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Dr. Suruchi Puri Medi Makeovers Skin

Dr. Suruchi Puri Medi Makeovers Skin

Dermatologist Clinic

B-1/37 1st floor Dharam Marg Janak Puri Landmark : Opposite Hair Palace salon and above Alam House
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₹ 1,500 at clinic

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Best Skin Care Treatment In Delhi With increasing age our skin tends to get more weak and loose therefore we loose the glamour and radiance.Our skin is one of the most important body part more

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Androgenetic Alopecia
Androgenetic Alopecia

Hi everybody, this is Dr Suruchi Puri I am a dermatologist and I am practicing in Janakpuri for the past 15 years now. I passed out my graduation and post graduation from the prestigious Maulana Azad Medical College Institute in Delhi. My research topic was baldness and that is male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. Ever since my days of research in the medical college, I have been interested in trichology, the hair disorder and its various treatments. So today we will just discuss about the most common form of baldness not just in India everywhere in the world which is the pattern baldness or the androgenetic alopecia. Now what is androgenetic alopecia and androgenetic alopecia is a patterned baldness which happens majorly in genetically predisposed individual because of the effects of hormone called the DHT or dihydrotestosterone which begins to be form after puberty. Now this hormone is really not good for the scalp hair it causes thinning of the hair follicles, it causes miniaturization and converts the anagen or the growing hair to the telogen or shedding hair because of which you can have thinning of the hair follicles, you can have the visible scalp skin and you can have hair fall also. The onset is after puberty and depending upon your lifestyle, your genetic makeup, you can have a rapid progression of baldness also. The grades of baldness according to standard classification called the Norwood Hamilton classification it varies from grade 1 to grade 7, usually we see these days there is a lot of baldness even in youngsters like 17 to 18 years of age presenting with higher grades of baldness. So I believe that more studies are needed to link androgenetic alopecia with the present Lifestyle changes which definitely have some role possibly in the eteo pathogenesis of this disorder. Right so now DHT which causes the thinning now how do we stop it? So we have certain drugs like Minoxidil and Finasteride which are the only to US FDA medication for stopping the further progression of androgenetic alopecia. These are to be taken only under medical supervision and the doctors guidance and there is a Minoxidil if there is contraindication can we applied lifelong also. Similarly Finasteride the pros and cons need to be discussed with the patient regarding the side effects, the possible benefits and the duration for which it needs to be taken. There are certain therapies which are really effective in the treatment of male pattern baldness, commonly the mesotherapy and the PRP or platelet rich plasma technique.

I just briefly discuss about them what is mesotherapy in which there are ampules which are already loaded with a cocktail of growth factors, the hair growth factors like minoxidil, biotin, calcium pantothenate, indexynol So we can customise this cocktail also and injected into the roots of the hair follicles this is done through a special leperatus called the mesogen, it's practically painless it's very well tolerated therapy. The side effects are almost nill. Now the second treatment which is gaining a lot of popularity these days is PRP or the platelet rich plasma technique now it's and autologous PRP so your own blood sample is taken and from your blood the plasma is extracted from that the platelets are extracted then it is concentrated many a time to produce highly concentrated platelets suspension and from that we take out the growth factors. The platelet so this basically a platelet suspension rich in growth factors after doing a microneedling after cleaning the scalp we do a little microneedling on the scalp, then after doing microlearning we inject the PRP at the desired locations into the roots of the hair follicles. Since its autologous you can be assured that there are no side effects associated with the PRP treatment and I have seen results as early as even one sitting also though we usually tell the patient to take up to 6 sitting and the growth begins in as early as 2 to 3 months of the therapy but you see best results in 6 to 8 months. After we have injected the PRP suspension then we do a little more regress microneedling and then we have an automated mesogen whereby we can do some more mesotherapy we can combine it in the same session also. Like once we have completed the PRP there is no down time patient can go back home and carry on with the regular activities.

So if you are suffering from androgenetic alopecia you can contact me on, you can read more details about our clinic and the services we are offering at our website or you can visit our clinic which is located in Janakpuri West Delhi Thank you.

Laser Hair Reduction
Laser Hair Reduction


Hi friends, this is Dr Suruchi Puri, I am a Dermatologist, practising in Janakpuri area in New Delhi. Today I am just going to talk about laser hair reduction, what it is and how it can be useful to us in the various indications. So laser hair reduction is gaining a lot of popularity these days, it is not just gaining popularity for the cosmetic indication, but also a lot of diseases which we can treat with laser hair reduction. Now there are a lot of lasers which are available in the market to name a few the technology is used in them is can be ND: YAG or Diode or it can be Alexandrite. We have to choose the type of laser according to the type of skin which we are treating and type of hair follicles that we are treating. Usually, the patients with fair skin and dark coloured hairs respond the best with laser hair reduction. Keeping in mind the increasing nature of hormonal disorders, which is very common because of the lifestyle changes these days, we have to keep in mind the possibility of PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease) in female patients, especially when we are treating the androgenic dependent areas, just like the face, which is a hormone-dependent area. So in such cases we really need to investigate the patient, the female patient, the young patient comes to us with lot patience here. So we need to carry on certain investigations and we have a proper clinical examination, so we need a medical history, we diagnose it properly, we treat them medically, we also give them laser hair reduction. So usually the combination works up very well, the technology which I prefer the most is the diode technology and the laser which I use in my clinic is called the Lumenis desire, it is one of the best lasers in the world, its the most updated lasers, its the US, FDA approved device, we have two handpieces in it. One is a small handpiece for doing smaller areas, the other one is bigger handpiece, is based on a vacuum technology which sucks the skin. So it brings the hair follicles close to the laser which makes it more effective. Second, based on the gates principal because there is a vacuum Technology you don't feel the pain at all so it's very-very effective very-very comfortable for body areas like underarm or full body so it's really effective. So anybody desiring for a look for long-term hair reduction can opt this laser for assured and of course, there are some other lasers also which we do combine in cases where there is a resistant hair growth. So the body areas like once we have done, we need to actually need to trim the area then we applied in chill the area, then we applied some ice or gel that it works only on the In the smaller handpiece for the face or small areas but for body areas but for body areas we need no icing no gel so there is practically no pain and the patient goes back home happily. In first sitting, itself you begin to see some result, but since, the principle of the laser is that any laser for that matter is that it works only on the angel hair i.e. those hairs which are hard, which are having more melanin. So we target a particular hair follicle cycle and we see some results in the per sitting then in the second the result increases further, the third sitting it increases go on like this. Usually, we advise 6 to 8 session for Laser hair reduction and believe me it helps, made my line much better and my known ones who have also gone under hair reduction, my family, my friends, my patients. They are very happy, very satisfied with the treatment. If you want to know more details you can log on to the website or you can visit us at our clinic in Janakpuri. Thank you 

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Dr. Suruchi Puri

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Dr. Suruchi Puri Medi Makeovers Skin Reviews



Sep 28, 2022

I got to know about doctor from my fiance and went there for my hair laser reduction and PRP after 2nd sessions i am quite satisfied to see the visible results. The services provided are really good and are done under the supervision of Dr. suruchi puri . Also the staff is very cooperative, more



Dec 24, 2019

It was very good although this is the first time I have visited a doctor who charges fee upfront.



May 24, 2019

Nice experience



Apr 06, 2017

Due to my hair loss, my daily activities were suffering. Dr Suruchi Puri is not just friendly, but also is very motivating. In the past i consulted so many doctors, but nobody was able to help me with my baldness, but she has helped me immensely. Even though Suruchi Puri is not from our city, she more



Oct 25, 2018

Dr Suruchi is a very soft spoken and we'll experienced in his field. I have visited many Dr for hair loss problem but found no improvement. Then I come to know about Dr Suruchi on Google and visited two months back. I got surprised when after one month of treatment my hairfall reduced and after two more

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