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Hello. One day in the morning I had a diastolic pressure of 157, systolic pressure at 128, pulse ranged from 100 bpm when sitting and 127 when moving. I went to my gp and she signed me with concor 5 mg (as I read, it is similar to bisoprolol ? epinephrine and norepinephrine suppressor). She also signed noofen (active component phenibutin). I cut the concor tablet in half as my gp had instructed. All my blood pressure and pulse went back to normal. I drank concor with interruptions (my bad), I only read it online that I shouldn't have stopped. So, I resumed. Noofen stopped due to waking up at night needing to urinate. Eyes - all red. That is why I reduced the dosage to one noofen tablet. Also, I read herbal tea, such as camomile tea I drank may have had interaction with noofen making it stronger. During the day today, I had concor and vitamin d supplement (2000 iu - i'm at 18,30 units, whereas everything below 19,30 is considered - deficit). I drank about 5 tablets of vitamin d so far. As I read, concor has not shown any interactions with vitamin d supplements. Drank some 5 tablets of magnesium with b6 then stopped. Only natural food sources and natural vitamin sources. I'm ok with pulse 63 when being active, though my diastolic is lowered from 120/80 - it is 109/69. Whenever I lie down I can feel my heart beats in my head, feel a slight ringing noise in my ears. The pulse is within the normal range, but I can feel the pulse in my head and that makes it harder for me to sleep well. My question here is, as I don't find sleeplessness among concor side effects, why does a normal pulse of 63 bpm keeps me awake? I also feel my heart to speed up a bit when I eat well. Today, I was fishing in open-air and stood for a number of hours. Felt lightheaded afterwards, almost fell asleep on the bench, but couldn't since my normal, but hard heart pulse is pounding in my head. Back home, I measured my cardiac: 109 / 71 / 63 bpm. I had blood tests, urine tests - no diabetes, no infections, cholesterol levels fine, as at/alat - fine, hgb is 161 units - 160 being the top limit. Rest blood parameters within normal ranges. Gp stated I have vegetative-cardiovascular dystonia due to stress. I don't consume alcohol, I don't smoke or consume drugs. Healthy lifestyle. Motion every day, though with covid19 I do sit more in front of pc. Though there were times I sat even more and nothing happened. I'm about to have a holter monitor, but i'm afraid they will not notice anything unusual as 63 bpm and anything less than 120/80 would be dismissed as ok. It bothers me that I cannot sleep well. I wake up at night or feel my heart fluttering. I've tried changing postures. I don't sleep on the left side as it makes me aware of the heartbeats. I'm on concor for about 2 months now. I've stopped it for two days in a row and didn't notice any difference. My heart didn't race. I don't eat sugary foods before sleep as it also outputs energy that has to go somewhere. I don't eat 3 hours before bed. Drinking noofen before bed eases the tension and muscles. Kinda makes you sleep, but I do not drop to a rem-sleep. I sleep superficially and the drug. Mint tea doesn't help, so is valerian. Trying a mix if herbs called novo-past as my psychologist advised. I went to a psychotherapist, she sees no problems with me. I don?t have any other symptoms. I had sweats in my feet and hands before. But those are gone. Have changed blanket so I don?t overheat or sweat at night. I tried to rule out foods that I eat or what I drink. But to no avail. There was a week when I almost ate nothing but drank water. Whenever I have an erection at night, I also have an increased heart rate. Unless I wake up or become mildly conscious, it keeps going. During the day, I don?t feel any sex drive, plus as I read concor causes erectile dysfunction. I just want to drop in my sleep. Need help.

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