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Sheikh Dawakhana is known for housing experienced s. Dr. Sheikh, a well-reputed Sexologist , practices in Alligarh. Visit this medical health centre for s recommended by 49 patients.

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Opp. Masudabad Bus Stand
Alligarh, Uttar Pradesh - 202001
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Sri Hari Sankuntalayn Medical College, Mujafarpur
B.N. Medical College Mathura
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Akhil Bhartiya Yog and Prakirtik Chikitsa Parishad
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    Has your life been mundane or monotonous lately, well then you have reasons to worry. Lives with less intimacy or unhappy sex lives have been known to cause problems in a relationship and may also be a cause for your mental problems.

    In order to avoid these pitfalls, use these tips to bring back the spark and the smile on your partner's face:

    1. Wear red: The chances of having sex increases significantly if you are wearing red color. It is said to change the perception about a person's attractiveness.

    2. Oral sex: Oral sex allows for more clitoris stimulation in women and penile stimulation in men. Try new positions such as sixty nine and the elevator to keep things interesting in the bed.

    3. Scintillating visuals: To make your partner more aroused, use visual techniques such as lacy lingerie with heels. Men tend to focus on the visual aspect of sex more so it may be stimulating for them.

    4. Sexting: Sexting is the new thing in spicing up your sex life. Send saucy texts to your partner as this will spice up things and bring more creativity in your bedroom. It will bring both of you closer and is also a method of revealing your innermost desires without facing your partner.

    5. New positions: Opt for a new sex positions the next time you have sex, it will prevent monotony in your sex life. You may opt for poses such as the cowgirl where the woman is on top or the body builder position.

    6. Practice the downward dog position: This pose has been shown to increase libido in men and also helps them to last longer in bed. You will see improvement in core strength and will be able to control your pelvic muscle better.

    7. Communicate: You should communicate more with you partner, as this helps in improving your relationship. If you are more open, then it will lead to a better sex life.

    8. Going for it in the morning: Men are known to last longer in the morning as the level of testosterone in the body is high at this point of the day. It will also improve your health and mood.
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    The greater part of us can recollect the hot, zesty minutes when the love life was new and everything was rosy between you and your partner. However, the flame of a decent love life may fade away. Gradually, you and your partner may have an uninteresting sexual life.

    In order to break the deadlock, you must find ways to bring back the old flame. Here are 10 ways, following which you can slowly get back to your glory days.

    1. For men, keeping a healthy heart is a must for long lasting spirit in bed. Your penis chips away with circulatory strain. The mind sends signals to your penis that causes vessels to swell with blood. Your heart is in charge of pumping the blood. When the heart is not functioning at its best, it can bring about issues with the blood stream from the heart to the vessels in your penis. This can make it hard to accomplish a full erection. Ensure your circulatory framework is working at top shape. Essentially, what is useful for your heart is useful for your sexual well-being.

    2. One of the most ideal approaches to enhance your sexual well-being is cardiovascular activity. Sex gets your heart rate up, yet standard activity can help your sexual execution by keeping your heart fit as a fiddle. Sweat breaking activities, such as running and swimming, can do marvels to uplift your charisma.

    3. In case of men, some food items help in increasing blood flow. This accounts for better erection.
    Example, banana (rich in potassium), onion, garlic, chilies and pepper. Some of these items reduce hypertension.

    4. There are many people who have certain sexual problems, but keep them to themselves. People tend to hide their problems from their partners because of fear of failure. These problems should be talked about, given attention and be cured in order to restore the normal sexual performance and Erectile Dysfunction is one such problem.

    5. Sex is a two way road. Giving careful consideration to your partner's longing makes sex pleasurable for them and turns you on as well. Discussing this in advance will make it easier for you.

    6. In case you're not enduring the length you desire in bed, you may require some practice. Masturbation can help you enhance your stamina.

    7. Exposure to sunlight decreases the production of melatonin. Less melatonin increases the potential for sexual urge. Spend some time in the sun.

    8. Reduce much stress possible from your life. Stress boosts blood pressure and heart rate and your sexual performance gets hampered.

    9. Get rid of unhealthy habits, such as smoking and drinking. Such stimulants may lead to impotency, and you must avoid them to maintain sexual health.

    10. Experiment with new and different sexual positions to make it more interesting and fun for your partner.
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    Supplements are just a way to add vital nutrients in your daily nutritional intake, but are not the only solution. First of all, it is important to note that your sex life does not depend on supplements. Various other factors can both positively and negatively affect your sex life. Exercise, weight and medications you take can have both adverse and positive effects. Try to improve your sex life by altering these aspects before you use supplements. Nevertheless, here are some supplements which may be beneficial for your sex life.

    1. Iron: Iron is used to boost the libido of women. The libido comprises the arousal, desire as well as the ability to have an orgasm. However, too much iron is not good for you. Over 20 mg can cause stomach problems and constipation while over 60 mg is life threatening.

    2. Niacin: There are two types of cholesterol in your body. One is a good cholesterol, while the other is a bad cholesterol. Niacin is a type of B vitamin, which raises your good cholesterol level. Men who have high cholesterol and erectile dysfunction tend to see improvements in their symptoms by taking 1500 mg of niacin for 12 weeks.

    3. Yohimbine: This is a type of herbal supplement only used for men. It is used to treat erectile dysfunction and should only be used on men. However, it is worth note that high blood pressure, heart palpitations, anxiety, headaches and dizziness are all caused by yohimbine. Therefore, it should be used with care only when the doctor prescribes it.

    4. Panax ginseng: This is one of those rare drugs, which raises sexual desire in women and also corrects erectile dysfunction in men. It is worth mentioning that Panax ginseng also causes insomnia. Insomnia is one of the side effects of this medication along with diarrhea and painful periods for women.

    5. Maca: This is a type of Peruvian root vegetable. It primarily helps women who are taking antidepressants and have lost their sex drive as a result. It can also be tried safely as it is a type of food as well and therefore, it is not as dangerous as some of the other supplements on this list.
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    How to Reverse the Impact of Aging on Your Sexual Health?

    Like most people, do you also believe that increasing age can act as a deterrent to your sexual life? It is a MYTH!

    There are several ways in which you can preserve your sexual health even as you age. It is important to have a healthy sexual life even after you grow old because that is important for the wellbeing of your body and mind.

    There are several changes that you may notice occurring in your body - from your sexual health to various factors associated with it. This can lead to problems like losing interest in sex, difficulty in sustaining erection in the case of men, more painful intercourse in the case of women etc. The most prominent causes of the decline in your sexual health in old age include factors related to diseases, medications, surgery etc.

    How aging is related to your sexual health?

    Here's a list of the most common diseases that are responsible for ruining your sexual health in as you get older.

    - Arthritis (joint pain)
    - Diabetes (high blood sugar levels)
    - Heart diseases (constricted blood flow causes orgasmic disorders)
    - Incontinence (uncontrolled bladder)
    - Chronic pain (persistent pain and resulting depression)

    What can you do about what aging does to your sexual health?

    There are ways in which you can reverse the impact of aging on your sexual health.

    Here's how you can go about protecting the vigor and vitality of your sexual life from getting affected:

    1. Take care of your overall health

    You should take care of your overall health in order to reduce the occurrence of medical conditions in your life. For that, you should undertake regular exercise, eat healthy, drink a lot of healthy fluids, avoid excessive alcohol and smoking, and learn to manage your stress well. This would definitely do a lot in preserving your sexual health.

    2. Communicate more

    Talk freely and honestly to your partner about the bodily changes that both of you are going through. Do this because your relationship with your partner is an extremely important part of your sexual life. Discuss your sexual desires with your partner and try to figure out ways in which both of you can deal with the problems arising from aging in your sexual life.

    3. Look for variety

    Try to make your relationship more happening by exploring together newer arenas associated with sex in general and your sexual health in particular. Try out new sexual positions, bring a change in the monotony associated with your sexual life by having sex at a different time of the day, focus on foreplay and do whatever is required to make sex fun for both you and your partner without sexual intercourse. This will improve both your sexual health and your relationship as a whole.

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    Question: I am 20 years old. My penis is only 4 inches long when in full shape and my foreskin is not open ful
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    I am 20 years old. My penis is only 4 inches long when in full shape and my foreskin is not open fully. In this condition sex is painful or not? What can I do for this?

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    Question: Premature ejaculation. This is my biggest problem
    Name any good sex spray with no side effects.
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    Premature ejaculation. This is my biggest problem
    Name any good sex spray with no side effects.

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