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Last Updated: Jul 15, 2020
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Benefits of Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus Pluricaulis) And Its Side Effects

Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus Pluricaulis) Nutritional Value Health Benefits Uses Side-Effects Cultivation
Benefits of Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus Pluricaulis) And Its Side Effects

The primary benefit of Shankhpushpi is that it is a brain tonic and improves memory and intellect. Besides that it can be used to treat epilepsy and headache. It also controls vomiting and helps to cure diabetes.

Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus Pluricaulis)

Shankhpushpi is a perennial plant that grows in the wilderness amongst the grass. The leaves are broad at the base and taper towards the tip. The flowers are white or dark pink in colour and are round in shape. The fruits are brown in colour and are small, oily and shiny. The whole plant is covered in small violet coloured hairs.

Nutritional Value of Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus Pluricaulis)

Shankhpushpi contains Carbohydrate- D glucose, maltose, ramnose and sucrose. Besides it is also rich in glacial acetic acid, sclopoetin, Kaemferol, Convoline and B-Sito Serol.

Health Benefits of Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus Pluricaulis)

Health Benefits of Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus Pluricaulis)
Mentioned below are the best health benefits of Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus Pluricaulis)

Improves memory

Consume 3-6 grams of Shankhpushpi powder with sugar and milk every morning to improve memory power. The power taken along with bach makes children intelligent, sharp and bright. It promotes overall intelligence.

Treats epilepsy

Shankhpushpi is beneficial to epilepsy patients. Consuming 2gms. of its juice with honey twice a day would provide relief to epileptic patients. Having Shankhpushpi with bach and penny wort cures epilepsy and anxiety disorders

Cures headache

In case of a headache, mix 1gm of Shankhpushpi powder with 250gms. of ajwain in warm water. Have it and headache will disappear within five minutes.

Controls vomiting

If you feel like puking, add 2 tablespoons of Shankhpushpi juice to honey and throw a pinch of pepper in it. Drink this repeatedly to control vomiting

Helpful in curing diabetes

Juice of Shankhpushpi can alleviate the weakness associated with diabetes. 2-4gms of its powder taken with cow milk treats diabetes


Shankhpushpi has analgesic properties. Its painkiller properties help in dealing with other painful diseases like arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Induces sleep

Shankhpushpi induces sleep. Sleep is necessary for us to function properly. This herb fights sleeps disorders like insomia ad induces sleep.

Uses of Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus Pluricaulis)

Shankhpushpi is used purely for medicinal purposes especially for brain tonics

Side-Effects of Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus Pluricaulis)

Shankhpushpi is a natural product that has no side effects. In case of brain tonics, care must be taken to see that they are consumed in optimum amounts

Cultivation of Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus Pluricaulis)

It is generally found in North India and neighbouring countries like myanmar.

Popular Questions & Answers

My father who is 85 year old continuously sleeps, cannot walk, can't speak, eating well. Symptoms of dementia. Good are option? Ayurvedic medicine any. Please help me out.

BAMS, MD - Ayurveda
Ayurvedic Doctor, Thane
Can Give him Syrup : Shankhpushpi 2tablespoon 2times a day Tab: Brahmi vati - 2 tablet at sleeping time

Does using cell phone for 8 hours a day cause loss of memory and if I reduce the use of phone will my brain will recover from from memory loss please answer.

Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine and Surgery (BAMS)
Ayurvedic Doctor, Almora
Although their is no study about loss of memory on using mobile but it may be harmful because too much use of mobile effect your brain due to long exposure time. So if you use 8 hours all other work certainly left. Maintain mobile phone use discip...

Hello, my husband is very trustful men ,he speaks in sleep always, yesterday we were sleeping in afternoon and he woke sat and then removed the blanket from my face and I woke up asking him what happened, he said nothing I was just checking who is lying besides me. That they he was asking few other things like did you have tea go make tea and bring me wafers which he has bought but he haven't bought any wafers .then he slept, m scared why he is doing this and first time in sleep he failed to recognize me within 45 min from the time we fell asleep. When he was freshly awake I shared him all this incident what he did when he was asleep and he denied to remember any of this. Why is this so we want a solution please. One day he fell asleep in hall and it was raining heavily outside, at night he came back to the bedroom with this feet wet he told me to give space to sleep too, he was sleeping besides me in the bedroom he woke up shocked asking me I was in hall how did I came here. I told him you spoke with me at night and asked me to shift bit to sleep besides me. Now he didn't remembered any of this. Also his leg were wet, we were confused whether he has gone down stairs in the rain and then came up in bedroom and slept. Please suggest something to us ,why is this happening to him and what can be the reason behind this. Suggest some way to come out of this. Please reply soon as possible doctor please.

BAMS, MD - Ayurveda
Ayurvedic Doctor, Thane
Take ayurved medicine tab: brahmi vati mobile syrup: shankhpushpi 2tablespoon 2 times a day but my advice consult with pschychiatrist.

My 2 years 6 months daughter is showing spectrum of autism, no eye contact and no speaking. I want to know ayurvedic medicine for this.

MD- Homeopathy, Fellowship Course in Homeopathic Dermatology, Post Graduation in Homeopathy PG Hom London , Diploma In Clinical Cosmatology, Diploma In Clinical Trichology
Homeopathy Doctor, Nashik
Dear, please visit neuro physician for conform diagnosis about autism. U can start syp. Shankhpushpi (dhutpapeshwar company) 5 ml bd .for 3-4 months.
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Tell me how to increase my memory power and is any ayurvedic medicine regarding that then tell me I can't memorize lot of thing please help me.

MBBS, MD - Medicine
General Physician, Aurangabad
Do meditation and ayurveda has some good medicines to improve memory power. Like syrup shankhpushpi. For further treatment you can consult online.

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