figure for a woman is difficult as much as it is difficult for a man to have a penis with perfect thickness and perfect length! The revelation of the long asked question above could either be good news for you or life ending news for others. But the truth is that we don't mean to scare you by this answer especially now when we are living in the age of manipulation and medical advancements!

I am guessing that most of you men must be thinking of pushing hard on your lenses to make it thicker but we all know it, it is just not possible! The best and most successful way is to use organic ayurvedic medicine. Believe it or not but Ayurvedic medicine is the only way to ensure that you get a thicker penis. In order to know more about penis thickening and girth improving medicine, click the link given below!

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Penis Size And Sexual Satisfaction - A Connection?

MD - General Medicine
Sexologist, Delhi
Penis Size And Sexual Satisfaction -  A Connection?

Penis Size and Sexual Satisfaction: A Connection?

Even many men who sport a respectable endowment in the penis department sometimes fantasize about having a larger penis - in spite of the fact that penis size is far less important in bed than penis health and one's skill with the equipment. And men do tend to associate penis size with sexual satisfaction of a partner, especially when they are influenced by the monster-sized endowments found in so many pornographic videos. But does that association between penis size and sexual satisfaction extend to the owners of the penis themselves? According to at least one study, the answer is yes.


Before exploring this study, it's important to look at the context of penis size and sexual satisfaction in terms of one's partner or partners. Numerous surveys have shown that, within reason, most female partners are satisfied with the size of the penises they encounter sexually. Yes, in some extreme cases a penis can be so small as to create problems providing satisfaction on its own. In other extreme cases, penis size can be so large as to create a painful sexual situation. But in the vast majority of cases, a typical penis size is perfectly capable of providing pleasure, when used with appropriate skill.

But looking at the question totally from the male point of view, does a man's perception of his penis size have a positive or negative impact on how satisfied he is with the sex he gets?

The study

This 2017 study appeared in the Archives of Sexual Behavior and is entitled "Characterization of Genital Dissatisfaction in a National Sample of U.S. Men." It looked at almost 4,000 men who completed the Index of Male Genital Image questionnaire, which gathered information on how men view their genitals.

Overall, men were generally satisfied with their basic sexual equipment. However, 27% said that they wished their penis was longer when in its flaccid state, and 19% felt the same way about the length of their erect penis. When it came to width, about 15% would have liked to have more girth. (In non-penis size-related issues, 14% had complaints about their pubic hair and only 44% considered penis odor a personal issue.) Overall, 14% of men gave their general genital dissatisfaction a very low rating, most of which was due to concerns - legitimate or not - about their penis size.

Those who had such low satisfaction were less likely to have satisfaction in their sexual activities - and also in general engaged in sexual activities less frequently than those who were more satisfied with their penis. For example, about 73.5% percent of dissatisfied men were sexually active, compared to over 86% of men who were more satisfied with their penises.

Common sense

This makes sense. Lower sexual satisfaction may be due to self-esteem issues which can affect one's performance in bed or one's ability to attract a partner into bed, and these self-esteem issues could in many cases extend to feelings about one's penis, its appearance and its size.

Men who have a normal penis size and still feel disproportionately dissatisfied with it may wish to seek some professional help to learn ways to more properly appreciate their penis. Learning to view one's penis in a more realistic perspective can help with problems of self-esteem and sexual dissatisfaction.

Penis size and sexual satisfaction can be primarily in one's mind, but penis health is another matter. Maintaining that health by regular use of a quality penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) is necessary. Look for a crème that contains vitamins A and C, which respectively help fight penis odor and help give penis skin the tone and elasticity needed for penile erections. In addition, a superlative crème will also contain L-arginine, which helps boost nitric oxide production and consequently can better enable penile blood vessels to expand when needed.

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Popular Questions & Answers

I am 24 years old male and due to child days mistakes now I facing sexual problems like curved penis and blockage of penis nerves and also small size penis and during the physical relation don't reaches full erection of male organ after discharged it is so pain for me, Now I am fully understood for married life, please help me.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Sexologist, Delhi
You do massage with olive oil and almond oil twice a day. Try some vacuum therapy, kegel exercise and jelqing exercise. Start eating a healthy diet like green vegetables like spinach, cabbage, kale etc contribute in male enhancement. Also citrus fruits like avocado, orange, and lemon that are rich in Vitamin B9. For more suggestion you can consult with us on Lybrate personally.

I need help regarding penis enlargement. My penis size is over 4.3 inch when it gets erected. Is there any way I can make it larger than this? I'll be happy even it gets 0.5 inches larger than what it is right now. By the way, I used to masturbate a lot (17-20 years), at least 4 times in a week. I really need help because I'm little worried my penis size.

MBBS, MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Bhavnagar
Sleeping penis size don't matter for sex life. Standing penis size should be 4 inch for sexual satisfaction of partner. Penile size depends on blood flow to penis, blood testosterone Hormone Level and strong desire. No any oil massage or medicine can increase penile size. Masturbation DOES NOT Cause any harm to the body or your penis or sexual organs or your mind and is a completely normal and safe practice.  Basically semen production occurs in our body 24*7*365 days and human being don't have storage organ for semen. So it has to come out either of 3 ways ,via masturbation or intercourse or night fall. All the symptoms are secondary to your guilt.
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Hi doctor. I had a doubt on my penis size and it's shape. When it is in normal stage it seems like a kids penis. When it got penetrated its size increases to double but max for 4 inches. My penis looks so weak and I want tips to make my penis stronger. And balls under my penis are inadequate which is left ball is big and right side is very small seems like no growth conditions to it. I feeling nervous because it may cause any problem for my sexual life. I am waiting for your advice. Thanks in advance.

DHMS (Hons.)
Homeopath, Patna
Hi, Lybrate user, A 4" erected penis can satisfy your needs. Variation in size of testicles makes no difference if you carry errection, properly. Go for meditation to reduce your stress to calm your nerves to make you strong on the occasion. Tk,  apples, carrots,  spinach, garlic, pumpkins seeds, almonds, ,black chocolates to improve testosterone level to check erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, ensuring raised sperm count and testosterone level. Your diet be easily digestible on time to avoid gastric disorder. Homoeopathic medicines can assist you, successfully. @ DamianaQ -10 drops, thrice with little water. Opt 'Sex enhancer' -package for better results. Avoid,  junkfood,  alcohol &  nicotine. Tk,  care.
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I have a small penis. And my sexual power is very less. I am getting married next year. I am so worried .Any solution of this.

MBBS, MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Bhavnagar
Sleeping penis size don't matter for sex life. Standing penis size should be 4 inch for sexual satisfaction of partner. Penile size depends on blood flow to penis, blood testosterone Hormone Level and strong desire. No any oil massage or medicine can increase penile size. To increase your sexual power, do exercise daily, increase your muscles and strength.

Sir, my question is how increase penis size because I'm not satisfied my penis size .sir pls suggest what treatment apply for this .and suggest doctors which can I show my illness and problems.

MBBS, MD - Psychiatry
Psychiatrist, Bhavnagar
Sleeping penis size don't matter for sex life. Standing penis size should be 4 inch for sexual satisfaction of partner. Penile size depends on blood flow to penis, blood testosterone Hormone Level and strong desire. No any oil massage or medicine can increase penile size. You can consult me online.

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What is the treatment?
How is the treatment done?
Who is eligible for the treatment? (When is the treatment done?)
Who is not eligible for the treatment?
Are there any side effects?
What are the post-treatment guidelines?
How long does it take to recover?
What is the price of the treatment in India?
Are the results of the treatment permanent?
What are the alternatives to the treatment?
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Penile Enlargement
Ayurveda remedies for penis enlargement.
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Myths about Sexual Intercourse
Hi, everybody, my name is Dr Aseem Logani. I am as a sexologist and I have got an experience of 31 years. Today I will like to discuss with you all, most common myths about sexual intercourse.

Sex is beautiful and essential for everybody. Everybody has his own magic myth about sex and this start accumatics is the age of adolescence through dramatic story and hear say. The idea you have about sex may not be always be factual and may not be based on these misconceptions. So here are some common myths associated with sex and the truth behind them. The number one common myth is sex is more fun when you are young.

The fact is when you are young sex may be faster and more vigorous. Older people tend to be more acute sexually, having emotionally satisfied sex , they emphasize less on orgasm and more on emotional connect and sensuality and creativity.
The second most common myth is that condom reduces the fun of sex, the fact is that the right condem which fits into size and shape can make the activity more enjoyable for both the partners. A study shows that 68% of men are using wrong condoms.
The third myth is that women can achieve orgasm only through inter-course. the fact is study reveals that 75% of the women do not achieve orgasm through vaginal inter-course. A woman achieves climax orgasm through direct clitoris stimulation and this fact is not known by many males.
The fourth myth is that women are naturally monogamous like men but the fact is society restricts the women s sexual attraction to only one guy in a time. However women have got their own fantasies and biologically and personality wise they are equipped to suit multiple partners.
Fourth very common myth that women are less interested in sex then men. The fact is women may be disinterested in sex due to previous traumatic experiences of childhood abuse but normally a women who is satisfied sexually tends to be more happy and loving, and this is very good for a very good home.
Another common myth is that women are naturally monogamous like men but the fact is society restricts the women s sexual attraction to only one guy in a time. However women have got their own fantasies and biologically and personality wise they are equipped to suit multiple partners.
Sixth common myth is that ejaculation is required for men to enjoy sex , every man thinks that ejaculation is necessary. The fact is study reveals non- ejaculatory sex have their own sexual benefit, very common in older age.
Seventh common myth is erection for a man is must to enjoy sexual play. But the fact is an erection is not compulsion incase of foreplay since arousing a women is pleasurable in itself.
The eight and the last but not the least, very common thinking about Indian males, size of the penis matters but the fact is the size of the penis does not matter because a female vagina is only three inch of a vagina is sensitized and male needs only three inches of erect penis. If you want to consult me you can consult me at lybrate through video or to text chat ot through audio. I am available 24 hours at lybrate. Thank you very much
If you want to consult me you can consult me at lybrate through video or to text chat ot through audio. I am available 24 hours at lybrate. Thank you very much

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Know More About Sexual Life
Briefing on masturbation, semen and sex education
Briefing on masturbation, semen and sex education

Hello everyone I am Dr. Vikash Deshmukh, neuro-psychiatrist and sexologist practicing Washi. Today I am here to discuss about some myths about sex and sexual life.

1st myth is about masturbation, most of the patients ask me that, 'Is masturbation wrong?' Or is it hazardous to health? Masturbation se weakness aata hai kya? My answer to that is NO. Masturbation is a healthy way to release your sexual tensions, provided that you do it in a hygienic way, you should not harm your sexual parts during masturbation, and it should not be the only way to sexual satisfaction or you should not prefer masturbation over sexual act.

The second most common myth is, 'does sex cause weakness or decrease your physical stamina'. Most of my patients ask that agar kuch performance hai, sports performance hai toh use pehle sex nahin karna chahiye kya? Aur kuch din sex nahin karengey ussey pehle toh hamara performance badh jayega kya taqat zyada rehgi kya? Answer to this is no, sex does not decrease your physical stamina or performance on the contrary like exercise it can increase your physical stamina, and mental health as well as physical health.

Some patients also ask that, 'What if you feel weak or tired after sex?' I say, After exercise also you feel some weakness or some tiredness, but that only increases your further stamina but does not make you weak as a person. So like exercise after sex you can feel weakness, but that is a healthy weakness.

The next most common myth my patients come with is 'whether you should not lose your semen at all?' or semen is very precious thing and 'should you preserve your semen?'. They say doctor please give me some medicines to preserve my semen. My answer is semen is a fluid like any other body fluid, majorly 2/3 glands secret semen by vesicles and prostrate glands. So these glands work continuously 24/7 to produce semen and this produced semen should go out of body within 2/3 or 4/5 days. So its not that semen is very precious and you shouldn t lose it. There are many misconceptions like ek boond dhat ka aur sau boond khoon ka which is a completely false thing. Semen is like any other body secretion, who banta hai toh body ke bahar nikalni chahiye. So nothing wrong in losing it.

Other misconceptions patient come with is the size of penis, most patient ask me ki normal size kya chahiye? Mujhe size badhane ka kuch dawa do so that I can give pleasure to my wife, keep one thing in mind that only upper one third that is 3 cm of vagina is sensitive after that there are no sensation in vagina. 3 cm ke upar agar apka penis raha toh usse vagina se senses nahin aatey hai, matlab 3 cm ka aagey jo part hai who apke female partner ko feel nahin hota hai sex ke dauran. So there is no truth in more size gives more pleasure, and this is proven by many experiments.

Last myth I will talk about is 'whether sex education can ruin a child s behavior?', or the child can be ruined by early sexual education. First of all I want to clear that sexual education of child doesn t mean teaching him act of sex. Sex education to children under 5 years means teaching the child what a bad touch is and what a good touch is, and how to differentiate between a bad touch and a good touch because most common sexual abusers are near ones or relatives of that child. So child should be aware about what is good touch, what is bad touch and how to prevent bad touch. Secondly when they are in pre-teen age the children should be aware of puberty changes in body. Like breast changes in female, menstrual cycle initiation in female, or in males the pubic hairs or increase in penis size. Because if he or she is not aware about these changes there can be certain trauma in them. Like if there is some 13 year old girl, she is not aware about menstrual cycle and she suddenly starts bleeding she will be very much fearful that she is bleeding from her private parts and that will be traumatic for her, so sexual education is very important for teenage. Also post teenage or teenage practices about safe sex preventing self sex methods as well as use of condoms and very important to avoid sexually transmitted diseases as well as unwanted pregnancy.

For further consultation and queries please contact me through
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Male Sexual Problems
Namskar, Main pradheep sharma bat kr ra hun or Faridabad main betha hun.

Dr. Sheikh k hun. Namaskar.

Main ek ap sy ek, bht sari pertain hn. Main in patron m kch patrein ly rah n to ek part ye h na mardi ka kya ilaj hai? Dekhiye pradeep ji jo ap ny mjh sy pucha h k na mardi ka kya elaj hai, to main apko ye btana chahta hn k na mardi jo hai, kya hai? Is ko impotency kaha jata hai. Na mardi kai bar kya hai jo admi ka penis hota hai us k andar erection nai ata us ko na mardi ya impotency kaha jata hai. To mai ap logo sy ye kehna chahta hn k ye na mardi ka ya impotency ka jo elag h wok has tor per ayurved m e sambhav hai. Baki elopathic k andar is k lye koi dawai nai h kisi kisam ki koi dawai nai hai. Jitni b dawain ati hain bazar main jo angrezi waly doctors istemal karty hn wo horomones wali medicine hoti hain jo kch time k lye kam krti hn us k bd kch kam nai hota ya bazar m bikny wali Viagra, Penigra, cavitra, jitni b sindafils ya tindafils aty hn wo, un ka us time k lye ya us ratt k lye to asar ho skta hai baki koi elaj nai hai. Main aps y kehna chahta hn k hamary han clinic, Hindustan k andar Dr.Sheikh ka naam jana jata hai agr ap kahein b Hindustan ya puri duniya main kahein rehty hn to puri duniya k andar Dr. Sheikh ka naam search kia jata hai. Ap hamari clinic py a skty hn ya ap hamary bnaye huwy products, jaisy k gadarfor capsulebazar main ata h us ko ly skty hn r us ko leny k bd 40 din lagatar apko ye khana h or khany k bd ek capsule subha khaiye 2 capsule rat ko dudh sy khaiye. Is k 3 din bad e apko asar shuru ho jain gy or 40 din agr capsule lgatar kha liye to bwaish m ya zindage main ye bemari dubara nai hogi. Or puri tarkey s yap hamesha k lye fit ho jain gy. To is main koi pareez wareez to nai hai. Jaisy wo kehty hn, mareez kehta hai is m koi parhez h to mje parheez btaiye. Dekhiye jahan tk parheez ki bat h to Ayurveda k anusar, according to Ayurveda m ye keh skta hn h is main khatai ka parheez zarur hota h khas tor py m viewers k lye or jin ko ye pareshani hai un ko ye kehna chahta hn k khatai ka r achar ka parheez krn jis sy k unko ye bemari dubara ki dikat na ho. Chaliye thek hai. Ek question or aya hai mery pas k ye sigar partan k preshani, ayurvedik main is ka koi uchar hai? Dekhiye jitni b sexual samasiyan han, ya sexul problem hn, jahan tk ap ny bat premature ejaculation k lye bat kahiye ya sheer pratan k lye bat kahiye. sheer pratan matlb jis wqt admi, miyan biwi ya husband wife apas main relation krty hn or relation krty wqt bir ka jadi nikal jana, premature ejaculation, discharge jaldi ho jany ko premature ejaculation kehty hn. To m ap logo sy ye kehna chahta hn k ye sheer pratan ek aam bemari hai or is ka elaj sambhav hai. Lekin jahan tk bat kis chez m hai, wo sb sy bari bat ye h k Ayurveda main is ka elaj permanent tareky sy kia ja skta hai or is k lye tamam dawain bazar main uplabd hain jaisy k ao bhangm basm ly skty hn, treband bhasm ly ksty hn ya sahar herbopharmacy private limited ki bani hui ek is tarha ki nayab tablet hm ny bnai hui h jis ka naam mard extra tiverity bnai hui h, is goli ko khany k bd, m dawy k sath keh skta hn k is tarha ki goli pury Hindustan nai, puri duniya m nai hogi. Is goli ko ek goli ko ap sex krty wqt ap mun m daly rahiye or sex krty rahiye jb tk ye goli ap k mun k andar rahy gi ap discharge hony waly nai hn. Dusri bat ye hai k agr ap chahty hn k dubara sy ye bemari na ho. Premature ejaculation ki bemari dubara na ho. Sheer pratan ki shikaya dubara na ho. Biir apka patla na rahy biir hamesha k lye garha ho jaye. To is goli ki 2 goli subha 2 goli sham dudh k sath khaiye ap ka hamesha hamesha k lye bemari dur ho jaye gi. Parheez apko sirf r sirf main ny apko btaya k khas tor sy khatai or fast food sy dur rahein. Matlab k is main b khatai sy dur rahein. Bilkul khatai sy dur. Thek h, thek h. thek hain. Mery pas ek part or aya h ye jan na chahty hn k sabar dosh hony k kya kya karan hn. Sabar dosh hony ka kya karan h. Sabrdosh dekhiye khas tor sy main ye apko btana chahta hn saban dosh nightfall jo hai ye ek aam problem hai. Or saban dosh ki jo bemari hai, thori young age main khas tor py 16 saal sy ly k 25 26 saal ya us k bd b ho skti hai, zyada tar jo time period hota h yahe hota hai is time m zyada hota hai. Or aj jo saban dosh k case barhy hn un k main karan kya hn k aj kal nojawan zyada tar net chala ra h tmam us tarha ki picture dekh ra h. garam khany kha ry hn. Dudh zyada pi ry hn or fast food istemal kr ry hn to in cheezon ko agr nojawan chorta hai h to night fall ki samasia sy dur ho skta hai. Is k lye ayurved main pury tareeky sy elaj hai. Or puri tareeky sy thek kia ja skta hai nightfall. Night fall k liye hamary pas main jo ek dawa hai j ohm ny bnai hui h hamary han companiyan, hm gurrenty ly k kehty hn hamary pas ek powder ata h us ka naam h rasayan kalp. rasayan kalp us powder ka naam hai. Ye ap ko sirf 2 chamach subha, 2 chamach sham ko khana h or khany k 3 din bd apko puri tareeky sy aram mil jaye ga. Agr ap is powder ko 40 din lagatar khaty hn to chahy kitna e purana apko night fall hota ho. Saban dosh kitna e purana ho 3 din m puri tareeky s yap thek ho jain gy. Phr m ap sy yahe kahun ga k parheez k lye garam dudh na piyan, khas tor py raat ko fast food zyada na khain. Pishap kr k soiye. Dusra net waghira py gandi film, blue film zyada na dekhain. Utna e jaldi apko faida hoga. Ye patient ko hamari dawai kaisy use, kaisy ly skta hai, or kis tarha hm us ko phcha skty hn. Dekhiye phnchany ki bat jahan tk ye hai k sahar pharmacy ki dawain pury Hindustan main aam medical store per ublabt hai. Dusri bat agr wahan per nai hai. Agr ap ko nai mil rai kisi medical store per nai mil rai to ap hamari company k number per jis ka mobile number hai, customer care number hai, 9219632232 per ap bat kr k mangwa skty hn. Online mangwa skty hn. Ye manforce leny m kitna faida hai is k bary main kch btain g yap? Dekhiye jahan tk ap ny jo sawal kia hai, wo bht e behtreen sawal kia hai k manforce leny ka kya faida hai kya nuksan hai. Man force ek zehr ka naam hai. Desh k andar jitney b VP ki shikayat barh rai hai. Desh k andar jitney dimaghi pareshani barh rai hai. Desh k andar jitni liver problem a rai h, sari ki sari jb sy manforce or is tarha ki tendafills bazar main I hain to log is ko kha ry hn khas tor per khany k turant bad e sar main dard shuru ho jata hai, ghabrahat shuru ho jati hai, chehra laal hona shuru ho jata hai, to is k tamam side effect admi ko kbi b is ka istemal nai krna chahye. Agr majburi k karan krty hn to week main ek tablet wo b 50 mg, 100 mg kbi b istemal nai krni chahye. Sirf 50 mg istemal kr skty hn. Kya hm ye jan skty hn k kya penis ka size barha skty hn hm? Dekhiye jahan tk penis size ki bat hai m to yahe keh skta hn pradeep ji ap sy, penis size elopathic waly doctor nai barha skty. Agr hm kisi sy bat krty b hn to un sy agr koi kch question b krta hai to ye kehty hn k ye to kudrati bemari hai or koi dikat nai hai jo admi jitna paida hua h us k hisab sy us ka penis ka aakar nai baraya ja skta, lekin jahan tk ayurved ki bat h to m ye keh skta hn k ye to nai keh skta h 10 inch ya 5 inch ya 8 inch barhaya ja skta hai lekin m ye keh skta hn k 2 ya 3 inch length k size ko barhaya ja skta h. penis k size ko increase kia ja skta hai. Lekin or jahan tk angrezi wali bat hai elopathic wali bat hai to m ye keh skta hn k agr kisi patient ka testrostorn hormones level jo hai low hai to automatically us ka penis size low hoga. Agr hm us k testotrone level ko barha dety hn to m dawy k sath keh skta hn k us k penis k size ko barhaya ja skta hai. Rahi bat jahan tk penis k size ko increase krny ki Ayurveda k duwara hamara jo sawal hai, jo hamary zariye sy hai, hm ny hamara naam Hindustan k andar sary, pury Hindustan k andar jana jata hai, or Dr. Sheikh ka naam kahein search kr ln, ksi b search enfine y search kr ln, google py search kr ln kch material daliye, sirf Dr. Sheikh daliye apko naam mil jaye ga. Or hindusatna e nai takreeban puri duniya main 210 deshoon main search kia jata hai. Or jahan tk bat size barhany ki hai to wo hamary duawara hamari company k duwara ek tail bnaya gya h us tail ka naam h SS tail. Ye is tarha ka nayab tail hai, or hm ny is ko ayurvedh k zariye banay hai or m ayurvedh ki kch dawaon ka naam apko bta ra hn jis k ohm ny is k andar istemal kia h. is k andar hm ny zaitoon ka tail istemal kia h. is k andar hm ny khrateen istemal kia h. is k andar keechwy ka istemal kia h. is k andar arsenic istemal kia h. itna ghazab ka tail h k jahan sari dawain fail ho jati hn to wahein sy SS tail kam krta hai. Or 3 din k andar apna pura asar dekha deta h. or mai ye dawy k sath kehta hn k agr is tail ko lagatar 2 mahiny tk istemal kia jaye to 2 sy 3 inch tk size hr halat main barha deta hai puri guaranty h meri. R agr apki umer 30 saal sy upper hai to 30 saal sy upper waly patient hamari company ka isi company ka, sahar herbalpharmacy ka sahar shakhti powder ka istemal sath main krn. Apko pura pura faida hoga. Dex k andar ukhtejna paida hogi. Jo premature ejaculation hai wo dur hoga. Penis ka size kam h to wo pura hoga. Or pury tareeky sy hamary ye products kam krty hn. Ya ap hamari clinic per a kr.

Hamare clinic main, head office palval k andar hai, dusra Faridabad main hai agra, alipur, Kanpur, etawa, Noida, delhi, badarpu, hamari tamam branches Dr. Sheikh k naam sy chalti hain wahan hamara sara sex samsiyan ka completely elaj Ayurveda k duwara kia jata hai.

Ap ki di hui tamam jankari hamary darshakon ko pasand I hn gi.

Or isi k sath sath m apka dhanywad krta hn. Dr. sahib namashkar, Dhanywad, Namshkar.
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Blood Pressure and Diabetes
Dietary Tips to overcome Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Hello, I am Sheila Seharawat, dietician, Mental Diet Clinic. We are in this field for the past eleven years. And have been treating so many therapeutic patients with the medical issues in a healthy manner, like aajkal agar aap dekhoge toh BP, diabetic ki patient s kaafi a rahain hai. But aajkal dekhogi, BP pehle hoti thi humaare kam se kam 35+ but aajkal aapke teenagers mein bhi like 12 years + also maine case dekhe hai jinko ki BP ki kaafi problem hoti hai. BP ko control karne ke liye jo aapko food stuffs daily routine mein aapko include karne hai woh aapke potassium rich food stuffs hone chahiye. Jaise ki aap fruits mein, banana use kar sakhteh ho. Aap kiwi fruits use kar sakhteh ho. Aap avocado use kar sakhteh ho that are rich in potassium. Jo ki aapki BP ke level ko control kar sakhteh hai.

Second thing aapki daily routine mein aapki paani ka intake aapna accha include karna jisse ki BP aapka control hoteh hai. Phir humhe vegetables pe dihaan rakhna chahiye. Vegetables and salads aapke diet mein zaroor hona chahiye. Jo ki appko roughage provide karta hai jisse ki aapka BP control hota hai.

Vegetables mein aapko green leafy vegetables include kar sakhteh ho especially jaise ki white beans aap daily routine mein aapke diet mein include karoge, as a salad use kar sakhteh ho, woh aapki BP ko control karega. Plus ek sweet potato agar daily small size ka sweet potato agar aap daily include kar sakhteh ho that is rich source of potassium jo ki aapki BP ko control karne mein help karega.

Plus I will suggest daily, agar aap 15-20 minutes ki walk kar sakhteh ho toh that is really good for your BP as well as overall health. Then aapko quinoa, aajkal aapne kaafi suna hoga, quinoa is rich in protein as well as fiber. Quinoa ko aap as a dahlia use kar sakhteh ho. That is really good for your BP control. So yeh theh aapki kuch important points jinko aap mind mein rakhke aapki daily diets mein include kar ke aapki BP ko control kar sakhteh ho.

Toh, for further queries you can contact us via Lybrate.
Having issues? Consult a doctor for medical advice