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How Diet Can Help To Maintain Weight From Waist To Hip?

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Dr.Shilpa Chawla 88% (19ratings)
BSc - Home Science, Diploma In Health & Nutrition, MSc - Dietitics/Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Delhi  •  19years experience
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Hello friends, I am Dietitian Shilpa Chawla mentor Shilpa Chawla Health Clinic.

I have been in this field of nutrition and dietetics since last 10 years and have been able to help people who are suffering from different kind of problems and who were not happy with the medical practitioners who are not able to bring change in them with the help of allopathy or homeopathy medicines. But just a little change in their lifestyle or having food on time and having healthy food can make lots and lots of changes in their life.

So friends, today I will be talking about central obesity which is the major problem now a day, in male as well as in female. Central obesity, how can we judge whether it is actually a problem or not? It is the ratio of waist and hip, the WHR should be less than .8 for females and less than 1 for male, if it is more than this ratio it can create lot of problems. This problem can come with lot of other diseases like CVD, hypertension, you can go for diabetes type 2 problem, belly fat can bring lots and lots of problems along with it. So, I would suggest people who are having this WHR or the waist hip ratio more than the fact I have told, they should be very much conscious that they can be prone to all these problems I have said just right now.

I would like to suggest people who are having such problem to have a little change in their lifestyle, like we should get up in the morning on a very good time after having a nice sleep and fresh they should get up fresh in the morning so that cortisol levels are high in the morning when you wake up fresh and the metabolism increases. So you should start your day by making your body alkaline because when we get up the body is acidic. You start your day by having lemon water, you can have amla or you can start with a fresh fruit that is available in that particular season. Then after making a body alkaline start your day with having nuts like Almonds, walnuts, Pumpkins seeds, sunflower, ceasom all these nuts which are very much rich in Omega 3 essential fatty acids, you should start your day with that.

Then we should have a very healthy breakfast when we talk about breakfast the breakfast should be comprised of good proteins, good carbohydrates and very good sources of fat, for example we can start with Tofu paneer sandwich, you can go for besan cheela which has negative calorie properties, basically, it is very heavy but it leads to loss in calories, we can have sprouts in the morning, yellow moong dal cheela and we should definitely use a teaspoon of Desi Ghee, coconut oil or other groundnut oil like or other oils like Sunflower oil, groundnut oil and sarso ka tail. Ok then in mid morning, if you start a day breakfast by 9 by 11 you should have a fruit or green tea or any kind of vegetable juice or fruit juice by lunch which would be around two and a half hours after your mid morning, you should have chapati which should be complex carbohydrates you should add a like Oats, Jawar, Bajra .

You can add Jau to your atta in the ratio of 30-70 or 50-50 depending upon the situation and you should have dal, dal should be green moong dal, kali massar, arhar dal, green moong dal chilka along with all vegetables which are rich in fibre and minerals and vitamins along with that we can have salad and curd. Then after like 2 hours, we can start with the tea or biscuit or roasted chana or full makhana then by dinner again dinner should be comprised of good protein, carbohydrate and fat, carbohydrate should be again complex but if you want to change your taste you can go for wheat pasta and you can have soups and salads also.

So friends, I have lots and lots of tips written for you and you can contact me through Lybrate for customize diet plans.

Thank you so much.

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