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7 Reasons Why You Must Eat Fenugreek (Methi)!

Dt. Ushma Chheda 88% (23 ratings)
M.Sc - Dietitics/Nutrition, B.Sc - Dietitics/Nutrition, Diploma In Sports Science & Nutrition
Dietitian/Nutritionist, Mumbai  •  17 years experience
7 Reasons Why You Must Eat Fenugreek (Methi)!

Methi or Fenugreek is a herb with green leaves that come from the Pea family. The seed of fenugreek is bitter in taste and are used in preparing a number of medicines. The leaves of fenugreek, however, are quite delicious when cooked. But what most people are not aware of is that 1 tablespoon of fenugreek leaf contains calorie, fat, fiber, protein, carbohydrate, iron, magnesium, vitamin B6 and phosphorous. It goes without saying that methi is extremely beneficial for the overall health of an individual.

Here is a list of few benefits that methi can extend to the body if consumed regularly:

  1. Addresses Heart Diseases: Fenugreek contains a compound known as galactomannan that plays a key role in addressing many heart problems and supports the cardiac muscle to remain intact. The sodium and potassium content of fenugreek helps to maintain the heart rate and keep the blood pressure at an optimum level.
  2. Reduce Inflammation: Fenugreek is known to address inflammation such as chronic coughs, boils, mouth ulcers, tuberculosis, mouth cancer, bronchitis and kidney ailments. Fenugreek slows down the absorption of sugar and stimulates insulin. They can be consumed daily in the form of a paste or along with food to address various inflammation of the body.
  3. Lose Weight: Fenugreek helps to lose weight. The natural fiber content of methi, when consumed in the morning on an empty stomach, can help to curb hunger. Fenugreek swells in the stomach and gives a fulfilling feeling. They can become a major aid in any weight loss program.
  4. Addresses Acid RefluxFenugreek is an extremely good remedy for addressing heartburn and acid reflux. Fenugreek contains mucilage that coats the intestinal and stomach lining and thus soothes the gastrointestinal tissues. The methi seeds should be soaked overnight in water before consuming.
  5. Helps in Fixing a Sore Throat1 spoon of methi paste when mixed with honey and lemon reduces fever and give relief from a cough and cold. It is also capable of fixing a sore throat. It nourishes the body and helps to recover from cold in very short time.
  6. Menstrual Discomfort: Compounds such as isoflavones and diosgenin possess estrogen-like quality. They can readily address discomfort associated with PMs and menstrual cramps. Methi is also found to help with mood fluctuation and hot flashes. Due to their iron-rich properties, fenugreek proves to be extremely helpful for women suffering from menstrual pain.
  7. Hair Problems: Fenugreek is known to have a very soothing effect on the scalp that in turn makes the hair black and shiny. When fenugreek seeds are soaked overnight, boiled and mixed with coconut oil to form a paste, they can do wonders for the hair. They are also known to be ceasing hair fall and hair thinning.

The benefits offered by fenugreek or methi are numerous, however, there are few things that one must take care of i.e. pregnant women should not consume methi seeds as they can possibly lead to early contraction and also while taking them you must consult with your doctor as methi can react with certain chemicals and antibiotics. 

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