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DERMATOPHYTOSIS/DADRU. DADRU – ringworm, dermatophytosis or tinea infection is a burst out condition of the skin. Due to bursting of exterior through the skin leads to circular or different shaped skin patches with itching. It is also commonly explained as fungal skin infection. CLASSIFICATION Depending upon the site of affliction the lesions are named as below- Scalp -Tinea capitis – also known as scalp ringworm Body -Tinea corporis Whole body surface -Tinea universalis Neck -Tinea versicolor Face -Tinea faciei Beard -Tinea barbae Groin and buttock -Tinea cruris – also known as jock itch Hand -Tinea manuum Feet-Tinea pedis – athlete’s toes, athlete’s feet Nails-Tinea unguium WHY THIS HAPPENED? Poor nutrition – leading to less immunity, more proneness to infection Excessive sweating Hot and humid climate – excessive sweating, leading to moist skin Debilitating/ chronic diseases – compromised immunity Poor hygiene, poor living conditions, Diabetes – diabetic patients are usually more prone to skin diseases Administration of cortico- steroids and immune suppressing agents, leading to compromised immunity. More chance for the fungus to invade. Infection: Fungal parasitic infection sweat infection TO DO Warm water Astringent-bitter and light food Regular washing and bathing Proper exercise – to improve body strength and immunity Buttermilk Light and easily digestible food Turmeric, curry leaves, cinnamon, cardamom NOT TO DO. Oily food, junk foods, sodas – upsets stomach and intestines, worsens immunity strength Cold water Dust and contaminants Heavy and excessive food Slimy and spicy food Night awakening Improper bowel habit etc PREVENTIVE TIPS AND HOME REMEDIES For any type of skin disorders due to infection – mix 10 grams of turmeric powder in 100 ml of neem oil. Apply it over the skin lesions, 30 minutes before bath, everyday. Believe it or not, a perianal abscess was cured with this simple remedy. (You can see a testimonial about it here) For all skin disorders, mix a tablespoon of Khadira (Acacia catechu powder) in a tub of hot water and use it for bathing. Read more about this home remedy In case of Jock itch (affecting groins), wear loose-fitting under garments. Apply cosmetic powder to keep the skin dry. To prevent scalp fungal infection, do not use very old and infested combs, brushes and such other hair care products. If you have groin fungal infection (Jock itch) and athlete’s foot together, then treating groin infection alone will not be sufficient. The foot infection can spread to groin and jock itch may recur. Do not share cloth, sports instruments, towels with others Wash thoroughly after suspected skin contact Avoid tight-fitting cloths. Change your socks and underwear repeatedly, if needed. After bath, make sure to dry the skin completely. If you have athlete’s foot, put your socks on before your underwear so that the infection does not spread. Avoid using oily skin products. Reduce your exposure to the afternoon sun. Increased sweating causes worsening of infection. Wear cotton cloth, which absorbs the sweat and moisture completely. AYURVEDIC TREATMENT 1.Dadrughni Vati 2.Panchanimbadi vati. 3.Guggulu tiktak mahakashaya 4.Rasottamadi lep 5.Vidangarista 6.Khadirarista. Apart form this appropritae antifungal medications and tropical oint necessary to eradicate it from the root and for non recurrence. NOTE ALL MEASURES DONE TOGHTER WITH PROPER DIAGNOSIS AND PROPER MANAGEMEMT THEN IT WILL GET ERADICATED PERMANANTLY. I NEED your DETAILED HISTORYINVESTIGATIONS AND PREVIOUS MEDICATIONS DETAILS OF IT PROBLES. I HAVE VERY GOOD AYURVEDIC TREATMENT FOR THIS PROBLEMS SAFE. EFFECTIVE NO SIDE EFFECTS. You CAN CONSULT ME FOR THIS PROBLEMS. I WISH U HAPPY HEALTHY AND PROSPEROUS LIFE AHEAD GOD BLESS YOU. REGARDS.
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