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Himani Negi

Dr. Himani Negi

Homeopathy Doctor12 Years Exp.
₹ 500 at clinic
500 online

Dr. Himani Homoeocure

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Nookampalayam, Perumbakkam, Bollineni Hillside Phase 1, Opposite BVM Global School
Consultation Fee: ₹ 500
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Personal Statement

My highest and sole mission is to heal the sick and it's my first duty nothing else matters more important to me . Homoeopathy since based on law of nature cures all diseases through natural way and this classic way of Homoeopathy is my passion,whatever the name of disease may be it is the man in disease I cure and the so called diseases vanish more

Doctor Information


  • Homeopathy Doctor

Other treatment areas

  • Homeopath
  • Gynaecologist
  • Dermatologist
  • Asthma Specialist
  • Diabetologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Nephrologist
  • Pain Management
  • Sexologist
  • Infertility
  • Osteoarthritis Specialist


  • BHMS , Chandola Homoeopathic Medical College , 2012

Past Experience

  • Physician at Dr Himani Homoeocure Clinic

Languages spoken

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Tamil

Clinic Location

Nookampalayam, Perumbakkam, Bollineni Hillside Phase 1, Opposite BVM Global School

Clinic of Dr. Himani

Clinic's NameFees
Dr. Himani Homoeocure500
Dr Himani Homoeocure500
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Dr. Himani Homoeocure

Dr. Himani Homoeocure

Nookampalayam, Perumbakkam, Bollineni Hillside Phase 1, Opposite BVM Global School
₹ 500 at clinic
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Dr Himani Homoeocure

Dr Himani Homoeocure

53/F, SR Nagar, Mangalam Road, Gandhi Ji 6th Street Behind Dhanda Panik School, Mangalam Road
₹ 500 at clinic
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Question and Answers



male • 50 Year Old • Jan 11, 2024 • Mohali

Dr. I am a 50 year female. I had a high bp from last 10 years. I was taking telma-h and nebi 5 mg daily. But from last 3 months my bp is fluctuating like 180/100, 160/90 more

Himani Negi

5 months ago

Hi lybrate user A homoeopathic treatment will give you best results naturally you can easily take an online consultation for further treatment guidance strict lifestyle full answer

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