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Pre Operative Panel Test

Pre Operative Panel Test

Patients who are getting ready for heart, lung, kidney or other types of operations have to compulsorily undergo varieties of preoperative blood tests. Senior surgeons and their team will review the Preoperative-Panel blood test and find out whether the patients are suffering from any previous comorbid conditions. Surgeons will postpone the surgery or cancel it when they find comorbid or other serious health conditions in patient’s body. There are different types of preoperative serum tests and surgeons will prescribe only important blood tests.

Preparation process is simple and straightforward. Patients who are readying for the upcoming operations have to give their serum samples several hours before the surgery. Fasting serum is a wonderful option since the patients will get accurate results. They should not eat anything but can stay hydrated by consuming few liters of water. It is better to wear loose and half-sleeve shirt while giving serum samples to the providers. Technicians will instantly send the sample to the diagnostic center for further evaluation. Patients can collect the report within a short period of time. Patients who are admitted in the hospital should lie down on the bed when physicians draw the blood from their body for further examination. Physicians will recommend few blood tests or plenty of serum tests depending upon the condition of the patients.

Blood examination is an important procedure which should not be neglected. Surgeons generally recommend Preoperative-Panel blood test which is a comprehensive serum analysis test. Patient will get to know about his health condition and doctors will take necessary course of action after reviewing the blood report. If the doctors are not satisfied with the health conditions of the patients they will postpone the surgery to later dates or suggest other alternatives. Preoperative-Panel blood test is gaining popularity and more and more physicians are prescribing these types of very important tests.

Procedure of collecting serum samples will vary from one patient to another. If patients are readying for major surgeries then physicians will recommend different types of blood samples like Full blood count, blood clotting tests, diabetes test, urine dip test and blood gases. It might be a very lengthy or short process. During the procedure the patients should be cooperative and follow the guidelines recommended by the doctors. Doctors or lab technicians will use sterilized or new syringe for extractive blood from the patient's’ body. They may suffer from bruises, pain and other minor problems which will subside within minutes.

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Type Gender Age-Group Value
Pre Operative
All age groups
Rs 400- Rs 6000

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