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Bone Fracture: Treatment, Procedure, Cost and Side Effects

Last Updated: Jun 28, 2023

What is Bone Fracture?

Bone structure is a partial or a complete break in your bone. Fracture mostly acknowledged as broken bone takes place with the change in contour of any bone.  The basic symptoms of bone fracture are abnormal swelling, high pain or deformity in the structure. You won’t be able to move the injured part of the body.

Often in severe cases, you might experience bone poking inside your skin. Basically bone fracture takes place if you get hurt severely or even slip and hit something heavy. Bone can also get fractured if you fall down from height like while climbing a tree, or slipping down from stairs. There are various categories of bone fracture that includes complete and incomplete bone fracture and compound and simple bon structure. Complete bone fracture indicates that the bone got snapped in two or moreparts whereas incomplete fracture is where the bone gets a crack but does notface a complete breakage.

On the other hand, the compound fracture is where the bone tries to break through the skin of the patient. For simple bone fracture, the bone undergoes breakage but does not penetrate through the skin. The treatment often requires surgery and long term medication.Even in some cases, psychotherapy is also required to recover completely.

How the bone fracture treatment done?

If you experience symptoms that indicate a bone fracture in any part of your body, do not avoid it. Go to doctor right away and he would prescribe you to undergo a X ray test. The X-ray report will provide the exact condition of the bone and its injuries.

Depending on the report of your X-ray of bone fracture, the doctor would decide whether to conduct a surgery or using immobilizer, slings would do the needful. In can of surgery, devices like rods, plates, and even screws are utilized. On the other hand, in case of cases that do not require surgery, they are advised to use sling that would not allow any movement of a broken arm and let it heal eventually. After surgery, the patients are advised to take complete rest for a few weeks so that the patient gets habituated with the external object in the body. However, the surgery is completely dependent on the health conditions of the patient.

For instance, high blood sugar and pressure highly influences the surgery. Without normal sugar and blood pressure, surgery conducted is highly vulnerable to risk and may lead to adverse situations. Often closed reduction is done in case of misplacement in the alignment. In this case, a general anaesthesia is done and a cast is placed to hold the bone in that alignment.

However, depending on the patient nature of the bone fracture case, the external objects to be inserted are chosen. These objects are required to remove after a certain period of time like 2 or 3 years when the fracture is cured. Along with that, the patient needs to be under medication that would escalate the curing process.

Who is eligible for Bone Fracture treatment?

There remains so such eligibility for bone fracture treatment. It may take place to people of any age structure. Often children get their bone fractured while playing and on the other hand middle-aged and old aged people even meet accidents and severe fractures may lead to surgery. However, bone fracture treatments are conducted with respect to the age of the patient like children recovers faster than teenagers and middle-aged patients. Again, conducting surgery for old aged patients often turns risky.

Are there any side effects of bone fracture treatment ?

If you seem to meet an accident and get your bone fractured, you will either be prescribed to use slings or undergo surgery depending on the intensity of the injury. After getting your bone fracture surgery done, you might face several side effects.

Some of these are over swelling, pain or even bruising. Added to that, you may face complications while conducting surgery for a bone fracture that is rare and that would include bleeding, blood clots, and severe allergic reactions for patients who suffer from anaesthesia. You also remain vulnerable to infections if you had complications during the surgery.


What are the bone fracture post-treatment guidelines?

After you are done with the surgery of your fractured bone, you must follow few strict rules in your daily life.  Along with that, you must maintain a frequent coordination with the doctor and continue medication. It is extremely necessary to abide to these rules otherwise it may lead to adverse effects.

You are not allowed to pull heavy things like rearranging furniture, carrying luggage bags etc. You are advised not to take up much physical work and make your daily tasks easier.

How long does it take to recover after bone fracture treatment?

The recovery span is entirely dependent on how severe the fracture is. In the case of small cracks, it gets recovered within 2 to 3 weeks. However, children recover faster within 3 weeks whereas teenagers and middle-aged people takes around 6 weeks to attain full recovery. In some cases of severe injury full recovery takes around 10 weeks.

What is the price of the bone fracture surgery cost in India?

The average cost of bone fracture treatment in India ranges from 700 INR to 500000 INR. It basically depends on the severity of the condition.

Are the results of the bone fracture surgery treatment permanent?

The results of the bone fracture treatment on bone fracture are permanent only if you follow the post-surgery regulations. Along with that, proper medication and psychotherapy is required to adopt.

What are the alternatives to bone fracture treatment ?

Some alternative treatment for bone fracture surgery is to avail Ayurveda process of medication that are entirely prepared from natural products. Even home remedy like using turmeric, constant use of ice, black caraway and sesame seeds and castor seeds acts as a catalyst in the recovering process. A complete rest is essential during this time.

Key Highlights

Safety: Very High

Effectiveness: High

Relative Risk: Very Low

Side Effects: Very Low

Time For Recovery: Low


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