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Last Updated: Nov 08, 2021
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Nightfall - Symptom, Treatment And Causes

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What is Nightfall?

When a boy reaches adolescence many changes take place in the body. One of the main changes is the growth of sex organs and hormone changes in the body. As a result of hormone changes in the body a young boy starts to masturbate and has dreams of sex. Due to the dreams and masturbation, he can suffer from involuntary ejaculation. This condition is called nightfall.

Though nightfall is a common problem in young boys, men of any age can suffer from this condition. It is a common condition suffered by men and hence there is no need to worry. It is embarrassing to discuss with family and friends. Hence visiting a doctor is the best way to get correct information about nightfall.

Modern life has many distractions like pornography and the internet. These distractions provide a wrong angle to sex. Young men who watch porn regularly face a lot of problems due to nightfall. Another reason for nightfall is wrong notions about sex. Speaking about sex is taboo and hence is spoken only in whispers. Adolescents and youth should get the correct information about sex and their problems to enable them to seek the correct answers.

What causes Nightfall?

Nightfall may occur due to several causes and are usually harmless. It may usually settle down with age, but if it occurs frequently then it can be a cause of concern.

  1. Absence or lack of sexual activity
  2. Watching too much of explicit content
  3. Excessive stimulation of genitals
  4. Inadequate ejaculation
  5. Going to bed with full bladder at night
  6. Obesity
  7. stress
  8. physical inactivity
  9. Taking of sex hormone supplements
  10. Weak muscles

What does Doctors Says about Nightfall :

Doctors will propose many preventive measures that can help in reducing incidents of nightfall. Some of the preventive measures are avoiding spicy foods, proper diet and exercise like jogging, urinating before going to bed, avoiding porn, avoiding constipation, reading good books and listening to soothing music before going to bed. People who are taking testosterone medicines should stop taking the medicines or reduce its dosage to avoid nightfall.

Symptoms of Nightfall

People should dispel the myths surrounding nightfall and understand that it is a normal condition suffered by men.

Myths that surround nightfall include belief that:

  • Erection problems may happen because of nightfall
  • It is rare
  • Perversion and regular masturbation causes nightfall
  • It can weaken a person sexually.

Treatment of Nightfall

Ayurveda has a lot of treatment for nightfall. Ayurveda suggests that nightfall is a condition that is caused by stress, anxiety and hectic lifestyle of modern life. It can easily be overcome by taking proper exercise and diet and a few changes in lifestyle. Ayurveda also advocates yoga and meditation along with a soothing bath to avoid nightfall.

The medicines provided in Ayurveda enable a person to regain the lot strength and also gain confidence because of decrease in nightfall.

How we can stop nightfall?

Some ways to stop nightfall are:

  • Drinking almond milk at night.
  • Distracting the mind with a book before bed.
  • Meditate.
  • Eating food with aphrodisiac properties.

What is the side effects of nightfall?

Nightfall can make a person physically, sexually, and mentally weak. The typical symptoms of a person suffering from nightfall are:

  • Restlessness.
  • Emotional disturbance.
  • Difficulty urinating.
  • Night sweat.
  • Insomnia.
  • Sometimes a person may face memory-related problems as well.

Is nightfall is bad for health?

Nightfall is not considered bad for health as it is a sign of healthy sex organs as well as puberty. However, frequent occurrences of nightfall may have some negative effect on the body such as it can make a person weak physically, mentally as well as sexually.

Additionally, it can also cause insomnia, knee pain, dizziness and in severe cases, it can also cause memory-related problems. Recurrent nightfall in men is typically associated with a lack of masturbation and low testosterone in the body.

Is nightfall a problem?

Nightfall is relatively normal, it is actually a sign of healthy sexual organs. A normal man experiences nightfall once or twice a week. However, if the problem exacerbates It may cause insomnia, knee pain, mental issues, stress, and loss of memory.

How many times nightfall is normal in a week?

Nightfall is considered normal if it occurs in a controlled frequency which is about two nightfall per week. For teen males, the mean frequency of nightfall is approximately 0.36 times a week while for 40-year-old males, the nightfall mean frequency is 0.18 times a week. Nightfall in this range displays the healthy functioning of the sexual organs.

Is it OK to have nightfall?

As per the experts, nightfall is considered normal, additionally, it is also a sign of healthy sexual organs functioning. Typical nightfall happens once or twice a week. However, it is recurring, nightfall may cause insomnia, loss of concentration, knee pain, and restlessness.

Why does sperm come out when I sleep?

Nightfall is a normal occurrence in male, it is an involuntary ejaculation when sleeping. Nightfall typically occurs at night due to the stimulation of genitals with a bedsheet or a sexual dream. The latter may cause ejaculation or semen leakage. Men with proper functioning sexual organs typically experience nightfall once or twice a week.

At what age do wet dreams begin?

Wet dreams usually begin during puberty in boys between 13 to 17 years of age, these are the signs of puberty in males along with the change in voice, growth in penis, facial hair. When boys hit puberty, their testes and scrotum continue to enlarge along with the penis, which proceeds to the growth of pubic hair.

Do wet dreams affect height?

Wet dreams do not affect the height of males, these usually begin at the same time as the growth spurt or are very close-timed. Wet dreams are the signs that the boy has reached puberty, it displays enlargement of the testis and scrotum which leads to the growth of the penis.

Does nightfall reduce strength?

Frequent nightfall may cause exhaustion and loss of strength. However, there is no direct relationship between strength and nightfall. The exhaustion and loss of strength due to nightfall is the result of restlessness, insomnia, stress, and loss of memory.

Which exercise is best for nightfall?

Some exercises or yoga asanas that are helpful for treating nightfall are:

  • Uttanapadasana
  • Kandharasana
  • Brahmacharyasana

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